Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Developer:  Bioware
Publisher:  LucasArts

Walkthrough by Steve Metzler (April, 2005)
The events in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) transpire 4000 years before the emergence of what we all know as the Star Wars universe/Galactic Empire. But there are Jedi knights, oh yes! And you get to become one during the course of the game.

You may find this guide to be somewhat... schizophrenic in nature. I played both the Light Side and the Dark Side by alternating between saved games, so that the complete guide to both Jedi paths is presented here.

Once again, I've eschewed that handy yet game spoiling Table of Contents! OK, so this guide is loaded with outright spoilers anyway, but I try not to ruin all the fun right up front by providing you with a listing of all the important locations you will visit. If you're looking for references to a particular location, person, weapon, etc., then just search for it in your browser.

Directions are given assuming that the top of your screen is north, and the longer direction names are abbreviated, like SW for southwest. In locations where there are more directions than can be indicated in this manner, the numbers on a clock face are used, like: 9 o'clock.

There is a 25MB patch available here. Read about it first before downloading (but beware there are mild spoilers in the descriptions of problem fixes). I didn't bother downloading it, because the most useful thing it does is allow you to re-map movement from the ASWD keys to the cursor keys. Not worth a 25MB download in my opinion, unless you also have a critical game play issue or two that the patch addresses.

To play the Light Side, you need to take non-confrontational dialogue choices, and act in an altruistic manner. To embrace the Dark Side, just think selfishly and always accept short term gains. It does you no good to fence-sit, because the more Light Side 'points' you have, the less Force Points it costs to use a Light Side Force Power, and the same for Dark Side Powers. So choose a side early on, and stick with it! Even though cross-side Powers are more expensive to use, you may have to take one or two just to be on the safe side. For instance, Heal is very valuable even for a Dark Sider as it cuts down on the number of Medpacs you need to acquire. There are also several Universal Powers that are available to both sides at no advantage or penalty. Note: you only get access to Force Powers once you attain Jedi status, part way through the game.

Speaking of the Dark Side, as your character begins to lean further towards the Dark Side his/her face becomes deeply veined/scarred. You'd think your companions would sort of notice this drastic change in countenance but... I guess they're just stupid :-)

The interface for upgrading weapons and armour is a little confusing, so worth a paragraph. There are workbenches scattered throughout the game world for this purpose. When you access a workbench, the categories of equipment that are upgradeable will be highlighted. Select one of the categories, and then select an item you wish to upgrade. Slots corresponding to upgrade items available in your inventory will appear highlighted with a green background, but there will be a black hole in the shape of the item. Just click on one of these highlighted holes, and the appropriate upgrade item from your inventory will pop into the hole. Then you can assemble the upgrade. Important: as the game progresses, you will find more powerful items. You can then remove the upgrades from items you are no longer using, and apply them to the new items.

After a tough battle where your party has sustained damage, transit back to the apartment or ship to heal for free instead of wasting Medpacs.

Make sure you apply all weapons and armour upgrades soon after finding them. They really give you an edge in battle!

You have to talk to the various NPCs in your party several times to get all the information you can from them. You will usually be prompted by them when they are ready to impart the next part of their life history. Although these prompts show up in your journal as quests, I haven't bothered to document any of them because you do not receive any XP for completing these 'quests'; rather, they serve to advance the story.

In most of my guides to date, I have supplied an extensive catalogue at the bottom of the guide that provides details of the more important specimens of weapons and armour that you can acquire. I started to compile such a catalogue for this game, but soon ran into difficulties. There are literally hundreds of variants on melee weapons, blasters, and armour in this game! So I had to give up. Anyway, there are a lot of 'big ticket' items costing in the region of 7500 credits or more that are only marginally better than the items which you can retrieve from fallen foes, so be careful about forking out credits for these items. Most of them are not worth the money.

The Endar Spire
You awake on a large ship called the Endar Spire that is under attack by the Sith. This first part of the game serves as a tutorial, so listen to what the soldier Trask is saying very carefully. First thing you need to do is turn around and access the footlocker there. Equip: Clothing, a weapon of your choice, and the Stealth Field Generator. Then use Trask to open the door, and make your way towards the bridge, eliminating all Sith in your path. Be sure to take all items from any lockers and bodies you encounter. Of note: a Vibration Cell upgrade on the body of a fallen Jedi, and a footlocker that contains a Long Sword and Combat Suit.

Once you are through the bridge, Trask spots a Dark Jedi and leaves your party to hold him off while you make your escape. Head through the door marked Starboard Section, and Carth Onasi is now communicating with you to help you get to the escape pods. Raid the footlocker in the room with the damaged combat droid, and use just 4 Parts on the droid to engage it in patrol mode (don't bother to repair its shields. Note: this option might not even require 4 Parts if you have some Repair skill). After the droid takes out the soldiers in the next room, you'll find a body with an Ion Blaster and a Prototype Vibroblade on it. The Prototype Vibroblade is a great melee weapon for early on in the game, as it's upgradeable.

When you make it to the escape pods, you and Carth take the last remaining pod to the surface of a nearby planet, thus completing Quest 1 below.


  • 1.  Attack on the Endar Spire - 250 XP.
    Complete the tutorial by escaping from the Endar Spire just before it explodes. Note: there is no time limit, so take the time to search all bodies and lockers for valuable gear.

Taris, South Apartments
You wake up in an apartment on Taris that is used as a safe house. Talk to Carth, and you get Quest 1 below. Raid the footlocker, and you can also use the workbench to upgrade your Prototype Vibroblade if you took the Vibration Cell upgrade off the body of the fallen Jedi on the Endar Spire. When you are ready, leave the apartment and Carth joins you. You are in a circular hallway, your apartment being at the 11 o'clock position. Work your way all around the hallway, entering each apartment. You apparently don't accrue Dark Side points for stealing from innocents, which I thought rather strange. So plunder away. Dia's apartment is at 9 o'clock. See Quest 2 below. Also, there is a Twi'lek named Larrim who runs a trading post just outside Dia's apartment.

