Developer:  Benoît Sokal
Publisher:  Microids/DreamCatcher/The Adventure Company

Walkthrough by Steve Metzler (May, 2004)
Kate views a funeral procession presided over by some curious looking automatons. Then she enters the hotel and the game begins...

Just to Kate's right after she enters the hotel, there's a cabinet which contains an Advertising Brochure that tells you the history of Valadilene and the Voralberg family, famous producers of intricate automatons. Examine the little figure on the reception counter, and then pick up the Reception Bell Key to its right. Use it on the figure to wind him up, then press the red button. The clerk appears. Talk to him, and Kate informs him that her company booked a room. He tells her that it's Room 6. Before you head upstairs, you can go to the left side of the room and try to speak to Momo. Hmm. He's busy working on something and can't be disturbed at the moment. So head up the stairs next, and Kate informs you that you need to take your luggage. When you try to pick up Kate's suitcase, she says she's too tired to carry it any further. Talk to the clerk again, and ask for 'Help'. That's when you learn that the funeral you witnessed upon your arrival was that of Anna Voralberg, the person with whom you were supposed to arrange the takeover of the factory. During the conversation, the clerk chases off Momo. Then he takes the suitcase and walks you up to Room 6.

When he leaves, go over to the bedside table and read Fax 1, then call Marson on 12 458 902 and inform him that Anna has passed away. Marson promises to send a fax to aid Kate in her mission. Sure enough, if you now go back downstairs and ask the clerk about 'Mission', he produces Fax 2. While you're at it, grill the clerk about all the new conversation topics that have appeared. Then go over to the table where Momo was working and examine it. Note the pattern that Momo has etched into the table. Then take the two Cog Wheels from the table, and the two from the floor. OK, we've done everything we can do here for the time being. Time to head outside...

Alfolter the notary
Once outside the hotel, head to the west. A baker standing outside the boulangerie will inform you that all the shops in Valadilene are closed today as a sign of respect for the passage of Anna Voralberg. Continue onwards and you will come to a building where you can examine something in the doorway. It appears to be an automaton that can read, so... use the lever on its chest to lower the head, then place Fax 2 into its hand, and finally pull the lever at its shoulder. The person inside uses the automaton to read the fax, and you are admitted into the building. Head to the east, then through the double doors to meet Alfolter the notary, to whom Marson's fax was addressed. Take a seat, then ask him about 'Mission'. It appears that Hans Voralberg, Anna's younger brother, is still alive... but is presently somewhere in Siberia. Looks like Kate isn't going home anytime soon! Alfolter tells you to start looking in the factory for possible clues. On the way out, take the Telescopic Key to the factory from the coat stand near the front door.

Just to the west of Alfolter's front door is a bench with a Newspaper on it. Today's copy of the Valadilene Gazette contains Anna Voralberg's obituary... and another reminder that all the shops are closed. You can continue west to the end of the street, but you can't get in anywhere. So, head back east. When you pass the hotel, there's an old man sitting on a bench who will tell Kate about the old days of Valadilene if she'd only sit with him for five minutes. But our Kate tells him she's in too much of a hurry. Continue across the bridge, and up a hill to the church.

The front door of the church is locked. Follow the path to the west, and you arrive at what looks like the Voralberg familiy mausoleum. It's locked, but there is an automaton sitting on top of it. Hmm. Head back to the church, then follow the path to the east all the way around to the back of the church, and you can get inside via a door there. Head into the room, and examine the cabinet with locked drawers. The crank on the side of the cabinet is jammed, but you can see a keyhole at the top right. Moving the cross behind the small altar reveals a Key. Use it to open the cabinet. The first, second, fourth, and fifth drawers all contain coloured Punch Cards. The middle door only pulls out partially, but if you turn the 'jammed' crank when the drawer is half open, it opens fully to reveal a letter from the parish priest relating how he was duped into burying an empty coffin that supposedly contained the remains of Hans Voralberg. The middle drawer also contains a Voralberg Key. Exit, and walk towards the front of the church again. You will notice a locked lift, and a cabinet with a handle next to the lift. Examination of the cabinet shows that there are places for four cogs there. Of course, these are the Cog Wheels you picked up after Momo abandoned them. Put them into the cabinet one at a time (the game won't let you put them in the wrong place), and then pull the lever to open the locked lift. Take it to the top, then examine the organ playing automaton you find there. When inserted into the slot on his back, the coloured Punch Cards play songs for various occasions. The purple one is the one you want. It causes the automaton on the mausoleum to lower his hat. So return to the mausoleum, and there in the automaton's hat is a keyhole that accepts the Voralberg Key...

