Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis

Developer:  Fusionsphere Systems/Animation Arts
Publisher:  Deep Silver

Walkthrough by Steve Metzler (December, 2012)
Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis is the sequel to Secret Files: Tunguska. Like its predecessor, it features amazing graphics, a gripping story, and McGyver-like puzzles.

To examine any item that exhibits an 'eye' icon, just right-click on it to receive a description. Likewise, items that you can interact with (or combine) will exhibit a 'hand' icon. It's that simple.

If you don't like hunting for miniscule hotspots, then the designers had you in mind. Either hold down the space bar (or use the magnifying glass icon in the inventory) to see all items that you can interact with, and all room exits, highlighted!

As this is an inventory based adventure, remember to try every object on every other object when you get stuck. Sometimes even the most unlikely objects will work together. And I do mean unlikely!

Throughout the course of the game, be sure to keep a close eye on your journal. It documents important events that have occurred, and discoveries you have made. You can even use it to get spoilers for the non-inventory (abstract) puzzles.

The game capitalises the first word of objects, and puts the rest in lower case. Example: 'Glass of water'. While this works fine in the context of the game, it's difficult to distinguish objects this way in a walkthrough, so... I took the liberty of capitalising each word, thus: Glass Of Water.

Whenever an important object appears in your inventory or a scene for the first time, I put an invisible marker for it there in the walkthrough. Then, later on when you need to use this object, I provide a link back to where you were supposed to have obtained/seen it. That way, you can just nick into the walkthrough and read small excerpts of it when you are genuinely stuck, without having to spoil your whole game by reading the walkthrough from the very start, scanning for a particular object.

England, Christ's College
After the intro, you gain control of Bishop Parrey. A message left by the police on your voice mail is telling you that the vicar who sent you the Parchment you are trying to decipher, one Matthew Wakefield, has been murdered a few hours ago by two men in combat suits. Now you have just spotted what appears to be these same two men outside your window. So it looks like we need to hide the Parchment and get out of here. You start off with a Keyring, this Parchment, and the Letter you received from Wakefield in your inventory. Alright then. Look at the Desk behind you, to discover that both William Patterson (who you were going to give the Parchment to anyway) and Dr. Lucie Forrester have both reserved the Book there entitled Cryptographic Symbolism. Use the Parchment on the Book, and then pick up the Book to obtain a Book With Parchment. Then use this item on the Bookshelf to the far left of your screen to hide it. Parrey then exits the room.

Once upstairs, you can try to gain access to the room to the right, which is Patterson's office, but you no longer have the key. However, the Keyring does open the door on the left. Examine the Lecture Schedule on the wall to the right. Pick up the magnet with 'Prof. Patterson' on it and move it to the last time slot for tomorrow. Then move the one labelled 'Dr. Forrester' to the first, very early in the morning slot. That will give Patterson time to collect the book while Forrester is tied up with her early morning lecture. Satisfied that Cryptographic Symbolism will wind up safely in Patterson's hands, Parrey exits the room...

North Sea, cruise ship
As Nina, freshly separated from Max, is getting ready to board a cruise ship in Hamburg, a man who appears to be in some distress hurriedly asks her if she is going to be on the ship. He then proceeds to get crushed by a forklift, just before Nina boards. You gain control of Nina in her cabin. The first thing she notices is that her suitcase is not there. Instead, one belonging to a William Patterson is. Hmm. That's a familiar name :-) To start with, all you have in your inventory is Nina's Key Card. Pick up the Roller-skate from the bottom of the closet, and exit the cabin.

Just outside her cabin, Nina is accosted by one of her fellow travellers, a rather camp travel agent. Well, you are none the wiser about either the whereabouts of your suitcase, or the accident that occurred on the dock after that encounter. Take the Passage, and you can read the Newspaper on the table underneath the Oar that tells of the UN General Assembly meeting that Nina's father is attending. Take the Oar, and also get the Flashlight from the holder next to Cabin 5. Now head up the stairs to the main deck and talk to the moody Passenger at reception. None the wiser after that exercise either. Take some Marzipan Potatoes from the Bowl on the Counter, and ring the Bell to call the porter. Now you finally learn something. The man who was killed on the docks in Hamburg was William Patterson, whose suitcase wound up in your closet. The porter apologises profusely for the suitcase mix-up and promises to track down Nina's suitcase. Meanwhile, Nina decides to go to bed.

Nina is woken by a knock on her door in the middle of the night and exits the room to investigate. Nina's Bikini is hanging on the stairs. She picks it up, and there is a Note attached to it. Examine the Note in your inventory and it says:

Are you looking for this here? I also have the rest. Come and get it. How? Here's a little clue: They come from outer space. But seen from down here, that doesn't seem so important anymore.

Head back upstairs to reception and use the Roller-skate on the UFO, then push the UFO so that it is over the Window in the floor. Now we need to find a way to clean the underside of the Window so we can examine the bottom of the UFO from below. Take the exit from reception and head for the Sun Deck. Take the Ice Bucket from the bar, and the Woolen Blanket from the table next to the sun chair. Use the Passage to get to the Pool at the rear of the ship, and use the Ice Bucket on the Pool to fill it with water. Now head below and and use the Passage to rooms #4 and #5. The door to the left that was previously locked is now ajar. It's a laundry room. Use the Ice Bucket filled with water on the Soap Dispenser near the sink and now your water is soapy. Exit the laundry room and stand under the dirty Window. Combine the Woolen Blanket with the Ice Bucket to obtain Cleaning Utensils. Finally, combine the Oar with the Cleaning Utensils, and then use the Extended Cleaning Utensils on the Window to clean it. Then you can use the Flashlight on the Window to read the message on the bottom of the UFO:

You will find the last clue that leads to your suitcase at the back of the ship.