Once you've visited all the apartments, head into the Upper City through the door at 6 o'clock.


  • 1.  The search for Bastila - 330 XP and Bastila joins party.
    This might take a while. Carth suspects that her pod crashed somewhere in the Undercity...

  • 2.  Dia's bounty - 125 XP and Energy Projector.
    (Light Side) If you have some Persuade skill, you should be able to get her to tell you about Holdan, and the bounty he has placed on her head. Then in Javyar's Cantina in the Lower City, you will be able to persuade Holdan to cancel the bounty. Talk to Dia once more after that, to get the XP. If you accept no reward, you get some Light Side points; however, if you accept the reward instead, it turns out to be an Energy Projector, a very useful melee weapon upgrade!

    (Dark Side) Kill Dia, and you will be able to collect the bounty from Zax after you speak to Holdan. You get 105 XP and 400 credits (using Persuade).

Taris, Upper City South
Head directly south (you pass Kebla Yurt's shop. Her prices are better than Larrim's), and you come to the Upper City Cantina. Buy the Pazaak Deck off Garouk, then challenge Niklos to a game of pazaak. It probably goes without saying that you should save before every challenge, and never play twice in a row. Always restore if you lose, and save if you win before challenging again. Once you win 5 times, Niklos declares you a cheat and refuses to play again. Hmph. Now head inside the cantina, and you can get Quest 1 below.

As you are making your way towards the Upper City North area, you come upon two bounty hunters bothering a man who owes the local crime lord, Davik, some money:

(Light Side) Kill the bounty hunters and pay off the man's debt (100 credits) for some Light Side points.

(Dark Side) Kill the bounty hunters, then make the poor man hand over all his credits.


  • 1.  Invited to a party - 300 XP and Sith Armor.
    Once inside the cantina, if you have high enough Persuade skill - or talk to her nicely - you can get Sarna, who is a Sith junior officer, to invite you to a party. To complete this quest, you must go to the apartment complex in Upper City North. Once you locate the apartment where the party is taking place, talk to Sarna. Soon afterwards, everyone passes out from the effects of the booze. Take the Sith Armor from the Sith Backpack. You can later employ it as a disguise...

    If you couldn't get Sarna to invite you to the party, there is another way to complete this quest. Instead of a party, there will be a Sith patrol at the apartment interrogating a prisoner who stole some Sith uniforms. Take out the Sith, talk to the prisoner, and then take the Sith Armor from one of the bodies.

  • 2.  The duel ring - 520 XP and 1500 credits plus chance to fight Bendak Starkiller.
    You can earn a considerable amount of credits by duelling in the ring here. Seek out Ajuur the Hutt, who arranges the matches. He offers to give you 10% of the takings. You can try your Persuade skill on him in an effort to obtain more, but I never managed to succeed. The first three opponents are quite easy, but the fourth, Marl, is a challenge. You may want to wait till you go up a level or two before taking him on. Once you've defeated Marl, and then the reigning champion Twitch, you can choose to fight Bendak Starkiller. He's standing just inside the entrance to the cantina. Once you talk to him and then Ajuur, it takes some time to set up the match. That's a hint to come back in a while when you're stronger and better equipped :-) Though you gain Dark Side points for this illegal death match, I would recommend it even to those leaning toward the Light Side as the experience and equipment gained are considerable: 105 XP and 900 credits plus Ajuur presents you with Bendak's upgradeable blaster. You also complete Lower City Quest 1, when you collect Bendak's bounty from Zax.

  • 3.  Rakghoul serum - 200 XP.
    As you are heading east to go to the Upper City North area, you will spot the Medical Facility to the south.

    (Light Side) Talk to Zelka Forn, and offer to keep your eyes peeled for some rakghoul serum... if you open up the door marked 'Lab Personnel Only', you discover some injured Republic soldiers that Forn is hiding. You get some Light Side points for persuading him that you're on the side of the Republic. Once you find some Rakghoul Serum in the Undercity, you can donate it to Zelka. If you take a reward, you only get 50 credits and 2 Medpacs. A much better idea is to accept no reward, and Zelka gives you a 20% discount on all his wares. You can also buy one of his manufactured rakghoul serums off him, and use it to complete Undercity Quest 2!

    (Dark Side) Threaten to tell the Sith about the injured Republic soldiers. You get 100 credits and some Dark Side points. Then talk to Gurney who is standing at the doorway. He advises you to deliver the rakghoul serum to Zax in the Undercity Bounty Office. Zax is operating on behalf of a local crime lord named Davik Kang, and he'll pay more for the serum than Zelka Forn would. Once you deliver the serum to Zax, you get 200 XP and 1000 credits.

Taris, Upper City North
Go through the doorway to the north marked 'Standard Door' to get to the apartments. Largo's apartment is at 5 o'clock. You get Quest 1 there.

Once you have the Sith Armor (see Upper City South Quest 1), put it on and use it to get past the Sith guard in the NW part of this area to gain access to the Lower City. You can gain some more (Dark Side) points by picking a fight with a few drunks en route.

Once you return from the Lower City, and head for the Upper City North Apartments, there is an Ithorian at the entrance being bullied by some kids:

(Light Side) Convince the kids that what they are doing is wrong, and then offer the Ithorian a Medpac for 60 XP and Light Side points.

(Dark Side) Don't get involved. Carth intervenes, and you still get 60 XP, but no Dark Side points.


  • 1.  Largo's bounty - 110 XP.
    (Light Side) Give Largo 200 credits to pay off his debt to Davik. Light Side points for this, of course.

    (Dark Side) Take 50 credits from Largo, in return for not divulging his whereabouts to Davik. Then kill him for Dark Side points. He has 50 more credits and an Energy Projector on him. You can then collect his bounty from Zax. You get 105 XP when you do, and 300 credits (400 using Persuade).