Voralberg mausoleum
The only thing you can do here is open Hans Voralberg's coffin to retrieve the Valadilene Gazette Press Cuts concerning his death, and a Valadilene Voice Cylinder. Then exit the mausoleum and head back towards the hotel. Once you pass the hotel, you will see the door to the factory set into the wall to the east. Use the Telescopic Key on the small automaton perched at the top of the door. Then wind up the guy at the bottom, and finally, throw the lever in the middle of the door. The door opens to allow Kate access to the factory grounds.

Factory grounds
You immediately come upon a fountain with four paths leading from it. Take the east path, which leads to a locked door. Go around the side of the building here (you see a mechanical ladder) and continue east along the path. There is a lady gardening here, but you can't talk to her about anything useful. Now, it looks like you are about to enter the largest hedge maze ever seen in a computer game... but fear not. Mr. Sokal has been merciful. All you need do is head through the doorway behind the gardener, make the first right after that, and extract another Voralberg Key from the fountain there. Head back to the mechanical ladder, and examine it. Use the Voralberg Key on the rear part of the mechanical ladder, and it will extend to allow Kate access to an open attic window.

Head west, then examine the schoolroom desk. You find an Ink Bottle, along with Anna's Diary. Reading the diary will reveal the full story of Hans' tragic accident and subsequent painful recovery, how he came to have a real talent for creating automatons, and how he was finally made to 'disappear' by Anna's father when he finally became disenchanted and embarked on a search for his illusory mammoths. After you finishing reading Anna's diary, retun to the window, then head east. You can then click on a crate when the cursor lights up to go into a dark corner. Turn on the light that is hanging from the ceiling, and then Kate hears someone moving around and goes to investigate. It's Momo. When you first talk to him, he gives you a Pencil and Paper. When you talk to him subsequently, you get the feeling that he wants to help you, but he really, really, really wants you to draw him a picture of a mammoth first. Hmm. Since Kate's drawing ability is probably not world class, we're going to have to find a mammoth to trace somewhere... by gosh, right over by that light Kate just turned on, there's a picture of a mammoth carved into the wooden beam by Hans himself. Use the Pencil and Paper on it, then return to Momo and use the resulting Pencil Tracing of Mammoth on Momo. Momo heads out the window, and says you should follow him.

So, go back to the entrance of the factory ground, and back out the gate. Then head east, and all the way to the end of the street where Momo is standing in front of a locked gate. Talk to him, and he will open the gate. Continue following, by a path next to a stream, past a sunken rowboat, and finally Momo will sit down on a rock. If you take the path to the left of Momo, you can see what must be the mammoth cave across the stream. Take the path to the right of Momo, and you can see a dam. You try to push the lever to open it, but Kate is not strong enough. Talk to Momo and ask for 'Help'. Momo succeeds in doing nothing more than breaking off the lever. Pick up the Broken Lever then, and head back to the sunken rowboat. Use the Broken Lever on the oar you see protruding from the rowboat, and the oar moves a bit closer to shore. Anna refuses to pick it up though, because it's all "wet and yucky". Back to Momo to ask for 'Help' again, and he picks up the oar for Kate. Once more, ask Momo for 'Help', and he uses the oar to open the dam, allowing Kate access to the mammoth cave...

Mammoth cave
On the floor in the back of the cave is a Mammoth Toy Doll. Nothing else to do here so head back to the factory grounds.

Once inside the factory grounds, take the path to the northwest. You arrive at a platform that has a strange Canister on it, shaped like a large milk bottle. On a post in the centre of this structure, there's a lever. Flip the lever, and an arm comes out to carry the canister into the factory. Then exit, and take the path that goes to the west to enter the factory.

