Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine

Developer/Publisher:  Himalaya Studios

Walkthrough by Steve Metzler (August, 2006)
Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine is a humourous adventure much in the style of later efforts by Sierra et. al. The game is split up into 9 Acts.

When conversing with another character, always make sure to continue all the way through the conversation, until it is evident that you are repeating yourself. Many an important clue as to what to do next can be gained thereby.

Double-clicking makes Al run to where the movement icon is currently positioned. You will be doing a lot of this.

You can purchase a blank map in this game, that allows you to quickly transport yourself to a few key locations once you have found them in the game world. But as navigating within the game can be quite confusing, especially at first, I have also provided a map for you that will make getting around in Al Emmo a bit easier. You can access it here.

Act 1: Dude, Where's Your Train?
After the intro, you wind up at the Anozira train station. Talk to Johnny Kane, the train station master. Then open your inventory (right-click and hold for a few seconds), and give him your Train Tickets. Woohoo, you get a whopping $30 refund. Doesn't sound like much, but not to worry as you can buy everything you'll ever need with this seemingly meagre amount of cash. Now head west to the graveyard. In the northwest corner there is a freshly dug hole. Take the Human Bone from this hole. You can read all the tombstones for a laugh. Nothing else of any interest here. Now exit the graveyard and go north.

The first thing you encounter in the town of Anozira is a wombat enclosure. Nice. Go west from here and enter Kevin's Saloon. Kev is Irish and provides some of the drier humour in the game. Al automatically sits on a bar stool and starts talking to Kev. When he asks you how much you think his rooms cost, the answer is $5, but it's worth trying other answers first to get a helping of some of that biting Irish wit. As he's about to give you a key to your room, the lovely miss Rita Peralto makes her entrance and entertains the troops. After her performance, you wind up with said Room Key. While you're here, take the Matchbook off the counter, the Mustard from the table, and the Cigarette Butts from the ash bin under the dart board. Then go upstairs and use the Room Key on the locked door there. Oops. As the key breaks in the lock, the piano player mutters something like: "Dang that key!". Go downstairs to talk to the piano player. On the way there, pick up the drink menu from the table and look at the item: Tequila (with Agave Worm). Al orders one, and Kev shoves it along the bar only to have Al miss it, so that it winds up breaking on the floor. Pick up the Agave Worm. When you talk to the piano player, Bill, you observe that he occasionally hits a duff note. After first speaking to him, examine the right-hand side of the keyboard, and Al notes that Bill has substituted a room key for a missing piano key.

Use the bar stool and talk to Kev again. He hands you a Rita Flyer. Turns out that as well as being Rita's boss, he's also her manager. Use the Rita Flyer on Al to read it. Hmm. Seems she's fond of flowers, especially the desert saguaro bloom. Speaking to Kev further confirms this fact, and he suggests talking to the mayor for more details. Talk to Kev some more to exhaust all the rumours, then use the bar stool again to get down off it. If you just try to talk to Bill again he brushes you off. But if you attempt to take the room key from his piano keyboard, you get a whole new conversation thread the next time you speak to him. Seems he's quite fond of a drink called "Blazin' Kev", which you may recall was crossed off on the drink menu you perused earlier. So go sit on the bar stool again, but before you do, take the Matchbook from inventory. You're going to need to access it quite quickly after the next part... talk to Kev again, and you learn that he's reluctant to make a Blazin' Kev ever again because the last time... well, he used to have a beard. So you'll have to make it yourself then. Have you guessed the solution? There are a lot of ingredients there, and they all begin with disparate letters of the alphabet. Right. Just select the ingredients, in order, that begin with the letters: B-L-A-Z-I-N-K-E-V. Once your Blazin' Kev is on the counter, you only have a few seconds to light it with your Matchbook before all the alcohol evaporates (if you don't make it in time, just mix another one). Then present it to Bill. Oops. He likes it 'on the rocks', but he doesn't mean in the usual sense, as on ice. Time to go foraging...

Exit the saloon and head west out of town (to Edge of Town on the map). To the southwest in that scene you will see a pile of "small, obtainable rocks". Pick up these Rocks, and in the inventory combine them with the Blazin' Kev to obtain a "Blazin' Kev on the rocks". While we're here go west once again, and pick up the Pointy Stick that is lying at the base of the tree. Now go back to Bill, and save your game before you do anything else. Once you hand him the drink, you only have a few seconds while he's downing it to grab the Room Key from his keyboard. Now you can head up the stairs and open the door to your room. All you can find there is a Broken Whip under the bed, but hey, this is an adventure game. Even the apparently useless item can be useful... eventually.