  • 2.  Purchasing a droid - 250 XP and T3-M4 joins party.
    On the SW side of the Upper City there's a Droid Shop. Talk to Janice Nall. You are interested in the T3-M4 model, but it's not for sale - not at first anyway. She has it reserved for another customer... once you have met Canderous Ordo in the Upper City Cantina (see Ecaping Taris section below), you may then purchase the droid:

    (Light Side) With Persuade, you can knock the price down from 2000 credits to 1500. Might as well do this, because you don't get any Light Side points for paying full price.

    (Dark Side) Again, with Persuade, you threaten Janice using Kang's name to get the droid for free. Dark Side points for this though.

Taris, Lower City
First thing to do is head west, and into Javyar's Cantina. You can buy some Pazaak Cards from Uriah. You can also challenge Gelrood to a game, but the maximum wager is very low. Head inside, and you get your first encounter with Calo Nord. Careful :-) Talk to Mission Vao afterwards to learn a bit more about what's going on around here.

In Javyar's Cantina, in the room where Zax is, talk to the Twi'lek named Bib Surool. He's trying to audition a dancer, but she needs a partner. Ahem. If you choose to help, then talk to the dancer, Lyn Selka. If you have some Persuade skill, you should be able to convince her that you won't mess up her audition. For the first dance, just dance beside her. For the second, dance close behind her. And for the finale, dance very close and face to face. You get 250 XP if you manage to help Lyn complete her audition successfully. You don't appear to get any Dark Side points for intentionally ruining the audition, so don't bother.

From Javyar's Cantina, head west a bit and talk to the Hidden Beks Lookout. You should be able to convince her that you are an ally to gain entrance to the Hidden Beks base. Once inside, seek out Gadon Thek and speak to him. Uh oh. Seems the Vulkars took Bastila prisoner and are offering her up as a prize to the winner of the big annual swoop bike race. Gadon offers to give you a bike and a special accelerator if you can recover the accelerator from the Vulkar base. But only Mission Vao can get you into the base, and she's somewhere in the Undercity. He trades you the Sith uniform in exchange for some papers that should get you into the Undercity.

Next order of business is to find the entrance to the Undercity then. But first, a little side trip... exit the Hidden Beks base, hang a left, and then the next left to enter the Lower City Apartments. All of the apartments are worth visiting to pick up some gear, but an important one is an apartment at 2 o'clock on your map. You see six pedestals there. Access the desk at the back of the apartment, and get the disk. From it, you learn the chequered history of one of the most amazing bands in the galaxy. The important thing here is the order in which the various members joined the band. That order is: Elinda, Ujaa, Ujii, Loopa, Fodo, and Ashana. If you access the pedestals in that exact order, the Security Crate in the centre opens to reveal a set of Echani Fiber Armor, and 50 credits. In the apartment at 4 o'clock, you get to complete Quest 2 below. Exit the Lower City Apartments once you are done exploring, and hang a right. Continue on past the Hidden Beks base and you'll run into an encounter that one of Davik's men is having with a few Vulkar gang members. You meet one of Davik's heavies, Canderous Ordo. You get the feeling that you'll be seeing more of him later. There are some more apartments here...

In the apartment at 8 o'clock on your map, you'll find a footlocker protected by a mine. See if you can disable (managed with 4 skill points in Demolition), or even better, recover the mine. There is also a supplies canister on the other side of the room with a valuable Armor Upgrade therein. In the apartment at 10 o'clock, read the message left in the desk by Uncle Louie. Then dsiable or recover the Minor Gas Mine, and enter the password to the sealed strongbox, based on what you learned from the message:

  1. Pet: Hyperdrive
  2. Taught you to shoot: My Uncle
  3. Home planet: Alderaan

There is a set of Republic Mod Armor and 100 credits in the strongbox. In the apartment at 2 o'clock, you find the person required to complete Quest 3 below.

Finally, all the way at the end of the corridor that leads past the Hidden Beks base, you will find the entrance to the Undercity. Once you have the papers that Gadon Thek gave you in exchange for the Sith uniform, you may pass into the Undercity.


  • 1.  Bendak's bounty - 105 XP and 400 credits.
    Talk to Zax, the Hutt, in Javyar's Cantina. You learn that there is an official government bounty on Bendak Starkiller. You get to collect it if you manage to defeat him in the duel ring, Upper City Cantina. Once again, 300 credits is the standard payout here for a bounty, but you can get 400 with sufficient Persuade skill.

  • 2.  Matrik's bounty - 480 XP and 400 credits.
    Again, talk to Zax. Davik has put out an illegal bounty against Matrik, a former associate, for turning state's evidence against him. Matrik is hiding in the Lower City Aparments.

    (Light Side) Offer to help him fake his death. You can purchase a Permacrete Detonator from Kebla Yurt's shop in the Upper City. Once you have it, return and present it to Matrik. He blows up the apartment. To complete the quest, go to Zax and lie to him about Matrik being dead. You get 300 credits no matter what, but with a bit of Persuasion you might get 400.

    (Dark Side) Kill Matrik, and collect the bounty from Zax. You get 105 XP and up to 400 credits.

  • 3.  Selven's bounty - 105 XP and 400 credits.
    Talk to Zax. Selven is a female assassin. No one has any idea of her whereabouts at the moment. Hmm. You find her in an apartment in the Lower City. You can't talk your way through this quest. Just take her out. You don't accrue any Dark Side points, so I guess she was legitimately on the wanted list. A few nice items on her body, most notably: Scope, Adrenaline Amplifier (worn in place of Stealth Field Generator. Saves: Reflexes +2), and Neural Band (saves: Will +2). Then go to Zax to collect the bounty. Again, you can get the full 400 credits with a bit of Persuasion.