Immediately upon entering the factory, head for the northeast corner and enter the door there. Pull the chain, and this releases an automaton rodent into the wheel. He runs for a while, and this starts up the water wheel. Then move the lever on the floor and this causes four rods to emerge from the cylinder on the floor and hook up to the water wheel device. I think we have power. Exit this room, and go back west past the entrance, and past the metal staircase. Go through a collonade, and... whoa. There sitting at the end of the conveyer belt is that milk bottle-shaped Canister that was transported in earlier. Operate the forklift, and the Canister is carried into the factory and inserted into the assembly line. Looks like we have raw materials now! Move Kate away from the forklift, and you'll see a door to the north. Enter that room, go behind the frame that is holding up the automaton, and turn the winch to lower him. Speak to Oscar, and ask him about 'Production'. He hands you Oscar's Card, a punch card that will enable you to build him some feet. Exit the room and head up the metal stairs this time. Enter the room that is immediately to Kate's left when she reaches the top of the stairs. On the desk, you will find some unpaid invoices that show what dire straits the factory was in, Hans' plans for an exotic locomotive, and Anna's last letter to Hans, unfinished because she passed away in the middle of writing it. Examine the cabinet next. On the top shelf, move the second book from the right. A music box is revealed, and you automatically obtain a Music Cylinder from it. Now use the Valadilene Voice Cylinder on the music box, and watch the cut scene that shows how Hans was injured in the mammoth cave. When it finishes, retrieve the Hans-Anna Mechanical Toy from the music box. Exit the room, and continue on to the top of the platform.

Examine the control panel there, and then SAVE YOUR GAME before you touch anything. It's easy to make a mistake here, and the process of restoring from your last save (which is who knows when) is time consuming. Remember, Oscar said that there were 'Type A' and 'Type B' feet. To get the right ones, hit the lever on the left side of the control panel 3 times so that a light-coloured, very smooth piece of wood appears. Place Oscar's Card into the slot in the control panel, pull lever number 3 (it's the only one that lights up), then pull the lever to the right of the slot. You know you've got the right wood selected when you get a long cut scene with a bird-like automaton selecting the wood. If it's a short cut scene, that only shows the wood being drilled, best to restore and try again. Go downstairs to retrieve the finished Wooden Legs from the end of the assembly line, and present them to Oscar. If you've made 'Type A', you're going to have to do it all over again. When you give him the correct 'Type B' legs... Oscar immediately buggers off to find his train!

Of course, Oscar has gone to the one place in the factory grounds we haven't visited yet... so go back to the fountain and take the northeast path this time.

Once inside the Valadilene train station, board the train by stepping onto it right across from the ticket booth. Don't enter the door yet though. Rather, continue across onto the other side of the platform. Head south, and at the very end of the platform you'll see a wheel, and a lever on the floor. Yup, the train is an automaton too, so we've got to wind this sucker up! Use the wheel to start the process, then pull the lever on the floor to complete it. Once the train has been wound up, use the wheel again to retract the mechanism.

Now we can board the train. Talk to Oscar, and mention 'Mission'. Oops, it would seem that despite your apparent level of familiarity with Oscar, you still need to purchase a ticket. So follow him out to the ticket office, and you receive your Ticket, along with a Train Release Permit. Oh no. There appears to be yet another string attached. You need to get the Train Release Permit approved. So... head back to the office of Alfolter the notary. On the desk outside his office is a rather officious looking stamp automaton with the stamp 'Approuve' ingrained on the blotter underneath him. Open up his hat, use the Ink Bottle on him, then use the Train Release Permit on the blotter, and finally, press the red button to get it stamped. Back to Oscar then...

You smugly present him with the now approved Train Release Permit. But Oscar politely informs you that there are yet more conditions to be met prior to departure. Namely, there are three important objects to be placed on the train. These are quite obviously conditions that Hans must have set down long ago. Head into the next compartment then, and place the Mammoth Toy Doll on the display stand to the right. In the cabinet to the left, place the Music Cylinder and Valadilene Voice Cylinder on the display stands. Then place the Hans-Anna Mechanical Toy on the central pedestal. Finally, present Oscar with your Ticket, and the train departs!