OK, so we go back upstairs and have a good look around the Pool, but there's nothing there. Hmm. Ship... oh, right! So head below again and look at the picture of a ship on the wall just outside the laundry room. Take the Picture off the wall, and examine it in inventory. There's a Photo stuck to the back of it, business side inwards. But how do we remove the Photo from the Picture without damaging it? Enter the laundry room again and use the Picture on the Steam that is escaping from the boiler. And now you have a Photo of Nina's ex, Max, that was in her suitcase. Underneath the Photo someone has scrawled with a felt tip pen:

Poor guy, he should see a doctor.

You will no doubt have noticed the door at the other end of this Passage with light emanating from it. This is the sick bay. It's locked, but you can look through the Window in the sick bay Door. Use the Photo of Max on the Window and... a little scoundrel named Oskar opens the door. He has Nina's suitcase, and it was all a game, it appears. Having solved the mystery and located her suitcase, Nina decides to go back to her cabin again for some well-deserved rest. There are voices coming from Nina's cabin, and as she puts her ear against the door to listen, it is violently opened rendering Nina unconscious. She comes to in the sick bay, being tended to by the ship's doctor. He informs her that a Ms. Jordan found her, and is currently in the restaurant telling her story to the captain. So Nina marches up there and accosts them, only to be sent back to her room. Now her suitcase is there in the closet in place of Patterson's, but her handbag has gone missing! Nina remarks that she should check with the porter before speaking to Ms. Jordan about it.

Next, go to reception and speak to the porter. He assures Nina that he will track down her handbag. After talking to the porter, exit to the Sun Deck. Take the Poster, a CD, some Toothpicks, and the Lifebelt from the bar area. Now go talk to Ms. Jordan. Predictably, you don't get much out of her. We'll have to find some way to prove she knows something about what happened to Nina's handbag. Now go to the Pool and talk to the obnoxious travel agent. Nina winds up with an empty Tube Of Sunscreen. Head back to the bar, and look at the Key Cards that are lying on the bar. If you try to take one, Nina remarks that they don't belong to her, and she'll have to pretend to be one of the passengers in order to get their key. Talk to the Barkeeper and ask him about the Key Cards. Hmm. Looks like we need us a Ms. Jordan disguise! So head back down below. On your way through reception, that moody passenger approaches you. Nina agrees to meet him in the restaurant at 8:00 this evening. You learn that he is staying in Cabin 5.

Down below, fellow traveller Feng Li is standing outside the laundry room. Speak to him, and you learn that he has been waiting for the washing machine to finish for a long time. A bell is supposed to ring when it's finished. So enter the laundry room and use Nina's Key Card on the Bell to obtain it in your inventory. Use the Bell on Feng Li, and Nina finally (after a lengthy re-enactment of the infamous Monty Python dead parrot sketch) manages to convince him that his laundry is done. When he's gone, take the Fabric that he left on the washbasket. While you're there, use the Tube Of Sunscreen on the Soap Dispenser to obtain a Tube Of Sunscreen With Soap. Now go back to Nina's cabin and get the Bathrobe, Baseball Cap, and Red Socks from her suitcase. Return to the laundry room, and put the Bathrobe and the Red Socks in the Washing Machine. Then use the Washing Machine to obtain a Wet Bathrobe and Wet Red Socks. Hmm. Now we need to find a way to dry these before Nina can use them. Head for the restaurant next.

After you listen to that Pat Shelton diatribe, grab the Bottle Opener and Roses from the tables in the restaurant. Then head to the Upper Deck, and use the Wet Bathrobe and Wet Red Socks in turn on the Ventilation fan to dry them out (what was the Wet Bathrobe now becomes a Pink Bathrobe). Now go to the Pool and use the Tube Of Sunscreen With Soap on the travel agent. Once he rolls over to start sunning himself, you can then take his Sunglasses. Alrighty then. I think we have everything we need for our Ms. Katharina Jordan disguise! So... first we combine the Fabric with the Lifebelt. Then combine the resulting item with the Roses to get a Mock Hat. Next, combine the Mock Hat with the Pink Bathrobe, and finally add the Sunglasses to the mix to complete our "tasteless bimbo" Disguise.

Go stand over by the bar and use the Disguise on Nina. Now talk to the Barkeeper again and... darn. We don't know which key to ask for. Head to reception next. Looks like we need to find a way to improvise a bell so we can call the porter. Use the Bell on the Bolt that is sticking out of the wall to the left of the Counter. Then use the Bottle Opener on the Bell to call the porter. He won't tell you Ms. Jordan's room number but... after the conversation ends, give him the Poster. Then after he leaves the scene, use the CD on the Counter to learn that Katharina Jordan is staying in Cabin 2. Now you can head back to the Sun Deck, don the Disguise, and get Katharina's Key Card.

Now go down below (Cabin 2 is just to the right of the sick bay) and use the newly obtained Key Card on the Door to gain entry to Katharina's room. Once you take Nina's Handbag from the bed, there is a knock on the door and Nina hides under the bed. You see some feet, and hear a voice (that sounds like our moody passenger) talking to someone on the phone. Once he leaves the room, Nina crawls back out from under the bed. Before you leave the room, make sure you take the Magazine with George Rooney on the cover that is lying there on the floor.

