Runaway 2: The Dream of the Turtle

Developer:  Pendulo Studios
Publisher:  Focus Home Interactive

Walkthrough by Rosemary and Gordon (February, 2007)
Runaway 2: Dream of the Turtle is quite a long trip, so relax and keep your wits about you. There is a good serving of dialogue so listen/read carefully for clues. You can repeat conversations if you forget something. Also, try looking at things several times, you might get more information. And don't forget to examine all items in inventory with the magnifying glass for possible clues.

Some things to watch out for — There are 'triggers' in the game that make things happen or objects accessible. For example, at the outset you can get a couple of items from the hatch at the front of the Hydroplane, or you may trigger another item to appear later. So if you're stuck go back and check places you've checked before. Brian will sometimes (not always) give a hint that there could be more to find in some places. Other triggers initiate cutscenes and still others allow you to ask about something because you've learned of its existence, or to 'recognise' some objects because you have the information to do so. For example, you won't recognise what it is that Koala is playing with in Chapter 2 until you learn that he might have it.

Please don't let this walkthrough spoil your fun! If you're looking for a particular item do a word search then you won't have to read too much to get a hint!

So watch the intro as Brian throws Gina from a plane

Chapter 1 — Trapped in the Jungle
Brian comes around inside the wreck of the plane. Where is Otto? The backpacks are missing!

Look around. Take the glass shard from floor near the door and grab Capote, the puppy, from the box. Brian says it's got batteries and it's a urinating puppy. Examine it to see screw cap to add liquid.

The right compartment of the bulkhead is locked, so go further forward and pick up the hair clip amongst the items on the floor.

Enter the pilot's cabin and take the magnifying glass from the left glove compartment, and the binoculars and whiskey from the central glove compartment. Play around with the instruments, only the lower left lever does anything. It opens a hatch in front of you, so pull it then head out to the front of the plane.

Oops, the hatch closes before you can look inside. How to keep it open? Head back into the Hydroplane to pull the lever again. Use the hair clip to wedge it open.

Outside and Otto's pilot's license falls from the trees, take it. Look up, there's something up there! Use the binoculars to spot Otto's out-of-reach backpack.

On to the hatch and get the tank of water and the tool. That's all ... for now!

Now look around. You can't go left so head right (scroll the screen) — a Lemur makes a quick exit and you find the quicksand! Examine it — goggles! Take the goggles (Brian will cut a branch to get them).

Now to cross that quicksand! There's a convenient fallen tree but you can't reach it. The ledge is too dangerous, so try climbing the rock to the left. Too slippery!

Back to the plane/hatch and get the anti-slippage spray then use it on the rock.

Climb the rock ... success ... until the Lemur knocks you down! So try to distract it, put Capote on the ground where you first saw the Lemur. Doesn't work so go and get another Capote and fill it with water. Failure again, the Lemur just drinks the water!

Back for yet another Capote and fill it with whiskey this time. Bingo ... the Lemur passes out and you collect it along with faithful Capote.

Climb the rock again. At the other side go right to the rickety bridge. Wisely, Brian won't cross right now!

Remember the backpack? Back to the Hydroplane and examine the branch in inventory, a forked end! Use the glass shard to cut it shorter and to cut the elastic from the goggles. Combine the elastic with the shorter branch to make a sling shot. Shoot the tree top area (Brian automatically picks up a rock) to get the backpack and look inside. A key, but it's broken.

Use the magnifying glass and key in the ray of light for some hints then attach the magnifying glass to the tool and use it on the ray of light, Brian will set it in the ground. Next use the key on the tool, presto fixed!

Inside to open the compartment. The key won't fit so use the glass shard to trim it. Take snowshoes. Brian can now spread his weight and cross that bridge!

Chapter 2 — Surfin' Mala
Civilization at last ... an army camp! When Brian is escorted inside he meets Leslie/Flowerpot. Listen to the conversation when he's called away then check the table, particularly the notepad... things to do! The writing looks just like yours. Write something if you like. Could be useful later! Look around in what time you have, but don't worry if you don't see everything, you can't do anything right now. More talking about finding coordinates ... interesting!

Just go through the questions with the colonel, (Kordsmeier), you can't go wrong. You can't get any news of Gina.

So now you know, the place is well guarded. You'll have to cook up a way to sneak into camp and rescue Gina, and find a way to escape the island.

