The Pandora Directive
Developer/Publisher:  Access Software

Walkthrough by Steve Metzler (1997)

My first time through the Pandora Directive I wound up on Lombard Street, even though I had been aiming for Mission Street. Hmm ... just like trying to navigate the real San Francisco without a map. I subsequently had a look at a few of the existing walkthroughs, and felt that though they managed to get you to the end of the game all right, they didn't adequately address the problem of steering the player through the game's much-touted '3 paths with 7 different endings'. So I tried, and hopefully succeeded, in documenting all of the plot branches.

Each time you have to make a decision that will affect which path you take, the choices are clearly marked as follows:

Mission(1): Mr. 'Squeaky Clean'. It's Chelsee for you.
Mission(2): Lombard(3): Wishy-washy. Afraid to commit.
Lombard(4): Boulevard(5): A little bit nasty.
Boulevard(6-8): You only care about yourself!

The ending numbers are indicated in parentheses, ranging from 1 (the 'nicest') to 8 (the 'darkest'). By the way, some of the reviewers of this game have commented that going down the Boulevard (of Broken Dreams) path is really out of character for Tex. I have to agree. It's hard to believe he's capable of spewing out such abuse! Playing through this path may leave you feeling pretty low.

Tips and Hints
When a new object appears in the inventory, it is always worthwhile to examine it. Another object may be revealed, extra points may accrue, etc. In fact, if you don't examine every item after you obtain it, you are bound to miss out on important clues and conversation topics.

To open a door, walk right up to it first until you can go no further. Then when you open it, the next room will load automatically. If you stand away from a door when you open it, you'll then have to move forward again before the next room will load.

Money isn't a problem, as long as you find all the cash you're supposed to find, and don't give any away unnecessarily. Most of the characters are willing to take cash if you offer it. Don't, as you'll get nothing in return except a 'thank you'.

It is a good idea to save the game before attempting to solve any of the puzzles. That way, you can try them over, and over, and over again -- which is what you must do if you want to go for the maximum possible score. In the case of jigsaw puzzles (of which there are many) the best strategy is to draw a diagram of all the pieces in their original locations, numbering them in relation to where they fit in the final puzzle (left to right, top to bottom). Then you just have to gather the pieces in that order, and fit them into the puzzle area. The pieces snap into place once you manage to manoeuvre them close to their correct positions.

The conversational choices (A, B, etc.) documented below are the ones that I happened to pick to get me where I wanted to go. Other choices may work just as well. Sometimes, only Tex's opening line in a conversation is relevant. Other times, all or none of what Tex says will make a difference to the outcome! Feel free to experiment, but beware that what often seems to be an innocuous choice comes out sounding quite harsh when Tex actually voices it. In any case, it is always good practice to save the game before you engage in any conversation!

Even though you can open all the dumpsters and some of the trashcans in the various alleys, none of the dumpsters and very few of the trashcans actually contain anything. So save yourself the effort, and don't bother to scrounge through them all as I did! It will be obvious at certain points in the game where to look in the trashcans.

During the course of the game, Tex receives a lot of messages and calls from Chelsee on his 'vid phone'. These events are not documented here, as they have no bearing on the outcome of the game and would add considerably to the volume and complexity of the walkthrough (the timing and format of these messages depends on the path taken through the game).

Presumably, you've read most of the background information provided in the User's Guide, and at least made a stab at the Game Player level. I never went near the Entertainment level; but then, no self-respecting adventurer ever would! You can still use this walkthrough on Entertainment level, but you'll have to skip the parts that don't apply. Solutions to some of the puzzles will also differ, but they'll usually be easier. In any case, who needs Entertainment level when you have a walkthrough? ;-)

So without further ado ...

DAY ONE - The Search for Malloy
Examine Fitzpatrick's card. This gives you his address and allows you to call him (later, when you have something to talk about!) on the vid phone.

Have a look at the rocking zebra. No points for this, but you find out how Tex got his nickname. Enter Tex's computer room and pick up the newspaper clipping about Mac Malden. This puts the Police Station on the S.F. map. Now go to Tex's office and examine the picture of his ex-wife. Open the top left desk drawer and get the Electronic Shop final notice. On the counter behind Tex's desk, look at the can of dog food, and pick up the jack-knife. Then exit via the door that opens onto the fire escape, and go down to the street.

Chelsee is behind the news-stand counter directly across the street. Prepare for your first conversation. I found out later that blowing this one was what put me on the Lombard Street path! I went right for the jugular and made a date with Chelsee (which you must do anyway to progress in the game), but first, you must win her heart! Talk to Chelsee:

Mission(1-2): Lombard(4): A, B, C. End Conversation. Then talk to Chelsee again: B, C, B. Voila, a date with Chelsee!
Lombard(3): C, C, C, C, B. You made the date, but Chelsee is not a happy camper.
Boulevard(5-8): C, A. You insensitive lump of testosterone! Then talk to Chelsee again: B, C, B. I'm amazed she's even willing to go out with you.

Look at Rusty's Funhouse. Notice the CopLock on the door. Look at the door of the Acme Warehouse around the corner (you're going to have to get inside these places later on). Pick up the letter addressed to the orphanage that was dropped by the mailbox in front of the Golden Gate Hotel:

Mission(1-2): Lombard(3-4): Post the letter. Don't you feel a lot better now?
Boulevard(5): Awhh, go on and post it just to be on the safe side.
Boulevard(6-8): Keep the $500. You are scum!

Pick up Nilo's wallet from in front of the ATM next to the Electronic Shop. Enter the Ritz Hotel through the front door. Talk to Nilo:

Mission(1-2): Lombard(3-4): A.
Boulevard(5-8): C.

Then Offer from Inventory ... Cash (Offer $2100). Then: B, A, Offer $100. Ask About ... Newspaper photo of Malloy. End Conversation. Move the vending machine. Pick up Nilo's note from the table (between the sofas). Get the crossword puzzle from the sofa and fill it in. Post it via the mail drop in the lobby. Go upstairs and look at the keypad outside Apartment A. Of course, Nilo never gave you the code! March (indignantly) downstairs and talk to Nilo again:

Mission(1-2): Lombard(3-4): B, B (Nilo asks for $500 more. Don't give it to him! He'll give you the code anyway).
Boulevard(5-8): C, C (same approach regarding the request for $500).