Taris, Undercity
After dealing with the two beggars (hey, toss them 5 credits. What can it hurt?), a woman named Shaleena runs up to fill you in on the local scene. After speaking with her, make your way to the SE and talk to Rukil to get Quest 1.

You can trade with a villager named Igear, who has set up shop in the centre of the village. A shifty character, but you have no other choice down here.

The exit from the village is in the NE. The first time you approach there, you see a distraught woman begging the guard to open the gate in order to save her husband from the rakghouls. Offer to help, and the guard lets you go outside to dispatch the rakghoul. You get 100 XP for this, but no Light Side points. Also, you get no Dark Side points for refusing to help, so you might as well get the XP for going outside and killing the rakghoul. Exit the village through this gate once you are prepared, and head north. Pretty soon after that, Mission Vao will seek your help concerning Zaalbar the wookie, and she will join your party. She's very good with Demolitions, so best to have her recover all the mines. There is an entrance to the Lower Sewers here, near a pile of rubble, but let's not go there just yet. Instead, head west, through a gap in the wall. You meet Canderous Ordo again, this time with a makeshift party of villagers. Help him to defeat the rakghouls, and you learn afterwards that the escape pods have been picked clean. Keep heading west, defeat a rather large pack of rakghouls, and you will find an Outcast Corpse. Take the Promised Land Apprentice Journal from this corpse, and return to the village to present it to Rukil. You have just completed Quest 1. If you speak to Igear after this, you can get the Dark Side of Quest 3.

NE of the village, you will find the empty escape pod that Bastila most likely crashed in. Exit this location, then keep heading to the east. You'll encounter a Sith patrol. To the far SE, it's rakghoul city once again. Finally, on the corpse of a Sith soldier, you find some Rakghoul Serum. As you now know, there are three ways to dispose of it. You can:

  1. Complete Quest 2 below by curing one of the infected outcasts.
  2. Donate it to Zelka Forn to complete the Light Side of Upper City South, Quest 3.
  3. Sell it to Zax to complete the Dark Side of the same quest.

There is also an entrance to the Lower Sewers here. Might as well take it!


  • 1.  Rukil's apprentice - 175 XP and Quest 3.
    Talk to Rukil, the village elder. His lone remaining apprentice, Malya, disappeared some time ago on a mission outside the village gates. Once you return the Promised Land Apprentice Journal you found on the corpse of his apprentice, you then get Quest 3.

  • 2.  Infected outcasts - 210 XP.
    Talk to Esala, the village healer, by the gate in the SW part of the village. Then head through the gate into the compound, and three of the villagers immediately transform into rakghouls. Finish them off, and talk to the two remaining isolated villagers. Seems like we need to find some rakghoul serum quickly before they transform as well.

    (Light Side) Once you return with the Rakghoul Serum and speak to one of the two isolated villagers, they are cured.

    (Dark Side) Kill the infected villagers before they infect anyone else for 60 XP and Dark Side points.

  • 3.  The promised land - 325 XP.
    (Light Side) Rukil wants you to find the journals of his father and grandfather in the belief that they will lead him to his promised land. You eventually come across these journals in the Lower Sewers. Take all three journals to Rukil and... it appears there was substance in the old man's theories. The whole village sets off to find the Promised Land, a journey that will take them several weeks.

    (Dark Side) The shifty merchant, Igear, is afraid that if the promised land is found, his business will go under. He offers to compenstate you well for bringing him all three journals, so that he can destroy them. If you do sell the journals to Igear, you get the same XP as above, 100 credits (200 with Persuade), and Dark Side points, of course :-)

Taris, Undercity, Lower Sewers
The following instructions assume that you took the entrance all the way to the NE of the village. If you head through the door immediately to the west once you have entered the sewers, you will come upon another Promised Land Journal on the corpse of an outcast. Then... you're on your own. Explore the area. In the west, you'll find a weapons locker that contains Zaalbar's Bowcaster, and a few other useful things. Pretty close to there, you get to free Zaalbar from his captors for 630 XP. At first, it appears that you should give Zaalbar his Bowcaster and use him as a ranged weapon specialist, but with an incredible Strength of 20 and not bad Dexterity, he actually makes an awesome melee fighter. Mission then tells you that she will help you get into the Vulkar base, which is somewhere to the NE. In the centre of the sewers, you find a rusted droid that you can reactivate (but I wouldn't bother to waste the Parts. Nothing around here you really need it for), along with another Outcast corpse and the third Promised Land Journal! Now you can complete Quest 3 above.

In the north part of the sewers, you come upon a force field. Fortunately, Mission pilfered the codes from a drunken Black Vulkar. Shortly after, in the NE corner of the sewers as Mission promised, you come to the back entrance of the Vulkar base. Unfortunately, it's guarded by a fearsome rancor beast. To get by it with the least amount of casualties, take the Synthesized Odor from the severed arm near the door at the bottom of the ramp. Put one of your party members into stealth mode, and creep out to the corpse pile in the middle of the floor. First, take all the items. Then put back one Frag Grenade, and finally, a vial of the Synthesized Odor. The beast, drawn by the intense smell, swallows the grenade and... you get 200 XP for this and may now enter the base.

Black Vulkar Base
Once you take the elevator up to the base, you immediately receive Quest 1.


  • 1.  Inside the Vulkar base - Swoop Accelerator.
    You need to find the Prototype Accelerator. Explore the whole base. You get some Light Side points if you free the slave waitress, Ada, or Dark Side points for killing her. Make sure to visit the armory. If you access the security panel near there, and you have a few Computer Spikes to spare, you can take out the guards in the barracks, but don't waste Spikes disabling the security system that is guarding the garage elevator. There is a much easier way to accomplish this. The guards in the barracks have Pass Cards on them. There is a footlocker with a few good weapon upgrades in it at the bottom of a drained pool, but it's protected by a poison trap. You can either let a party member take a pretty bad hit that will take at least one Medpac and an Antidote Kit to clear up, or you can use some Parts on the the pool droid and it will self destruct to take out the trap. Eventually, you come upon another security panel outside the door to the garage elevator. Use one of the Pass Cards you got off the guards in the barracks to disable the turrets, then take the elevator down to the garage level...

