Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

Developer/Publisher:  LucasArts Entertainment

Walkthrough by Steve Metzler (October, 2008)
Update - 11th July, 2010
It appears that LucasArts finally released a talkie version of this game just last week. It's about time!
Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge: Special Edition was released for the following platforms: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, PC, PS3 and XBox 360. In the event that you are fortunate enough to have this new version, you can skip all the DOSBox and ScummVM set-up stuff and head straight to the Tips section of this guide.

It's a bit of a shame that LucasArts never made a talkie version of this game, but nonetheless it remains one of my all time favourites. You'll need to use either ScummVM or DOSBox to run it. I recommend ScummVM because it runs a little smoother that way, and that utility has a better selection of graphics filters than DOSBox. Ironically though, you might have to use DOSBox to install the game to your hard drive, if you have the original floppy version as I do.

ScummVM set-up (with DOSBox install)
The following instructions will assume you're running on a Windows platform. Please refer to the DOSBox FAQ for instructions on how to download, install, and run DOSBox. To install Monkey Island 2 from floppies, you'll also need to include the following mount command in the [autoexec] section of dosbox.conf:

mount A A: -t floppy

Start up DOSBox then, and enter:


Followed by:


Follow the on-screen instructions then, and install Monkey Island 2 to the following folder on your hard drive:


Then, if you don't already have it, you can download the latest version of ScummVM from here:

Just double-click on the .exe file you downloaded to install ScummVM. I recommend installing to C:ScummVM (not case sensitive).

Next, we need to create a batch file to run ScummVM. The main reason for doing this is that the command line you will use to run the game in ScummVM is quite hairy, and you don't want to have to type it in every time you want to play. So... open Notepad, or whatever your favourite text editor is, and copy and paste the following command line right into it:

c:scummvmscummvm.exe -f -g hq2x --aspect-ratio -n -pC:mi2 monkey2

(the above assumes that you installed both ScummVM and Monkey Island 2 to the places I recommended. Adjust accordingly if otherwise. The '-g hq2x' and '--aspect-ratio' parameters are graphics settings that blend all the otherwise blocky pixels together nicely on today's larger monitors. The '-n' instructs ScummVM to display subtitles. You have no choice with this game because there are no voices, but it doesn't hurt ;-)

Save that command line (Save As...) to this file:


Then, to run Monkey Island 2, just open a Command Prompt via:

Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt

Change to the 'mi2' folder via:

cd mi2

And finally, run the batch file you just created by entering:


That's basically it :-)

This walkthrough assumes you are running the game in 'Monkey Island 2' difficulty mode, not 'Monkey 2 Lite'. Hey, you've got a walkthrough to help you if you get stuck, right?

While Monkey Island 2 is technically point and click, you still have to construct primitive sentences using the verb list at the bottom left of the screen to get your character to do anything useful. Throughout the walkthrough, I'll be highlighting the correct sentences to use in each situation like this: Open door.

Whenever Guybrush acquires a new object in inventory, use Look at on the object as soon as you get an opportunity to do so. Sometimes you will get a clue as to how the object may be used.

Remember that you can combine certain objects (even if both objects are in your inventory) like this: Use brush with paint.

The conversation choices in this game are largely there to provide comic relief, so you might as well try them all. Very occasionally though, it actually does matter which choices you make. I'll flag these situations where applicable. In any case, it's fun to experiment... which is why saving your game often is very important! You can even save in the middle of a conversation.

Speaking of which, it's good practice in adventure games to save often, to avoid extensive backtracking (or even having to start over) if you make a mistake. There are many save game slots available in both the ScummVM and DOSBox versions of the game. Make good use of them!

Part I: The Largo Embargo
You start off on Scabb Island. After chatting to the guys at the campfire, Guybrush walks off and is facing a wooden footbridge. If you look at your inventory, you'll notice that you are carrying a lot of treasure. But whether you choose to cross the bridge or not, and no matter which conversation choices you pick, you are immediately divested of all that treasure by a rogue named Largo LaGrande. Nothing you can do to stop it, so just let it happen (and pick the funniest lines, of course). After Largo has left, Look at sign (to the right of the bridge), and Pick up sign (to obtain a shovel). Then head to the right, and go to the Beach on the map. Pick up stick when you first enter the scene, then move onwards and Talk to either Bart or Fink at the campfire:

"Any idea where I could hire a ship?"

