Q. How do I open the extremely corroded cabinet in the Mechanica Lab?
A. When you examine this cabinet, you learn that not only is it extremely corroded, but it is made of an 'alloy'. Unfortunately, the magic we have thus far been working with our trusty steel bolt and tarnish recipes isn't going to work on an object that isn't made of steel. But if you just head into the Materials Store to the west of here, you find another recipe sheet:

"UNIVERSAL TARNISH CLEANSING: The basic tarnish rituals employ the law of similarity; a
steel token removes rust from steel. To prepare a token that will work on any corroded metal,
one must prepare a catalytic environment, rather than a fiery one. Place a token of brass or steel
in the bound and begin with a simple sealing. Recite the categorical imperative; pour a drop of
Java spirit upon the token; conclude with the Lesser Phlogistical Saturation." The text of the
categorical imperative is jotted below.

On the reverse side, Sergeant Brooks has written: "Practice this ritual, using the adjustable
bound. Platinum wire will create a catalytic environment - if other elements (aromas) do not
contaminate the area! Tools are available in the lab." This must be a lesson for the advanced

OK, so we need to make some platinum wire to put in the groove of the adjustable bound here. We also need to find some 'Java spirit'. This would be a good time to put our find skills to use:

> find platinum
> take it

Next we need to turn the platinum rod into wire: Click here to show/hide procedure

Now... you have almost certainly found the Java spirit in the course of your travels, but you may not have realised that you did. So try this:

> find java spirit
> take it (assuming you were able to find it)

If you didn't pick up the flask of "lubanja" when you first found it, the game should take you to the Chem Lab Crawlspace as a result. Indeed, the Java spirit and the flask of "lubanja" are one in the same, as you would have determined had you already examined this item. Finally, we can perform the universal tarnish cleansing ritual. You can use either the brass pin or the steel bolt as a token. I'm going to use the bolt as I happen to be carrying it: Click here to show/hide ritual steps

And now you can use the inscribed bolt to open that extremely corroded cabinet in the Mechanica Lab: Click here to show/hide what's in the cabinet