The Pandora Directive

Retrieving Item #186
Key in 186, followed by 7AC (remember the code on the 'Item #186 scrap' you found in the warehouse)? Then move items as follows (left, right, up, and down are abbreviated as L, R, U, and D respectively):

122L, 106L, 168D, 149D, 150D, 148D, 177R, 176R, 178R, 180R, 188D, 199D, 198R,

160U, 166U, 195U, 192U, 182L, 188D, 199D, 178L, 180L, 186D, 198R, 196U, 197U,

178L, 180L, 188U, 199U, 175L, 174L, 186D, 177L, 176L, 150U, 148U, 168U, 149U,

122R, 106R, 186D and out!