Exit the saloon again and outside Koko's General Store you will see a wombat chow food dispenser. Use your Money Pouch on it to purchase some Wombat Chow. Now enter Koko's store and talk to him till you exhaust the conversation. Then use your Money Pouch on him to buy the following items: Cost Mo' women's magazine, Empty glass flask, Map of Anozira. The map doesn't appear in your inventory, but whenever you are standing somewhere outdoors, if you move your cursor to the bottom left part of the screen it will pop up. You can then use it to instantly travel to certain parts of the game world (that you have already visited, of course).

Now go talk to the mayor. His house is located right next to Koko's. If you have the Rita Flyer, then he eventually will tell you about saguaro blooms. There's apparently one near a bullpen somewhere, but we haven't been there yet. While you're here, take a Shotgun Shell from the fireplace mantle. Also note the book of "Births, Deaths, and Marriages" that is on the table behind where the mayor is sitting. Exit the mayor's house and talk to the little boy who is now sitting on a pile of stones in front of the house. He challenges you to steal his father's flag. Exit this scene, and then head north in the area between the mayor's house and Koko's store. You come to the Hospitality House you heard about earlier from Kev. Use the Empty Flask on the fountain there to obtain a Flask with Water. Then continue west to Bubba's Barnyard. Bubba is the little brat's father. Note the red flag. Talk to Bubba, and you learn that he will only lower the flag fully to clean it, and to half mast in honour of a recently deceased person. There's always a catch, of course, and the catch here is that he requires proof before he will lower the flag. If you try to present him the Human Bone that you found in the graveyard, he refuses it because the dirt indicates that it was already buried. So use your Flask with Water on the bone to clean it first, and then he accepts it. Now we just need the official paperwork. So head back to the mayor's house and use the book of "Births, Deaths, and Marriages" to obtain a page out of it. You forge the mayor's signature. Bubba accepts this page as final proof, but you need to pay him before he will lower the flag. OK, that's done. We can reach it now. We just need to find a way to make it dirty... while you're here at Bubba's, pet the horse to obtain a Lengthy Horse Hair.

Now go to the Edge of Town and head north, then north again. There's your saguaro, complete with bloom. Go west from here and pick up the Damaged Horseshoe near the wagon wheel. Then use your map to travel back to town, and present this item to Bubba. When he goes inside to look for a new horseshoe, use your Mustard on the flag to soil it. Bubba takes it down and goes to soak it. He conveniently leaves the Red Flag in the fountain in front of the Hospitality House, where you can just pick it up. Now travel back to the saguaro and use the Red Flag on it. Then open the door to the cow pen, and the bull charges the flag, knocking the saguaro down in the process. Pick up the Saguaro Bloom Flower and head for Kevin's Saloon. Present it to Rita to bring on the end of Act 1.

Act 2: Enemy of the Date
The day starts off as Al comes down the stairs from his room, and Kev gives him a bit of encouragement concerning Rita. You can take the Chilli Sauce from the bar after you get down from the stool, but I never found a use for this item. Time for some more exploration. Head for Bubba's. On the way there speak to Antonio, who is standing outside the Hospitality House, to get some background information from him. Take the Hammer from beside Bubba. Curiously, he lets you have it with no strings attached. Then travel out of town to the junction where you saw the wagon wheel, and go south from there (it's a little difficult to find the exit here. It's under the spiny aloe vera plants in the foreground). Use your newly acquired Hammer on the cactus there to obtain a Barrel-hook Needle. Hmm. Looks to me like we now have the makings of a fishing rod. So in inventory, combine the Broken Whip with the Lengthy Horse Hair, and then this item with the Barrel-hook Needle to create a Fishing Rod & Needle. Now where to use it? Head back to the felled saguaro cactus, and then east past the cow pen. You come upon an oasis. First combine the Fishing Rod & Needle with the Agave Worm to bait the hook, then use this ensemble on the water there to catch a Desert Mudpuppy Fish. You lose the hook in the process, but not to worry.