Then Ask About ... Code for Apartment A.

Mission(1-2): Lombard(3-4): Give Nilo his wallet. What a guy!

Now go back into the street and enter the sewer via the manhole near the Acme Warehouse. Start walking through the sewer and open the first box (on the ledge) to your right. Get the chisel. Then make a left, and a right, and as you near the other ladder, get the money belt from under a box to your left. Go up the ladder. You come out behind Rook's pawnshop. Go through the door in the chain-link fence, then exit to the street via the hole in the wooden fence. Cross the street and go through the door in the wooden fence behind the Ritz. Go to the top of the fire escape and get in through the window. Enter the code that Nilo gave you (4827) into the keypad next to Apartment A, and go inside to get thumped on the head. Ouch! Thus ends Day One.

DAY TWO - Ladies in Waiting
Open the top drawer of the drafting table and get the Acme Storage Co. business card. Now you know where Malloy has some stuff stashed. Open the next drawer and get the untranslated letter. Two more drawers down is a child photo of someone named Regan. Move the cushion on the chair and pick up the photo of Malloy with a llama. Open the box and get the 'Airport Of The Gods' book. Pick up the letter from the table next to the bed. You find out about David Wright's cabin. Open the drawer and get the pawnshop ticket. Finally, pick up the scarf from the bed and exit the room. Travel to Rook's pawnshop. Talk to Rook:

Mission(1): Lombard(3): A (you pay him the $300 you owe), A.
Mission(2): Lombard(4): Boulevard(5-8): C, C, A, C, C. Exit to Chandler Ave. Go back in and talk to Rook again: Pay Rook $300. Getting a bit nasty, but essential to steer some of the endings away from the Mission path!

Then Offer from Inventory ... Receipt from pawnshop, and pay Rook $250 to get the black dagger. End Conversation and Exit to Chandler Ave. Go to the Brew & Stew and talk to Louie:

Mission(1-2): Lombard(3-4): A, C, C. Offer from Inventory … Cash, and pay Louie the $200 you owe him (this being a nice guy all the time is expensive)!
Boulevard(5-8): B, B, A. Ooh … that leaves a bad taste!

Offer from Inventory ... Untranslated letter. It's in the Yucatec language, should have guessed that (but you now know about Clint). Ask About ... Scarf, then Young blonde woman (her name is Emily), then Newspaper photo of Malloy. End Conversation.

Enter the Electronics Shop. Great little cinematic piece here! Talk to Zack:

Mission(1): Lombard(3): A, A. Pay Zack the $1230 you owe.
Mission(2): Lombard(4): Boulevard(5-8): C, B, A, C. Talk to Zack again: B (you pay the $1230, albeit reluctantly).

Look at all of the items on the counter and behind the counter. Buy the Visual Analyzing Apparatus and the Robco battery pack (you are only allowed to buy what's necessary in order to complete the game, but it's fun having a look at all of the items just for the sake of it).

Now go visit Clint at the Cocoa Cabana (enter via hole in fence to left of Golden Gate Hotel). Talk to Clint:

Mission(1): Lombard(3): Boulevard(5): C, C, C. You try to give Clint some business.
Mission(2): Lombard(4): Boulevard(6-8): A, C, A, C, B, B. Kick the guy when he's down, why don't you!

Ask About ... Yucatec language, then Emily, Gus Leach, and Gus Leach's key. End Conversation. Go to the alley behind the Fuchsia Flamingo. Use Leach's key on door. Talk to Gus:

Mission(1): Lombard(3): C, A, C, A. It's not easy being pleasant to Gus!
Mission(2): Lombard(4): Boulevard(5-8): B, C, C, A, B, B. Surprised he didn't thump you.

Use S.F. map to travel to Chelsee's apartment. Talk to Chelsee:

Mission(1 -2): B, A, B, C, A, B. Chelsee needs time to reflect on things. Tex is transported to the Flamingo on his own, to observe Luci Luv's\Emily's performance.
Lombard(3-4): B, A, B, C, A. Tex and Chelsee go to the Flamingo: A, C, C, A. Chelsee slaps Tex and makes a hasty exit.
Boulevard(5): C, C, C ,C. Tex and Chelsee go to the Flamingo: B, A, B, A. Chelsee storms out. Tex gets drunk.
Boulevard(6-8): A, C, A, C, C. Then same as above.

Tex sneaks up to Emily's room. She confides in Tex and presents him with the torn-up pieces of a threatening letter. Tex then gets booted out by Gus to end Day Two.

DAY THREE - The Black Arrow Killer
Mission(1-2): While washing your teeth, you hear a noise. It's Chelsee in your apartment (truly unprecedented)! You had better respond with: A, A, B, A, C.

Take a few steps forward, then turn around and look on the floor just inside the door to the fire escape. It's the prize money for the crossword you filled in earlier!

Save the game, examine Emily's note scraps, and assemble the pieces (your first jigsaw puzzle. Refer to Tips and Hints for a helpful jigsaw methodology). Now that you have pieced together Emily's threatening note, it's time for a visit to your old cop buddy, Mac Malden. Travel to the Police Station and talk to Mac:

Mission(1-2): Lombard(3-4): A, B. Doesn't matter much what you say to Mac, but this is the cleanest approach.
Boulevard(5-8): C, A, A, C, C. Cruel. Give the guy a break!

Ask About ... Rusty's Fun House, then Rusty's key, and Emily's note (now you know about the Black Arrow Killer). End Conversation. Go back to Rusty's Fun House. Use key to Rusty's on the door. Now you may open the CopLock by hooking up the tabs as in the diagram. Enter Rusty's and go behind the low shelves directly in front of you. Move the lever on the floor. Enter the secret room and move the newspaper. Pick up a piece of the 'fake' doggie doo. Climb the ladder to the roof, then climb the water tower. Oh no, another lock we have to find the key for! Open the trap door on the roof and go back down the ladder. Exit to the street via the door next to the ladder. Now go to the alley behind the Golden Gate Hotel. Talk to Gary:

Mission(1-2): Lombard(3-4): A, A, B, B, A. Doesn't seem to matter much what you say to Gary either.
Boulevard(5-8): C, B, B, B, A. Aren't we cynical!