Barrockstadt University
The train pulls into a station. Talk to Oscar, and it would appear that... groan!... we need to find a way to wind up the train again so that it has power to continue on its journey. If you exit the train to the west side, head south down the platform, and then continue along a path by the canal, you see a great wall, and a platform on the other side of the tracks with a device that Kate says looks like the one you used to wind up the train back in Valadilene. Now you just need to find a way to get the train over there. As you return to the train, Oscar beckons you back inside to talk to him. The rectors of the university have requested an audience with Kate. Hmm. Exit the train to the west again, then go west (towards the rear of the train). You find yourself on a set of stairs. Do not go over the canal, or over the train tracks, but rather continue straight ahead. You come to a small sandy beach, with a man standing on it. Pick up the Hook that is lying in the sand, then talk to the man. Mention 'Birds'. You learn that he is the stationmaster, and he looks after this fantastic aviary.

Now go back to the stairs, and take the set to the east that goes over the canal. Head to the southeast to exit the station, and keep going down a set of stairs next to the canal. You come upon a man and his wife on a barge. He speaks some kind of crazy dialect that is a mix of German and Russian, but his wife will translate for you. Ask for 'Help'. They eventually agree to tow your train, for a price of 100 dollars. You have a lot to do before that happens though! Head back up the stairs, and turn east. The entrance to the university is that set of stairs you see all the way to the east. Go past the mechanical bandstand, and take the next set of stairs (between two sabre-toothed tigers) into the university building.

University building
Go straight ahead, so that you are standing in front of the skeleton of a mammoth, then west and continue west through a set of large doors. The three men sitting there are, of course, the rectors. When you eventually get a chance to speak, mention 'Money'. They agree to pay you to have your boat towed if you will fix their mechanical bandstand. Exit, then take the first door you can to the north, which is the library. Go down the stairs, and take the Amerzone Book from the end of a table that one of the students is studying at. Hmm. It appears that these rare forest sauvignon grapes will make those pesky cuckoo birds, the ones the stationmaster had mentioned, drunk. Go back up the stairs and head towards the east part of the library. Head up the ladder, and take the Mushroom Guide from the top right (only book that is upside down). Looks like we're going to need some of this Yangala-Cola powder too. Exit the library, and keep heading to the east until you come upon an academic studying the skeleton of a mammoth. This is Professor Pons. Ask him about 'Sauvignon', and he will direct you back to the stationmaster. Before you exit the conversation, also make sure to mention 'Hans'!

Head back to the stationmaster, and ask him about 'Sauvignon'. He's very evasive, and walks off. Follow him (he's now standing on the stairway that goes over the canal), and ask him yet again about 'Sauvignon'. He sends you back to Professor Pons. Talk to Pons again. You know the topic by now! He sends you to the rectors, where Kate finally makes them spill the beans (grapes?) about the secret distilling operation they have been running. Now when you return to the stationmaster, he agrees to open the door to the secret garden. Follow him over the bridge, enter the path, and contine until you reach the end of the path where the stationmaster has unlocked the door. Head through the door, go to the end of the path there, and take the Sauvignon Grapes from the bush that is directly in front of Kate. Whew! Head back into the station, but go to the northeast along the platform (instead of going up the stairs). You come upon three of those cuckoo birds at the base of a ladder. They will not let Kate pass. However, if you give them the Sauvignon Grapes, they move away and Kate can take the ladder up...

Eagle automaton
At the top of the aviary, examine the eagle automaton. There's an egg in the nest there, but Kate can't reach it. Drat. Go back to the train, and retrieve the Mammoth Toy Doll (note: you will not be allowed to take the doll unless you previously talked to Professor Pons about 'Hans'). On your way past the stationmaster, he apologises for his behaviour earlier, and presents you with a Wine Bottle as atonement. Present the Mammoth Toy Doll to Pons, and then follow him into his laboratory.

Take the Barrockstadt Voice Cylinder from the cabinet on the back wall. Then advance to the front of the lab, and take the Yangala-Cola Powder and Test Tube Holder from the end of the bench to the southeast. Exit, and head back to the eagle automaton at the top of the aviary. Use the Test Tube Holder to get the Cuckoo's Egg from the nest, and then head for the mechanical bandstand in the university courtyard.

Around the back of the bandstand, use the Cuckoo's Egg on the empty egg cup, and then turn the wheel to get access to the bandstand. Go down the ladder, pull the lever, and Kate has fixed the bandstand! Return to the rectors and ask about 'Money'. They finally agree to give you the Money.