Now you can confront Katharina with the Handbag. She insists that you get her a bloody mary before she will tell you her story. So talk to the Barkeeper and choose the Bloody Mary dialogue option. Give the resulting Cocktail to Katharina Jordan, and she proceeds to tell the tale of how she came upon a mysterious man in Nina's cabin who threatened her, and how Nina's Handbag wound up in her room. But during this whole performance she is coughing, and she finally passes out. Nina winds up outside the sick bay looking in as the ship's doctor attends to Katharina. But she's tired again and retires to her cabin for a few hours. Once you gain control of Nina again, have another look through the sick bay Window. Katharina appears to be sleeping. So head up to the restaurant for your dinner 'date' with the moody passenger and... Nina witnesses a fight through the porthole, and it looks like a guy with a ponytail goes overboard. Nina talks to the captain who takes her down to the sick bay to assuage her fears. Well, everything appears to be OK, so the captain heads back up. But Nina goes belowdecks to take a look through the porthole of Cabin 5, which is where her dinner date is supposed to be. Hmm. Something is not quite right. There's a wig on the bed next to the man sitting in there. So head back to the sick bay and... well, that looks like an ex-Katharina to me. Go to the Upper Deck and knock on the Door. Talk to the captain on all topics. Hmm. Seems we'll need some proof before the captain will investigate further.

Feng Li is standing in reception with his cameras. Speak to him, and you learn that he is a paparazzi. Go into the restaurant, and use the Magazine on the empty Photo frame there. Then talk to Feng Li again, and ask to borrow one of his cameras. While he won't part with one, Nina at least manages to convince him that George Rooney is on board, and he follows her to the Lower Deck to have a look. But the man in Cabin 5 is still sitting with his back to the porthole, so we'll need to find a way to make him turn around so that Feng Li can get a decent shot. You can try singing into the Microphone on the Counter, but the man in Cabin 5 only turns around for a second. Not enough time for Feng Li to get a shot. So we'll need to think of another way to get the man's attention.

Go to the restaurant once more and pick up the Aluminum Foil on the floor. Speak to the travel agent. You learn that his name is Fleming Olsen. After he finishes boring you to death, combine the Aluminum Foil with the Marzipan Potatoes to obtain Aluminum Potatoes. Then use the Aluminum Foil once again on the Toothpicks to get Aluminum Toothpicks. Finally, combine these two new items to construct your prize-winning contest entry, a facsimile of the Atomium. Present this to Fleming Olsen to get your entry into the draw: a Lottery Ball.

Now go back to the Sun Deck and you find Oskar there annoying the hell out of the porter with his bongo drums. Speak to him, and it seems that his ping pong ball went overboard. Well, that's easily rectified. Just present him with your hard-won Lottery Ball, and he abandons the Bongos (Nina takes them), much to the relief of the porter who now takes his MP3 Player and puts it down on the bar. Ask him if you can have the MP3 Player, and you get it as a reward for restoring peace to the deck. Now head back to reception and use the MP3 Player on the Microphone. That gets the attention of the man in Cabin 5, and now you can finally persuade Feng Li to get his photo opportunity. He gives you a copy of the 'George Rooney' Photo. OK, so go show this to the captain and... things come to a head on the Calypso.

Indonesia, jungle
First thing Sam needs to do is get word to Max. So... take three Oranges from the Fruit Bowl. Then take the Bamboo Tube With Wire that is sitting on top of the enclosure just in front of Sam. Next, combine the Oranges one at a time with the Wire to obtain an Orange Scooter. Add the Bamboo Tube to this ensemble, and now you have a Mobile Construction. Finally, add the Signal Rocket to this to obtain a Mobile Rocket Launch Pad. Now use this object on the Ramp just outside the enclosure, and... Max has been signalled :-)

Now you control Max back at the camp. Pick up the Flag, the Peacock Feather, the Fence, and the Bamboo Tube that was underneath it. Use the Destroyed Tent to obtain some Tent Poles. Access the Backpack, and you find: a Wrapped Donut, a green Balloon, a Beer Can, and a pair of Glow Sticks. Also pick up the Hard Hat next to the Backpack, and the Documents next to the collapsed table. Examine the Documents, and you wind up with a List Of Planets and a Translation. Now pick up the Teapot, and grab some Hibiscus Blossoms from the plant near there. OK, that's probably enough for Max to work with... for now.

Use the Teapot on the River to obtain a Teapot Full Of Water. Then use the Blossoms with the Teapot, and then put the Teapot on the Campfire Site, and you eventually get a Teapot With Red Mush. Next, look at the Wrapped Donut, and Max removes the Cling Wrap. Use the Cling Wrap on the Teapot With Red Mush to get some Red Cling Wrap. Now, combine the Tent Poles with the Fence to obtain a Reinforced Fence. Use the Reinforced Fence on the River to make it so the fish have to jump. Then use the flag on the Branch hanging over the River to catch a Fish. Back over on the right-hand side of the camp, use the Beer Can on the Garden. Nothing more you can do with that for the moment. Now use the Tree, and Max kicks it to get a Papaya. Use the Papaya with the Teapot With Red Mush to get a Red Papaya. Now you can use the Red Papaya on the Monkey that is sitting up there on the branch to get to the temple where Sam is :-)

At the temple site where Sam is being held, Max hides behind a tree so the guard can't see him. Pick some White Berries while you're there. Then exit to the back of the temple. Take the Rafflesia, then head back to the camp. Use the Beer Can, and now you've captured a Slug. Head over to the River, and use the Rafflesia on the Flat Stone. Max picks up the Frog, and also takes back the Rafflesia. Now you can head back to the temple.

Back at the temple, put the Donut in the Hole beside the Honeycomb. Then you can take a piece of Honeycomb. Head back to where Sam is being held, and use the Rafflesia on the Guard. Use the Tent Poles to push the Rafflesia right up behind the Guard. He freaks out and moves to the other side of the fire, and now you can take the Venus Flytrap. Might as well grab the Rafflesia back while you're at it. Then head to the back of the temple once more.