You learn that the guy who just mugged you, Largo, has put such a high tax on all incoming and outgoing ships that no one can afford to do business on Scabb Island. Hmm. We'll have to find a way to get that embargo lifted. You also learn that Captain Dread, on the far side of the island, has a ship for hire. Now, suitably enlightened of the local situation, exit the beach and travel to Woodtick via the map. Cross the footbridge to enter the town of Woodtick.

Scabb Island, Woodtick
Look at sign (with a cocktail glass on it) and Guybrush walks over to read: The Bloody Lip Bar and Grill. Enter via the hatch under the sign, and Talk to barkeeper on all topics. Largo comes in and spits on the wall when you ask the barkeeper how business is. When you ask for grog, he won't serve you any without ID. He's about to serve you some non-alcoholic 'near-grog' when he recalls that he sold the last portion to Captain Kate Capsize. The barkeeper won't let you enter the room to the left of the piano. So go topside again, and Look at window (the one on the left). Guybrush notes that it doesn't have any glass in it. So Walk to window to enter the Bloody Lip's galley. Pick up knife from the table behind the cook. Then exit through the window.

Next, pay a visit to Wally the cartographer in the overturned ship behind the Bloody Lip. Speak to him on all topics, and you discover that he's interested in Big Whoop too. He tells you a bit of folk lore concering the treasure. Then Pick up pile of paper from in front of his desk, and you obtain a blank piece of paper. Now exit Wally's place and head to the left and up. Talk to the retired pirates (who are now 'performance artists'), and keep talking until you get a chance to ask about the wooden leg. Eventually, you'll be asked to fetch some polish from the woodsmith. Ask for money, and you'll obtain a piece o' eight. Go to the hut where the woodsmith is located (right next to the footbridge), and fork over the piece o' eight to obtain a tin of wood polish. Use this on the pirate's peg leg, and he gives you another piece o' eight in return for the favour. Hey, we're rich! Actually, you can polish his leg as many times as you want, and you will get a piece o' eight each time... but this is completely unnecessary as there are easier ways to make a whole lot more money. Now try Pick up bucket (the one that's hanging on a rope by the the pirates). The pirate on the left wakes up, and won't let you take it. However, if you then say:

"Sorry, is this your bucket?"

He admits that it's not his, and Guybrush takes the bucket.

Now head across the gangplank to the ship all the way on the left of your screen. It's actually the town's inn, and you discover that Largo is the sole occupant. Use knife with rope to cut the pet alligator free. The little critter makes a dash for the exit, and the innkeeper follows. Look at bowl, and then Pick up Cheese Squigglies. Well, that's about all we can do here for the moment. So exit the town and head for the Swamp on the right-hand side of your map...

Scabb Island, Swamp
First thing to do here is Use coffin, then keep rowing to the right until you get sucked into the skull-shaped hut, which is the International House of Mojo. Once inside, Pick up string which is hanging down from the table with the skull on it. Then head to the right to meet the proprietress. Now... throughout the game the various characters you've spoken to have been dropping not so subtle hints about making a voodoo doll of Largo. This is your big chance. Speak to her on all topics, and you discover that she requires you to bring her four ingredients for this purpose:

"Something of the Thread, something of the Head, something of the Body, and something of the Dead."

That roughly translates to: a piece of Largo's clothing, a lock of his hair, some bodily fluids (ugh!), and a piece of one of his ancestors. No problem! She hands you a voodoo shopping list as a reminder. OK, time to head back to Woodtick and scavenge for these ingredients. On the way out of the swamp, Use bucket with swamp to fill it with mud...

Scabb Island, Woodtick
Head for the inn, and Open door to enter Largo's room. Pick up toupee (something from the Head), then Close door, and Use bucket o' mud with door. When Largo storms out with the bucket over his head, follow him over to Mad Marty's to listen to his tirade. Then return to Largo's room, Close door, and Pick up laundry claim ticket. Then, Give laundry claim ticket to Mad Marty and... wait for it... you wind up with Largo's pearly-white bra (something from the Thread)! Well, that's 2 out of the 4 items we need from the voodoo shopping list.

Next, head for the bar in the Bloody Lip, and Use paper with spit on wall (something from the Body). Well, that's 3 out of 4. Now exit Woodtick and head for the Cemetery on the southeast part of the map.