Outside the camp check your inventory, at least you've got the Lemur (Little Demon). Look around but there's nothing to do. So hit the road, go right. You automatically head for the beach and pass another soldier on the way. Remember him! You head for ...

The Hawaiian Bar — Get acquainted with Lokelani and her cockatoo Aolani. She's talkative so chat away to learn about the strange man dressed like a monk who is deaf. Ask about her friends Kai and Knife. You'll also learn the Colonel was right there smoking cigars, and that Lokelani has worked as a make-up artist and she's also had a string of boyfriends ...
  • Charlie, and Brian the moron
  • Rene who was deaf
  • Mikhail the 7 foot Russian
  • Runako the African millionaire
  • Milo from Central Europe
  • Tiroo from India
  • Lopati the Polynesian hunk
  • Kojisan from Tokyo
  • Peter the Australian film director!

    When you've talked enough take the chalkboard from the bar and the cigar holder from the ashtray near your feet. Head off to ...

    The Visitors Centre — It's closed, so is the Seafood Kahuna but you can get to the basement entrance. The doors are locked and you can't break the board... yet! So check out the green container and get the butter.

    The Bucking Bronco — check out the trapdoor — Brian doesn't fancy a ride so head for ...

    The Surf Shack — Meet the monk who seems familiar. Have a chat — you need to communicate better than this. Maybe the chalkboard will help. Give it to the monk and start talking again. He's not a monk, he's, perhaps, an alien. He runs out of chalk so you'll have to find more.

    Before you leave check out the cable at the corner of the hut. It's attached so you can't just take it! It's made of steel with a hook. Look at the end and you'll crawl under the shack to find it's tangled in some tree roots. Grease it with the butter and you now have a cable! Leave and head to ...

    The Wooden Structure/Photo stand — Check it out, you can go behind the panel. It's not working and you'll need a token to use it. Head on to ...

    The soldier with the Hummer (O'Connor) — remember him? He's behind the Visitors Centre and thinks you're an officer in disguise. Disguise ... hint! He won't take you to camp but he'll climb the tree if he had a rope. He's waiting for Professor Pignon and he's got a photo so he can recognise him ... your ticket into camp maybe! He knows how to make chalk, too, with plaster, gum and a test tube! Before you leave check the tree nearby. Yuk sap... or gum? Collect some in the test-tube-shaped cigar holder. Exit to the road and head to ...

    Surfer Cove — Talk to Knife, ask all questions. He won't loan you his boat .... yet! Note that the essence of surfing is balance and foresight and he can't practice right now because of the military. Maybe you can help! Also his son, Koala built that turtle in the sand.

    You can't talk to Koala so talk to Kai. His Grandpa was a witchdoctor of the Poultry God ... might be useful sometime ... and Koala stole his prosthetic leg. Before you leave check out the turtle and pick up the rope (left of steps) and talcum powder (right of steps) and head left to ...

    Miniature Dock — Admire the boat and get the tool box — it has wrenches and screwdrivers inside!

    Back to the Hawaiian Bar — Lokelani has some useful tips about The Photo stand — it's not plugged in, and some tokens could have fallen under the platform. The Bucking Bronco — it's broken and another boyfriend, Giorgios, from an island where people jump onto bulls loved to ride it. It takes balance and foresight ... 'Ding!

    Remember O'Connor is waiting to escort Prof Pignon into camp, so while you're here ask Lokelani about a makeover — you'll need a photo of yourself and one of the person you want to impersonate. Lokelani has no more chalk but you can make some, just add talc to the cigar holder to get the chalk mould ... presto chalk! Now back to ...

    The Surf Shack — Give the monk the chalk and continue with questions till Joshua reveals himself. Remember in the last game he could fix anything! Keep talking till you agree to help him with his mission and he accompanies you to the Bucking Bronco to fix it ... he needs a wrench and some grease so give him the tool kit and butter. He needs some time so off to ...

    The Visitors Centre — Basement entrance. Now to break that board. Attach the cable and pull! No luck you need more grunt so head for ...

    O'Connor again. Give him the rope and he'll demonstrate his climbing abilities. Grab the photo from the book when he's gone then borrow the vehicle. You'll automatically drive to the basement, break the board and return the Hummer to where it belongs — minus the cable, which might still come in handy. Hit the road again. Back to ...