End Conversation. Go to Slice O' Heaven and make a left. Enter the grey door at the end of the street that is marked 'EXIT'. Go up the stairs, and all the way to the back. Move the top box on the left, and open the box underneath it. Get the bottle of Scotch. Turn around and start back down the hallway. Move the piece of corrugated metal on the right, and exit via the door behind it. Travel back to alley behind Golden Gate Hotel. Talk to Gary again:

Mission(1-2): Lombard(3-4): Boulevard(5-8): A. Doesn't pay to be nasty here.

Offer from Inventory ... Bottle of Scotch. Ask About ... Newspaper photo of Malloy, then Malloy's key. End Conversation. Use Malloy's key on the Acme Warehouse door. Look at Malloy's crate (to right as you enter). Look above the crate and notice the sliding crane positioned over the crate. Go to the back of the warehouse and get the peg leg from the chest. Now go to the wall panel, open it, and turn the crane on. Lower it. Then use the peg leg with the hook on top of Malloy's crate to join it to the crane. Raise the crane. Pick up the map of Asia from the pallet underneath the crate. Open Malloy's crate and get the photograph of Nazca and Malloy's tapestry. Go to Rook's pawnshop and talk to the crusty old so-and-so again:

Mission(1): Lombard(3): A.
Mission(2): Lombard(4): Boulevard(5-8): C. Another chance to get a dig in!

Ask About ... Yucatec language. Pay Rook $30 to get the book. Then combine the 'Yucatec Made Easy' book with the Untranslated letter to obtain a Translated Yucatec letter. Interesting. End Conversation. Travel to David Wright's cabin via the North America map. Get the crumpled page by the tree, and the CD from the open drawer. Go up the stairs and move the painting to reveal the security keypad. Try some keys to see how they light up, but it won't do you much good as you don't have the code yet. Travel back to Tex's Computer room. Use the CD on Tex's laptop computer. Using the knowledge obtained from the crumpled page, drag the coloured squares to form an arrangement as shown here. Make a note of the amber squares that light up as a result (the code to the cabin keypad)! Read the material on the PC. Travel back to the cabin and enter the code into the keypad. Enter the room and move the floor panel to reveal David Wright's body. Open bottom left door of cabinet and get film. Pull down the projection screen. Use film with projector. Turn on the projector and watch the show. See Quirks and Questions if you feel you really need to top up your point total!

Travel to the Brew & Stew. Talk to Louie:

Mission(1): Lombard(3): C, C, A, C. The simplest.
Mission(2): Lombard(4): Boulevard(5-8): A, C, C, A. Ouch!

Ask About ... Black Arrow Killer, then Bay City Mirror. End Conversation. Go to alley behind Rook's pawnshop. Open the trashcan nearest the drainpipe and pick up the back edition of the Bay City Mirror. Read the article about the Black Arrow Killer by Lucia Pernell. Enter Rook's via the back door. Ask About ... Lucia Pernell and Rook gives you her card. End Conversation. Go back to Tex's office, turn on the vid phone, and call Lucia Pernell:

Mission(1): Lombard(3): C, A, B, B. Wouldn't like to bump into her in a dark alley!
Mission(2): Lombard(4): Boulevard(5-8): A, C. Then dial again: B, C. Well, at least she agrees to meet with you.

EXIT. Travel to Brew & Stew. Meet with Lucia and learn about N.S.A. involvement, Sandra Collins, and AUTOTECH. Upon returning to your office, you see someone climbing down from the water tower on Rusty's Fun House roof.

Travel to Rusty's Fun House roof and pick up the jacket that was left on the air conditioning unit. You now have a cufflink monogrammed with the initials 'DH', and your next puzzle, which is a photo of AUTOTECH. Combine assembled photograph scraps with Visual Analyzing Apparatus. Zoom in on street sign and number on door to obtain address of AUTOTECH. Call Lucia Pernell again. Ask About ... Sandra Collins. End Conversation and EXIT. Travel to Sandra Collin's House and have a good look around her room. Pick up the AUTOTECH security card from the floor next to the sewing table (I missed this item the first time round, because it's mixed in with all the cosmetics scattered on the floor).

Travel to AUTOTECH. Pick up the hairbrush from the table, and get the curtain cord from the door on the right. Pick up the visitor's pass from the floor (between the two chairs), and move the window at the reception desk. Now combine the hairbrush with the curtain cord and use it to get the clipboard that is otherwise out of reach. Note that visitor's pass #14 has the code 8338 associated with it. Use the visitor's pass on the security keypad, then enter the code. Go through the door and save the game right away. You have to accomplish the following in short order ... turn left and go to the last door on the left. It's a storage closet. Open the door and look up. Get the box of soap. Look down and to the left and get the mop. Then turn around and go to the mop bucket at the end of the hall. Use the soap on the bucket, then use the mop on the bucket. As soon as Tex finishes mopping the floor, open the fire exit door to sound an alarm. Then make your way (quickly!) back to the storage closet. The guard will run out and slip on the wet floor. You then stuff him in the closet, and can continue your investigation at a leisurely pace.

Enter Dag Horton's office (cufflink initials!) and get the padlock key from the top of the bookshelf to the right (you have to elevate to see it). Notice the photo of Dag and buddy hanging on the wall. Move the book on his desk and get the scrap of paper with Gary Lee scribbled on it (you're right, Dag knows Crazy Gary!). Open the bottom desk drawer and get Sandra Collin's necklace. Open the CD player and get the file cabinet key. Use it to open the bottom right file cabinet drawer. Get the Llama cigarette tin, which contains the photos of the girls. Looks like Dag was picking up where the original Black Arrow Killer left off, but why?

Travel to the Brew & Stew. Talk to Louie: Ask About ... Gary Lee. End Conversation. Travel to alley behind Golden Gate Hotel. Talk to Crazy Gary: Ask About ... Dag Horton, and Roof of Fun House. End Conversation. Travel to Fun House roof. Climb the water tower ladder (you must have the padlock key). Turn on the viewing device and watch the show!

