King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride

Developer/Publisher:  Sierra

Walkthrough by Rosemary Young and Gordon Aplin (1995)
The latest in the King's Quest saga which was reviewed in our first issue. There is a lot to do in this game, but the puzzles are not overly difficult. You just need a good supply of patience.

General tips
If you didn't read our review it's as well to remember that you can't simply save a game. The program automatically saves when you quit. Consequently you can't just back track willy-nilly if you miss something. You must pay attention to pick up clues. It's tiresome, but advisable to quit the game regularly so if you do have to go back there is a save game to return to that is not in the too distant past.

This walkthrough is only one way to complete the game - there are alternatives at several points. For example, you might use a rope to catch the rabbit at the beginning of the game.

Chapter 1 - Valanice
Take torn petticoat from the cactus. Click comb on yourself (Valanice) to cry. Remember this as the information will come in handy later.
Go south (2 screens) to whirlwind and wait for it to move away from the skeleton. Get horn and blow it twice to clear out the sand.
You will meet the desert spirit somewhere near this spot. Talk to him to learn that there is a portal through the mountains. He also indicates his dire need for fresh water!
Go to pool, look in it to see statue which you will need to access later, then taste the water - it's salty. You can't give it to the desert spirit as is. Take stick and salt crystals. Examine base of statue to learn how to make fresh water.
Go north, look at footprints, look at stone head and at carving on the lip. This is the portal and the shape that fits this carving is its key. Use stick to get the prickly pear.
Continue east, at entrance to caves note gourd and wet sand. Examine rock painting for clue to emptying the pool.
Inside cave take box, look at it and turn it to get corn kernel. Take a clay pot and don't panic if you destroy a few.
Outside again - plant corn kernel in the wet sand to get corn cob.
East again. Knock on door of Rare Curiosities Shop and talk to Roo Rat to learn he wants his glasses back from the rabbit.
Examine rabbit hole. Click horn on hole to get back at the rabbit for taunting you then take the glasses and fur. Give glasses to Roo Rat and he will offer to trade with you. You have nothing for him yet, but show him the comb for news of Rosella and the trolls. Head south to the ruins and meet the scorpion. Take note of the statue on the altar and the face carved on the wall, then run away.
Return to the pool and (as per instructions at base of statue) fill pot with water and pour it in the statue's bowl. Use the comb on the bowl to cry into it, then put corn cob in statue's free hand. Bingo! Fresh water.
Dip your pot into the bowl to take water. Taste it to confirm that it is fresh then head for the desert and the thirsty spirit. Give him the water and he will take you back to the skeleton and present you with the bug reducer.
Back at the pool click on the statue's head so that the sun's rays are showing (remember the face in the scorpion's lair). Click on the necklace to move blue beads into line as per rock painting. Click on the right wrist of statue to up-end the bowl and this will drain the pool. Enter pool and examine the tray to learn that the statue wants a blue offering.
Return to cave entrance and get seed from the gourd, then trade it with Roo Rat for a blue bead.
You can confront the scorpion now, sprinkle it with the bug powder. Examine the altar and click on the hot spot in front of the statue to release three gems. Put blue gem in lower hand, yellow gem in higher hand and red gem in the circle at the back of the altar. Take piece of carving that appears.
Return to the pool and put Roo Rat's blue bead on the tray to get the arrowhead. Combine this with your piece from the altar to make an arrow. It fits the niche in the large head to the north and opens the portal.

Chapter 2 - Rosella
There's nothing to do in the first room after you discover you have been turned into a troll so leave and talk to Mathilde to learn what you need to get your old self back - baked beetles, a crystal dragon scale, a silver spoon, water of emerald and a gold bowl.
After cut sequence get toy rat and take the shield from the wall. Examine shield and click on the central spike to remove it.
Now go east to the bridge. You have nothing to give the troll so click on the cart, attach the shield to the axle then fix it with the spike. Click on 'ride' and demolish the troll. Continue east to dragon to learn that it has lost its spark.
Return to main cavern - Malicia (the wicked witch) appears and you automatically follow her to the mud pool. Talk to bathing trolls and leave.
Snoop around the kitchen now, it's to the north-east. You will get kicked out but next time you return you can use the mouse on the chef to send him on his way. You can then get the bowl and the baked beetles from the grinder.
Return to the mud baths to get information from the troll women about the effects of flowers and sulphur on trolls.
Next head for the forge and talk to the troll on the right to learn that sexual harassment is alive and well in Vulcanix (troll land). He needs to be knocked down a peg or two so you can get hold of the mould. Before heading down talk to the jeweller troll to learn that he has ambitions to become a master jeweller in Etheria but needs help to get away.
Lower down get the lantern and sulphur (by jumping across chasm). Fill bowl with the green water.
Return to the forge and use sulphur on fire to put your new found 'friend' to sleep. Then click on him for Rosella's revenge. Get tongs, use them on hot mould then put it in the bucket before taking the spoon. Put tongs back on wall. Use lantern on fire to get spark - you may need to use the bellows first.
Just for good measure, click on the sleeping troll again before you leave!
Back to the dragon and give it the spark to get jewel. Take jewel to the jeweller and he will conveniently flee leaving behind his hammer and chisel.
Dragon again. Use hammer and chisel to get scale. Timing is of the essence here so you don't get squashed.
You have all the ingredients now to regain your former self, so give them to Mathilde. There follows a long cut sequence and you get some silver (the melted spoon) and end up as Rosella back in your room again.
Look at picture, stack stools beneath it and watch cut sequence as you crawl in the hole to learn of Malicia's plot to cause the volcano to erupt and destroy Etheria. Get dragon toad from throne when you eventually fall through the hole above it. Then return to your room to initiate another sequence.
Next show the dragon toad to Mathilde to learn about it and to get rope. Go east to bridge - on the way use the rat to dispense with Malicia - use rope on bucket/elevator to escape.