    The Visitors Centre — Basement entrance. Open the doors and down you go. To the right you can turn on the lamp and inspect the generator. Look around, check out the dark room and get the metal detector. Now for the circuit breaker panel. You want to power up the Bucking Bronco and the Photo Stand. Just flip the two left-hand switches. The overload will kick in and the main power will switch off so find switches to compensate for the ones you flipped. Lokelani's Place, Seafood Kahuna and Visitors Centre. Leave and off to ...

    The Bucking Bronco — It's fixed. Joshua returns to the shack and you take a short ride. When you gain control pick up the butter from under the platform before you head off to get Knife ...

    Surfer Cove — Tell Knife about his big chance to practice surfing and you'll take him to the Bucking Bronco. It's a deal — you can now have his boat. All you have to do is get into the camp. With Knife occupied you can now get into his hut so back to ...

    Surfer Cove — Check out the sand turtle with the metal detector ... amazing a prosthetic leg (Bogus Leg). Keep it. Enter the hut and get acquainted with Koala. Try talking, try taking his console ... tutt tutt taking toys from a baby! Maybe later ...

    The Photo Stand — First the token. You can't fit under the stand but Little Demon can so, gently, coax him under it. When he finds the token he wants an alcoholic beverage so back to ...

    The Hawaiian Bar — Lokelani wants to play games. Before she'll give you a free drink you'll need to guess which boyfriend. Milo — Lopati — Tiroo — Russell. Clever — you get a beer so back to ...

    The Photo Stand — Give the beer to Little Demon to get the token. Behind the panel and pop it in the slot for a holiday snap of you and Lokelani. Well, nearly there, you have two pictures, ready for the makeover?

    Hawaiian Bar — Give both photos to Lokelani and after you turn on her power she'll disappear to scan them, leaving you alone at the bar. Oooops, Little Demon scares Aolani away. When Lokelani returns she gives you the doctored photo but you're in big trouble ... time to find Aolani if you want that makeup session.

    Aolani flew towards that big tree near O'Connor so he can help, and you can sneak that photo back into his book. Watch O'Connor shoot down Aolani before you can stop him. Even bigger trouble now! Remember Kai's grandpa and the God of Poultry. So head back to...

    Surfer Cove — Show Aolani to Kai. You have to take him to his grandpa's hut if you want his help. It's in the northwest somewhere? Remember that pad on the table at the camp — coordinates? Maybe Leslie can help, so back to ...

    Camp — At the table use the notepad to write a note for Leslie to locate the hut in the north west. When you are escorted out ask to see the Colonel again and listen for the coordinates. You'll write them down. Now who drives around and might have a GPS to read them ...

    O'Connor — Ask him about his GPS and he'll tell you he lost it ... Koala stole it of course! Off again to ...

    Surfer Cove — Try taking the console again . Look at it — a GPS would you believe!. Take it from Koala ... Ouch ... you can't. Maybe Little Demon can help. Use him on Koala and in the scuffle the GPS flies out the window. Outside you pick it up. Use the coordinates on it and after a long walk ...

    The hut (Cabana Ritual) — Look around and go inside. Of course you need Kai's help to save Aolani, better go back to get him.

    Surfers Cove — Tell Kai you've found the hut. Give him his prosthetic leg. Another walk and you'll be back at the hut. Kai gets changed, alas, the spell book (Grimarium) has disappeared. When you split up to search for it take the turtle shell near the door. Examine it for clue to its use. Look around, no book. Talk to Kai again (click on the seat) ask all questions. The book has a metal cover and it surely went to the grave with his Grandfather. The graveyard it is!.

    Outside go to the right and search the graves using the metal detector. Use the turtle shell to dig and presto, the Grimarium at last! Take it back to Kai. A quick chat and watch as he scares the life back into Aolani!

    Back to Lokelani for your makeover ... before your escort into camp!

    Chapter 3 Simpler than an AMEBA
    Watch the cutscene with Prof Pignot (Brian) talking to the Colonel (Kordsmeier) before being escorted to the Temple. It's your job to open and activate the AMEBA ... whatever that is? You learn that Prof Simon has disappeared!

    All alone ... and being watched! Time to escape.

    Look around. The procedural briefcase can't be opened ... yet! The notes on the computer are beyond you! Note the surveillance camera overhead ... you'll have to deal with it! You can't exit left or right so take the ultra-strong bag from the table on the right and the socket cam (with loop mode) from the boxes on left wall. Very useful!