Hang the Flag from the Tendril at the top right of the screen (Max removes the Spider Web that is there first). Then exit to where Sam is again, and come back. The spider has re-woven his web where the Fireflies were, trapping them. Take the Fireflies, and the Flag. OK, now let's have a look at the Inscription next to that impassable Door. Max can't understand it himself, but you have Sam's Translation, thanks to the Documents you recovered at the camp:

Honor the goddess, enthroned above all. With her radiant being and ever-open eye, she looks down upon her subjects: the mute and the homeless. Yet they have no one to blame for their miserable state but themselves. Were they not so self-centered, then they could see the riches at their feet: the Queen's gold.

OK then... the Venus Flytrap (Venus is a goddess) goes in the top niche. Just to the bottom left of that go the Fireflies (radiant beings). The Peacock Feather (ever-open eye) goes to the right of that. Then to the bottom left of that goes the Fish (the mute). To the right of that goes the Slug (without a shell, the homeless). Finally, at the bottom goes the Honeycomb (the Queen's gold). The Door opens! And then...

North Sea, cruise ship
You gain control of Nina again as she comes to on the capsized cruise ship. Pick up the Bust on the floor (actually, it's the ceiling!) to the left. Then have a look at the Picture Of A Ship next to the Filing Cabinet. Note the date: 7 April '75. Now you can access the Combination Lock at the bottom of the Filing Cabinet. Enter: 7475 to open it, and now you can pull out the bottom drawer to make a staircase up the the next level. Use the Bust on the Hatch above to make sure there is no water there, and then open the Hatch and climb up. Take the Metal Rod there, and then use one of the Bongo Drums on the Jet Of Water to obtain a Bongo Drum With Water. Have a look at the Chain hanging down from the next level, and Nina remarks that it got wrapped around the propeller shaft when the ship flipped over. Head back below. Use the Lever, and choose 'Full Speed Ahead'. The Chain comes down. Next, talk to Nina's Rescuer (the moody passenger). He won't leave the ship until Nina finds a letter that must have been given to her by Patterson before he died. But how could that be? Oh, wait. Head back up to the next level and access the Documents that are scattered on the floor. Nina finds a Ticket With Letter! Now go below again and use the Chain. Then use the Chain on the Steel Girder. Next, use the Metal Rod on the Chain, and finally, use the Lever once more with the 'Full Speed Backwards' option. Now our rescuer is free. Use the empty Bongo Drum on the Pipe. Then use the Bongo Drum With Water on the Pipe to get a Bongo Drum With Oil. Now you can use this item on the Hatch to loosen it, then open it. And finally, you can persuade your rescuer to swim for it. And you both wind up on...

France, coast
We need to find some sugar to help out Nina's Rescuer. Access the Suitcase to get Nina some dry clothes, then pick up the Wheel. Lots more to acquire here, so make sure you also pick up: the Rake, the Hat Stand, the Handbag, the Briefcase, some Pebbles, a Life Vest, the Sheet Of Metal, the Car Battery, the Speargun, a Firehose, and the Tool Box. Examine the Briefcase and you find some Documents and a Candy Bar (no, that would be too easy. He's too weak to use the sugar in that form).

So now... combine the Handbag with the Pebbles, and use that object to knock the Medical Kit off the cliff. You also gain two Buckets in the process. Open the Medical Kit to obtain some Bandages. Have a look in the Barrel, and there appears to be some flammable liquid left in the bottom. Use the Car Battery on the Tool Box to open the lock. Next, use the Speargun on the Power Pole to construct a ladder of sorts. Then climb up the Power Pole. Nina finds a pair of insulated pliers in the Tool Box, and uses it to cut off the power. Now use the Documents on the Power Cable. Nina tears them up in preparation for burning them. Then climb up the Power Pole again. This results in a Small Fire on the ground. Next, combine the Rake with the SheetOfMetal to construct a Makeshift Shovel. You can now scoop up the Small Fire with this implement, and deposit it in the Barrel. Now we've got a real fire going. Use the Bandages on one of the Buckets to make a filter, then use this object on the Sea to fill it with water. Combine this Bucket of Water with the Hat Stand, and finally you can use this ensemble with the Big Fire to heat the water. Put the Candy Bar in the Bucket of Water, and when the chocolate has melted, you can give this concoction to your Rescuer :-)

So his name is David Korrell, and he's a priest that is tracking down this dangerous Puritas Cordis sect. Seems we need to find this French village of Gatineau next. Now you are on the other side of the beach. Pick up the Tank Bag, and you've found a Map of Northern France. Look at the Packaging underneath the Landslide. Looks like it was a shipment of truck alternators. Hmm. Use the Makeshift Shovel on the Landslide and you obtain a Fan Blade. Now use the Tool Box on the Suitcase there, and you come away with a Suit and a digital Camera. Have a look at the wrecked Motorcycle. Nina remarks that the engine still appears to be OK. Combine the Firehose with the Wheel to obtain a Hose Wheel, then use this item on the Motorcycle. Now the engine is clear of the ground, and you can use the Motorcycle on the Boat to move it over there. Now use the Tool Box on the Motorcycle, and Nina removes the Engine and fits it to the Boat. Next, use the Life Vest on the Boat. Nina thinks this is a good idea, and goes to get some more of them to raise the Boat. Finally, you can attach the Fan Blade to the Boat, and we're ready to go. Well, almost. We still need to figure out exactly where we are so we can navigate out of here.