Exit the oasis, go south from the saguaro, and then east. You're on a new path. Go east once more, and recover the Cow Bone from the ex-cow carcass you find here. Continue east (you can see what looks like a cave at the top of the hill here), and then north. The path forks here. Take the northwest fork, and you come to a plateau, from which it is not possible to progress any further. The aloe vera plants here aren't spiny, so you can take an Aloe Vera Leaf from a one of the plants. Then backtrack to the fork, and take the eastern path. Pick an Oleander Flower from one of the bushes to the north here. Follow the path around the bend, continue to the east, and then go south at the next fork. You come upon a bear trying to catch a prairie dog that keeps popping up randomly out of holes in the ground. Just give the Desert Mudpuppy Fish to the bear, and he wanders off to consume it. Then the prairie dog throws a bunch of junk out of its hole, including a trophy bear claw (to prove that he actually did get a bear once). When you go to pick it up, Al goes to talk to the prairie dog. Oops. He's nicked Al's glasses. Use the Hammer on the prairie dog to start a game of... "Whack the Prairie Dog" (something like a homage to Sam n' Max). You have to hit the one that has your glasses three times, then you can pick up your glasses. Take the Bear Claw from the pile of junk, and combine it with the Hookless Fishing Rod in inventory to create a Fishing Rod & Claw. No doubt this will be useful for snagging something other than a fish. So head back to the ol' wagon wheel again, and go north from there. You come to an impassible gully. Use the Fishing Rod & Claw on the prickly pear fruit you can see on the other side, and now you have a Fishing Rod & Pear Fruit.

Use your map to go back to town, and talk to Rita in Kevin's Saloon. Hey, a date! But you need to find a mode of transport for Rita. Head on over to Bubba's and enquire forthwith. It doesn't matter how you answer his questions. In any event, you wind up with... a mule. IMPORTANT: before doing the next bit, make sure you have the Cow Bone with you. If you go to Rita's house without it, you will not be able to get by her dog, and will also not be able to exit the scene, thus a dead end (the only scripting problem I found in this game). Use the Fishing Rod & Pear Fruit on the mule, and it will do your bidding. Unfortunately, even if you have already been to Rita's house, you can no longer use the map to get there once you are on the mule. For the uninitiated, Rita's house is to the east of the wombat hole. Goad the mule in that direction, and when you finally get there, Al automatically disembarks. Then open the gate, and use the Cow Bone on the doorway to get rid of her dog. Knock on the door then, and...

Act 3: Shallow Al
Kev starts off the next day by suggesting that Al could use a bath. Use your map to head on over to the oasis, and... uh oh. Bathing is not going to be an option with Pammy there. Talk to her until all that's left is her sunburn... er... or along those lines anyway. Then go talk to Koko. Give him the Aloe Vera Leaf and you will receive a Sunscreen Bottle in return. Go use it on Pammy and... oops. The stuff Koko made for you smells bad. Pammy wants you to make it smell better, but you have to do it... naturally. So head on over to talk to the mayor, our local flora and fauna expert. Yellow flowers, and right after some rain. Hmm. Head back to the oasis and fill up your Empty Flask, then go to the spot on the path beyond where you found the Oleander Flower (on the way to where the bear was). Use the Flask with Water on the bushes with yellow flowers there, to enhance their aroma, and then use the Sunscreen Bottle on the bushes to obtain Fragrant Sunscreen. Use this on Pammy and... now it's not smooth enough. Go to the Hospitality House and purchase some Lube from the dispenser there. Then use the Fragrant Sunscreen on the dispenser to get Smooth Sunscreen. Pammy finds this concoction to be too runny. It's Bubba's next, to add some molasses to it from the barrels there. Finally, it's to Pammy's satisfaction. You put her to sleep, but not before you get a hint to go to the Hospitality House, and tell them "Pammy sent me". So ends this act.

Act 4: The Torn Identity
Enter the Hospitality House, and use the door with the bull head on it. Lou Heifer lets you in. So... you need four items in order to cross dress for your next gig: a dress, make-up, a fake bust, and a wig. Exit, and enter the room to the northwest. Use the Pointy Stick on the clothes line to obtain a Dress. Since you have helped Pammy with her sunburn problem, her melons are now attainable :-) So go to the oasis and get some of these next. Then it's to the post office. Use the Cost Mo' Magazine on Al to obtain a Make-up Ad. Talk to the clerk there (to learn about his cryptography obsession), then show him the Make-up Ad. After that, use it on the "Out" slot to post it. You can now proceed immediately to the train station. Gee, that was quick! Talk to the Fed UP guy there to obtain your Make-up Tin. Then talk to the fellow cross dresser there on the platform whom you first met during the game intro. Give her/him your Hammer to get a Wig in exchange. I think that completes your cross-dressing needs. Head back to the Hospitality House and walk into the dressing room in the southwest corner to change. Then knock on Lou's door, and he gives you a Hospitality House Key. Use it to gain access to room number 3. Of course, the client is Antonio! Use the bed to start the action, and... ahem... do everything Antonio tells you to do. He then falls asleep. Examine the heap of clothes, and you find Antonio's Business Card. Aha. So not a Spanish prince after all, but rather a landscape gardener from Tiajuana! Back to Lou then to get paid for this stint (you have to enter the dressing room again to change back into your regular clothes first. You now have a Drag Costume). All you get for your troubles is a Deflated Doll, but it's probably worth it all now that you have the dirt on Antonio. Back to Kevin's Saloon then, to present Antonio's Business Card to Rita and bring an end to this act.