Chapter 3 - Valanice
Calm the lizard creature with the prickly pear.
Examine beautiful statues and flowers, then go west to talk to stag (Lord Attis) to learn what has happened and why the forest is sickening. Keep talking to him until the conversation is exhausted and you learn about the Rock Spirit. Look at tree (Ceres) and talk to her.
Before you leave you can try to extract the stake but you won't succeed.
Go west then north, cross mud using stepping stones. Examine web, catch spider in your box then release the bird.
Continue north to town of Falderal and use the small door to enter. Talk to Fifi (Archduke Yip Yap) and use comb on him to gain his sympathy. He gives you a big hint on how to enter the Faux Shop.
Read note on Town Hall door to learn about the ball then enter the China Shop and talk to Ferdinand. He tells you he has lost his bird. Take note of the mask - you have no money to buy it, so what might induce Ferdinand to give it to you?
Go east to snake-oil salesman and talk to him to learn that he wants a statuette. Get the bird and return to Ferdinand who will give you the mask.
Now visit the Town Hall wearing the mask. When inside head straight for the back door to the crazy stairs.
Just roam around. If you get to the upside down room you can't do anything yet, but open the drawer and see what happens. In Cherub room you can't read the plaque so don't waste time on it. Look in upside down mirror - you will be zapped to Fifi's room the right way up.
Get the statuette from the drawer. Use the comb on it to see Rosella.
Leave and head east to the salesman - (he won't be there but you will initiate another cut sequence). When it is over get the wooden nickel from the mocking bird's nest. (You can't reach the cheese yet).
Next use the salt to enter the Faux Shop - have a chat with Ersatz then swap the mask for the rubber chicken. Carefully examine the chicken to get the feather.
Leave town and go south to Felspar the Rock Spirit, and tickle his nose with the feather to learn what you must do.
Statues again. Ask hummingbird for nectar and fill your pot. As per Felspar's instructions, pour it into the hole in the statue's jar. You have now lifted the curse on Attis and he is himself once more. He will tell you about the swamp creature in Ooga Booga Land and promise to help you deal with it.
Return to Faux Shop (use rainbow bridge) and buy the book with your wooden nickel. Take book to Roo Rat in desert and trade it for a shepherd's crook. Back to town and use crook on cheese in pond - you get arrested.

Chapter 4 - Rosella
Quickly click on shovel to save yourself then talk to grave digger and learn he wants his rat back.
As you wander around Ooga Booga Land you must continually avoid the ghoul and don't talk to the grieving woman. Go to the spooky house and talk to Dr Cadaver - he wants a backbone.
Find the pumpkin house, click on rope to go up, and collect backbone and the foot-in-a-bag.
Give the backbone to Dr Cadaver to get weird pet-in-box.
Pumpkin house again and give weird pet to brats (put it on the elevator) to get rat.
Give rat to grave digger to get horn.
At pumpkin house use the hammer and chisel to release the cat, get a life, and learn where you must dig to find the Troll King.
Go to the clearing with the pile of bones, picking up the grave digger's shovel on the way. Blow horn and watch as grave digger digs hole.
Down, click on lock (skull, bat, spider). After cut sequence give dragon toad to King and use hammer and chisel on his wrist.
Watch cut sequence. Pick up scarab (King) and get black cloak. Wear cloak, go back to doctor to get defoliant.
Go south past pumpkin house and through gate. (You can get some revenge by talking to the brats on the way). Use defoliant on swamp creature then give foot-in-a-bag to carnivorous plant to get the flower.
East lies Malicia's house. The scarab (King) tells you that you must enter it to get a device which will put an end to Malicia's evil plans. He knows what must be done. You must approach the volcano through a secret passage in the town. After you get the device he will guide you.
Go around the back of Malicia's house and click on the vine to move it then use shovel to enlarge the hole. Enter hole, but not while the dog is barking! This is tricky - it takes time and patience - it might even be a slight bug!
In the house, hide beneath floor boards and use defoliant to get rid of the dog. When Malicia leaves search drawers to get device and remember to be tidy and put the clothes back as you will find a woollen stocking.
Exit the way you came in. Don the cloak again and put the silver in the stocking to make a sling before heading east to the woods. Use the sling on the bear then off to Falderal.
Head for the mirror room in the Town Hall. Use the stocking on the plaque then read it. Look at the column beneath the cherubs then use hammer and chisel to get the fruit (golden grapes).
Use grapes on statue and then use the wand to turn the scarab back into the Troll King so he can help you.
Follow him and note carefully how he opens the door.