The locks
Go back to the man and woman on the barge, and give them the Money. The man throws you a Lock Key. Pick it up, and return to the station, but instead of going up the stairs, head to the northwest. There is a control panel there for operating the canal locks. Use the Lock Key to get access to the keyboard. Oops. The instructions for operating the locks are written in a language you don't understand. The phone on the panel is broken (we suspect the barge man broke it in frustration), but if you read the small sign to the right, it gives you a number to call. Use Kate's cell phone to call: 2766 6742. When requested to by the operator, hit the "number sign" (hash symbol on the phone). Then 4 to select the Barrockstadt locks, and finally a 2 to lower the water level. Unfortunately, you are informed that this cannot be done by phone at the moment, but now you know what numbers to key into the control panel. Access the panel again, and you can see that the first number selects the lock, and the second number controls the water level. So... key in 4 (for Barrockstadt), then 2 (to lower the level), then press the 'star' key. The water level lowers and the lock doors open.

Return to the barge, and mention 'Locks'. The barge man takes his barge into the locks. Go back to the control panel, and key in 4, then 1, then 'star' to raise the water level again. Cross over the canal to the side where the train is, and then go to the front of the train. Talk to the man on the barge from there, asking for 'Help'. He throws Kate a chain. Attach the Hook to the chain, and the barge will pull the train forward. Walk to where the train is now, and Kate gets a call from Professor Pons. Remember you promised to attend his lecture on the Youkols? So head back to the university building. Go forward to the large mammoth across from the entrance, then take the stairs to the left that lead upstairs. The lecture begins as soon as Kate arrives. Fascinating stuff. The youkols domesticated mammoths, and you finally learn about the legendary island of Syberia. When the lecture is over, Pons beckons you to go to his lab to pick up some items. Do so. Take the Mammoth Toy Doll and the Paleontology Notes from the table in front of him. Then head back to the train, cross through it to the other side, and wind up the train just as you did in Valadilene.

Departing Barrockstadt
Enter the train, and put the Mammoth Toy Doll back on its display stand. You can at this time also listen to the Barrockstadt Voice Cylinder. Kate puts it on a display stand in the cabinet once it is finished, as she did with the others if you listened to them earlier. Then ask Oscar about 'Mission', and the train departs once again... well, for all of 50 yards that is. Then, when you exit the train to the west, you of course come upon Oscar at another ticket counter; only, this time he's looking for an exit visa instead. Hmm. Go around behind the the ticket counter, and you will see a door set into the great wall. Head up the stairs, then southwest along a walkway and enter the door there. You see a military captain. Speak to him, and he tells you that it's not possible to grant a visa, because of the terrible danger that lurks behind the wall. He insists that you look for yourself. Have a look through the telescope, and use the right button to focus. Good one. This poor soul has been staring for years at a dead tree that he imagined to be the enemy. Examine the table on the right. Then use the Yangala-Cola Powder on one of the wine glasses. Use the Wine Bottle on the glasses next, and Kate invites the captain over for a drink. He reluctantly accepts, then Kate gets him to look through the telescope and... one Exit Visa, coming right up! Head back downstairs and use the Exit Visa on the ticket window. Oscar issues you a new Ticket, so enter the train once again and use the Ticket on Oscar. We depart...

The train arrives at an unknown destination, after passing through the legs of a gigantic automaton. Exit the train (you can only get out on one side of the platform here) and move towards the front of the train. Oscar informs you that, yet again, he cannot leave the train to help you. Continue along the platform in your present direction, and you come to a ladder at the end of the platform. The ladder leads to a small living unit. On a shelf at the top left is a Komkolzgrad Voice Cylinder, so now you've at least determined where you are. Also pick up Hans' Design, which seems to indicate something interesting about the foot of the automaton that you are currently inside. And finally, pick up the Handle. To Kates' right is a control panel. Put the Handle into the slot in the control panel, and push it forward. The automaton moves towards the train. Push the Handle forward one more time, and now the automaton is positioned at the front of the train. Push the red button, and the train is wound up! But we still have more to do here. Pull the handle back twice to return the automaton to its original position. Exit to the platform and... on no!