    Head up the ladder and towards the surveillance camera. Use the socket cam on it. Brian says he needs something to secure it. Walk further left to the bucket — not useful. Further on take the duct tape from the doormat. Use it on the surveillance camera and Brian will rig up the cameras with a looped film of him working. (Note if your time runs out just climb the ladder again to finish this little job).

    Now for some more serious searching. Head for the far end of the walkway. The end platform can be raised and lowered. Note the controls ... you have no key!

    Down again and try the room on the left. A big cube protecting a ball with 3 holes. Could that be the AMEBA? Note the slot ... that's it ... head back then through the door on the right.

    Voices! Follow them towards the Back Exit ... guards stop you in your tracks.

    Head outside to meet O'Connor. Chat but he knows nothing. He gives you an envelope. Open it, a letter from Lokelani with a ring! Inside and try it on that Briefcase ... bingo ... it opens. Take the activated card, catalyzing glove, sunglasses and neuralizer (used to manipulate memories).

    Head left and use the card in the slot and the cube vanishes. Take the ball — too heavy! The cube reappears every time you leave so you need to use the card each time you return.

    Outside again and talk to O'Connor. He recognises you and must be dealt with. Use the neuralizer (Brian wears the sunglasses automatically) ... it doesn't work but 3 marbles fall out. Give orders to O'Connor then leave.

    Back to the strange ball and try the marbles in the holes — it floats! Use the catalyzing glove, two Black Holes appear. You put your arm in the right hole and it appears in the left! Odd it can split you in two!

    Maybe you can make sense of the computer ramblings now! Back and try again — you make some notes. A teleporter! Use the glove on the ball again to get a choice of destinations. You can only teleport to Surfer Cove. Chat to Joshua about the device and you'll zap back automatically. You didn't finish the questions? Try again and this time you'll find Joshua 'operating' on Little Demon but you automatically leave, you can't do anything!

    To get back again just exit the room, return and use the teleporter again. Now you can ask about the operation and get the probes. (If you don't get the chance just go back). Next trip back you'll break the glove! No more to do here so what about the probes?

    Remember the controls for the mechanical walkway? Use the probes to pick the lock then up you go!

    The platform stops at the head of the statue. Climb in the mouth. Inside a huge stone has flattened a poor archaeologist leaving only a whip, a bag and a hat! Take the hat. Eeek, spider, maybe not. Use the strong (plastic) bag to get the spider ... not yet! Take the whip from the skeleton's hand and look in the bag nearby, take the Stenchazol. Use probes to open Stenchazol — smells like rotting flesh.

    Go right to find the opening and listen to the conversation with the Colonel and Tarantula about 'John Doe' and their evil machinations! Oh no! Gina sank in the lake, but she may still be alive. You must get to Prof Simon for help! More happening, Adelina the spider is missing!

    After cutscene look around, note arena, pet tarantulas and box of clothes — those gloves might be useful!

    Back at the boulder you can now get the spider. Use the strong (plastic) bag on the hat to catch Adelina. Back at the opening in the wall Listen for clue about the odour of rotting flesh. Try to throw the spider through the 'slot'. You need something to attract the spider away from the room.

    Now you have a reason to return to the first room you entered and use the Stenchazol on the back exit where the guards are (Entrance to the Tiki Temple).

    Back up through the mouth and put the spider in the slot. Tarantula leaves chasing the spider and you automatically grab the glove. Cutscene — you have been sprung and Tarantula runs back to get her guns and drops her walkie-talkie. Now go in and grab it.

    Exit to the high platform, there's no way out, or is there? Use the whip on the left earring. You need a diversion and automatically contact O'Connor to do the deed.

    A cut scene shows you escaping. North to Alaska

    Chapter 4 He who knows does not speak
    Watch as you arrive at Prof Simon's place and Joshua eats the berries ... and you can't get the password.

    Log Cabin — Look in inventory, you have your wallet and cell phone, you noticed a strange guy outside!

    Look around. Take oil dispenser from over the fireplace, take firewood, and get knife from kitchen cabinet. Talk to Joshua, not useful!

    Outside take gas tank near door. Examine pickup truck and moose. Note the winch. Use the gas tank on the pickup truck to get gas. Hmm, you need something to siphon it with.