Tex rushes over to the Flamingo to save Emily:

Mission(1-2): Lombard(3-4): Tex succeeds in scaring off Emily's attacker just in time.
Boulevard(5-8): Gus delays Tex, and the 'Black Arrow Killer' chalks up another victim.

Tex then runs down to the street from Emily's room, in search of her assailant. Go to Rook's pawnshop. Rook heard someone up on his roof. Travel to the Fun House roof. You can see your target over on Rook's roof. Save the game! Crouch down as low as you can using the Ctrl key, and quickly climb the stairs that lead over to Rook's roof. Then hide behind the air conditioning unit there. Now, slowly raise your elevation until you can barely see the guy above the unit. When he turns around, make a mad dash straight at him. A fight ensues, during which he drops something. He plunges to his death, and you wind up at Cop Central talking to your old pal Mac. A mysterious woman gets you off the hook. End of heart-stopping, adrenaline pumping Day Three!

DAY FOUR - Out of the Past
Lucia Pernell calls you as the day begins. End Conversation.

Boulevard(5): Time to start redeeming yourself! Pay your $200 tab at Louie's. Return Nilo's wallet.

Go to Rook's roof and retrieve the tracking device that Dag Horton dropped during the fight. Travel to the street and turn the device on. As you near the sewer, the frequency of the beeps will increase. Go down the ladder and turn around. Take the first left, and halfway down this section of the tunnel, the beeps will reach their maximum frequency. On your left, about halfway up the wall, there is a block that you can loosen with the chisel. Save the game. When you attempt to retrieve the box from the niche in the wall, there is a mine attached which must be deactivated thus.

Go back to your office, where you'll be accosted by Jackson Cross' men. Save the game before you begin the conversation with Jackson Cross, because if you make a mistake, it's finito! Choose: A, C, C, B, A, B, C, B, A to get max points and stay alive. You wind up back in your office, a little worse for wear. Regan Madsen is there. Have a nice little chat with Regan, and you at least wind up with another phone number.

Mission(1-2): Lombard(3-4): Travel to the Flamingo and talk to Emily. Ask About ... Thomas Malloy, Emily Sue's puzzle box, and Brown paper wrapper. End Conversation. Then talk to Gus, and Ask About ... Brown paper wrapper. End Conversation. Exit to alley. You hear a flapping noise. Look up at the light post. There's the wrapper! Get antenna from trash can beside back door and examine it. Use the extended antenna to retrieve the wrapper.
Boulevard(5-8): Unfortunately, Emily is no longer with us. Travel to the Police Station and talk to Mac. Ask About ... Emily Sue's puzzle box, then Brown paper wrapper.

Combine Brown paper wrapper with Visual Analyzing Apparatus, and zoom in on lower left corner to find PB meter code. Talk to Mac. Ask About ... PB meter 3887412. End Conversation. Travel to the Post Office, where some poor unfortunate recognises the photo of Malloy. Then travel to the Garden House. Talk to the landlady:

Mission(1): Lombard(3): Boulevard(5): A, A, B, A, A. Bit of fun!
Mission(2): Lombard(4): Boulevard(6-8): C, C. Then talk to landlady again and use same approach as above. It's the only way to get by her.

She lets you into Malloy's room. Get the puzzle book from the nightstand. Open the top part of the desk and get edition of the Cosmic Connection and the ETS business card. Open the middle drawer and get the envelope addressed to Elijah Witt, which contains another disc. Try to open the closet door, but it's locked. Travel to Tex's Computer Room, and use the disc on the laptop PC. You don't have the password yet! Travel back to the Garden House, and get the jeans from the chair (they weren't there before)! They contain a rental receipt that tells you where Malloy is hiding out. Travel to the Waterfront Warehouse and watch the sequence to end Day Four.

DAY FIVE - The Pandora Device
Collect the fax from the machine that is on top of the filing cabinet. Travel to the Waterfront Warehouse. Move box right in front of you, and pick up the postal receipt. Get flight schedule from floor. Get item #186 scrap from what's left of Malloy's table. Move pallets in far left corner to reveal the safe. Here's how to open it. Get the containment scrap and the small key. Travel to Garden House and use the small key on the closet door. Get Malloy's briefcase from the shelf, which contains Malloy's notebook and the Gate of the Sun photo. Pick up the 'There are Messages ...' book from the floor of the closet. Travel to Tex's Office and call Regan. Meet her at the Imperial Lounge. This woman is mercenary! One minute she's grieving over the death of her father, the next she's wondering what's in it for her. Regan reluctantly parts with her puzzle box. Travel back to Tex's Office. Listen to Lucia Pernell's message, then call her: Ask About ... Anagrams. She sends you a key via express courier. End Conversation. Boy, are these guys fast! You've received the key before the conversation was finished. Then Regan calls while you are standing there:

Mission(1): Lombard(3): Boulevard(5): C. Feigned indifference.
Mission(2): Lombard(4): Boulevard(6-8): A, A. Naughty, naughty!

She tells you about OE, EW, and AE. Now that you have a spare moment, combine Regan's puzzle box with Malloy's tapestry, and solve the next puzzle to open the puzzle box. This reveals Malloy's device piece #2 and some small metal pegs. Travel to the Police Station. Talk to Mac: Ask About ... Dag Horton/NSA connection. End Conversation. Travel to the Morgue. Get the scalpel from the instrument tray. Use it to open the door labelled G - I and get Horton's wallet, which contains a passcard. Also get the key from the same drawer. Looks like we're ready to pay another visit to our good friends at AUTOTECH.