Give the Suit to David, and head over to the other side of the beach. Use the Camera on the Signpost that is up on the hill on the left-hand side of the screen. Then look at the Map, and you manage to locate Gatineau. Head back to the Boat, and talk to David on all topics when you get over there. You both climb in the Boat and head off for Gatineau...

Indonesia, jungle
Now you gain control of Max again, just as he's entered the temple. It's dark in here. So use the Hard Hat on Max, and he dons it and turns on the lamp. Have a look at the Ancient Control Panel. There are three rows of symbols on it, and they correspond to the symbols depicted on the List Of Planets you found at the campsite. Hmm. You have no idea which button to press on each row, except that Max remarks that Venus is above them all. So have a look at the Wall Painting to the right of the Control Panel, and use the Red Cling Wrap on the Hard Hat. Looks like Juno on the List Of Planets. Next, use the green Balloon on the Hard Hat. That's Venus. Finally, use the Flag on the Hard Hat. That symbol corresponds to Neptune. OK, so let's have a go at the Control Panel again. On the first row, press the button that corresponds to Venus (5th button). On the second row, select the next planet on our list that corresponds to one of the coloured filters. That would be Juno (2nd button). On the third row, choose the remaining symbol, Neptune (7th button). Done! Now you can interact with Sam.

As Sam, give control to Max, and have him pass you the Bamboo Tube through the Hole. Use the Bamboo Tube on the Fruit Bowl behind the guard to obtain a Raspberry, then give control to Max again. Next, have Max pass you the White Berries. Use these on the Raspberry, and Sam stuffs one inside the Raspberry. Now use the Laced Raspberry with the Fruit Bowl. Then have Sam talk to the guard, and ask him for a Raspberry. Now the guard is hallucinating. Give control back to Max, and have him use the Glow Sticks on the Ugly Face. He stuffs them in the nose of the statue. Then use the Frog on the Ugly Face and the guard loses it!

France, Gatineau
David hands Nina the Sketch you got from William Patterson. Looks like we're going to split up to do our investigations here. Take the Path, and you wind up near a Snack Stand. Take the Paper Cup and Aluminum Foil from the ground here. Combine these two items to obtain a Paper Cup With Aluminum Foil. Continue along the Path. Access the Table next to the Trailer and you come away with: a Pocket Knife, a Spirit Level, a Power Cable, and a Cloth Pouch. Also take the Mirror that is hanging on the side of the Trailer. Use the Pocket Knife on the Plastic Boulder near the construction company's sign, then deposit the Plastic Boulder on the Derelict Car. Now use the Pocket Knife on the Sign there to obtain it in inventory. Take the Path to the left here, and David walks up to meet you. There's a Statue here. He hands you Elise's Letter, and gets busy trying to decipher the inscription at the base of the Statue.

So, while he's doing that... examine the Statue. Then use the Spirit Level on the Left Arm of the Statue to create a Laser Beam that presumably points in the direction of the hiding place you are searching for. Head back up the path, and you see the beam is blocked by a Signpost. Turn this Signpost to the left three times, and Nina remarks that it is now lined up with the Statue's arm. But the Laser Beam is still blocked by the Post. Right. So now go fetch the Spirit Level from the Statue, and place it on the Signpost. Head back to the Snack Stand to find that our immediate problem has been solved, but we still have a bit of work to do as the Snack Stand is now blocking the path of the Laser Beam :-( Talk to the Chinese Man. Hmm. The only reason he is still there is due to that lone construction worker, the Surveyor. While you're here, take a Fortune Cookie from the Bowl on the counter of the Snack Stand. Also, use the Cloth Pouch on one of the Molehills there to obtain a Filled Cloth Pouch. Then head back to the the site entrance and use the Pocket Knife to take the rockpile warning Sign from there. Go back to where the Car is parked, and use that Sign on the Post next to the Car. Then go talk to the Surveyor. You learn that he is looking for treasure on the sly. Have Nina talk to him about his Car until he agrees to go have a look. The situation does look a bit precarious to him, but since his horoscope for the day is telling him everything is OK, he is not worried. Once you are back at the site entrance again, hand him the Fortune Cookie. Hmm. Maybe we need to be more careful about what message is inside the cookie. So head back to the Snack Stand, and use Fortune Cookies from the Bowl on Nina until you get the one that says:

If you ignore the warning and disregard your neighbor's misfortune, disaster will strike you also.

Present that Message to the Chinese Man, and he bakes a new Fortune Cookie for you with that Message inside. Give this Fortune Cookie to the Surveyor, and he finally decides to move his car :-) Talk to the Chinese Man once more, and he agrees that since the last construction worker has left the site, he's allowed to head off for the day. And now that the Snack Stand is finally gone... the Laser Beam also disappears. But not to worry. Use the Pocket Knife on the Flap that is on the lower right of the Information Board to obtain some Batteries. Go back to where the Spirit Level is, use the Batteries on it to get the Laser Beam going again, and head back to the Information Board. Drat, now that is blocking the beam. Combine the Power Cable with the Mirror to obtain a Tied-up Mirror. Use this item on the Hook, then use the Filled Cloth Pouch on the Mirror. Hmm. Now the Laser Beam is still pointed in the right direction regards finding the hiding place, but it is directed into the ground. Aha. Use the Aluminum Foil on the Molehill there to steer the Laser Beam onto its final course. Head back to the site entrance once again, and now you can see that the Laser Beam is pointing at the Rubble there. Use the Paper Cup With Aluminum Foil on the Rubble, then talk to the Surveyor again. He thinks it's a silver goblet down there, and conveniently moves all the Rubble away. Once he leaves, pull on the exposed Iron Ring to open the concealed door.

