Flight of the Amazon Queen

Developer:  IBI
Publisher:  Renegade/TWI

Walkthrough by Rosemary and Gordon (1995)
After introduction when you are locked in the hotel room pull the curtain cord to open curtains. Take wig, then pick up two sheets to expose laundry chute. Use one sheet on the other then use sheet rope on radiator. Go down chute.

Examine shelves. Move ladder then take crowbar and false breasts. Go to lobby via stairs and look at key on desk. Talk to bellboy and ask about key then say you are Lola's friend so he will give it to you.

If you try to leave hotel you will lose your clothes, but don't worry. Back in hotel room use crowbar on trunk to get towel. Down chute again, use key on dressing room door, talk to Lola and ask for help. Give Lola the towel when she asks for it. She will give you a dress. When you leave the dressing room wear dress, etc. Now you can leave the hotel.

Go to truck -- you will be chased. On back of truck you can take the chicken, hay and oil can, but you only need the oil. Use oil on pursuing car.

At airfield talk to Anderson until you hit him. Watch cut sequence.

Open duffle bag get knife and lighter. Talk to Faye and then Sparky to get beef jerky. Examine waterlogged seat for comic coupon. Open hatch. Feed beef to piranhas. Get propeller then use knife on lily pad stem. Use propeller on lily pad and deliver all safely to shore.

Set off north to parrot to learn about princess and Trader Bob. Cut vine with knife. Retrace steps and go past crash site to bridge. Repair bridge with vine to get banana. Back again until you meet gorilla. Talk to it and tell it that it can't exist in South America. On to pinnacle and watch cut sequence. Back to crash site and talk to Sparky to learn he will give you a file if you get him a comic. You can't get the perfume yet, you'll need something to fish it out of the water.

Next head for Trader Bob's. Ignore pygmies for the moment and talk to Bob and agree to help. Talk to Naomi, she wants perfume and will trade scissors for it. See what you can buy. Note empty beef jerky jar, sell Bob your jerky. Buy vacuum. Chat to Bob some more to learn about Floda.

Floda Headquarters
Pick flower. Talk to secretary. Say you are fumigator. In library note phonograph. You need the record from Trader Bob's. Move cushion, take money. In kitchen talk to chef to learn doctor has extra sensitive teeth. Give him banana. When he leaves take dog food and cheese bitz. Continue right and open locker to get squeaky toy. Open mail bag for letter to private John. Outside give squeaky toy to guard dog. Inside the building it is guarding examine crates and note padlock -- you need the key.

More jungle
Return to jungle and follow path. Note waterfall, fish and beetle. Above waterfall talk to Skip and Bud. Skip will give you a comic and Bud wants a rash cure. Read comic to get loose page. Use loose page on coupon then examine blueprint for jet pack clue.

Back to Sparky, give him book for file. Next quickly zap back to bridge for another banana. Waterfall again, go right & talk to vicious dinosaur, repeat episode with gorilla. Enter log.

At small waterfall use vacuum on wasps, take orchid. Continue to stone carving and examine it. After cut sequence press button.

In dungeon talk to everyone. Learn about glove puppet from bedraggled prisoner. Get puppet. When Faye arrives apologise and she will let you out.

Talk to Amazon, agree to rescue princess. Return through log then south to missionaries. Talk to Jimmy to learn about sloths. Talk to Mary-lou and eventually swap file for dictionary. Examine middle monkey and swap banana for coconut. Trader Bob's again and talk to pygmies. The witchdoctor will tell you ingredients for rash cure -- hair of sloth, coconut milk, and something to give it a buzz. In shop give Bob orchid then get the net. Return to crash site to get perfume then swap it for Naomi's scissors. In Jungle take north path to sloth. Use flower on sloth then wait to cut its hair. Continue to waterfall and catch beetle with net. Back to witch doctor and give vacuum cleaner and sloth hair. Then use knife on coconut and give halves to witchdoctor for rash cure.

Find Bud again and he will give you lots of money for the cure. Now you can buy the record at Bob's.

Floda again
In library play record to reveal elevator -- step on it.

In first door look at box to find can opener. Out again then south and talk to John about princess. South again talk to Klunk. Follow passage, enter door and talk to Henry. Exit and down stairs. In lab take super weenie serum. Go up stairs on the right and talk to princess to learn about key. Back to reception and take pencil.

Next go down to John and deliver his letter. While he is crying enter rooms he is guarding. One room has cabinets and a roster board. Read board and note that Henry is to report to Colonel for Jackson for kitchen duty. The other room has a cabinet and desk. Read notes on desk then move cabinet to reveal safe -- you need the combination.