Travel to Horton's Office at AUTOTECH. Use Horton's key to open the top left file cabinet drawer. Get the manila envelope, which contains the BAK memorandum, a paper with numbers, and yet another key. Go to the Evidence Room door, and use the security system card on the keypad. Key in 773348, and go into the room. Use the NSA key on locker B17 and get Emily's puzzle box. Open locker B15 and get the cash. Open locker E13 and get the NSA ID badge. Then, use Pernell's key to open locker E36. Get the Operation Euphoria disc. Press the OPEN button on the degaussing machine, and put Emily's puzzle box inside. Key in 1091 on the keypad and press ENTER. Repeat this process with the cash and the Project Euphoria disc. It is now safe to exit the room. Then travel back to Tex's Office. Combine the map of Asia with the flight schedule. Then combine the pegs with the demagnetized puzzle box. Finally, combine these two new items to get your next puzzle. The locations on the map don't really jive well with the positions on the puzzle box, so here's a diagram that shows you the order in which the pegs must be placed (according to the flight schedule).

When you have solved it, you are presented with Malloy's device piece #1 and a slide of the power cell (item #186). Finally, you have something that merits a call to your employer, so call Gordon Fitzpatrick: Ask About ... Initials - AE, OE, EW. Then, Archie Ellis. End Conversation. Call Archie Ellis. Respond with C, C, A, A, A (Note: you must have found and examined the 'Airport of the Gods' book, the Plains of Nazca postcard, and the Gate of the Sun photo for Tex to give the correct answers here)! Travel to the Cosmic Connection. After patiently listening to Archie for a while: Ask About ... Thomas Malloy, Power Cell (Item #186), Roswell, and Ellis' interview with Malloy. End Conversation. Travel back to Tex's Office and call Fitzpatrick again: Ask About ... Roswell, Roswell Security Clearance, Archie Ellis' puzzle box, and Pandora Device. End Conversation.

Mission(1-2): Lombard(3-4): You immediately receive another call from Regan: C. Mr. Nice Guy.
Boulevard(5-8): Tex travels to the Imperial Lounge for a rendezvous with Regan.

Tex sets off for Roswell. And that's the end of Day Five.

DAY SIX - South by Southeast
Mission(1): Lombard(3): Before you do anything at Roswell, follow Tex’s hunch. Travel back to the Cosmic Connection and save Archie's hide.

Note: once you’re on the Boulevard path, this action seems to have no effect. See Quirks and Questions.

Get the hole-punched paper from the floor next to the wastebasket. Get the paper punch scraps from inside the wastebasket. Combine the two to get your next puzzle (Hint: when assembling, leave the 3 blank scraps alone. You don't need them to complete the puzzle). When completed, it shows the number sequence 5142931. Get the Roswell padlock key from the locker on the right. Get the walkie-talkie from the drawer in the desk. It contains batteries. Pick up the laser field diagram from the bottom bunk bed. Get the matchbox from the table next to the beds. Open the drawer and get the Roswell security card. Pick up the emergency procedures book from the chair. Go out the back door. Pick up the shovel that is leaning against the shed. Get the fuse from the top of the box next to the shed. Use the Roswell padlock key to open the other shed. Get the flashlight. Combine the flashlight with the batteries (see Quirks and Questions). Get the wire strippers from inside the toolbox. Type 5142931 into the Military Security keypad, and enter the door when it slides open. Make your way to the wall panel on the other side of the room, being careful to stay clear of the laser field. Turn on the control system for the laser field. Here's how to deactivate it.

Note: Before you traverse the laser field, which you must do several times, always save the game in case you make a mistake!

Now pick your way carefully along the path lit by blue beams. When you get to the other side, retrieve the power cable that is hanging to the left of the tunnel entrance. Enter the tunnel, and look at the door. Make your way outside again. Move the box at the base of the tower, revealing the broken cable segment. Combine the wire strippers with the power cable. Then use the stripped power cable to repair the section of broken cable . Go to the porch, and move the big switch to the ON position. A klaxon should sound. Go back inside, and you can now open the EMERGENCY BUNKER. Inside the bunker, there is a hiding place set into the floor on the right. Open it and get the dynamite. Go all the way back through the laser field again (hint: you can stand far away from the tunnel for this next part, to give yourself a shorter run back. You have to be able to see the door at the far end of the tunnel, though). Combine the dynamite with the fuse. Save the game! Combine the matchbox with the dynamite and fuse. Hit RESUME, use the lit dynamite on the door, then turn around and run like hell back through the laser field. Quickly open the door to the outside and go through it. If you made it this far in time, you will survive the explosion. Go back through the laser field, enter the tunnel, and open what's left of the door. As you enter the main Roswell complex, a pocket of trapped gas knocks you out, and it's 'beddie byes' to end Day Six.

DAY SEVEN - Shadows in the Dark
As soon as you wake up, save the game! Something that's big, green, and nebulous is lurking in the complex. It's killed everyone else, and you're going to have to accomplish the following in short order or it'll get you as well. Turn left, go around the corner, then make your first left. Go to the end of the hall, use the shovel on the DORMS door, and enter. Pick up the CD from the floor on your left. Go to the sleeping quarters, and open the first door (under a bunk) on your right. Get the CD player. Combine the CD with the CD player and watch the video sequence. You learn that this alien entity feeds on energy. Open the last door on the right and get the containment unit. Exit the DORMS. Go to the end of the hall and turn left. Enter the MESS HALL on your left. Make your way to the kitchen, and get the pot from the cupboard on the right. Get the ice pick from the freezer compartment of the fridge on the left. Exit the MESS HALL. Turn to the right, then make your first right, and enter the STORAGE ROOM on the right hand side. On your left is a barrel that still contains some fuel. Use the ice pick on the barrel, then collect the fuel with the pot. Go back to the MESS HALL kitchen, and turn on the right-most oven burner. Put the diesel fuel on it to obtain liquefied diesel fuel.

Exit the MESS HALL, turn left, and enter the next STORAGE ROOM on the left. Get a spark plug from the box on the shelf. Exit the STORAGE ROOM, turn left, go around the corner, and enter the GENERATOR ROOM on the right. On the left side of the generator, move the fuel tank cap and use the liquefied diesel fuel to fill the tank. Then open the first door to your right and put in the spark plug. Go to the other end of the generator and move the primer handle 3 times. Then open the remaining door and push the button that starts the generator. Quickly exit the room, and wait for the generator to stop. Then, enter the GENERATOR ROOM again. Combine the containment scrap with the containment unit to open the unit, then use the opened containment unit on the blob of green ectoplasm to capture the beast. Now you can relax a bit, but you still have a lot more to do here!