    Take the path (bottom left) and meet Ben. Talk about the berries to learn that salmon will help. It has to be raw! Note the backpack and bear claws, and bottle. Take a leaf from plant then go left to the river. Brian won't cross so walk left (scroll screen) and use the tree trunk to see the fish.

    Go North-West to Tower Top (Wazowski's) Cabin. Note the axe. Go up and search Ben's room. Take the chainsaw — no fuel, it runs on a gas and oil mixture. Take hockey stick, bamboo mat (sign on door), and bottle of Girl-Bear Pheromones. Outside to balcony turn on lamp. Take rubber tube from the barrel. Exit.

    Return to the shelter where you left Joshua. Talk to Joshua — Trantor thread — salmon — Japanese ancestry — sushi! Go outside and use the gas tank on pickup truck to get gas (you automatically use the hose). Now add oil to the gas tank to get gas/oil mixture to use in the chainsaw — it works!

    Back to Ben and ask about sushi and learn about Archibald — singing with the guitar will attract him.

    So return to Wazowski's Cabin and take the guitar. Sing along and Archie turns up. He throws a bottle of bleach at you. Ask all questions to learn what you need to make sushi — raw salmon, nori algae, chopsticks and a mat. You have the mat and the nori algae (leaf) and some wood to make chopsticks! Archie gives you a whistle to call him when you're ready.

    Head up to the cabin to get that Bleach. Back down and use the wood on the axe to make chopsticks.

    Back down to the river and use the chainsaw to make a hole in the ice. Uh oh, a bear! You need to shoo it away. Or perhaps decoy it away.

    Go back to the shelter and use chainsaw on moose to get its head. In inventory look at moose head and Brian will remove the antlers. Now use bleach to make the head white. It's getting closer to a polar bear head — well not really. Use knife on moose head to make a slot to see through.

    Give the moose head to Ben, you put it on the backpack. Talk to him and he will wear the head and go down to the bear. Note he uses the ferocious bear perfume. While Ben is away swap the ferocious bear bottle with the girl-bear perfume bottle.

    Ben returns so talk to him again to get him to go back to the bear. The inevitable happens and the bear problem is solved!

    Go to the river and use the hockey stick to get the bear claw. Use hockey stick on hole — too smooth. Attach bear claw to it. Fish again to get salmon.

    Back to Wazowski's and use the whistle on the path between the rocks to call Archie. Negotiate the best deal you can. Watch as Joshua eats sushi and runs outside. Oh no, he's now marooned on an ice floe!

    Try to use the winch, you need to start the engine ... no go! Open the hood use the hockey stick to prop it up. Look at the engine — no spark plug. Use the knife to get the spark plug from the chainsaw and use it on the engine. Start the engine.

    Watch long cutscene ...

    5. Shipped to the past
    Brian wakes up on a boat and can't remember how he got there. It sounds like he has a hangover, perhaps a clue to a later puzzle?

    Look at the sealed glass door. There is a number key pad but you don't have the code. Look at the hallway to the Stateroom — remember it.

    Go left and examine the Neptune room. Look at the statue and take the trident. Leave and examine the diving suit near the door. Next to the suit is a cylinder. It's a lift so use it.

    Up on deck you meet Sushi. Talk to her to learn of her adventure leading up to this point. Exhaust all conversation and learn the door code — 0512.

    Go out on deck and talk to Rutger to learn why you have no memory of last night. Try to take the helmet from under his seat. He won't let you have it because he and Saturn have had a tiff. Take the broom next to the fridge. Look at the gardening supplies. Rutger insists you take a bag of sand.

    Go back to the Neptune room. Saturn is now there so talk to him. Ask all the questions. You need to make a Neutrino detector so you need to find the missing pages of the science magazine. Camille may have it. You also need to empty a large tank and fill it with fresh water.

    Leave and go to the locked glass doors. Use the code pad. Talk to Camille. Dean will call for Camille and you will follow her down the steps.

    Camille is filming Dean. Talk to him, isn't he wonderful! Go right and get the tube from the box. You can take two.

    Back upstairs and note the emergency equipment. (Sushi has a key).

    Go through the door straight ahead (use key pad to open it) — cargo hold. Here is the tank Saturn told you about. Use the valve to empty it. Look at the control panel to open the hatches, and the intercom. Open cargo hold 2 by pressing the red button to the right. Oops. Use the Broom to hold up the door. You will go inside and find some plastic ties. You can use them to join the tubes together.