Act 5: Free Billy
Talk to Kev. You learn that Rita was not harmed in the raid, but that something was taken from her house. Then go to the sheriff's office. He's got one of the indians from last night's raid locked up, but you need to create a distraction in order to get the sheriff out of there so you can talk to the indian. Hmm. Go outside and have a look at the gallows. Not in the greatest shape. Then go back inside and talk to the sheriff again. He says he would normally hang the indian, but alludes to the fact that the unmaintained gallows would probably collapse under the weight of an adult. Well, the very title of this act is a bit of a hint. Go to Kevin's Saloon and talk to the piano player, Bill. He's quite drunk, and you can talk him into hanging himself, knowing that the gallows will crumple under his weight and no harm will come to him. This should create said distraction of the sheriff. Bill leaves to go off himself, and you follow. Uh oh. He's reinforced the gallows with some extra rope, so it will now take his weight! Use the Matchbook on this rope to weaken it. Then go inside and talk to the sheriff once more. Your ploy works, and he goes outside when Bill collapses the gallows. Get the key from the rack to the right of the sheriff's desk, and use it in the jail cell lock to release the indian. But he won't leave the cell because he's afraid the Sheriff will spot him on the way out. So give him the Drag Costume from your inventory. The indian gives you a password ("STOP THAT!"), and takes the sheriff's gun on the way out, but you now at least have the Indian Knife that he gave you as a sign of trust. Put the key back on the rack and go outside. Talk to Bill at length, and take the Rope when he finally leaves. This closes the act.

Act 6: Indian, a Stone, and the Last Town Raid
You wind up on the path out of town. Take the path to the east, and follow it all the way to the end (marked "Indians" on the map I provided). If you had been to the indian plateau before this, you would not have been able to pass. But this time when they fire their arrows and you talk to them afterwards, you finally shout the Password that the indian gave you: "STOP THAT!". Now use the Rope on the rock on the plateau (the one that looks "pointier" than the rest) to climb up. Speak to the two indians there, and they will eventually direct you to the east. Once in the camp, access the tent to the north to meet the chief. You discover that an important indian artefact was taken from Rita, and that the chief wants some "cocoa acid water" before he will return it. Hmm. This must have something to do with one of Koko's infamous concoctions.

Head back to town and speak with Koko. In order to make another batch of Koko's Kola, he requires: an egg, prickly pear fruit, tobacco ash, and gunpowder. Right... so give him the Prickly Pear Fruit, then the Cigarette Butts. Use the Indian Knife on the Shotgun Shell, and then present Koko with the results of that. Now all we need is an egg. Use the map to travel to the indian plateau. Exit there, then go west. Take the path north from there to a cave that contains a speckled bird's egg in a nest... only the nest is in a particularly prickly cactus. Use the Deflated Doll on the cactus to provide a cushion for the egg when it falls out of the nest. Then take the path at the right to the top. About 5 attempts at throwing the Rocks from your inventory at the edge of the nest (and a few desultory comments regarding your throwing skills) will get you a Speckled Bird Egg. Take it back to Koko and he will mix you up a batch of Koko's Kola. Visit the chief again, and Al presents him with the Koko's Kola In return, the chief gives you a Stone Half. As night falls and Act 6 draws to a close, the chief fills you in on the legend of the Aztec gold. Looks like you need to find the other half of that stone to complete the map!