Get the wire cutters from on top of the box in the corner. Pick up the oxygen tank. Now you are able to use the TRAVEL option again. Travel to Storage #102. Directly in front of you, sitting on a box, is a plastic case that contains an acetylene torch cutting tip. Now travel to the Hallway. Go forward and enter the REC HALL on your left. Get the Robco Alien Abductor from the table. Combine it with the Robco battery pack to make a live Abductor. Pick up the free weight bar from the floor. Get the pool cue that is leaning against the wall, and pluck the dart from the dartboard. Travel to the Dorms. Get the duct tape from the middle left drawer in the sleeping quarters. Go to the back room and spot the ID badge through the partially open doors. Combine the dart, pool cue, and duct tape to form a makeshift spear. Use it to retrieve the ROSWELL ID badge. Travel to Storage #104. Pick up the acetylene torch handle from the shelf. Go to the elevator (across from the MESS HALL) and take it to Level 2. Turn right, then make the first left, and use the ROSWELL ID badge on the scanner next to the WAR ROOM, which is on the left side of the hall. Enter the WAR ROOM and get the alien photographs from the table on your right. Get the Abductor remote from underneath the video projector. Pick up the top secret documents from the table opposite the wall map. Move the PLAY button on the tape recorder. tape recorder. Travel to the Level 1 Hallway. Go forward and enter the room at the far end of the hall. Look at the fan, then jam it using the free weight bar. Save the game.

It's Abductor time! The only way into all those rooms you encountered that were welded shut is through the air ducts. Combine the live Abductor with the Abductor remote. Use this combination on the fan, and away we go! Turn the Abductor around, and follow the shaft until you see a sign on the left-hand wall that says 'J1-1'. Turn right here, follow this shaft to the end, and turn right again. Head for the downward-pointing arrow. You wind up on Level 2. Continue on until you reach a fan that is blocking your path.

Note: each time you approach one of these fans, you have to ... lower your hover elevation to the minimum, then run right up to it until you can go no further. Save the game. Then raise your elevation to the max, and go forward again just as the trailing fan blade is going out of view. No sweat!

At J2-12, turn left. Follow the shaft around to enter the COMPUTER LAB. On the floor to your left, behind an overturned chair, is a screwdriver. Get close to it, line it up in the cross hairs, and press the ACTIVATE ARM button to pick it up. Exit the room where you came in. At J2-12, turn left. At J2-8, turn right and follow the shaft into the METALLURGY LAB (they spelled it 'METALURGY', but hey, nobody's perfect). Retrieve the hoses that are hanging on the wall to your left. Exit, and follow the shaft back. At J2-8, turn right. Follow the shaft until you reach another fan. You know the procedure here! Once you're past this fan, continue on and turn left at J2-1. At J2-3, turn right and follow the shaft until you pop out into the LINGUISTICS LAB. Go to the middle of the room, turn right, and raise your hover elevation. Pick up the red passcard from the counter in front of you. Exit the room, and follow the shaft back. At J2-3, turn right and go to the end of the shaft. Then turn left. At J2-6, turn left and enter the BIOLOGY LAB. Turn left and go to the middle of the U-shaped counters. Turn right, and raise your hover elevation. Pick up a vial of acid. Now, just hit the HOME button, and you're magically back where you started!

Travel to Level 2 Hallway, turn left, and open the door of the TOXIC WASTE DISPOSAL bin. Turn left again. Go to the end of the hallway, and around the corner. Use the red passcard to open the elevator on the right hand side of the hall. Enter the elevator, and use the Phillips screwdriver to open the panel. Save the game. Then use the wire cutter on one of the wires, get the explosives, and make your way with due haste back to the TOXIC WASTE DISPOSAL bin. Use the explosives on the open bin door. Whew! Return to the elevator and take it to Level 3. Walk towards the spacecraft, which is in front of you, and look at it. Then turn around, and go back down the stairs. Turn to the right, walk down to the end, and enter the last door on your left (MISCELLANEOUS STORAGE). Get the striker that is hanging from a box on your right, and the acetylene tank from the shelf that is now behind you. Exit room, turn right, and stop at the door marked '101-200'. Look at the door. Then combine the hoses with the acetylene tank. Combine these with the oxygen tank. Then combine the acetylene torch handle with the acetylene torch cutting tip, and combine this with the rest to construct an acetylene kit. Finally, combine the striker with the acetylene kit to produce a lit torch. Use it on the door. Enter the room and look at any part of the computer system. Save the game. Turn on the system to begin the next puzzle. Here's the solution.

You can now see item #186 through the glass doors, but the lock's busted! Use the vial of acid to melt the lock. Get the power cell. Travel back to the Level 1 hallway. Open the door to your right, where you first entered the complex, and you are transported back to Tex's office to end Day Seven.

DAY EIGHT - A Message from the Dead
Tex listens to the message from Archie Ellis (if he's still alive)! Then turn on the vid phone, and listen to the message from Lucia Pernell. Call Lucia Pernell: End Conversation and EXIT. Get the fax she just sent you. Travel to Tex's Computer Room and use Malloy's disc on the laptop PC. Key in MERGE THE FOUR RARE CASES TO SEE MAPS and hit Enter. Read all of the text that appears. You now have the elusive (and reclusive) Elijah Witt's vid phone number! Travel to the Electronics Shop. On the counter to your right, there is a Robco Call Tracer (it wasn't there before)! Buy it. Travel back to Tex's Office and use the Robco Call Tracer on the vid phone. Call Elijah Witt. Keep him on the phone long enough to get a trace via the sequence: B, A, B, C, C, C, C, C. Save the game. Then travel to Elijah Witt's apartment via the North America map.

An alarm activates as soon as you enter his flat. Immediately go to the far left corner of the apartment, and move the yellow switch behind the potted plant. Then turn around and cross the room. Locate the masks that are hanging in the corner between the two doors. Move the top mask, then move the purple switch that has been revealed. Now, stand on the contraption that takes you upstairs, move the plant on the dresser to your right, and then move the blue switch. Go back downstairs, get a bamboo pole from the pot next to the fireplace, and use it to move the red switch that is high up on the wall to the left of the fireplace. Alarm disabled!