    Down a ramp to the west, you'll find the garage head's office. Make sure you take the Garage Head's Key Card from his desk. Take the tunnel to the south, and through a security door you find Kandon Ark and his bodyguards guarding the Swoop Accelerator.

    (Light Side) Take out the Twi'lek bodyguard first, as she's the biggest threat. Then take on Kandon. After the fight is over, recover the mine in the back of this room and get the Swoop Accelerator. Once you have the Swoop Accelerator, go back to the upper floor of the base, and exit through the door to the south that leads to the Lower City. Go to the Hidden Beks base and present the Accelerator to Gadon Thek. He lets you ride the bike with the Prototype Accelerator, mostly because there's a danger of it exploding! See notes on swoop bike racing below.

    (Dark Side) You can side with the Vulkars. You agree to assassinate Gadon Thek in exchange for the accelerator. Go to the Hidden Beks base then, and head for the east side. At the bottom of the elevator, you will find Gadon and his bodyguard. Take them out. They have a lot of useful gear on them. On the way back out of the Hidden Beks base, beware that everyone is now hostile towards you, and you will have to fight them to make your escape. Return to the Black Vulkar base, and you are now in the swoop bike race.

    Swoop bike racing: just remember to save the game before every race. First you have to beat a time of around 39 seconds. No problem, just keep going over the accelerator pads, and try to miss all the debris. Once you beat this time, another rider just pips your time, and you have to beat that again. It only took me 2 or 3 tries to do this. When you are finally victorious, Brejik accuses you of cheating and tries to withdraw the prize, which is Bastila, but she escapes from her cage and helps you to defeat Brejik. Make sure you equip Brejik's Arm Band, Belt, and Gloves. Then speak to Bastila, and you both return to the hideout. Now it appears that you need to find a ship in order to escape from Taris. See below... but first, now would be a good time to take on Bendak Starkiller :-)

Escaping Taris
As soon as you exit the apartment after freeing Bastila, a messenger approaches on behalf of Canderous Ordo. You are to meet him in the Upper City cantina. Do so. Hmm. It appears you can now purchase that utility droid from Janice Nall, and use it to get you into the Sith base. See Taris, Upper City North Quest 2. Once T3-M4 has joined your party, head all the way north from the droid shop to get to the entrance of the Sith base. T3-M4 then hacks you in...

Taris, Military Base
Bribe the receptionist with 50 credits, and she won't sound the alarm. Now we have to find the launch codes that will get us past the Sith blockade. Access the panel on the reception desk, and you can wreak a bit of havoc before heading in, if you have a few Computer Spikes to spare. Getting a map of the base is handy for starters. In the north part of this level, you can free Duros for 110 XP and some Light Side points. If you number the switches on the wall panel from left to right as 1 to 5, then:

(Light Side) Access them in the following order to turn them all red: 4, 2, 3 and free Duros.

(Dark Side) Turn them all green to kill Duros via: 5, 3, 4.

When you are finished exploring the first level, take the elevator in the SE down to the next level. There is a nasty assault droid blocking the entrance to this elevator. You can disable its shields with Computer Spikes prior to entering the elevator, or use T3-M4's Shield Disruptor attachment. Once you've got past the assault droid, the Sith Base Pass Card you found in a footlocker in the barracks near here will get you into the locked elevator.

At the bottom of the elevator is the Sith Governor, a powerful Dark Side opponent. Once you defeat him, you can retrieve the Taris Launch Codes from his remains. Then go meet with Canderous Ordo in Javyar's Cantina...

You finally get to meet the infamous Davik Kang. But he is no more than an elevated petty criminal. Explore his digs. Through the throne room, in the NW part of Davik's estate, kill the bounty hunter and take the Computer Passcard off his body. Near there is a room with man locked in a cage being attended to by two torture droids. The cage release mechanism is across the room. It's Hudrow, one of Davik's pilots:

(Light Side) Tell him he's free to go, and he gives you the codes to the Ebon Hawk.

(Dark Side) Demand a reward. He gives you the Ebon Hawk codes. Then kill him anyway for some Dark Side points.

The Computer Passcard can be used to access a security terminal to unlock the hangar bay door in the SW part of the estate. If you did not get this Passcard, you will need up to 10 Computer Spikes in order to open this door. Once inside the hangar, you will have to fight both Davik and Calo Nord. Once the tide of battle turns against Calo, he pulls out some kind of device - but before he can use it, half the cieling comes down and takes out both Calo and Davik. Be sure to loot Davik Kang's remains once this happens. Then, very importantly, save your game! Malak's attack is taking hold, and the whole place will come crashing down shortly. You are about to be confronted by a pesky arcade sequence whereby you must man the turrets and shoot down some pursuing Sith fighters. It takes 5 minutes of cut scene each time before you even get to the turrets, so you don't want to have to replay this too many times lest patience wears thin! Once you get control of the turrets, DO NOT use the mouse to target the enemy fighters. Much too unwieldy. Instead keep your eyes on the radar, use the A and D keys to target, mouse to fire. Once you manage to destroy all the enemy fighters, you wind up on the surface of...

Follow Bastila and Carth to join the Jedi Council. Yes, it seems the Force is strong in this one :-) You will have to lie to gain their trust if you are playing the Dark Side. You then have a restless night where you dream of Revan and Malak, and witness their first encounter with an entity known as the Star Forge. In the morning, go to the Jedi Council again... talk to Zhar after this meeting, and you now have Quest 1.

