Q. How can I open that gunk-encrusted cabinet in the Medical Wing Hallway?
A. It seems that none of the cleansing inscriptions we have made so far will get rid of the gunk - not even the universal tarnish cleansing one. It's quite likely that what we need is in the Medical Wing itself. And that means... we need to find a way past that menacing aura cloud to the south that is blocking the entrance to the Medical Wing.

Well, in this game, where there's a will there's usually a ritual for it. Indeed, this particular one is to be found in the Master Rector's Quarters:

> take rough sheet
environment of spiritual peace. Begin with a quartz token in the bound; this represents the ka
soul. Invoke the Ka Sealing. Place a bit of orichalcum into the bound, representing the ba soul.
Speak a word of anaphylaxis. At this point, but no sooner, add a strengthening element to the
atmosphere. Close with the Binding of Antipathy, to repel harmful influences. Touch the token to
a subject, and his aura will be nearly invulnerable for a few moments." Then, on the back:
"Spiritual environment: meditative symbols on shelf. (Rainbow!)"

In fact, there are a few items in the game that can be used to invoke a spiritual environment, the Chinese amulet that you found in the Study Room being one of them. But whoever left this ritual sheet lying around shows you another way, so we might as well use it:

> find rotor card
> take it
> set rotor to rainbow

The Ka Sealing is obtained by looking through the oculus in the Study Room and examining the resulting spark. And the word of anaphylaxis is in the Under Ward just to the south of Scrubs Country. The orichalcum rod is in the safe in the Main Store. Either of the quartz prisms will do for a token. And finally, you should recall the 'lecture on aromas' if you can't remember what can be used as a strengthening element. The Nave would be a good place for this ritual. To perform the aura impermeability inscription ritual: Click here to show/hide ritual steps

Now... head back to the Medical Wing Hallway, and:

> touch self with prism
> s

Phew! That was a bit touch-and-go in the end. So now what? Hmm:

> take scalpel
> x it
It's a discarded alloy scalpel, never cleaned after whatever no-doubt-revolting
dissection last employed it. Unnameable substances are crusted on the blade.

I'm betting that whatever will clean off the gunk-encrusted scalpel will most likely do the same job for that gunk-encrusted cabinet outside. Maybe we can use the aeroclave?

> put scalpel in aeroclave
> close aeroclave
> turn knob
> open aeroclave
> take scalpel
> x it

That seems to have done the trick, now we just need to find a way out of here... with some elemental air!

> e
> take mold (don't know if we'll need it or not, but I suspect we may not be coming back here soon)
> take bubble
> x it
This is a glass bubble, slightly scratched, with a valve attached. These bubbles are
designed to contain elemental air; the inside surface is insulated with Baio's wax.
However, this one is empty - or rather, it contains only the ordinary sort of air.

> take narrow sheet
You pick up the sheet. It details a formula: a Major Animus - similar to the Minor
Animus, but capable of directly manipulating physical objects rather than merely
guiding their movements.

> take ragged sheet
neutralize malevolent auras and other dangerous psychic manifestations. Begin by
placing a knife within the arc; the environment should be confused by a strong
aroma. Invoke the Ka Sealing. Speak a word of essential nature; remove the
contaminating aroma; conclude with the Binding of Antipathy. To use the
inscription, wave the blade within a field of cleansing vibration."

That's obviously our ticket out of here. Just need the eucalyptus oil from the other room, then return here to perform the prophylactic scalpel inscription ritual: Click here to show/hide ritual steps

Now we're almost ready to get out of here, once we have some elemental air: Click here to show/hide procedure for obtaining elemental air and exiting Medical Wing

And now we can open the gunk-encrusted cabinet: Click here to show/hide what's inside the gunk-encrusted cabinet

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