Return to Zork

Developer:  Infocom
Publisher:  Activision

Walkthrough by Rosemary Young and Gordon Aplin (1995)
General Tips
Take a photograph of everything and everyone and ask all and sundry about your snaps. Conversations are automatically recorded, but it is far too tedious to play every response to every person - you don't need to bother. However, there is one exception, one reply from Ms Peepers will snap Rebecca out of her trance and allow her to translate a joke for you.

Valley of the Vultures
Take the rock and throw it at the vulture. Dig up the bonding plant with your knife. (If you pull it up it dies, but you can burn it any time and it will grow again - killing it won't get you as many points though).
Lighthouse - talk to the keeper. He needs illumynite and gives a good hint about the vultures. Believe what he says about the road to the south! Leave upstairs for now and venture outside to cut the vines with your knife and tie them to the planks. Using the raft gets you to ...

West Shanbar
Town Hall - talk to the Mayor and read files for numerous game hints. (Important).
Hardware store - take crank and box. Ignore the mice as you will need a rodent with more grunt later.
School - use the crank on the bell then talk to Mavis - she will give you a note book and a test. The answer is in your Encyclopedia Frobozzica or you can work it out from the mayor's files.
Old Mill - leave Boos for now, look just out the back and get the key and chock (to start the waterwheel). Take the key back to ...
Gift shop - it unlocks this door. Get the batteries for your orb. Get the Zorkmids and tickets from the cash register.
Under bridge - talk gently to the waif. Give him the tickets and he will give you a gift. Then back to ...
Old Mill - propose a toast as per directions in mayor's files. Pour your rye onto the plant and only pretend to drink. (Repeat.) After the third toast ask Boos for his keys and he will toss them to you. After the fourth drink he will fall down drunk revealing a trapdoor. Get the metal flask before going down. You now have the keys to the door at the bottom of the steps, so head down to ...

East Shanbar
Armory - talk to Moadikum Moodock. Beat him at 'Survivor' (you can't lose) and he will give you a rusty sword and a token.
Blacksmith's - give him the sword to repair and return later to pay him and pick it up. He swaps it for a fake so check it out closely. Then show it to him and bare your teeth - he's not as tough as he looks - he'll apologise and swap it for the real thing. (If you leave the shop and return later to tackle him about his dishonesty he'll grudgingly tell you he gave the sword to Ben and hand you a note to get it back). Leave this street for now and cross over the bridge to ...

New West Shanbar
Fool's memorial - take the book.
Pugney's Ranch - chat to him apologetically, don't take the bra box until he tells you to.
Snoot's farm - enter through the window. You bump into Rebecca and, once you are properly introduced, she will help you with lots of hints. She also tests you then gives permission for you to purloin her belongings. So feel free to take the mirror, soap, thermoz and meat. (The meat will go off and make you smelly, so you can leave it and come back later if you prefer.) Use the soap and water to wash the waif's gift to reveal a piece of disc. Say hello to Alexis the poodle to record her bark then don't waste any time with this hellhound. Fill your flask with water before leaving.
Snoot's Silo - use the crank to get carrots.
Pugney's barn - take hay and drop it near the cow. Burn it to warm your hands. Milk the cow using the thermoz then drink the milk and your sight will improve. Feed the carrots to the cow then repeat above until you are told your eyesight is so good it is resistant to any spell. Each time you milk the cow you will need more carrots. Leave here with a full thermoz of milk, and back to ...

East Shanbar
Incinerator - burn bra and pour water on the wire before taking it. (Only operate one lever at a time to avoid the big bang.)
General Store - Use wire to pick the lock. Shake cereal box twice to get the whistle. Put rats in box.
Docks - chat to Ben who will show you the cow hitch. (Give him the note, if you have it, and he will give you the real dwarven sword). Showing photos will prompt him to lament his lost love and he will give you a love letter to take to Witch Itah. Hire the boat and use the rats to get it moving. Down the river and into the ...

Witch Itah - talk to her but don't give her the note until you have asked all you can. She will give you her stick. Leave bats for now (you haven't yet been told to take them). Using the stick navigate the bog. (You are on your own here as it shifts each time you enter.)

You will exit the bog near the Whispering Woods. Take photo then ignore them for now as the bats will lead you through them later. Exit this location and go to the ruins. Get tiles and frame and sort out the puzzle. The solution is:
Water unseen at falls mix with bat dropping yields potion for ...
The mystery tile will drop into place at the end and tells you two things - how to make the invisibility potion and also to look out for several items that have appeared at your feet. So pick up the illumynite and disc piece. (If you have solved the puzzle elsewhere return here to get them.) You may be short of cash by now so it is as good a time as any to tackle the ...