Scabb Island, Cemetery
Once there, Walk to graves (the hill at the back of the cemetery), and Look at tombstone (the left-most one. It turns out to be one of Largo's ancestors). Finally, Use shovel on grave (something from the Dead), and we now have all 4 voodoo items.

Scabb Island, Swamp
Return to the International House of Mojo, and present the 4 items to the nice lady. She makes you a voodoo doll, and gives you some pins to go with it. Now head back to Woodtick...

Scabb Island, Woodtick
Enter Largo's room, and quickly Use pins in voodoo doll while he's speaking to you. In the ensuing dialogue, Guybrush (unwittingly) winds up giving LeChuck's beard to Largo. Fortunately though, this advances the story. You get whisked back to the fortune teller, and she gives you a copy of Big Whoop: Unclaimed Bonanza or Myth? Now that Largo is gone, we can finally get off this godforsaken island. But first we need some money to charter a ship. So... go back to Woodtick, where the pirates and Mad Marty are hanging out. Open box, then Use stick with box, and Use string with stick. Then Use Cheese Squigglies with box, wait for the rat to take the bait, then Pick up string to trap the rat in the box. Now you can Open box and Pick up trapped, cowering rat. Now return to the galley in the Bloody Lip, and Use captured rat in vichyssoise. Then talk to the barkeeper and:

"Hey... Ah... How's the stew tonight?"

Well... you get hired on as the new chef, and wind up with 420 pieces o' eight as a week's advance. Hey, that ought to buy us a ship's charter! So head for the Peninsula on the southwest part of the island next...

Scabb Island, Peninsula
Talk to Captain Dread there in the houseboat and... hmm. You need to find his lucky necklace first, with an eye in it. Oh wait, I know! Head back to Woodtick and visit Wally. Wait for him to put down his monocle, then Pick up monocle. Indeed, when you present this item to Captain Dread, it suffices as his lucky necklace, and you're finally off Scabb Island:-)

Part II: Four Map Pieces
Well, you're on Dread's ship, sailing for who knows where. Pick up parrot chow. Then go inside and talk to Dread. When he asks where you'd like to go, respond with:

"I don't know, what are my choices?"

Turns out he only knows how to get to three places: Scabb Island, Booty Island (where Elaine Marley is the governor), and Phatt Island. He gives you Captain Dread's map, so it's easier to tell him where to go from now on. I went for Booty Island first, as that was the first destination he mentioned.

Booty Island, Ville de la Booty
Head straight for that little shop right next to the docks, the Booty Boutique. Now... you can buy half the stuff in the shop, but most of it is useless, so let's just stick to the stuff we're pretty sure we'll need for the moment. Just Pick up any item you want to purchase, and the antique dealer will tell you how much it is if he's willing to part with it. First thing you notice is that the parrot is mighty fond of looking at himself in the mirror, so there's no way you're getting that... unless... you spot a 'Beware of parrot' sign to the right of his perch. So Pick up sign, and at first the antique dealer is reluctant to sell it to you. But then he relents, and you can buy it. Now there is a hook on the wall where the sign was. Use parrot chow with hook, and the parrot quickly loses interest in his own reflection. Now you can buy the mirror, the ship's horn, and the well-polished old saw while you're at it.

Talk to the old man standing behind the cannon, and you eventually learn that he's waiting for the mail ship to come in. Presumably, the cannon is for alerting the townsfolk when this happens. Hmm. Head over to the right and talk to Captain Kate Capsize (the very person who bought out the Bloody Lip's entire stock of near-grog, if you will recall). She'll charter her ship for the rather steep amount of 6,000. Be sure to get a leaflet from her. Now go all the way to the left, and Walk to path to access the island map. Head for the Small Structure on the NW part of the map. The guard there won't let you pass. Looks like your old squeeze Elaine Marley is having a Mardi Gras party, and you need both an invitation and a costume to attend. Hmph. Return to Captain Dread's houseboat and head for Phatt Island next...

Phatt Island, Wharf
You get marched straight to the governor here, who informs you that LeChuck has put a large bounty on your head. Then you are locked in a cell. Pull rock hard mattress, then Pick up stick. Then Use stick with bone to retrieve this item from the next cell. Use bone with Walt and he drops a small key then takes off with the bone. Finally, Pick up small key, then Use small key in cell door and we're free! From the desk, Pick up gorilla envelope. Open it to obtain a banana and an organ. Then Pick up manila envelope and open it to get all your possessions back :-) Now exit the jail and head for the alley just before the library.