In the far eastern part of the Sandral grounds, you come upon the crystal cave that Zhar mentioned, though he thought it only a rumour. You can pick up a valuable Bondar Crystal and two Rubat Crystals for your lightsabers here. Destroying the kinrath eggs nets you nothing but red crystals.

Once you have visited the ancient ruins (Quest 5) and spoken afterwards with the Council, it is time to leave Dantooine. Board the Ebon Hawk, make your way forward to the bridge, and access the galaxy map. In addition to Dantooine, there are four new planets on the map: Kashyyyk (Zaalbar's home world), Tatooine (well, this is Star Wars), Korriban (volcanic), and Manaan (covered by ocean). There are also coordinates for a space station orbiting the planet Yavin that were left in the computer by Davik. I'd visit there first. Really, I would.


  • 1.  Jedi trials - 2400 XP and you become a Jedi!
    The first trial is to learn the Jedi Code. Talk to Vandar in the Council chambers, and memorise these word pairs: emotion/peace, ignorance/knowledge, passion/serenity, chaos/harmony, death/force. Then return to Zhar and recite the code to him. Next, talk to Dorak, and decide what type of Jedi you wish to be. You can stray a bit from character here, but I wouldn't stray too far. The typical paths are: Soldier > Guardian, Scoundrel > Sentinel, Scout > Consular. Answer Dorak's questions accordingly, and that is how you will wind up. Talk to Zhar again after that, and you will construct a lightsaber with the appropriate coloured crystal. Finally, talk to Zhar once more to obtain the third trial, which is to cleanse a grove to the SE of a mysterious taint.

    To leave the Jedi enclave, head to the east into the courtyard. Talk to Gar to obtain Quest 1. Then head out onto the plains. As soon as you hit the plains, you meet Adum Larp. Buy his maps! Great value. But his other stuff is quite pricey. Once onto the plains, head directly to the south into the Matale Grounds, and then to the south again to enter the grove. Once into the grove, head east. Cross the bridge, head to the north, then east again. In the far eastern part of the grove you will encounter a dark Jedi named Juhani who immobilises your companions and attacks. As you get close to defeating her, she suddenly gives up the fight. Turns out she's not so dark after all.

    (Light Side) You can persuade her to return to the Jedi enclave and ask for forgiveness. You get 1200 of the above XP for this.

    (Dark Side) Kill Juhani. Dark Side points, natch.

    Head back to the Jedi enclave then, and welcome to the Force! Zhar gives you Jedi robes. Then go talk to the Council. You get Quests 4 and 5, and Bastila joins you once again.

  • 2.  Mandalorian raiders - 1000 XP and 1000 credits.
    Gar informs you that a band of Mandalorians have been harassing the local farmers. As you approach the entrance to the plains, another farmer named Jon accosts you and begs you to avenge the death of his daughter, Ilsa, who was apparently killed by the Mandalorians.

    (Light Side) Offer to help unconditionally.

    (Dark Side) Ask what's in it for you before getting involved. You get some Dark Side points.

    Keep your eyes peeled for Mandalorians as you wander the plains of Dantooine. Not too hard to miss, mind you :-) Once you have located and defeated three of the Mandalorian/Duros bands, you will encounter a really tough one in the middle of the grove. Their leader's name is Sherruk. Use your shields here to mimimise the damage from enemy blasters, and it helps if you can immobilise Sherruk with an Adhesive Grenade. Once you've defeated Sherruk, head back to Jon at the Jedi enclave.

    (Light Side) Even though you are willing to forego a reward, Jon gives you 1000 credits anyway... and you get some Light Side points, natch.

    (Dark Side) Ask for more! Jon won't give you any more, but you do get some Dark Side ponts this way.

  • 3.  Missing companion - 500 XP.
    As soon as you get out onto the plains, you will meet Elise. Seems her droid... companion is missing. In the Sandral grounds, you come upon C8-42, and save him from some kath hounds.

    (Light Side) Send him back to Elise, though he is reluctant to return to her. When you speak to Elise again after C8-42 has returned, you get 200 more of the above XP.

    (Dark Side) Destroy the droid, and tell Elise that you did so.

  • 4.  Murdered settler - 1310 XP.
    Head east once in the grove. You come upon a Twi'lek Jedi named Bolook standing on a bridge. A settler has been murdered, and he wants your assistance in solving the case. Just take it in turns talking to the two accused men and the information droid. Once you have learned something useful, discuss the case with Bolook and he will progress the questioning to the next stage. This happens a few times. With a bit of clever deduction, eventually you will help Bolook to solve the case :-)

  • 5.  Investigate ruins - 800 XP and Dantooine Star Map.
    The ruins are in the NE part of the plains. At first the ancient droid doesn't understand your language, but between you, the droid, and Bastila, an ancient dialect that is understood by all eventually is found. This droid has been here for aeons! In the room to the east, you will find an ancient terminal. First, try talking to it, then insert your datapad, and then talk to it again. Oh great, a test: name 3 primary death-giving seed world types. Answer: Desert, Volcanic, Barren. These correct answers break part of a seal on the door to the south. In the room to the west, same drill with the ancient terminal, different question: name 3 primary life-giving seed world types. Answer: Oceanic, Grassland, Aboreal. This breaks the rest of the seal on the south door, and you may now enter a room that contains... a 3-D star map with the coordinates of several planets therein. Bastila thinks you may be able to find more bits of the map or further clues to the location of this entity called the Star Forge on these planets. Head back to the Council for further instructions... you may now leave Dantooine!

  • 6.  Sandral-Matale feud - 900 XP.
    Both families assume that their sons have been kidnapped by the opposing family. The Matale estates are in the northern part of this place. An audience with Ahlan Matale doesn't tell you much. His droids attacked and destroyed some of the Sandral droids that had trespassed, and he assumes his son Shen has been kidnapped in retaliation...

    (Light Side) Promise to get Shen back for him.

