Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth

Developer:  Coktel
Publisher:  Sierra

Walkthrough by Rosemary Young and Gordon Aplin (1995)
For the masochists amongst you who positively relish sinking your teeth into tricky puzzles and following convoluted story lines, Coktel Vision seems to have found the right formula. This title takes a good deal of patience, to say the least, so here's a helping hand just in case you run low.

Speaking of titles, the copy of this game we received for review went by the name of The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble.Yet the title screen within the game clearly shows it to be Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth. Bizarre, indeed, but then, what's in a name?

The Beginning
Talk to onlooker and he will tell you that J.F. Sebastian may be able to help and that he's at the Wino's Bar. Get button -- it brings back memory of teddy. Examine weird contraption to learn that you can't read.

Go right and talk to Sad Boozook and to young woman who tells you she never forgets a face. Note the 'A' Stone then continue right.

Talk to the beggar and don't believe everything you are told. Lift the box, kick the nut then take it. Throw it at the beggar and he will throw his boot at you. Take boot.

Return to Azimuth's House and throw your newly acquired boot at its twin above the window. They'll both fall at your feet. When you pull them on you will find a photo of Azimuth. Show it to the young woman with the good memory and she will give you an article in return.

Right again across the acid river. Pick up the nut and continue on to Wino's Bar. There's a drunk outside. To get any sense out of him you need to sober him up! Enter Bar and talk to the red-clad patron in the foreground and you'll get the cup of coffee. He won't engage in further conversation until you are properly introduced.

Go to back of screen and talk to the bar owner who recognises you. Chat away and she will tell you she was your teacher, that you are the adopted son of Azimuth, and that your well-spoken friend at the bar is Sebastian. Give her your article so she can teach you to read. She will also give you the 'A' stone. When the elastic barman drops in pick his pocket for the bottle opener. Read the poster to learn about the weather station.

Back to Sebastian who will now tell you that Azimuth was kidnapped by Bigwig -- cut to title screen -- take the brush before you leave.

Outside bar give coffee to the drunk to get his Weather Watch. He can't help further till he gets his memory back. Dip brush in tar. Take feathers.

Right again and kick the can. Take bean and can then keep going right. Look in shop window to notice the kite. Return to the street of the Sad Boozook. Use the 'A' your teacher gave you on the 'A' imprint to get Tobozon then examine it for Asimuth's message to visit Red Light District.

Check out the weather as well by pressing the digicode buttons in order. (You will hear that a meteorite will hit the Bigwig area.) You can now read the sign on the weird contraption. It's a lift. Up you go.

Second level
At the Admin Centre talk to the bureaucrat to learn that the Bigwig can be found in the rich neighbourhood. If you want to get there hard work is the only way!

Go right to nut merchant and learn about Bluxtre Nut and its whereabouts. The High Morals club has a dress code and you can't get in yet.

Head left over bridge to Brotoflatron's Plazza. Read ad re jobs then enter the code on your Tobozon to learn you need a Breathing Certificate from Admin and a photo from the Brotoflatron before you can get work. Examine Brotoflatron -- it needs a strul. (If you ask Bureaucrat about Breathing Certificate he will say you need a breath sample in an approved container. You don't! Something else will help you here.)

Examine owner of store, notice finger. You can't get it while he is watching. Talk to gambler, he'll tell you about the secret gambling den.

Enter Cui-Cui Ouah-Ouah Store & examine the wheel, it's driving the fan outside. Use the nut on the wheel to stop it and the fan. Outside again and hair flops into the owner's eyes. You can now take the finger.

Back in shop examine Time Syllable Clock -- it needs water. To distract Jeff, the lovebird, use tar on the object of his affection then talk to him to learn about High Morals Club and how he is barred because of his state of undress. Use feather on him to earn a favour.

Go right to dark area, manipulate flopper and glapper and switch until big nose appears. Use finger on it to open secret door. Enter secret room and look around.

Through to Red Light District and talk to Spinning Top to get code for Throne Room. And don't worry if you drop and break the stone fish, this is inevitable. Play flipper until you destroy it. Take Strul. Gamble to your heart's content but leave with a supply of struls.

Enter Virtual Trip Tower and get largish meteorite removed, then on to Big Wig elevator. Go up.

Big Wig Area
Talk to Gardener Boozook. Click on ads for codes then take shirt front and get glasses from Artificial Limbs and Joint store. Go back again for chin.

Use Tobozon and enter code for Heart to Body Channel to get contestant's code. Then enter this code to speak to Secretary. She says she'll call you back so next time you examine your Tobozon she will give you Miss Coh Cott's personal number. Contact Miss C to learn she's not interested.

Go left to Waterless Fountain and talk to powerless Talent Wiseman and buy hat. He will give you his code and ask you to go to the temple to see his wife. He'll also lament the loss of his Artistic Syllable. Enter passage to go down to hard working Boozook. Use public Tobozon and listen to President.