Forest of the Spirits
First go east to the money tree. Hit it with your sword for a few Zorkmids. You can come back whenever you need more money. Then head for the Bowman and when you get the chance offer him your milk (he is blind). He'll then see the error of his ways and drop his bow and arrow. Take them and your thermos and head north to the fairy. When you are plunged into darkness strike a match. The fairy will repay you for rescuing her with some fairy dust. Continue on to the Tree Spirit and listen to her ditty about the dangers of the forest. Then head eastwards keeping an eye open for the pile of leaves. Spring the trap by throwing something at it then use your sword to slash it and retrieve the object. North again to the boar and hit it with your sword three times for another piece of disc. Next go westwards to meet the spider. Don't get too close, just take a photo. Exit the woods and return briefly to Witch Itah. Show her this photo for a hint on how to deal with the spider and also show her photo of the Whispering Woods. She will then let you take the bats. Out through the bog once more to the ...

Whispering Woods
Release bats and follow their trail. Your sight will fail if you didn't polish off a good supply of milk in the barn earlier. If you didn't you will need to drink the milk once on the way through and once on the way back - so don't get greedy as there are only two gulps and I hope you replenished the thermos after you shared it with the bowman.)
Ferryman's dock - ring bell three times. Show token to ferryman.
Island - lever magnet from door then enter. Take the scroll and use it to unduck Canuk. Talk to him but ask him about the bottle last and he will shrink you to fit inside it.
In bottle - swim up to get combination to the safe then enter cabin and take the rag. Open the safe take disc and metal thing. Rebecca informed you that mirrors deflect spells so ready your's before exiting. If you don't have the mirror use the rag on the metal thing and hold onto that instead. Then Canuk is easily subdued by his own reflected spell. If you try to exit here with the scroll you will lose it so feed it to Canuk the duck then take the egg. Break the egg any time to get the scroll again. Ring ferry bell twice to return. Before you leave the woods take a bat dropping and put it in the flask, then off to the ...

Cliffs of Depression
Use the rope to climb down. Inside there is no time for idle chit chat. 'Tell' your 4 jokes and Cliff will give you a piece of disc. The jokers are the blacksmith, Canuk, Rebecca (with a little help from Ms Peepers), Witch Itah and the Mayor - take your pick. The book from the Fool's Memorial is useful in getting them. Also you will need your bonding plant here. (If it is dead, burn it then come back later). Grab the rope as you leave, you will need it elsewhere. You must be getting tired by now so back to East Shanbar and visit the ...

Inn of Issinough
Chat to Molly and rent a room. Put your illumynite on the night stand then turn on the monitor and watch the ad. Next turn off the light to dream of Morpheus. Do this three times. You will need to leave the Inn each time and pay again for your room. When you have taken all the taunts you can take from Morpheus head for the ...

Vulture Pits
It's time for the meat now and it must be rotten. Sprinkle fairy dust on it then throw it towards the pits. Now zap past the sleeping vultures to get the talon. Outside use your magnet with the whistle. A vulture will appear and carry you off. You can use the map now to travel to any place you have previously visited so return to the lighthouse and give the illumynite to the keeper. Show him your disc pieces and he will give you the last piece. Go up to the rail and tie the rope using the cow hitch. Use talon on rope then throw it ...

Across the river - and back again briefly
Bel Nair Temple - talk to the Holy Woman and get your sword blessed. Take shield from the statue outside then go north to the Dwarfs. They will give you a miner's helmet. Listen carefully to the "Left, Right, Straight" dialogue, it's important later, but first fly back to ...
The Troll Caverns - wear the helmet, take your sword and enter. You will meet three trolls in succession and if you checked out the skeleton at the entrance you will know to strike the first troll 'left', the next one 'up' and the last one 'down'. Threaten the troll leader and he will give you the necklace.
Spider again - just show it the necklace and it scarpers. Cut the web and approach ...
Flood Control Dam #3. Go behind the waterfall and top up the bat droppings in your flask with water. You now have the invisibility potion.
Dwarfs again - pick up rope and talon on the way then enter the mine.
Turn L, R, Straight, R, L, R, S, R, L, L, R, S to arrive at the ...
Ancient Ruins (statues) - put disc pieces in the trencher. Starting at the left, give the statues the stick, talon, thermoz, helmet, shield and orb. You will also need to give the box to the statue with the helmet. Press button and take the Flying Disc of Frobozz.

The end
Go to Wall of Illusion (nearby the Cliffs of Depression) and shatter it with the disc. Next fire an arrow at the hand above the Citadel. When you meet the Orc, drink your potion and play Alexis' bark. At the bridge unload all your possessions until you are light enough to cross. Then accept the challenge and play Survivor. Remember that the wizard can pass on any move. And that's it. Win the game and you've won the game!!

This walkthrough will get you to the end of the game, but with 3 points short of the maximum score. If anyone can tell us what we missed it would be appreciated!

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Copyright © Rosemary Young and Gordon Aplin 1995. All rights reserved.