    (Dark Side) Ahlan Matale tries to bribe you with the promise of 1000 credits for the return of his son. Ask for 2000 credits :-)

    Go to the Sandral estate in the south next. The droid lets you in. Speak to Mr. Sandral (see Quest 7 below). He leaves quite abruptly in any case. After speaking to Sandral, his daughter Rahasia emerges. It seems that Sandral did have Shen Matale kidnapped after all, to get back at the Matales for supposedly killing Casus. And Shen is being held here in this estate. As an added twist, she's fallen in love with Shen. She slips you a key to the back door...

    Use the key that Rahasia gave you to gain access to the back door of the Sandral estate. Shen is being held in a room to the north. You can either try to pick the lock on the door, or use Bash. He will not leave without Rahasia. Rahasia is in a room on the west side of this area. Talk to her, then save your game before talking to Shen again. You all wind up outside for a big reunion...

    (Light Side) Get the parents to calm down, then use Persuade to talk them into buying a new home for Shen and Rahasia. This is the most positive possible outcome.

    (Dark Side) Well... you can lie to convince Mr. Sandral that Matale did kill Casus after all. Then encourage the ensuing bloodbath. Everyone winds up dead, and you get 600 XP plus some well-earned Dark Side points. Obviously, you can't collect the 2000 credits from Matale this way.

  • 7.  Dead settler - 800 XP.
    In the far eastern part of the Matale grounds, amongst a group of kath hounds, you find the body of Casus Sandral. He was an archaeologist, apparently mauled to death by the kath hounds. When you meet Mr. Sandral, probably on your way to completing Quest 6, tell him that you found Casus' body:

    (Light Side) Be polite, and accept no credits for returning Casus' diary. Mr. Sandral gives you 100 credits anyway, and you get some Light Side points.

    (Dark Side) Be sure to mention "kath hound chew toy", and then use Persuade to get 200 credits and some Dark Side points for returning Casus' diary.

Space station orbiting Yavin
As you leave the bridge on your way off the Hawk, Zaalbar informs you that someone has been pilfering stores from the cargo hold (this will happen at the first place you come to after Dantooine). Wander around the ship for a while, and eventually you will be led back to the cargo hold. You meet Sasha, and obtain Quest 1.

Exit the Hawk, make your way past a few secure doors by utilising a party member who is skilled in Computers, and you meet the inventor, Suvam Tan. Pazaak is the name of the game here. He has some incredible but very pricey gear, most notably an exotic Exoskeleton. However, once you manage to defeat him at Pazaak 10 times... not only have you accrued 7500 credits, but he knocks down his prices a few pegs. I went for the Advanced Stabilizer Gloves (Dexterity + 3, Blaster Bolt Deflection +5) and the Advanced Bio-Stabilizer Implant (Immunity: Mind-Affecting, Poison). And that's about all there is to do here. Now.. you can visit the four remaining planets on the galaxy map in any order you wish. The order I chose is random, and simply a matter of personal preference. You do not have to follow the same order. Anyway, for a change of climate, let's visit Tatooine next.


  • 1.  Strange stowaway - 370 XP
    After considerable effort... you learn that Sasha is hiding from the Mandalorians, and originally comes from Dantooine (60 of the above XP). Must remember to ask people about her when you next visit Dantooine. Sure enough, if you talk to the Twi'lek Lur Arka Sulas who is standing by the entrance to the Jedi enclave:

    (Light Side) Invite Lur onto the ship, and you convince Sasha to go with him to be returned to her parents for some Light Side points.

    (Dark Side) Tell Lur you will drive her off the ship later. He leaves in disgust, and you get Dark Side points. Then go back on board and kick Sasha off the ship for yet more Dark Side points.

As soon as you disembark, a customs officer approaches and demands a 100 credit landing fee. With sufficient Force Persuade, you can get him to waive the fee.

As you pass by a dockworker called Jur Ul Kurax, he informs you that a crate full of gizka has been delivered to the hold of the Ebon Hawk. Oops. You just got Quest 1.

Head into the city of Anchorhead when you're ready. First port of call is to talk to Sharina Fizark outside the hunting lodge, whereby you get Quest 2. Enter the hunting lodge next, and speak to Fazza Utral, the owner. He can't buy the Wraid Plate from you until you first purchase a hunting license from the Czerka Corporation. Their office is just down the road a bit... talk to the protocol officer, and you get Quest 3. Well, at least you now have a hunting license so you can sell trophies to Fazza Utral. And you are now permitted to leave the city to venture into the Dune Sea.

Note: when I played the game for the first time, I happened to have Mission in my party while on Tatooine. If this is the case, then you will get a few extra side quests here related to her brother, Griff. When compiling this guide, I didn't include Mission in my party often, so was not able to document any of the quests involving Griff. But rest assured, none of these are important or essential quests.

When you are ready to leave Tatooine, I recommend going to Kashyyyk next.


  • 1.  The trouble with gizka - 560 XP.
    The Paaerduag (two-headed creature) merchant here has some Gizka Poison. That clears up your gizka infestation right quick once you feed it to one of the little blighters.

  • 2.  Middleman - 250 XP.
    Sharina's husband was miner turned hunter out of necessity. He was killed under mysterious circumstances. She's asking 500 credits for a Wraid Plate, a rare hunting trophy, that you will probably be able to get an equal amount for in the hunting lodge.

    (Light Side) Pay her above the asking price, 700 credits, for Light Side points.

    (Dark Side) Pay her only half of what she's asking, 250 credits, for Dark Side points.