Go back upstairs and get the note from the bed. Open the bottom drawer of the dresser to the right and get the scrapbook. Examination of the scrapbook reveals a photo of a statue similar to the one standing in the corner of the apartment. Note the number sequence on the back of the photo. Use the bamboo pole to retrieve the plaque that is hanging high on the wall beyond the railing. Pick up the tweezers from the dresser to the left of the bed. Go back downstairs. Pick up the culture book from the floor behind the two chairs. Get the calendar book that is on the floor next to the sofa. Move the potted plant to the left of the fireplace to reveal another switch. Move this switch to turn off the fireplace. Use the tweezers to pick up the hot tin foil packet. It contains a key. Look at the statue in the corner. Look at the keyhole in its belly. Save the game. Then use the key on the keyhole. The culture book tells you how digits are expressed in the Mayan number system. You must slide the pieces around to line up as on the back of the statue photo you found in the scrapbook.

When you have solved the puzzle, you hear something move. A hidden door has opened in a bookcase near the apartment entrance. Retrieve Witt's puzzle box from a shelf in the bookcase. Puzzle time again! Save the game. Here's how to open Witt's puzzle box. You wind up with device piece #3 and some onyx pieces.

Travel to Garden House. Pick up the package on the bed. Combine the Yucatec Made Easy book with the untranslated letter. It's Oliver Edsen's puzzle box! Combine the onyx pieces with the Garden House puzzle box. Save the game. This puzzle is a bit tough to complete in the allotted time. When you have opened the puzzle box to obtain device piece #4, combine it with the 3 previously obtained device pieces (#1, #2, #3) and the power cell, and travel back to Tex's office. Malloy posthumously reveals what is perhaps the greatest scientific discovery of all time. Afterwards, Regan makes you an offer that is quite difficult to refuse:

Mission(1-2): Lombard(3): A. Refuse you must.
Lombard(4): Boulevard(5-8): C. Go for it. Note: this is the only difference between Mission(2) and Lombard(4)!

And so ends Day Eight.

DAY NINE - A Black Sun Ascending
Gather all 14 puzzle pieces from around the room (look up to find the last one)! Pick up the piece of papyrus as well. Save the game. Then use one of the pieces on the altar in the centre of the room to start the next puzzle. When you have completed the puzzle, the result is a map that depicts every room and passage in the entire temple complex. I have reproduced it here, also showing the items to be found at various locations. This way, I don't have to navigate you around the whole place. I'll just tell you which item to get next and what to do with it.

Exit the Snake Room via the star door (note the small circle painted on the door at the snake's tail. These markings have significance later on). Pick up the piece of charcoal to your right. You can combine the charcoal with the papyrus to make a very crude map (this one's better). Then get the small stone cup, and the white dagger. Make your way over to meet Oliver Edsen (well, what's left of him). Pick up the glasses, and you get two lenses. Pick up the gun, and you now have some bullets. Get the lantern, which contains some lantern fuel. Pick up the handkerchief. We're not done plundering the dead yet! Make your way to the dead warrior. Get his shield. Use the broken lens to cut the hemp cord. Then get the hemp cord and the spear. Make your way back to the Snake Room. This time, exit via the white sun door. Get the hatchet and the silver dagger. Now, enter the hatchet room. Note the small circle painted on the door to the left of the hatchet. Look at the crystals embedded in the altar. Next puzzle. Save the game. Then use the hatchet on one of the crystals. The idea of this puzzle is to find pairs of crystals that make the same tone when struck. Strike them in the following order.

Enter the Mayan Fireball Room via the star door. Save the game right away! The best manner in which to navigate this maze is to crouch all the way down first, using the Ctrl key. It's easier to see the floor that way, so you won't be as likely to keep falling off the edges. Then head immediately to the right. When you reach the doors on the other side of the room, you can try each one at your leisure (once you are on the far side of the room, the fireballs just go right over your head, and don't really constitute a threat anymore)! It's always the last door of the 4 that you try that's open. Now you're in the second segment of the Mayan labyrinth.

Make your way to the Wasp Room. Again, note that the small painted circle is underneath the wasp symbol on the door. Before you enter, combine the handkerchief with the lantern fuel. Combine the oily handkerchief with the spear. Then enter the room, and observe the wasp nest (over the black sun door). Quickly combine the matchbox with the oily handkerchief and spear. Use the flaming spear on the wasp nest. Get the stack of king tiles. Save the game. Use the king tiles on the altar. Each tile has a distinguishing feature, and they must be arranged in the grid as shown here.

Exit the room via the star door, and get the gold dagger. Go all the way to the other side of the labyrinth, and get the red dagger. Then, enter the Dagger Room, noting that the small painted circle is to the right of the dagger symbol on the door. Once inside the Dagger Room, take a good look at the symbols framing the doors. Black sun over white sun ... the relative elevations of the symbols are the key to the next puzzle. Save the game. If you don't have the black dagger in your inventory, and you did purchase it from Rook, don't panic! See Quirks and Questions for details. Use one of the daggers on the altar. Then place the daggers in the slots as shown here.

Exit the room via the black sun door. Make your way to the Pentagon room. Note that the small painted circle is to the left of the pentagon symbol on the door. Enter the room. Have a look at the ceiling. Then look at the symbols framed on the wall. Save the game. Then quickly ...

Tex will fall down a long chute, and wind up in a room at the bottom. Regan is there waiting (one wonders exactly how she managed to get there ahead of Tex, but all games have their little inexplicable foibles). Get Regan's backpack. She could have told you she had a rope in there. Some help! Anyway, use the rope on the statue in the centre of the room. Then move the statue. After the statue has fallen, have a look at the pieces. Tex spots a crack. Combine the jack-knife (it's about time!) with the bullets to obtain gunpowder. Combine the gunpowder with the small stone cup to produce a primitive explosive. Then combine the hemp cord with the lantern fuel to make a primitive fuse. Combine the fuse with the explosive. Finally, combine the matchbox with the rest and use the lit explosive on the fallen statue pieces. Pick up the two statue fragments, and place each fragment on one of the four raised pedestals. Then Tex and Regan each hop on a pedestal and the circular piece in the centre of the room begins to rise. Tex and Regan ride it to the top. There ensues a long sequence where Tex learns that Regan and Jackson Cross have been plotting against Tex from the beginning ...