    Leave the cargo hold and talk to Camille again. Learn about the bottles of wine and what happened to the science magazine. Go down and talk to Dean again. He has the missing papers and has wrapped his lunch in them. He won't give you the pages until he has finished his lunch. And he won't eat until he finishes filming, but he keeps forgetting his lines. You need to get him an autocue.

    Leave here and go up to Sushi again. Ask for the key to the emergency cabinets. Joshua has already taken it but Sushi gives you a spare. Talk to Rutger. Tell him what Saturn said about him but choose the nice option. Go to Saturn and tell him what Rutger said, nicely. Act as go between a few times until Rutger gives you the helmet.

    Go back to Saturn and take a marker pen from the mug on his bench. Try to take the sketch pad. He still has one page to fill and needs a new idea to fill it up. He talks about a device that may slow down people's eating habits. Perhaps you can come up with something, a timing device maybe?

    Leave the Neptune room and you will see Joshua going through the sealed door. Follow him.

    You will talk to Camille and she gives you two jugs of wine. Note that some of emergency equipment has disappeared. Go back out and see Joshua heading for the lift. He's up to something. Use the wine on the hallway to the Stateroom. Brian will get drunk but you'll get 2 empty jugs. Look at them in inventory, could they make an hourglass? Use sand on bottles then use ties on them to make an hourglass.

    Give it to Saturn, it's not complete yet. Use the fork on the hourglass and give it to him. He disappears and returns with a new sketchpad, which he gives to you.

    Back down to Dean (talk to Camille on the stairs) and give him the sketchpad to use as a teleprompter. When he's finished he'll give you the lunch wrapper. You will automatically go back Saturn. You still haven't finished all your tasks so go back to the Emergency equipment cabinets and use the hose on the hydrant. Good idea but you need to make it longer. Back to get more hoses and watch the cut scene as you find the Neutrinos and the wreck.

    Dean is a fraud so you'll have to do the diving. Watch as you dive ... oh no you need to do some cleaning.

    Back to the cargo hold and get the saw from the toolbox under the stairs. Use it on the broom to get a hand brush. Oops you can't escape, the password has changed. Use the intercom to talk to Sushi. Open the hatch then up the ladder to get out. Back to Sushi to dive again. Watch as you can't find the Stone.

    Talk to Sushi and she says it will be in the Captain's Stateroom. So another dive to the wreck and Sushi will direct you ... oh no a locked door.

    Back up to learn Joshua has gone berserk! Sushi says Joshua was using a crowbar in cargo hold 2. Head to the cargo hold, the broom is gone! Open the door to the hold again, it still closes ... the ladder's gone too. You'll need another way to get in. Back to Saturn and borrow his magnets then return to the hold, open the hatch and use the magnets to climb and get the crowbar.

    Underwater again and watch as you open the door ...

    Chapter 6 The Hidden Beacon of AVERNUS
    Is this a dream? You are now Brushian Bharscough and shackled on the floor. You can't do much so examine the shackles ...

    To escape take the paperweight and letter opener from the map table. Try the letter opener on the shackles, it's too thick to open them. Talk to the woman (Camille) ask all questions, especially about the beacon.

    Note the nail sticking out of the post, you can't reach it. Try to use the letter opener on it to get an idea. Throw the letter opener to Camille and watch as she uses it to get the nail for you.

    Use the nail on the shackles (you use the paperweight automatically) ... Freedom!

    Look around the cabin, take the bottle from the map table. Go outside where the dinghy is and take sunflower seeds. Listen to the chatter of sailors just above. The grog has run out so they won't eat any more seeds till the flask is magically filled. (Note the flask hanging down). Examine the windows. The right one has a loose sill. Take it using the letter opener to get block of wood and a nail ... you now have 2 nails.

    Back inside and talk to the parrot, give it seeds and it will repeat some strange directions. If you want more info you need more seeds. Take the dragon's tongue from the jar near the Samurai armour. Open the cupboard, certificates ... worth remembering! Check out the Ming spittoon. Examine and fiddle with the globe ... could the parrot hold the secret ... you definitely need more grog to get more seeds.

    Exit through the door on right to meet the guard ... talk but it won't help.

    Inside again and use the dragon's tongue on passageway (door) then use the paperweight on it. That deals with the guard so step outside and retrieve the paperweight. Note the barrel — clean water — a pirate's scourge! Try the door next to the skeleton — a barrage of swords!