It appears as if someone has stolen something from the train. The figure runs through a door to the east. Head up the platform, and you see a red light over the door the thief must have used. But this door is locked. Head back to the train. You can listen to the Komkolzgrad Voice Cylinder if you wish. It appears as if Hans built this Komkolzgrad mining complex. Go forward into your compartment to find... Oscar tied up! Untie him, and he tells you how an anonymous thief stole his hands. Talk to him about 'Hans', and Kate theorises that the thief may have been Hans himself. Retrieve the Metal Sheers from the floor. Then exit the train and enter the train-winding automaton again. This time, push the Handle in the control panel forward just one time. Kate can then exit to a structure that is high above the platform. Examine the wall there, and then use the Metal Sheers to open a hole in the wall. Enter through the hole, move forward, then examine the shelf to Kate's left. Take the strange Spark Plug. You can see into a factory from here, but the door into it is locked. Exit back to the automaton, move it back to its original position, and then exit back to the platform once again. Go all the way to the other end of the platform, behind the train. Pull the lever on the ground there, and a lift appears.

Derelict factory
Examine the machine that is to Kate's right immediately as she exits the lift. Use the Spark Plug on the machine, and then pull the lever. It's a generator, and now we have light! Go forward, and take a look at the ventilation duct to Kate's right, then go all the way to the other end of the mine shaft and take the lift up. At the top, head to the east, then up a flight of stairs to a huge pipe organ with an automaton sitting at it. Examine the automaton, and take the Screwdriver. Go back to the top of the lift, then head south past the large vault door, and west from there. To Kate's left here is a metal sign. Examine the sign, which is indecipherable, and then use the Screwdriver to undo the four screws that were fastening it to... a ladder! Kate can now climb the ladder. At the top right of the platform, Kate sees a monorail entrance, but can't use it at the moment because it's "controlled from somewhere else". Enter the control room to the left. Aha! Our hand thief is seated at the control panel. Talk to him about all available topics. He is the former director of the factory, but now he's just the Phantom of the Factory, mask and all. Completely bonkers. Stole Oscar's hands to complete his pianist automaton, and now insists that you find this singer Helena Romanski for him. Right. During the conversation, he lowers the shrine he built to honour Helena.

Exit, climb back down the ladder, and enter the shrine to Helena. Walk all the way to the front of the shrine, and examine the open drawer there. Take the Press Cuts and read them. Also read one of the undeliverable Letters from the Borodine to Helena. Apparently there were 116 of them. Ah. The joys of unrequited love. Anyway, if you were paying attention while reading the Press Cuts, you will recall that the famed opera singer who once accompanied Helena was none other than Franck Malkovitch, who is now living in the States. Hey, wasn't that the name of the guy your mother is dating?! Onto the cell phone then, and call Mom. Franck is right there, in bed with mom (hmph! Parents, really), and he thinks that Helena is now living in the spa town of Aralbad... which now gets added to your conversation topics. Talk to Borodine again, mention 'Aralbad', and he'll let you use the monorail to visit someone who may help you to get there. So exit the control room and enter the monorail on the right that leads to... an abandoned space project.

Abandoned space project
Go east, then north, then head up the stairs to the northwest. Take the next set of stairs that leads up to a cylindrical room. Talk to the drunk ex-cosmonaut, but you come to the conclusion that he can't help you, at least not in his present condition. Exit the conversation, and pick up the Vodka from the floor. This event causes him to leave the room, presumably in search for more of the same. Kate follows him, and witnesses him falling over a railing into a skip of sorts. Go back into the cylindrical room, and now you can access the shelf that he was sitting in front of. Read the Space Project Cancellation Letter, and now you can perhaps see why the cosmonaut chose to spend the rest of his life in a drunken stupor. Take the Key. Now we have to wake our cosmonaut back up. Head down the stairs, and walk toward the skip holding the cosmonaut. To Kate's left, there is a wheel. Turn it to enable the flow of water. Then go back up onto the platform, and examine the control panel. Use the Key on the silver keyhole to the right of the panel. Now we have to get him in position to douse him with water from the overhead supply. Using the controls on the panel, move the skip to the left, then away from the platform. Finally, use the middle control lever to dump water on him. He wakes up!