Back to Bigwig area then up to look at stain. Get trash bag! Left to factory and talk to the leader of the followers. Read newspaper (this only appears if you have fallen in love with Miss C). In your depressed state it's all you can do to sit on the bench. Do this and click on Woodruff a few times to cry. Now press button near entrance. A little Boozook will take pity on you and hand you a handkerchief. Press button a second time and he will give you a letter from Azimuth that will cheer you up. Use new code on your Tobozon for Azimuth's message.

Talk to guard but you can't enter factory without your work order. Visit Temple to learn you need Bluxtre Nut.

Toddle off to Virtual Trip Tower and go down to talk to its enterprising owner. He has a Bluxtre Nut, but wants something very hard in exchange. Maybe some meteorite? Take a virtual trip if you're brave enough!

Remember the weather forecast? Go to Bigwig Area and use Weather Watch to get meteorite fragment. Return to Virtual Trip Tower and give it to owner for Bluxtre Nut. Back to Temple and give nut to guard. He will give it back and ask for pulp.

Check out the weather on your Tobozon to learn where the next meteorite impact will occur. Go there (Admin Area) and use Weather Watch. Place Bluxtre nut on cross. Whoops! You'll need something to stop it from rolling, so it's back to the tar barrel at the Wino's Bar. Dip nut in tar. Now back to Admin. Repeat process to get meteorite shower then take pulp and return to Temple where the guard will lower the drawbridge in exchange for the pulp.

Wisemen's Area
Take lid and gasoline container. Read message on door to get code for Council. Go right to level 3. Use code for Throne Room then enter and take list of magic formula. Talk to Strength Wiseman to learn that his Energy syllable is locked in chest of The Unknown Boozook and that you will need to go back in time to get the code.

Talk to king to get Leading Syllable. Give him bottle opener in return for knighthood and key ring. Pick up chewing gum then read menu for taste code. Exit.

Go to second level and talk to Word Wiseman. He has lost his Basic Syllable. Next enter code for Talent Wiseman and talk to his wife -- not helpful. Press code for Council Chamber then enter and talk to Time Wiseman.

Next, go to home of Taste Wiseman and enter code. Talk to pet to learn that it is hungry. Give it your bean. You now have the Basic Syllable. Find Word Wiseman (at front of temple) use Basic Syllable on him. He will give you codes for Health and Fertility Wisemen.

Visit home of Health Wiseman and enter code. Click on window to learn you need to go on Virtual Trip. Now to home of Fertility Wiseman and enter code. Talk to his wife to learn that he may be stuck in the Asylum.

It's back to the Virtual Trip Tower. Pay your struls and take a seat. In the game talk to Health Wiseman and get Healing Syllable.

Back to Council Chamber. Talk to Word Wiseman to learn some history then talk to Health Wiseman. Now check out your magic formula sheet. You should be able to create a formula by clicking on your 'create formula' icon and entering the correct syllables. With the first three syllables (Leading, Basic and Health) you can create Memory and Diagnosis.

It's time for work
Remember you need a photo and a certificate. Off to Brotoflatron Plazza and use strul on Brotoflatron to get photo. Hmm, it could be improved. Use shirt front, glasses, chin and tarbrush then take photo. Still lacks something, though -- perhaps it's your cheesy smile.

Check out the weather forecast to learn that rain is expected in the Red Light District. Go there and use Weather Watch. Use the hat to catch the rain then on to the Time Clock. Use chewing gum on the hose and pour water into the reservoir to learn the Time Syllable. Don't forget to pick up your chewing gum as you leave. You can now make the Past formula.

Go to Council Chamber and give Time syllable to Time Wiseman and learn Advice syllable then on to the memorial. Use Past formula.

In past, get ear of corn, examine jar and get fish from helmet. Use fish on Commander's armour. Get trident and talk to dying Boozook. Show him your key ring and he will give you horn and code. Blow horn then push rocks behind statue to reveal smashed Boozook. Use trident on rocks, and again. Pull Boozook by his feet. Talk to him to learn that he will leave you the Intuition Syllable in a statue in your time.

Return to present and get stone fish from Commander's armour. Go to Slammer's Dead End and meet Master to get power. Take snail shell and arm. Master mentions that you can now call Coh Cott once more. Do so. Use stone fish on fish imprint in rock to get Transportozon. Now you can zap to areas previously visited without all that trudging.

Go to Throne Room and enter warrior's code into chest behind king for Energy Syllable. Give it to Strength Wiseman. You can now make Strength formula. Go now to home of taste Wiseman to learn that he wants Schnaplure spice.

Back to Brotoflatron and use all your accessories (it was the corn you needed for your smile) to take perfect photo. Go to Bureaucrat and use Strength on him to get Breathing Certificate. Use Tobozon to send certificate and perfect photo to Recruitment Center and get employment certificate.