Hmm. Something not quite on the level going down here. A guy keeps walking up amd picking the correct number every time the wheel is spun. Follow the guy into the alley on the far side of the library, and observe what he does. Then Use slot on door to get the attention of whoever's inside. Now... there's a trick here, of course. Have you figured it out yet? Took me a while. Well... the trick is to pay attention to how many fingers the guy is holding up, regardless of how many he *says* he is holding up. Then when he asks you what the next number is, just say how many fingers he was holding up the time *before that*. It's that simple. Get it right three times in a row, and you can win a prize back at the wheel. Choose the invitation to Governor Marley's Mardi Gras Party as your prize. But don't go back to Booty Island to make use of this item just yet. We can wreak some more havoc here!

Return to the vicinity of the jail and Use leaflet with poster to replace the image on the Guybrush 'wanted' poster with Kate's. Then walk away. Kate arrives on the scene then, and gets promptly thrown in jail by Governor Phatt's big hired lout. Enter the jail, Pick up vanilla envelope, open it, and that nets you a bottle o' near-grog. Then Use small key in cell door to free Kate, as she'll be a lot more useful to you later if she's not locked up. Now head into the library, speak to the librarian, and tell her you want to take out a book. You wind up with a temporary library card (doesn't matter what info you gave). Now go out on the pier and talk to the fisherman. You wind up challenging him to a fishing contest. You'll get his pole if you win. Hmm. Now you can return to Booty Island.

Booty Island, Mansion
Enter the costume shop, Give invitation to shopkeeper, then... Pick up dress :- Now head for Governor Marley's Mansion, give the invitation to the guard, put on your costume, and proceed through the grounds to the mansion. Enter through the front door and... Pick up map (from the board over the fireplace). Hey, that was easy! But when you go to exit, the dog sniffs out that you have one of the governor's possessions, and the gardener frog-marches you upstairs to meet Elaine. You have to take all the 'soft' options, and be reconcilatory with her, in order to progress the game. Then Guybrush blurts out that he's only after the map piece, and Elaine throws it out the window. Go outside and try to retrieve it, but after several attempts the map piece blows away and gets lodged in the middle of a Cliff on the SW side of the island. Go to the Cliff and have a look. Whoa, it's a long way down. We'll need a special item in order to retrieve it. So... head back to the mansion, and go around the side of the house. Open door at the back of the mansion, and enter the kitchen. You see a basket of very large fish there (remember, it's Elaine's 'fish fry' you were attending). But the chef won't let you anywhere near the fish. So go back outside and Use garbage can. When the chef comes outside to investigate, run around to the front of the mansion. He follows you, and you can now continue on to the rear of the mansion, enter the empty kitchen, and Pick up fish. That ought to do for winning our fishing contest! Before you return to Phatt Island though, go back inside the mansion and Pick up oar from the wall above the divan in Elaine's room.

Phatt Island, Wharf
Head out onto the pier and Give fish to fisherman. You get his fishing pole. Now return to Booty Island, and head for the Cliff.

Booty Island, Cliff
Look at cliff side, then Use fishing pole with map. Guybrush starts to reel it in, but then a bird nabs the map piece and carries it off to the Big Tree. Argh!

Booty Island, Big Tree
Head for the Big Tree in the NE part of the island. At the Big Tree, Use oar with hole (the second one). Then walk onto it. Oops. It breaks, and you get treated to a nice little dream sequence. Pick up broken oar then, and return to Scabb Island.

Scabb Island, Woodtick
Give broaken oar to woodsmith and he reinforces it for you. While you're there... head for the Bloody Lip. The barkeeper realises you've been slacking off and fires you. Oh well, no big loss. Jojo the monkey is now playing the piano. Ignore that fact for the moment, and talk to the barkeeper:

"Grog please."

He asks to see some ID, so...

"Will you accept a temporary library card?"