Now go talk to him, and he has also sobered up somewhat. He gives you some information, but he's still not very helpful. Exit the conversation, and head off to the east. Then go around the launchpad to the northeast. You see a set of stairs leading up to the airship. Go there, but the door to the airship is locked. Darn. Go back to the cosmonaut and ask about 'Airship'. This time he gives you an Airship Key. So head back to the airship and use the key to get inside, but when you pull the lever on the floor, nothing happens (of course. That would be too easy). Head back to where the cosmonaut was standing, but he's no longer there. This time, head around the launchpad to the northwest, and there he is. Don't bother talking to him again just yet. Rather, head up the stairs there to a control room, and then examine the control panel to Kate's left. Pick up yet another Voralberg Key and use it to enable the panel. Then move the power switch from 0 to 1. Oops. No power. Access the panel underneath the power switch, and hook up the two wires that were disconnected. Power! But now none of the controls work because a blood sample is required. So pick up the Blood Testing Apparatus that is embedded in the panel to the right. Go downstairs and talk to our cosmonaut friend. He agrees to help you with the airship if you get him into space. Use the Blood Testing Apparatus on him to get a sample.

Go back to the control room, and put the Blood Testing Apparatus back into the panel. Then press the button that is labelled with a syringe. Oops. Too much alcohol in the cosmonaut's blood. Make Kate touch the Blood Testing Apparatus, then try the syringe button again. This seems to work. Hit the button all the way to the left next, and this raises the container that the cosmonaut is in from the ground. Pressing the button to the right of the syringe button causes the container to be spun around, so that it is aligned with the gangway. You then see the cosmonaut proceed through the gangway. Finally, he tells you he is ready for you to press the launch button. So press the button all the way to the right. But wait! He hasn't told Kate how to operate the airship yet. At the last minute he fulfils his part of the bargain though, tossing an object to the ground and saying that the airship needs to be "wound up". Then he is launched into space.

Exit the control room and head west. Pick up the Crank Handle from the ground near a box bearing the Soviet star smybol. Right, we have the means to wind up our airship. We just have to find out where to do it. So exit the launch area, head west, and then north. Around the back of the large rocket booster you will find another set of stairs. Head up there, and then go north again. Use the Crank Handle on the device with the horn. This device serves a dual purpose. The airship is wound up, and the horn spurns the eagle into action. He scares all the birds away from the airship so that it is free to take off! Finally, head back to the airship once more, pull the lever on the floor, and enjoy the trip to Aralbad.

Exit the airship, head past the lovely fountain, and into the hotel. Well, it seems that the hotel manager, Felix, isn't possibly going to aid you in your quest to meet Helena Romanski. Desparate measures are needed. After talking to Felix, head west then south, and open the maid's closet there. Take the Detergent. Head back outside and use it on the fountain. Then back inside, and draw the curtains so the suds can be seen from reception. Finally, since Felix is now firmly ensconced in the football match, you must ring the bell on the corner of the reception desk to get his attention. Once he has left to attend to the fountain, you gain access to the rear of his desk. Examine the guest register, and you note that Hans Voralberg was indeed a resident some 20 years ago! Also note Helena Romanski's resident code: 1270. Take the Hotel Brochure that is next to the guest register. Then hit the red button below the register. This gets you access to the hotel grounds.

Go through the previously locked gate, and then head immediately to the west to enter the hotel's bar/restaurant. My kind of place. Talk to the automaton James to learn that Helena Romanski is currently taking some air by the sea. Next access a slot machine-like device by the door out to the beach. Enter the code 1270 and... if Kate just says "That doesn't work", then try it again. Yes, it looks like a slot machine, and that's what it plays like. Finally, when you enter the number 1270 and Kate says "Darn it! That doesn't work! Just as I thought!" you have cracked it. This is a Riven-like puzzle whereby operating a mechanism opens a door that is not in your current field of view. So... head south and you come out at the other end of the pool. Go east into the now open safety deposit room, and pick up the card containing the Temporary Code (0968) from the floor. Exit the safety deposit room and, while you're at it, visit the hall to the north there to collect a Crystal Dish (sorry, but this looks like a champagne glass to me). Return to the restaurant and key in 0968 on the 'slot machine'. Bingo! Access to the pier. On the way out, put on the gas mask before you confront that marvellous salt air. Walk to the end of the pier, and talk to Helena. She asks you to call her valet (that would be James, the automaton nurse). After exiting the conversation, an enraged Felix tries to throw you out of the hotel, but Helena saves the day. Then take James' Bell from the stand next to the gazebo, and head back towards the hotel. There is an identical stand to the left just before you enter the hotel. Place James' Bell on it, then pull the chain. Go back inside, and you can finally coerce James into going outside to pick up Helena.