Act 7: Terminator - Rise of the Termites
Morning finds you in the indian camp. The indian you rescued from the sheriff is here, still in his drag outfit. Speak to him, then head back to town. There's a madman there, Everette, who's planning to blow up the mayor's house... to get rid of some termites... right. Go against the grain here, and head into the house. Between the fireplace and the stairs, you can spot the termite infestation on the wall. Head back to the felled saguaro, then go west, and northwest to the gorge with the broken bridge. Use the Indian Knife on the dead tree to the right. Al puts the wood shaving into your Empty Flask. Head back to the mayor's house and use this item (Jar with Rotting Wood) on the termites in the mayor's house. Bingo, you capture them. Then head outside and use the jar on Everette. Once he leaves, use the plunger to obtain his Dynamite. Return to the gorge with the broken bridge, and use the Dynamite on the dead tree to make a new bridge across the gorge. Then take the steps to the north and you come upon a miner's cabin. You can't get past the front door though. There's a cryptic puzzle built into it. So head back to Rita's house and knock on her front door. Hey, she's in for once. Talk to her until she lets you in to see Jacob Waltz's room. Pick up the Empty Flask from the table, and then go for the pillow on the bed. You obtain the Dutchman's Journal. After you finish reading it (whereby you learn that Jacob's mule ate his key), a piece of paper falls out of the journal. Pick up the Strange Letters. Looks... cryptographic. Hmm. Leaving Jacob's room finds you talking to Rita once more, and thus ends this Act.

Act 8: Bridges, Stones, Diaries
Hey, remember the kid at the post office with the cryptography obsession? Those Strange Letters you found are different for every game, so you really need to head to the post office to get a hint as to how to decipher them. Present the Strange Letters to Rick, and... you eventually learn that you need to subtract 4 letters from each letter in the cipher. So a "V" becomes "R", "A" wraps back to become a "W", etc. So... go back to the miner's cabin and use the deciphered code to open the front door. Take the Shovel, and note the loose floarboard in the middle of the room. Using it reveals a locked chest. Go talk to Bubba once again. Aha, the mule that Bubba rented to Jacob Waltz, in fact the same one he rented to you, is now sitting there. Remember that entry in Jacob Waltz's journal concerning the mule that ate his key? Well, feed the Oleander Flower (a member of the deadly nightshade family, and highly poisonous, by the way) to the mule to obtain the Chest Key. Then go back to the miner's cabin and use it on the hole in the floor to get... a Peralto Journal and a Half Map Rubbing. Read the journal for some more useful background info, then combine the Half Map Rubbing with your Stone Half to obtain a Full Map Rubbing. Finally, you know the location of the mine that contains the Aztec gold. Exit the cabin, and Al automatically consumes the licorice before he leaves. It is nighttime now, and when you exit the cabin scene, Al heads straight for the "X" you saw on the map. Aha! It's the plateau where you were able to pick the Aloe Vera Leaf earlier in the game. But now you need to find a way down to the path you see below. You can try using the Shovel to dig a hole, but it just breaks. Hmmm. Maybe there's a better way to dig a hole? Head back to town, and use the Wombat Chow on the wombat (it's nighttime now, and the wombat is out of its hole). While the litle critter is munching away, you can pick him up. Then take him back to the plateau and use him on the ground. Follow him into the hole he digs to wind up on the path below, and then head north. Enter the mine, and so begins...

Act 9: The Peraltos
Pick up the Unlit Lantern and use your Matchbook to light it. There, grue protection. Happy now? :-) Step onto the rickety elevator, and use one of the ropes to lower yourself. Head east, take the Pickaxe, then backtrack and head east this time, then north into the mine tunnel. You come to a T-junction of tracks. Go west and it's just a dead end. So back to the junction, but south this time. Use your Rope on the end of the tracks to climb down. There's an elevated plateau here that we're going to have to find a way to scale. Head back up, and make a right at the T-junction this time. Hey, a mine cart. Note the switch-track mechanism just to the left of it. Try to use the Pickaxe on it to operate the switch, but the handle won't stay in the mechanism. Head east, and use your trusty Empty Flask on the tar pit there to obtain Jar with Tar. Use this item on the switch-track mechanism, then you can finally use the Pickaxe on the mechanism. It breaks in the process, but Al thinks it did switch the track. He automatically recovers the Broken Pickaxe Head for you. Now go to the right of the mine cart and keep pushing it until it goes over the cliff. Then climb down using the Rope again, and use the toppled mine cart to climb up onto the plateau.