Look at the Stone Discs. We need to align the triangular holes. To do that you:

  1. Push the middle button once.
  2. Push the left-hand button four times.
  3. Push the right-hand button five times.

Take the Ring that appears in the middle of the device. Then have a look at the Wooden Board atop the Wine Barrel. The Ring fits perfectly into the Indentation at the left of the Board. Just then, David Korrell appears on the scene to let you know that he's finished looking at the base of the statue, and about all he can determine is that it is a statue depicting St. Austrebert of Rouen. Hmm. Well, that pattern of letters on the Wooden Board looks somehow familiar. Look at the Wooden Board again, and use the Sketch that David handed to you earlier on one of the letters. Nina puts the Sketch next to the letters. It does look like we can spell out 'Austrebert', alright. But we need to stick to the paths allowed by the Sketch. If you're stuck, the solution is here. Just hit the letters in the order pointed out by the numbers on that diagrammme, starting at 1 and ending at 10 (some letters are used twice). Hmm. It would seem that Zandona's prophecies were self-fulfilled. He was a fraud, and Sister Elise unwittingly hid the evidence. Now Nina and David must find a way to stop the modern Puritas Cordis sect from picking up where Zandona left off.

France, Paris
After David and Nina split up once again to investigate matters separately, you take control of Nina. At the bottom of the pillar next to Nina, pull on the Blue Stone. She falls through the brittle ground behind her. You wind up in a hidden chambre in the ground, but at least you now have a White King :-) Use the Hole above, and Nina calls for help. A homeless man responds. He lowers a nearby pew into the hole so that Nina can climb out. From speaking to this man, you learn that:

  1. Cardinal Coubertin had a curator that helped him for over 40 years, until the cardinal's death in 1663.
  2. The curator died 10 years later. He was found dead in a squalid basement a week after he died.
  3. The man thinks the curator's name was Michel.
  4. He always covered himself, and hardly went out.

But before we go looking for Michel's grave, have a little dig first through the Compost Heap near there. You manage to recover a Candle and a Stick. Then head into the cemetery. At the first fork, choose Anno 1670 (we know Michel died in 1673, 10 years after the cardinal died). Next, choose Poor (his body was found in a squalid basement). Then choose Old (he served the cardinal for at least 40 years). Finally, go for Men. Hmm. Not the place we were looking for, so Nina returns to the homeless man. Speak to him again, and... covered himself heavily, eh? So now return to the cemetery and make all the choices you made earlier, but go for Women on the last one. Pay dirt. It's actually Michelle. Notice how the letters 'S', 'a', and 'f' in her last name are crooked. Go back down the Hole, and look at the Emblem on the wall. Adjust all of the letters 'S', 'A', and 'F' so that they are at the same angles as the ones on the tombstone. The sealed door opens! Have a look at the Mosaic in the floor of the next room. The White King fits into one of the Empty Fields. Leave it there for now, and go speak to the homeless man again. He thinks the other blue stones may have been used to re-build some of the places that were destroyed during the war. He gives you a Street Map to aid you in finding these places. Nina heads for the Bridge first, but you can use the Street Map to go to any of the other places (though the Zoo is closed at the moment).

On the Bridge, not much you can do here for the moment after talking to the Street Cleaner except recover Five Cents and a Pacifier from the Garbage Heap next to him. Then head for the Metro. First talk to the Passerby ()Alessandro Rossi, the owner... well, renter) of the red Ferrari. He is waiting for some friends to come pick him up. Look at the Car and you notice it has a rather large scratch on the bonnet. Talk to Rossi about the Scratch, and he is very worried. Hmm. Then head into the metro station. Pick up the Teddy Bear from the platform, and the "Help wanted" Sign from the Kiosk. Note that you can buy some bubble gum, but you only have Five Cents and the machine requires ten cents. Take the Umbrella near the Switch Box. Look out the Window near the Clockwork Mechanism. Put the Candle on the arm of the Station Clock, then exit and use the Clockwork Mechanism. Nina dashes outside to be there when the Candle hits the Ferrari. Just as Rossi is distracted by the car alarm going off, his friends drive by in a van and take the wrong turn because he is not there to direct them. The Street Cleaner gets drenched in the process. Rossi heads off to a Park to have a mope, and Nina follows him there.

In the Park, pick up the Newspaper at Rossi's feet, then speak to him. Man, the guy is really down. But nothing more we can do with him for the moment. Over to the left though, our Homeless Man has occupied a bench there. Be sure to pick up the Hula Hoop and Tennis Ball on your way over. Then speak to him. Hmm. If Nina can find him something to eat, he'll stop drinking. Also, you learn that the Zoo is now open and, duh, that people throw money in fountains for good luck (but don't scoff at this. It triggers a conversation choice with Rossi that will come in handy later). Now head back to the Bridge. Having been drenched by the van with Rossi's compatriots passing by, the Street Cleaner moved over to the other side of the Bridge and swept it clean. You can now use the Umbrella to retrieve the Blue Stone there, which results in a Black Pawn coming into your possession. Now head for the Zoo.