Chapter 5 - Valanice
Watch cut sequence as you are given 24 hours to redeem yourself.
Then go to snake oil salesman and give him the statuette to get the salve. Put the rabbit fur in the salve.
Go to tree near Town Hall and use the chicken on the forked branch to put the moon back in the sky. You are now pardoned and can leave town.
Go to the glade near the woods and use the salve on yourself. Watch cut scene as you evade the bear. Quickly get past the gargoyle and on to Ooga Booga Land.
Talk to the good doctor then go to the pumpkin house to get bone from mummy.
Head for the clearing with the pile of bones and talk to the cat to learn you should go to Etheria and that you must help the headless horseman to get him to help you.
At ruined house give bone to black dog, talk to it and get medal.
Give medal to weeping woman then examine vault, it's locked.
Go to pumpkin house and get firecracker then use it to blow up the lock. In vault move lid to get the skull.
Outside, click skull on horseman while he is still in the sky. In return he gives you a fife and his horse which takes you to Etheria.
In Etheria go east and up spiral path to get the ambrosia from tree behind the cave. You can't enter the cave yet, so return to the circle of fairies and use the ambrosia on them and listen to the melody as it is repeated. The four note sequence is important.
Head north to the harp gate and play the melody, (1,5,6,4 from left to right). Click on sphere then talk to the Fates to be directed to seek help from Mab in the land of dreams.
You must sleep to visit Mab and the only place you may do so is in the coffin in Dr Cadaver's house.
Return there by sliding down the rainbow to the west of the fairies. (Experiment and you will find where each rainbow deposits you).
At Dr. Cadaver's, sleep and watch dream sequence to learn that Mab is imprisoned in ice. Play the fife to return to Etheria and consult the Fates only to learn that Ceres will solve the next bit of the puzzle for you. Down the rainbow again and put the ambrosia in the cornucopia to get the pomegranate.
Use it on the tree to lift the curse on Ceres then she will tell you that you must go to the land of dreams whilst awake, and that you need a crystal of sunlight to melt the ice.
Off to Malicia's house and hide under floor boards as she enters. Use the ambrosia to get rid of the dog this time.
When the coast is clear get the crystal from the lamp shade.
Next go to the scorpion's lair and put the crystal in the shaft of light then return to the Fates (again) and they will advise you to visit the weaver of dreams to learn how to travel in dreamland whilst awake. They will give you a dream catcher.
Next head for the cave at the summit of the winding path. Catch the nightmare at the cave entrance with the dream catcher and show it to the weaver so he will help you. He will weave you the tapestry of dreams.
Use this to enter dream world and use the dream catcher on the nightmare that attacks you on the way.
Use crystal on ice to free Mab and learn that you must enlist the help of the winds to find Oberon and Titania. To do so you must ride the wind - you will be given a harness to help you.
Go to cave at Etheria and stand near ambrosia tree. Use the harness on the wind spirit when it appears then watch cut scenes in which you talk to the King of the Winds and then finally to Oberon and Titania.

Chapter 6 - Rosella
Turn wand to F then use it quickly on the false king - the one who is thrown to the wall. Watch cut sequence (sit back and put your feet up for a while). In volcano use shovel on wall to escape. At the door remember how the Troll King opened it. (Click on left eye, right eye and nose). Plug your device into the socket then use the flower to revive the Troll King. Watch and watch and watch. After Edgar gets zapped get the device and use it on Malicia. Use life on Edgar. Watch end sequence.

See the Review of King's Quest VII.

Copyright © Rosemary Young and Gordon Aplin 1995. All rights reserved.