    Exit to right of stairs and look around. Note the junk cabinet — nothing useful ... yet! So chat to Husky Hound. Pick any name. You learn that you need to be a Pirate of Low Moral Standing to get some grog. For that you need a certificate and you have to earn it ...

    There are three tests ... Proof of Act of Cruelty — Proof of Pillaging — History of Classical Ruffianism.

    History of Classical Ruffianism
    Part 1 ...
    Who was the ship's cook in the famous crew of the ill-fated Captain Flint?
    Answer — Long John Silver.

    What was the original trade of Cap'n Blood, which was convenient for someone wantin' to become a bloodthirsty pirate?
    Answer — Doctor.

    How did Captain Swallow escape from the island where Captain Babossa abandoned him for the first time?
    Answer — Inventing Turtle Surfing.

    Part 2 ... Trickier
    4 Pirates who lost 3 of their 4 wooden legs in a brawl need to catch the Caribbean Express and they have 8.5 days to get there. They each have different walking speeds ...

    • Henry Wobblins will take half a day.
    • Diego el Cojuelo will take a day.
    • Jean David L'Eclope will take 2.5 days.
    • Joao de Passoromo will take 5 days.

    Of course with only 1 wooden leg they must travel in pairs and after each trip one has to return with the wooden leg to collect another ... They can only travel as fast as the slowest.

    Strategy ... send the 2 fastest movers first — send one back with the wooden leg. Send 2 slowest movers next then send the leg back with a fast mover. Finally return with the two fastest movers

    Solution ... First trip Wobblins and Cojuelo. (1 day)
    Return Wobblins (.5 day)
    Second Trip Passoromo and L'Eclope (5 days)
    Return Cojuelo (1 day)
    Third Trip Cojuelo and Wobblins (1 day)

    Proof of Pillaging
    Return to the door guarded by the thrusting sword. Use the block of wood to trap the sword. The mysterious sword swinger is knocked out. Inside and get him — Demon Dog (the Lemur). Examine the portraits. Pick up a treasure while you're here ... proof of pillaging. You can't take more than one treasure as you don't have your Certificate of Low Moral Standing.

    Return to Husky Hound and give him the proof — 2 down 1 to go!

    Proof of Act of Cruelty
    You can give Husky Hound the unconcious Demon Dog but it's not cruel enough. So back to the barrel and try to throw him in the clean water. You need something more so you can now find the soap in the junk cabinet next to Husky Hound.

    At last you can perform a truly evil deed by washing Demon Dog. Throw the soap into the barrel of water. Now add Demon Dog to the foul mixture! Return to Husky Hound and give him a sparkling clean Demon Dog. Fini!

    Time to get the certificate so head back to the cupboard in the cabin. Brian will now take a Certificate of Low Moral Standing. Take it to Husky for his spit and seal then ask for a grog. You need a bottle and you just happen to have one. Hand it over to get some grog.

    Return to the outside balcony and use the grog on the hanging bottle. Too high so replace the window sill (block of wood) and Brian will automatically use the nails and paper weight to hammer it home. Now try to fill the hanging bottle with grog. You need something more.

    Back to the treasure room (now that you have your certificate) for some more booty. You clean the place out leaving just one thing ... a funnel. Take it and go back to the hanging bottle to fill it with grog.

    Just exit this scene and return for a new supply of seeds. You can get 5 of them. Give the parrot the seeds to get the full clue for the globe ...

    • Left from Spain to the East set sail
    • Empire of the Rising Sun
    • West to Newfoundland
    • East to Greece.

    You can now turn the globe as above to get the Stone.

    • Starting from Spain turn the globe around back to Spain to hear a click.
    • Then turn right (East) to Japan (click).
    • Turn left (West) to Newfoundland (click).
    • Turn right (East) to Greece.

    The bottom of the globe opens. Oops! The stone pops out of Brian's hands and lands in the spittoon (urn). The Captain returns and chops off Brushian's head ...

    Phew ... a dream ... you wake up and now you know exactly where the stone is — in the Ming spittoon. Boggles the mind, uh!

    Watch as the gang considers what's left to be done. Professor Simon turns up to help.

    Watch the credits all the way to the end.

    See the Review of Runaway 2: The Dream of the Turtle.

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