Lots to do at the Zoo. Take the Nail Polish from the base of the Statue, and the Soda Can from the ground to the left of the Statue. then talk to the Zookeeper. Hmm. There is apparently a blue stone in the crocodile enclosure. You can also ask him about the Baguettes, and it seems he'll let you have one to feed the ducks with. When they come. Now take the Path to the left and look at the Monkey. Note the Can Of Peanuts in his cage. Then talk to the Zookeeper again. You learn that he is training the Monkey, and uses a 'training stick' to get the Monkey's attention. Aha. So head back to where the Monkey is, and use the Stick on him. Now use the Hula Hoop on the Crack In The Ground. Put the Stick in the Hole in the ground, and put the Soda Can on top of the Stick. Now use the Hoola Hoop, and Nina crawls under it. The Monkey crawls through the Car Tire in response. Next, use the Tennis Ball on the Soda Can, and the Monkey imitates her by using his Red Ball to knock the Can Of Peanuts out of his enclosure. Well, waste not, want not is the theme of this game, so pick up the Tennis Ball, the Stick, the Soda Can, and the Can Of Peanuts before leaving this scene. Now take the Path to the right of the Zookeeper to get to the Crocodile Enclosure.

Pick up the Noisemaker from the ground here. Use the Noismaker on Nina. Hmm. Sounds like a duck. Head all the way over to the right in this scene, and pick up the empty Box from the ground at the Elephant's feet. It contains traces of peanuts. Use the Can Of Peanuts on the empty Bird's Nest in the Tree. The Elephant knocks the Tree over, giving you a way in to the Crocodile Enclosure. But we obviously need to find a way to distract the Crocodile first. So... look at the Sign next to the Crocodile Enclosure. Hmm. We need to find a way to make vibrations in the water of the enclosure. But first, use the Teddy Bear on the Water In the Enclosure. That gets the Crocodile into the water. Then you can use the Boat to start up its engine, and that now has the Crocodile's full attention. Now you can use the toppled Tree to get into the Enclosure. Nina recovers a Black Castle and then gets the heck out of there :-)

Return to the Bridge again, and head to the far side of the Bridge. Use the Noisemaker on Nina, and the Ducks that are in the river come over to her. Then go to the Park, walk over near the river, and do the same. The ducks come again. Finally, go to the dock near the Boat in the Zoo, and use the Noisemaker one more time. Once the ducks come here, you can go talk to the Zookeeper to obtain a Baguette. Use the Baguette on the Milk Cans next to him to soften it. You now have a Soggy Baguette. Before you go back to the Park, stop off at the Metro station and use the Nail Polish to repair the Scratch on Rossi's Car. Remember to pick up the Candle while you're there. Then return to the Park and present the Soggy Baguette to the Homeless Man. Now you can take the Bottle Of Booze. Now talk to Rossi about the Fountain, then throw your Five Cents into it. Rossi and yourself go to his Ferrari and have a look. Thanks to your application of the Nail Polish, the Scratch has almost disappeared. Rossi goes back to the Fountain and chucks in a coin, then returns to the Ferrari and decides to wait there until a miracle happens. Now you can return to the Park and retrieve his Ten Cents from the Fountain (Nina also grabs back her Five Cents while she's doing that). Head back to the Metro station and use the Ten Cents on the Bubble Gum Machine to get some Bubble Gum. Then head for the Jail.

At the Jail, have a look at the furthest Cell and you spot one of the blue stones you are searching for! Talk to the Police Officer, and it would appear that the Cells are drunk tanks. Looks like we'll have to find a way to convince her that we're drunk in order to get in there. In order to make sure we get locked up in the cell we want to be in, use the Bubble Gum to clog up the lock of the first Cell door. Then use the Bottle Of Booze on Nina. Talk to the Police Officer, and when she gets distracted by a call from her husband, use the Bottle Of Booze on the Syringe she left behind to spike your blood sample :-) And now you wind up in the Cell where the blue stone is.

Take the Broken Ball and the Spoon that was underneath it. Try using the Spoon to dig out the Blue Stone, but that immediately garners the Police Officer's attention. Then... talk to the Wall, and ask the prisoner in the next cell to play his Harmonica in order to cover up the sound of your scraping. He wants you to solve a riddle first. You must guess a 3-digit number. The clue for the first digit is:

The first digit is a number between 1 and 5. Take a good look around in your cell. No matter how long you search, you will never find the answer.

Hmm. There is 1 Door, 2 Bunk Beds, 3 Coat Hooks, and 4 legs on the Chair. But there is not 5 of anything, so the first digit must be 5.

The second clue is simple. They have you trapped. It is a number between 1 and 9.

Just look above you for the answer to this one. There are 9 Bars in the Window. And finally:

They all stand, but not all of them can walk.

Well, you have 2 legs (that can walk), and the Chair has 4 (that can't), so the answer to that must be 6. The 3-digit number must be: 596. Talk to the Wall, give this answer, and the prisoner agrees to play his Harmonica once more. Now you can use the Spoon on the Blue Cube to dig it out the Black King, and then use the Door. Head back to the Metro station next. Hmm. Looks like we need to put some water in that Fountain. So go to the Park and use the Broken Ball on the Fountain there to collect some water. Use this on the Fountain back at the Metro station to fill it with some water. I know what you're thinking... but you just have to do the first one, and Nina does the rest :-) Now you can access the Switch Box to turn on the Fountain, but the stream is not strong enough to reach the Ceiling. So plug some of the water jets in the Fountain, using the Candle and the Pacifier. Then utilise the Umbrella once more to retrieve the exposed blue stone, which this time turns out to be a White Knight.

Now we have all the blue stones, so head back to the room with the Mosaic in the floor in the chapel ruins. Have a look at the Map on the wall next to it. So the White King goes into the bottom-right corner of the Mosaic (represents Provence). The Black Pawn goes into the square just above that (peasants to the north). The White Knight (reinforcements, who have just arrived) goes into the bottom-left corner, and the Black Castle goes just to the right of that (fortress to the east). Finally, place the Black King in the top-left corner (Bretagne, or Brittany). A bridge is lowered down from the ceiling! Nina walks across it and...