Surprisingly, that works! Order all three drinks then. So now you have: a yellow drink, a red drink, and a blue drink, plus... the barkeeper has tossed a crazy straw into the bargain. Time to turn your attentions to Jojo then. Use banana with metronome. This completely mesmerises the critter, and you can now Pick up Jojo. The barkeeper is none too happy with this turn of events, but hey, it's an adventure game. He'll get over it. Now go to where the three pirates are sleeping and Use well-polished old saw on peg leg. Then head for the street. The pirate wakes up, notices his peg leg is missing, and calls for a doctor (which in this case is the woodsmith). Now that the woodsmith has left his workshop, you can go pilfer his hammer and nails. Then return to Booty Island once more.

Booty Island, Big Tree
Now you can go back to the Big Tree, and by alternating the plank and the reinforced oar, you eventually make your way to the top of the tree... then Walk to door there and, whoa! Too many map pieces, and the bird that stole your map is sitting on top of the pile. Exit that room and Pick up telescope from the outlook post in the branch to the NW. Now you can climb back down to earth. Once back on the ground, return to Governor Marley's mansion.

Booty Island, Mansion
Doesn't seem all that plausible, but what you need to do here is Pick up dog (remember, he's really good at sniffing out Governor Marley's possessions). Then return to the Big Tree, and Use dog with pile. Guybrush (the dog) dives into the pile, and comes out with our first map piece! Head back to Ville de la Booty next.

Booty Island, Ville de la Booty
Time to pay a visit to Stan's Previously Owned Coffins. Once Stan gets past his initial spiel and you finally get a chance to talk:

"I'm looking for a good used coffin."

When he gets into the coffin to demo it for you, Close coffin. He pops up straight away and gives you a clean, white hankie. Now... you may have to try this several times to get the timing right. Each time you get him to demo the coffin, close it, then quickly Use nails with coffin and Guybrush will hammer it shut if you got the timing right. Then you can Pick up crypt key from one of the hooks behind the cash register. Can't do anything useful with this yet, so go to Phatt Island and head for the Mansion.

Phatt Island, Mansion
Open gate and enter the mansion. Then Talk to guard. He won't let you go upstairs, but either of the following lines gets rid of him:

"I think there's a fire in the kitchen." or... "Look behind you, it's a three-headed monkey!"

Then head upstairs. Notice the book of Famous Pirate Quotations on Governor Phatt's bed. You can't take it directly, but if you Use Big Whoop: Unclaimed Bonanza or Myth? with Famous Pirate Quotations, then Guybrush makes the swap. Now head for Scabb Island, and go to the Cemetery.

Scabb Island, Cemetery
Use crypt key in crypt to gain entrance to the only crypt (the rest are tombs). Now look at each coffin to read the quotation that's on it. Then Look at Famous Pirate Quotations. Well, the only name I recognise is Rapp Scallion (the owner of the Steamin' Weenie Hut on the beach here). Indeed that's the only coffin you can open. But all that's in it is a pile of ashes. Hmm. Well, Pick up ashes. Then head for the Swamp, and pay another visit to the International House of Mojo. Examine all the jars on the shelves behind the coffin until you find the one that contains Ash-2-life™. When you try to pick it up, the proprietress tells you that it's only a display model, and Guybrush walks into the back room to meet her. Damn. She could mix you up a batch of the real thing, but she's forgotten the recipe :- So now we need to go find her a voodoo cookbook. Back to Phatt Island then, to the library.

Phatt Island, Library
Use card catalog. Let's try V for Voodoo first. In the third row of the 'VW' drawer, you find the following entry:


So look in the 'PQR' drawer next, and in the third row you come up with:


Choose this dialogue option then:

"Hmmm. 'The Joy of Hex'. I'll have to remember that."

Then Talk to librarian and:

"Do you have 'The Joy of Hex'?"

The librarian fetches it for you, and now you have The Joy of Hex in your inventory. While you're here, Look at lighthouse. Then Talk to librarian and:

"Why do you have a model lighthouse here?"
"Does it work?"

She politely informs you that it's a working model with a scaled-down lens (except that the bulb is burned out, but that doesn't concern us). So Open model lighthouse and Pick up model lighthouse lens. Now return to the International House of Mojo once again...

Scabb Island, Swamp
At the International House of Mojo, talk to the proprietress:

"I got a book of voodoo recipes for you."

And she manages to mix you up a batch of Ash-2-life™. Return to the Cemetery.