Ask Helena about 'Hans'. She tells of a drink made in Paris by a barman named George that once restored her voice. Open the Hotel Brochure, and then use Kate's cell phone to dial 46433643. George no longer works there, but he wrote down all his famous drink recipes. Kate stops him when the present barman mentions "Blue Helena". The recipe is:

1 measure Vodka
1 measure Blue Curacao
1 measure Honey
Dash of Lime
Ice Cubes
Shake it all together

Next, look under the bar right where Helena is parked. Get the Lemon and the Crystallized Honey. Oops, we can't make a drink using crystallized honey, can we? So head off to the pool area, and halfway up the opposite side, use the wheel on the wall there to heat up the tub. Then use the Crystallized Honey on the tub to turn it into Liquid Honey. Get back behind the bar, and access the drink mixing apparatus. Put the Vodka, Liquid Honey, and Lemon into their respective holders. OK, so the recipe calls for lime instead of lemon. We're banking on the fact that the old bat won't notice the difference! Pick up the Musical Score from above the mixer container and have a look. Hmm. Vodka is the 2nd note on the first scale, and Blue Curacao is the 3rd note on the second scale. SAVE THE GAME here, as it's easy enough to make a mistake. Then press the I/O button to start the process. Press the 2nd key from the left on the keyboard. Then flip the switch on the right to change musical scores, and press the 3rd key on the keyboard. Next, press the button with the honeycomb symbol, then the one with the lemon symbol, followed by the one with the snowflake symbol. Finally, press the botton all the way to the right to "shake it all together" and... voila. If Helena drinks it, you have hit paydirt; else, you must restore and try again. Once Helena agrees to drink your concoction, she goes silent again. Then all you need do is use the Crystal Dish on the end of the bar counter and talk to her once more. She manages to shatter the glass, and agrees to follow you to back to Komkolzgrad. Head back to the airship then, and James wheels her up...

Komkolzgrad again
Helena sings for Borodine, but you start to get bad vibes during the performance. Sure enough, as a finale he drops a steel cage to imprison her. Examine the cage door, and Kate comments that it looks like a sturdy lock... but the trusty Metal Sheers do the trick! Then it's also a simple matter to use the Screwdiver to get Oscar's Hands off the pianist automaton. When you meet up with Helena and try to exit through the vault door, she gets out, but Kate is trapped. Kate gives her Oscar's Hands. Then head back into the mine shaft. Use the lever on the floor to summons the lift at the other end, but Borodine has sent down a bomb that seals the lift shaft. Now use the ventilation duct that Kate noticed earlier to escape, and pick up the Dynamite from the open crate at the top of the duct. Talk to Oscar at the front of the train. You convince him to depart despite the regulations. But you notice that the automaton guarding the exit has moved forward, and there are now steel bars beween its legs that are blocking your exit. Remember Hans' Design? Well, now you can walk up to the automaton and use the Dynamite on his foot. The train departs for Aralbad...

Aralbad again
James wheels Helena from the train. Go to the other end of the platform, and talk to Oscar, who has uncharacteristically left the train... in bad weather. Then wind up the train, and tell Oscar you are ready to depart. Just then, Felix runs up and tells you that there is a package waiting for you in reception. Go to reception, and examine the open box at the end of the desk near the television. It's a Mammoth Automaton. How curious. Then the phone rings. It's Helena requesting your presence at the bar. The conversation ends with her telling you that the hotel's supply plane has just come in. So go outside and run to the end of the pier, and the plane is there alright. But you can't do anything with it. As you are entering the hotel again, you notice an old man in a parka sitting on the bench just outside. It's Hans Voralberg! He signs the contract, and Kate goes to board the supply plane for the long trip back to New York, but then a fantastic thing happens...

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