France, Château
Now we play Max again, trapped in a cell. Pick up the mouldy Apple. Use it on the Trash Picker, then use that to get the Stove Door... after a reunion with Nina, and a lengthy exposition from Pat Shelton, Nina has three conversation choices. No matter which one you choose, Max is shot :-( But he had the Stove Door hidden under his shirt, and it stopped the bullet :-) Take the Vase from the Dog's Grave, and the Spade that is leaning against the wall. Then head down the Passage to your right. Look at the first Window there, and you can talk to Nina through the bars. Next, use the Trash Picker on the Mousetrap to retrieve a piece of Cheese. Look at the Footprints on the floor here. A guard patrols this area regularly. Now head into a storeroom through the Window next to the Mousetrap. Look at the Magazines on the shelf at the top left of your screen. They're all about soccer. Take the Ice Spray that is next to them. On the Shelf in the middle of the screen you find a Camera and some Sacks. Also take the GameGirl from the Sewing Machine table, and the Coat Hanger from the wall above the Sewing Machine. Now go back to the Dog's Grave, and from there head through the Passage on the left-hand side of the screen. Have a look at the Thermometer on the wall. It reads 19 degrees. Use the Ice Spray on the Thermometer, and now it reads 8 degrees. Then go talk to Nina. As Nina, use the Door to call the Guard. Tell him you're Cold. The Guard goes to have a look at the Thermometer, and reluctantly gives Nina a Cowl. As Max, use the Trash Picker to take the Cowl, then use it on Max and he is now disguised as a Puritas Cordis dude :-)

Go back into the storeroom and turn on the TV Set. White noise. So use the Coat Hanger on the TV Set, and now a soccer match is showing. Take the TV Set, and place it on the Lectern near the Window. Then turn it on again so the soccer match is showing. Now talk to the Guard, and get him to do his patrol rounds. That should keep him occupied for a while :-) First, pick some Wild Garlic. Then look at the Bench next to the Prison Door, and there are some carved symbols on it that Max can't understand. Use the Camera on the Bench to obtain a Photo of the symbols. Then head through the Prison Door, and use this Photo on Nina. But it is too dark in the cell for her to see anything. So look at the GameGirl to make sure it is switched on, then combine it with the Photo and show this Illuminated Photo to Nina. It's in Russian, and it says:

Snow White ... soccer ... and devil.

This must be a mnemonic for remembering the combination to Nina's cell. So, use the Keypad on the wall, and enter: 711666 (number of Snow White' dwarves, number of players on a soccer team, and Sign of the Beast/Devil). Nina and Max head to the storeroom. Use one of the Sacks to conceal Nina, and you now have a Nina In A Sack™. Then head back outside. The Guard is now sitting down despondently in front of the Prison Door, and there is a new Guard standing in front of the other Door that leads into the château. Talk to Nina's (ex!) Guard, and you learn that his favourite pasttime is watching soccer while eating cheese soup. Hmm. Have a look at the Hatch, then talk to the château Door Guard. Ask him about the Hatch, and you discover that there is a coal chute behind it. Go use the Spade on the burnt Doghouse to break it up, then use the remaining Sack on the resulting Debris to obtain a Coal Sack. Combine this item with Nina In A Sack, and you now have Nina In A Coal Sack. Use this on the château Guard, and Nina is now in the cellar of the château!

Have Nina pick up the Helmet, the Wine Bottle, and the Cloth Handkerchiefs. But you can't get to the other side of the room without that pesky parrot in the Bird Cage sounding the alarm. So give the Cloth Handkerchiefs to Max, and have Max go use them on the Sewing Machine to produce a Sheet. Pass the Sheet through the Cellar Window to Nina. Also pass her the Trash Picker, the Cheese, the Wild Garlic, and the Vase. Then Nina can combine the Trash Picker with the Sheet, and use this item to cover the Bird Cage. Now take the Gold Medals hanging on the wall next to the Bird Cage. Use some Coals from that huge pile on the Stove to get it going. Use the Wine Bottle, the Cheese, and the Wild Garlic with the Helmet. Put this item on the Stove, and after a little while you have a Helmet With Cheese Soup. Use this item on the Vase, and pass this Vase With Cheese Soup to Max. Also pass him the Gold Medals. Present the Vase With Cheese Soup to Nina's former Guard, and he goes inside to eat it. Use the Gold Medals on the Straw in the cell. Then talk to him about the Straw. While he's busy rummaging around in the cell, you can hit the Alarm Button...

Nina winds up in the control room on the top floor of the château. Use the Helmet With Cheese Soup on Pat Shelton, and Nina throws it in his face, causing him to fall below. Nina goes over to the control panel. First, hit the green Button, and change the frequency of the radio signal to the bomb. As far as I know, you can enter any number you like here. Then, hit the purple Button, and press any number except '1' to de-activate the alarm system at the front gate. Finally, hit the red Button. The system is asking for a 7-digit code to activate the château's self-destruct mechanism. Hmm. Conveniently, there's a book of Zandona's prophecies there to the right. ZANDONA has 7 digits! Using the phone keypad at the left as a guide, enter: 9152551. Nina removes the key card from the slot on the control panel, but then Pat Shelton appears again and demands that she returns it to him. Nina jumps down to the floor below. Jump down to the bottom floor, and take the Oil Canister. Use the Shaft to get back to the top floor. Then use the Oil Canister on the left-hand Window. It gets shot full of holes. Now use the Oil Canister With Holes on the Stairs, and then push the Statue so it blocks off the Stairs. Nina then cuts the rope in the Shaft so Pat Shelton can't gain access that way, and it's Game Over! :-)

Copyright © Steve Metzler 2012. All rights reserved.