Scabb Island, Cemetery
So... Look at coffin, then Use Ash-2-life™ on ashes and:

"Yep. Close one, alright. Say, about that Big Whoop deal..."
"I got some bad news for you Rapp..."
(any lines next)
"I'll check the gas for you, Rapp."

Rapp hands you the key to his Steamin' Weenie Hut, and then returns to his ashen form. Head for the Beach now...

Scabb Island, Beach
At the Steamin' Weenie Hut, Use key in door. Then Use knob to turn off the gas. Now return to the crypt, and resurrect Rapp again with the Ash-2-life™. Then:

"You were right. The gas was on."

This time Rapp bids farewell to the world for good, but he hands you his map piece first (and that's the second one for us ;-) Now go to Phatt Island, and head for the Waterfall.

Phatt Island, Waterfall
Walk to path at the top of the screen, and you find an incongruous object there, in the form of a modern pump. Now this is a bit far-fetched but... well, Jojo is a monkey, and he has assumed the rigid shape of a wrench, so... Use Jojo with pump, and that turns off the waterfall ;-) Now you can Walk to newly discovered gaping hole at the base of the waterfall, and go through the tunnel to get to the other side of the lagoon where the Cottage is located. Then Walk to cottage.

Phatt Island, Cottage
Enter the cottage, and... might as well go for the jugular:

"I'm looking for a map."


"I'm Guybrush Threepwood. Prepare to die."

In the end, the retired pirate challenges you to a drinking contest. When he sets the mug of 'super grog' in front of you, quickly Use mug o' grog with tree. Then Use near-grog with empty grog mug. Soon after that, he's out cold ;-) Now Push brick (near the trap door), and... you drop through the trap door, only briefly catching a glimpse of a skeleton in a bathtub holding a map piece before you are unceremoniously dumped onto the beach. I think we can do better than that. So head back to the cottage, and have a look at the plaque on the grotesque statue there. Hmm. Then Use telescope with grotesque statue and... all you manage to do is burn a hole in the window. Open window then, and the next attempt burns a hole in the wall, inside the empty mirror frame. Now, Use mirror with mirror frame and have one more go with the telescope. This time, the beam marks a certain brick on the wall near the trapdoor. When you push this particular brick, you don't get shunted to the beach this time through the trapdoor. Now you can Pick up map piece (along with the skeleton's hand), and we've secured our third map piece. Yay! Walk to hole to return to the beach. Then head back to Booty Island.

Booty Island, Ville de la Booty
I believe we now have the necessary ingredients and wherewithal to win us a spittin' contest, so... head on over to the right past Captain Kate, and position yourself somewhere close to the blue flag, which is currently representing first place in the contest. Save your game here, because there's vast potential to screw up the next bits. OK, ready? Then Use ship's horn. This causes the Spitmaster to temporarily exit the screen, once the old man fires the cannon, in the expectation that the mail ship has arrived. Quickly then, Use flag (the blue one) to move the flags back to your advantage. If you've managed to pull that off successfully, then save your game once more. Next, Use blue drink with yellow drink to mix up a green concoction. Then Use crazy straw with green drink to suck it up, and Guybrush comments that:

"Boy, this makes my spit thick."

Now you will most likely have to try the following more than once... Walk to fault line to begin your turn at the contest, and forget about any of the other dialogue options. Just go for:


To launch the spit. You may have to try more than once. Each time, you need to top up your spit potential by using the crazy straw with the green drink before stepping up to the line to have a go. Eventually, you'll win the contest. As a prize, you are presented with a seemingly worthless spit plaque. But if you give the plaque to the antiques dealer at the Booty Boutique, you can get him to buy it off you by choosing the following dialogue lines:

"That's not just any lump of pus."
"The spit of the person who killed LeChuck is on it."

Then he gives you 6000 pieces o' eight for it :-) Coincidentally, that's exactly the amount you need to charter Captain Kate's glass-bottomed boat. Speaking of which... note that the antique dealer has one of the map pieces we're looking for sitting right there on the counter. Look at map piece, then Talk to antique dealer and:

"How much is the map piece?"
"Do you take Visa?"
"What kind of trade-ins do you accept?"
"What would you trade for the map piece?"
"Can you tell me about the ship with the figurehead?"

He tells you about this huge galleon called The Mad Monkey. Nobody knows exactly where it sank, but if you can retrieve its figurehead for him, he'll give you the map piece in return. Head for the Phatt Island library next.