Open dog food with can opener. Use weenie serum on it then give it to Klunk. Talk to him, call him a weenie then knock him out. Enter Dr Ironstein's room. Examine desk. Note indentation on note pad. Use pencil on pad for combination. Back to safe to get padlock key and rocket plan.

Find Henry and tell him to report for Kitchen duty (Colonel Jackson's orders). Open door near desk. Watch sequence. Examine wall chart for Floda's plans, get book and use scissors on it to find key.

Use this key to release the princess -- watch cut scenes again. In locked reception area talk to princess then use mannequins so that you will hide behind them. When guard leaves ask princess if she saw the code then use this on control panel. After she leaves enter building opposite and unlock padlock. Get rocket pack.

Back to Amazon fortress for cut sequence.

Sloth Island
Go to jetty and talk to ferryman. Ask about bait then give beetle to him. Next ask to go to Sloth Island.

On Island look at wall and statue with sockets. Go through right hand door and give dino rat some cheese bitz. Move the 4 mummies and take body parts. Enter next room for more body parts. You should have a skull, arm bone, leg bone and rib cage. Return to entrance. Put bones in appropriate holes in wall. Put arm bone in socket on statue. Put coin in slot and move arm bone. Enter.

Talk to temple guardian and answer riddle. (Man). Go through right hand door then north. Follow path to zombie women and talk to them. When they open sarcophagus pick up mummy wrappings. Talk to woman to get her to open sarcophagus again. When they leave you can open it to get crown. Use knife on vines, close sarcophagus then move it. Exit through hole. When you land use knife on tree root to get sap. Move fountain head close by to get blue jewel. Ignore the lever for now as it only blows you up to where you came in. Go left and talk to Ian in cage. Left again to wall markings. Use hand puppet to get stone disk. Return to room with big lever and use it (but stock up with sap first).

Go through mouth of huge statue and use disc on spindle. Use vine on disc. Go down to connect vine at the bottom. Use baseball bat on pulley. Go through door and take pick. Return to mouth, go to stalactite room and use pick on stalactite to get flint. Use pick on hole then enter crypt. You can't open the coffin yet as you need a sturdy lever. Leave and go to left hand room of statue. Use mummy wrappings on arm bone. Use flint on lighter. Light make-shift torch to get rid of snake.

Enter and go down the stairs. Go through door on right and search body for ID card and stone. Continue left then across walkway to laser beam statues. Continue left to cut sequence. Left again across the water to statue at waterfall. Get big stick. Return to crypt room and use stick on crypt, take death mask. Use wrappings to polish mask. Back now to laser beams and use mask on lizard heads. Enter. Try to pick up green jewel. Can't reach? Use sap on baseball bat. Use sticky bat on jewel. Return to statue at waterfall and put jewels on face. The right passage leads to altar room the left leads to more laser beams. You still can't get to Ian because a stone slab is in the way. So back to pulley room and use your bat to lower the other stone slab. This will raise the one blocking your way to the glowing pit.

Back to Ian. Talk to him. Pull lever. Talk to him again and suggest he unties the rope. Pull lever again. Return to the statue where you placed the jewels and you will hear a thud and groan. Check out passage with laser beams to see what happened to Ian. Now go down to room below by using the right door of the huge statue, then enter the sarcophagus again and get chunk of rock from body. Use sap (you may need to get more) to join the two pieces of rock together to make stone key.

Back to altar room and use stone key on statue, then down stairs to maze. Feed cheese bitz to dino rat and follow it. Repeat until you reach room with strange markings. Read markings, look at wall panels then move them. This will start a mechanism that will deposit a chair, but you don't want to use it yet. Go into room on right and use vacuum on floor mosaic. Find the symbol on the wall that isn't on the floor then press it. The wall symbols will change so repeat the process. A door will open. ( If you can't work it out press second symbol from left at bottom of wall panel then third from left on next row up to open door.) Talk to guardian. Give her the crown. Get skull. Back to chair and sit on it. Watch cut sequence.

In prison take mug and use it on door. Watch cut sequence.

Valley of Mists
Go to Trader Bob's ask him about Valley of Mists. Ask him about alcohol to buy it, you will need to show ID card. Use alcohol on jet pack. Go to pinnacle and use jet pack. Watch cut sequence.

Follow Faye. The brontosaurus blocks your path. Walk to distant clearing, find branches and cut with knife. Use branch on brontosaurus and walk back around it. Another cut scene. Use tyranno horn to scare dino. Watch sequence. Use dino ray gun on monster Frank. Use gun to restore Faye. Talk to her about her mirror. Ask her to turn it around. Use ray gun again then restore Sparky. Use shiny mask on Sparky then use gun on Frank again and that's it. Watch end sequence.

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Copyright © Rosemary and Gordon 1995. All rights reserved.