From the top of the plateau, head east and... oops. An underground river. Save your game at the top of the steps that lead down to the water. Use the Deflated Doll on Al to have him blow it up, then he starts surfing down the river. Make sure you grab the next set of steps before going past. Don't worry, you get to try again if you miss. Go north here and... my favourite. A slider puzzle! This one's quite easy though, being only an eight-piecer. Before you start working the puzzle, pick up the 9th Tile, located just to the right of the puzzle. If you need a hint as to what the unscrambled puzzle looks like before you add the final tile, I have made a screenshot here. If you're no good at this particular type of puzzle, then the general methodology is to get the top row in place first, then mess about with the bottom two rows. It's a lot easier once you know what the solved puzzle looks like. Once you assemble the pieces correctly and pop the Tile from your inventory into the bottom right, a panel opens in front of you to reveal a button. Press this button ONLY ONCE and then go back outside to see that the river has been drained. If you press the button more than once, it alternately drains/fills up the river. Cruel, but funny. Take the ladder down, equip the Stone Half from inventory, then save your game again. When you enter the room to the west of here you meet... Antonio, of course!

Listen to what Antonio has to say, then quickly use the Stone Half on the hole in the wall (you have no choice). A door slides open, and Antonio forces you to go inside. Now you have to answer five trivia questions. For the game related ones:

  • Yes, you are a virgin.
  • Al is 42 years old.
  • Al Emmo sounds like Alamo.
  • Anozira is Arizona spelled backwards.
  • The genre to which this game belongs is Adventure.
  • The gold belongs to the Aztecs.
  • And Selfless Wealth might also figure in there, somewhere.

The rest of the questions involve completing trite phrases. If you mess up, just try again and you will probably get five questions you can answer the next time. Once past that obastacle, Al enters the treasure room and picks up the chest of Aztec gold. Antonio follows and you become trapped. Worse still, Antonio's presence has invoked the "Aztec curse", a skeleton with twin six-shooters. Try to help him to open the door, but it is to no avail. Antonio spots a lever across the room, and wants you to go pull it. Now would be an excellent time to SAVE YOUR GAME again. As long as you don't move from where you now are, behind that rock, nothing can happen to you. So remain calm and plan the next bit out in your head before moving... firstly, look at the statue to the southeast of the hostile skeleton. Al notes that it looks like a good place to hide behind. Secondly, you can't just run to the lever in the northwest part of the room. Try it, and you'll just get shot. We have to do this in stages... now note the altar where Al picked up the gold. Walk up the path so that you are just to the southwest of the altar. You've got the skeleton's attention now, and you can stay here as long as you like. At first he will shoot at you, but then he stops and waits. Now take about two or three steps northwards, and wait for the skeleton to head behind the altar. AS SOON as he goes behind the altar, head back south a few steps, wait till you see him just beginning to come out from behind the altar, then make a beeline for that statue you picked out earlier and hide behind it. If you got the timing right, the skeleton spots Antonio and engages him in battle, forgetting all about you! If the skeleton stops on the path before spotting Antonio and just stands there (quite likely), then cautiously come out from behind the statue and head back behind it once the skeleton moves. The skeleton should then take a few steps forward and finally spot Antonio. Once the skeleton has engaged Antonio, you have all the time in the world to sneak behind the altar and pull the lever :-)

Antonio escapes once Al is holding the lever. As Al releases the lever, the door closes, and the skeleton approaches. Yikes! But not to worry. This can only be the ghost of Eduardo Peralto, who Antonio murdered. So nick into inventory then and show him the Rita Flyer. The ghost recognises his daughter, and holds open the door to send you after Antonio. Now... you have to make your way quickly from here on as you must catch up with Antonio before he leaves the mine with the gold. The first thing that happens to you is that the river starts flowing again. You have just enough time to make it up the stairs once you reach the top of the ladder. The tile next to the slider puzzle is broken now, but you can use the Jar with Tar on it to fix it, then use it to complete the puzzle and press the button again to stop the river flowing. When you reach the top of the plateau after negotiating the river bed... oh no! You see that Antonio is already above on the tracks, and the blackguard has untied your rope. You can save the game here again. Then use the mine cart to climb down from the plateau, take the Rope, combine it with the Broken Pickaxe Head, and use this item on the cliff to climb back up. Then make your way as quickly as you can back to the elevator, only see Antonio has already started up on his way out of the mine. Again, not to worry. Use the Fishing Rod & Claw on the elevator mechanism to jam it. Antonio comes crashing back down and grinds to a halt a few feet above you. Need I say it? Save your game again, and we're almost there. Just start running back and forth, always staying under the platform, until Antonio starts rocking the platform. Try to match his rhythm, and you will finally cause him to topple off the edge, managing to bury himself in a pile of rocks in the process. Game over! Just pick up the chest of gold, enjoy the closing sequence, and be sure to watch the credits to the very end.

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Copyright © Steve Metzler 2006. All rights reserved.