Mission(1-2): Lombard(3): See immediately below.

Tex must set the controls to launch the ship before the anti-hydrogen on board blows up the entire planet. Fitzpatrick started to give you the launch sequence before he died. All you heard was: north, circle, red and east, cross ... before he popped his clogs. A pattern is beginning to emerge here, and Tex must activate the panel and complete the sequence quickly!

Tex scarpers from the ship just before it takes off. Elijah Witt gives him a lift home. Just another mundane Day Nine in the life of a private eye.

Lombard(4): Boulevard(5): Tex limps from the ship just before it takes off, and Elijah Witt gives him a lift home.
Boulevard(6-8): Tex meets his untimely end, and never sees Day Ten. These endings (and the choice you made at the very end to get to each one) are documented below, nevertheless.

DAY TEN - Just Desserts
There are actually 8 ways to end up: 2 on the Mission path, 2 via Lombard, and 4 via Boulevard. This I am certain of, unless the documentation in the dialogue box at the very end of the game is wrong. But only 7 of these endings appear to be unique, thus the game's '3 paths with 7 different endings'. I had originally thought there were only 6 unique endings, but nearly 20 years after writing this walkthrough, reader Mike Braches asked a question that led me to re-examine what I had written all those years ago, and I finally found that elusive 7th ending :-) So depending on how you handled your love life during the game, and also on how 'nice' you were, here's how you/Tex will end up:

Mission(1) - Unique Ending #1
Everyone boards the ship. Regan and Jackson Cross get themselves trapped in the Power Cell Room, but not before Cross fatally wounds Fitzpatrick. Tex sets the controls, and leaves the ship before it takes off. The dinner at Chelsee's place finally comes to pass, and she rewards Tex with a somewhat unorthodox striptease.

Synopsis: You did all the right things with Chelsee, and fought off Regan. You also managed to keep on the right side of most of the Chandler St. denizens.

Mission(2) - Unique Ending #2
Same sequence of events on the ship as above. Welcome to the wonderful world of 'holodating' (very good pun, as I'm sure the experience is kinda' hollow)!

Synopsis: Ditto as above on the Chelsee/Regan theme, but you managed to piss off a few people along the way.

Same sequence of events on the ship and 'holodate' ending, as above.

Synopsis: Messed up with Chelsee, but were nice enough to the rest of the cast.

Note: this was the ending I arrived at the first time I played the game through.

Lombard(4) - Unique Ending #3
Everyone boards the ship. Regan and Jackson Cross get themselves trapped in the Power Cell Room, but Cross shoots Tex in the leg first. Fitzpatrick allows Tex to limp off the ship, then sets the controls himself and destroys the ship. Tex winds up as a disillusioned clown!

Synopsis: Got it wrong with Chelsee, but were nice enough to most other people. You shouldn't have given in to Regan on Day Eight!

Boulevard(5) - Unique Ending #4
When Cross asked Tex to shoot Fitzpatrick, you chose: C (Drop the gun). Same ending as Lombard(4).

Synopsis: Blew it with Chelsee, messed up generally early on (Emily bites the dust), but pulled yourself together in the end!

Note: this ending was the most difficult to achieve. You have to stay on the Boulevard path until Emily is killed, then go back and do all the 'nice' things you were supposed to do earlier (return Nilo's wallet, pay the tab at Louie's, etc.), in order to drag yourself up to nearly Lombard level by the end of the game. The ending is subtly different from Lombard(4) in that getting to Lombard(4) depends solely on how many 'good guy' points Tex amassed during the game. But in order to get the Boulevard(5) ending, Tex has to choose the 'Drop the gun' option when Cross tells him to shoot Fitzpatrick; whereas in Lombard(4), no option to shoot Fitzpatrick arises.

Boulevard(6) - Unique Ending #5
When Cross asked Tex to shoot Fitzpatrick, you chose: C (Drop the gun). Everyone boards the ship. Fitzpatrick traps Cross and Regan in the Power Cell Room, but Cross shoots Tex in the leg before the door closes. There is no time for Tex to get off the ship before Fitzpatrick destroys it.

Synopsis: At least you didn't try to shoot Fitzpatrick!

Boulevard(7) - Unique Ending #6
When Cross asked Tex to shoot Fitzpatrick, you chose: B (Shoot Cross). The gun was empty, and Cross shoots Tex right there to end the game.

Synopsis: You tried (but failed) to rid the world of that nasty piece of work Cross.

Boulevard(8) - Unique Ending #7
When Cross asked Tex to shoot Fitzpatrick, you chose: A (Shoot Fitzpatrick). The gun was empty! Everyone boards the ship. Fitzpatrick traps Cross, Regan, and Tex in the Power Cell Room. Tex helps them to escape, but it's too late! Fitzpatrick destroys the ship with all aboard.

Synopsis: You are the lowest of the low!

Quirks and Questions

  1. Are you supposed to do anything with that little bird that keeps landing on the roof of Rusty's Fun House?
  2. You can play the alien autopsy film at David Wright's cabin over and over again (for 20 points a pop, mind you ... but no self-respecting adventurer would ever do that, would they)?
  3. You can also use the Vistor's pass in the reception area at AUTOTECH to gain access to the hallway as many times as you like. 10 points a go.
  4. If you're on the Boulevard path, even though you try to warn Archie Ellis before the end of Day Six, Cross bumps him off anyway. Rather harsh, I thought.
  5. At Roswell, putting the batteries in the flashlight gets you some points, but serves no apparent purpose.
  6. Again, on the Boulevard path, the black dagger disappears from your inventory when you get to the Mayan temple. But don't panic (as I did!), and try going back to obtain it. When you get to the Dagger Room, it magically reappears in the top right corner of the dagger puzzle, ready for use ... whew!

Copyright © Steve Metzler 1997, 2004. All rights reserved.