Go to Factory and take job. Talk to foreman. Get hat and use it on mirror. Reject bad hats. If hat is good press switch, get box, put hat in it then move to front of machine. If you are in the correct position (experiment) the hat box will bounce onto wrapping machine. Click on the knot then start all over again. You could probably do this all day. Having fun? If not use a hat on the foreman.

In Cell click on Woodruff to squirm until he drops then pick up chain. Use chain on wall to get screw. Use screw on lock. Outside use screw on hook behind closet. Click on closet to get your inventory goodies back. Click on ordinary weirdo to learn tax code. Use tax code on your Tobozon to get angry with nurse. Pull lever.

In laboratory take Schnaplure Seed. Talk to professor and Fertility Wiseman. Now go to waterless fountain and use Schnaplure Seed on it. Add water from your hat and take Schnaplure Spice. Next off to the fan platform via the lab and put gasoline in tank and press switch. Now take a close look at the fan. Very close.

In the High Morals Club talk to censors then talk to Jeff who will open the President's door. Try to enter. The Censors won't let you. Put the trash bag on the brazier for a smoke screen. Enter President's room and talk to him. Give him your button. Take video tape and use it on VCR to get Artistic Syllable. Create Happiness formula. Outside the club talk to Master to get new power. (Click on graffiti if he won't talk.)

Then it's back to the asylum to use Happiness formula on special weirdo to get Green Syllable. You can now create Growth formula. In lab use Green syllable on Fertility Wiseman and Growth formula on the Professor.

Go to the house of Taste Wiseman, enter code and give him the Spice. He will give you the Boozooioli. Go to Council Chamber. Learn about evil. Put can on table then take Schprotznog and talk to each Wiseman for some advice.

In search of Azimuth -- you need to go to jail!
Go to drunk at Wino's and use Memory formula on him. He'll tell you he has lost his job at the jail and if you help him to make a new start he will teach you how to play rummy. Give him one of your photos and he will give you the rules to playing rummy.

While you are here press switch outside the bar to get another power from the Master. Go to Slammer's Dead End and ask guard about job. You will be told you need form 2B75 from Admin, properly signed.

The Bureaucrat will tell you he has lost the form. As before use Strength formula on him for the jail form. He can't remember so use Memory formula. Take form.

Now to Talent Wiseman and give him the Artistic syllable.

Then pop down to the public Tobozon for another meeting with the Master. On to the toy shop and use Strength to get kite. Now we are ready to go to jail. Give form to jailer. Inside get rag from thatched roof. Use rag on windows. Talk to robot when it appears and suggest a hobby. Talk to guards to initiate a card game and get rid of Marcel. Give rummy rules to robot to keep guards happy.

Now you can go up to the prison tower and check on the weather forecast. Use watch, then put kite on cross. Talk to prisoner then go up the tower. Use statue arm to get rope then use your new grabber on the left gargoyle. The Master will appear to give you the final power. You can now levitate -- but not here. Use Transportozon to return to the fan platform. Use levitation on fan. At statue of Boozook warrior use the shell on spiral imprint to get Intuitive Syllable. Create Insight formula.

While you are here use Tobozon to contact Miss C for invitation to Eye party. Use code she gives you and talk to door to learn you need an ocular accessory. Transport back to the prison tower. Use grabber on right-hand gargoyle and use Insight formula on wall. Talk to Azimuth and get Viblefrotzer.

Zap to the Virtual Trip Tower and use Insight formula on three-cup-trick player so that eye drops out of sight. Go now to the Street of Stairs to pick up the eye then transport to Aristocrat's Terrace and use eye on door. Examine Miss C and glass then use Medical formula on her. Transport to lab to mix potion. Back to Miss C and use antidote on glass. Use Happiness formula on her. After cut sequence talk to her to learn about Bigwig, the beast, and the sect. Pat the nice doggy.

Transport to the factory gates and talk to leader of the sect to learn mantra. Use mantra on microphone in Bigwig area.

In sect headquarters use mantra on empty place when it is your turn. Do this three times. Talk to High Priest. Use computer. Talk to HP again. Put strul in cult's bank and use computer. Talk to HP about sacred code. Put strul in bank and use computer. Put more struls in bank then back to computer again to learn concentration cycle, (grand gong, grand gong, small gong, grand gong, small gong, small gong). Use levitation to become chosen one. Click on gongs in sequence then take Ceedeerom. Save game, then go into initiation room for a bit of fun.

Back to Ms C's room and use Growth formula on plant near window. Go up to Bigwig's apartment. Click on force-field and heed the Master's words. Use levitation on field. Use lid on Bigwig then quickly use Ceedeerom in slot to hypnotise him. Use Viblefrotzer on him then get magnetic card from clothes. Press switch (almost hidden behind chair) then click on beast. When beast invades Woodruff eat Boozooioli. Put Schprotznog on hook then use chewing gum on it. Next click on the lock. When you are able, click on the lever of the Schprotznog to capture the beast. Use card on lock and watch end sequence.

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Copyright © Rosemary Young and Gordon Aplin 1995. All rights reserved.