Phatt Island, Library
Now that we can charter Kate's boat, we need to find out where The Mad Monkey sank. Use card catalog and go for the 'S' drawer. You find:


Access the 'CD' drawer next, and there you find:


That looks promising. So remember that title and Talk to librarian:

"Do you have 'Great Shipwrecks of Our Century'?"

She fetches it for you. So exit the library and Look at Great Shipwrecks of Our Century. Bingo! The Mad Monkey sank at the coordinates: 35N 89W. Return to Booty Island, Talk to Captain Kate, and pay her the 6000 to charter her ship. Then head for 35N 89W on Captain Dread's map. Dive in, and Pick up monkey head when you get to the bottom. It's too heavy to swim back up with, so Use anchor to have Captain Kate haul you up.

Booty Island, Ville de la Booty
Head straight for the Booty Boutique and Give monkey head to antique dealer. You get the fourth and final map piece in return :-) Now that we have all the pieces, I think it's time to pay another visit to Wally the cartographer on Scabb Island.

Scabb Island, Woodtick
Give model lighthouse lens to Wally so that he can see again, then Give map piece to Wally (Guybrush gives him all the pieces and asks if he can put it back together). Then Wally asks you to head over to the International House of Mojo to check if his 'love potion' is ready yet. So go there...

Scabb Island, Swamp
At the International House of Mojo:

"Wally sent me to pick up some love potion."

Just then, the proprietress senses that something bad has happened to Wally. Use the coffin to row back to shore, and you notice a crate there. Look at crate, and it seems to be full of voodoo suplies destined for LeChuck. Anyway, return to Wally's place then, and sure enough... he is gone and there is a hastily scribbled 'LeChuck' on the table. Might as well Open juju bag then (that the voodoo lady gave you), and discover that you have acquired some matches and a love bomb. Now go back to the crate in the Swamp, Open crate, and Use crate...

Part III: LeChuck's Fortress
Head to the right (which is the only direction you can move in anyway) and Walk to passage (at the top of the stairs). Now take the tunnel to the right, and continue on until you come to a dungeon. Look at jail cell and... it's Wally! Ask him what happened to the map, and he replies that LeChuck took it. But no problem, as he has it memorised. It's a place called Dinky Island. We just have to find a wy to get him out of this cell, then we can head there. Note the keyhole to the right of the cell. OK, so go back to the tunnel where the three skeleton sculptures are. Now... you will recall the time you were knocked out cold under the Big Tree, and the skeletons were performing that song? Well, Guybrush actually had the diligence to take note of the lyrics. So Look at spit encrusted paper, and there you have it. Note that none of the statue configurations here corresponds to that described in the first two lines of the first verse. We need a leg to hip, hip to arm combination. So go through the archway, then turn right into the back tunnel...

Keep heading to the right until you find a leg to hip, hip to arm combination. Then Push ugly bone thing to open it, and walk through it. The next one you need is right in the room where you come out. It's the start of the second verse which is: rib to leg, leg to hip. Choose the one corresponding to that combination, then the next one is the start of the third verse: head to rib, rib to leg. Once you go through the one that corresponds to the start of the fourth verse: arm to head, head to rib... you wind up in a corridor with a huge door that is full of massive locks. Just Open huge door, and you get access through a doggie door ;-) Now you're in LeChuck's office. When you try Pick up voodoo key to jail, LeChuck traps you, and strings you and Wally up to die. Once you regain control of Guybrush, Use crazy straw with green drink (once more!) to make your spit thick. Then you can Loogie shield (the one on the right) as many times as you need to until your spit finally ricochets off the spit pan and puts out the candle. LeChuck and Largo storm into the torture chamber then, but you and Wally have already made your escape. You're in a very dark place though, so Use matches. Oops! Guybrush sets off some dynamite and blows himself all the way to...

Part IV: Dinky Island
Once Guybrush comes to, Pick up bottle, then Pick up martini glass (from under the still). Use martini glass with ocean, and now you have a glass of seawater. But if you now Use glass o' water with still, it gets rid of the salt and you have a glass o' distilled water. Next, Pick up crowbar, then Use crowbar with barrel to obtain a cracker. You may or may not talk to Herman Toothrot at this stage. It has no bearing on the game. OK... Give cracker to parrot and the parrot says:

"Head due east from the pond to the dinosaur."

Go into the jungle, take the first left, and keep heading to the left until you come upon a tree with a bag hanging from it. Use bottle with tree to break the bottle, then Use broken bottle with bag and Pick up box (that fell out of the bag). Look at box to determine that you have found some cracker mix. Then Use glass o' distilled water with box of cracker mix to obtain two more crackers ;-) Now head back towards the beach, but instead of turning right to go to the beach, continue straight on until you come to a pond. There is a box here, wrapped up in a rope. Pull rope to obtain it in inventory, then Use crowbar with box to open it, and Pick up dynamite. Now do like the parrot said and head due east from the pond until you come to a bush shaped like a dinosaur. The parrot flies into the jungle and alights on this bush. Feed the parrot another cracker. This time it says:

"Head north from the dinosaur to the pile of rocks."

So do that then, and the parrot follows you to the pile of rocks. Feed him the last cracker and:

"Head due east from the rocks to the X."

Well, that sounds promising. So head due east, and there is indeed a Big X in the ground here. Use shovel on Big X and Guybrush digs until he hits some cement. Not to worry. Use matches with dynamite, then Use dynamite with hole in the ground and... oops. Next, Use crowbar with rope to make a crude grapple. Then Use crowbar 'n' rope with twisted metal rods to swing over to the treasure and... now you're back where the game started as Elaine comes down on a rope to join Guybrush. After Guybrush finishes telling his story to Elaine, the rope that is holding him breaks. He plummets down into a very dark place. About 2/3 of the way across the screen to the right, and halfway up the screen, you can Use light switch. Uh oh, it's LeChuck! Now... LeChuck keeps coming along periodically and zapping you off to different locations with his voodoo doll. But don't worry. You have all the time you need to accomplish the next steps, and you can't die. It's more of a nusiance than anything else. So just keep running along about your business and try to ignore all the interruptions from LeChuck....

First thing to do is to find the room packed full of boxes. Open the one marked 'dolls' and Pick up dolls (Guybrush just takes one). Hey, it's a generic voodoo Kewpie doll that looks an *awful* lot like LeChuck. I think this is a hint that we need to make another voodoo doll, don't you? So recalling the drill, we need to be on the lookout for:

"Something of the Thread, something of the Head, something of the Body, and something of the Dead."

Right then. You can ignore the boxes of root beer in this room. You don't need any. But do open the box marked 'balloons' and Pick up balloon in box. Now head for the room marked FIRST AID. Look at the skeletons, and you determine that these were your parents. Pick up Dad's remains and you come away with a skull (something of the Dead). Now get the stuff from the trash can, and you wind up with a pair of surgical gloves. Just to the left of there is a medical drawer from which you can obtain a hypodermic syringe.

The next time LeChuck pesters you, Give clean, white hankie to LeChuck. He empties the contents of his nose into it and then hands it back (something of the Body). Now make your way to the room that contains a helium tank. Use coin return (on the broken grog machine), and a coin rolls onto the floor. When LeChuck enters the room, he will bend over to pick it up. Quickly, Pick up underwear (something of the Thread). Now we only need one more voodoo ingredient...

Notice that if you've tried to use the elevator, the doors won't close. That's because, if you read the plaque outside the elevator, the capacity is 1000lbs. There's a box inside that weighs 900lbs, and presumably Guybrush, weakling that he is, weighs more than 100lbs. Have you figured it out yet? Right! We need to find a way to make Guybrush lighter. So... head for the room that contains the helium tank, and use it to inflate both surgical gloves and the balloon. Now return to the elevator, wait for LeChuck to appear, and quickly Use lever. Bingo. You take a part of his beard down to the ground floor, and now we have all 4 of the ingredients we need to make a voodoo doll of LeChuck. Put the underwear, the beard bits, the used hankie, and the skull into the juju bag along with the generic voodoo Kewpie doll. Guybrush shakes the bag, and out pops a viable LeChuck voodoo doll. Now go back up in the elevator, and quickly Use hypodermic syringe with voodoo doll the next time LeChuck appears. It just drives him away the first time. But the second time you meet, you get some dialogue options. Go for:

"I wonder what would happen if I tore the leg off this thing."

Well, that does it. When LeChuck beckons you over to his side, go and pull off his mask. Then enjoy the endgame... but is it ever surreal :-

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