  • 3.  Sand people - 1300 XP and 500 credits.
    From a Light Side perspective, accepting a quest to wipe out the Sand People doesn't seem like a good thing, but there is more to this affair than you can possibly imagine, so don't worry just yet. When you head outside, the Duros conservationist who was arguing with the Czerka protocol officer confronts you, and suggests that the best way to handle this situation would be if you could obtain a translator droid that is rumoured to speak the Sand People's language from a local shopkeeper. Hmm. You can buy HK-47, the droid that you need to translate the Sand People language, from the droid shop near the entrance to the Dune Sea. The asking price is 5000 credits, but you can talk the shopkeeper down to 3000 using Force Persuade. Once out on the Dune Sea, talk to the mining team captain in front of the huge sandcrawler that is to the SE. Then be prepared to face three waves of Sand People attacks. Afterwards, he confirms that the Sand People enclave is to the south, and they have the place defended with turrets that were stolen from the miners' own sandcrawlers.

    Once you've finished defending the mining team, head round the back of the sandcrawler and then towards the exit from the Dune Sea that is directly to the south. You have to defeat a whole bunch of elite sand people warriors here, so be prpared for a tough battle. Take at least three sets of Sand People Clothing from the remains. Then make sure you have HK-47 in your party, and proceed through the exit into Sand People territory. Everyone (aside from HK-47) should put on the Sand People Clothing then, and head south towards the Sand People enclave. Once you enter the enclave, you are immediately spotted by the guards. Let HK-47 translate, and you are brought to see the chieftain...

    (Light Side) Take the peaceful approach, and find out what the chieftain wants. OK, now you have to go back to Anchorhead and source some Moisture Vaporators from Czerka Corporation. In return for these, the chieftain agrees to reduce his attacks. Head back to the Czerka office and talk to the protocol officer. Oops. She will not accept a peaceful solution. So... talk to Greeta Holda, and you can purchase two Moisture Vaporators for 400 credits (200 with a successful Force Persuade). Return to the Sand People enclave again, and talk to the chieftain. The chieftain gives you his gaffi stick in appreciation of the gift of the Vaporators. If you ask politely about their history you can now get Quest 6. Also, be sure to ask about the Jawas that are held captive. You are allowed to take them with you.

    (Dark Side) Well... just kill everyone. Be sure to get the Chieftain's Gaffi Stick off the chieftain's remains. Might as well free the Jawas while you're at it.

    The entrance to the Eastern Dune Sea is to the NE from the Sand People enclave. There, you will find a cave with a fearsome krayt dragon inside. Talk to Komad. Assuming you have some Bantha Fodder by now, seek out one of the banthas. This incurs the wrath of the Sand People, as Komad had warned. Once you have defeated them, approach the group of three banthas, and you wind up back with Komad to witness the tragic end of a noble creature.

    (Light Side) Allow Komad to keep his portion of the spoils. Attack the remains to wind up with a Krayt Dragon Pearl. You need this item to complete Quest 6.

    (Dark Side) Kill Komad for his pearl, and attack the remains of the dragon to get a second pearl. You can sell these Krayt Dragon Pearls at the hunting lodge... but they make really, really good lightsaber upgrades :-)

    Also venture into the cave to collect more goodies. See Quest 9. Upon exiting the cave, you are confronted by Calo Nord and a motley collection of bounty hunters. Just remember to use your shields here, and it's goodbye Calo. This time he's really dead! His battle armour makes an impressive trophy in its own right.

    Whether you took the Light or Dark Side approach, present the Czerka Corporation protocol officer with the Chieftain's Gaffi Stick to complete this quest.

  • 4.  Fair trade - 350 XP and... stuff.
    Iziz, a Jawa, is standing near the entrance to the Dune Sea. He wants you to rescue some members of his tribe from the Sand People. In exchange for this service, he offers some valuable items that the Jawa have scavenged. Once you have freed the Jawas from the Sand People encalve, return to Iziz and you will be presented with your reward:

    (Light Side) Just take what Iziz is willing to give. I couldn't tell what I was given as the inventory was already full of so much gunk!

    (Dark Side) Threaten Iziz, and you get 500 credits in addition to what has been given, as well as Dark Side points.

  • 5.  Tanis trapped - 175 XP and 400 credits.
    Marlena Venn is standing just outside the city walls. Seems she's set up a little 'surprise' for her husband Tanis. Sure enough, you can see some activity to the SE. Head over there, and speak to Tanis:

    (Light Side) You need to repair the droids. Tanis wasn't smart enough, but you can do this using your wits. In no particular order, the puzzle answers are:

    • K-X12d: 3. 31-13-12-14 * 23-41-12-14 (must confess, had to guess this one)
    • K-X12a: 2. Node 2 is reporting correctly (only way all reports can be reconciled)
    • K-X12b: 3. 7 (the only number in those remaining that is prime)
    • K-X12c: 2. 120 large pulses remaining (300/180 = 200/?)

    (Dark Side) Tell Tanis that you won't help him. He moves, and the droids explode, killing him in the process. You get some Dark Side points.

  • 6.  Worthy of history - 250 XP.
    The chieftain says that only a Storyteller may tell the tribe's history, and only a warrior may hear the words of a Storyteller. If you can slay a krayt dragon and bring him a pearl from the creature's stomach, then you will be considered worthy. A krayt dragon is rumoured to be found in the Far Eastern Dune Sea, for which he supplies a map. You have the run of the enclave now. If you're so inclined, you can find the Jawas and free them (see Quest 4). The entrance to the Eastern Dune Sea is NE of the Sand People enclave. See continuation of Quest 3 for how this plays out...

    Now you may return to the Sand People enclave and present the Krayt Dragon Pearl to the chieftain. The Storyteller is in the next room. Be careful not to ask probing questions! Just go with the flow.

  • 7.  Genoharadan
    A Twi'lek approaches you in Anchorhead, and hands you a datapad that you don't remember dropping. There's a cryptic message on it. The Genoharadan want you to meet with someone called Hulas on Manaan. And to come alone. Hmm.

  • 8.  Desert ambush - 125 XP.
    After you've spoken to the mining team, you come upon a few refuse piles at the back of their sandcrawler. They turn out to be a trap. With Persuade, you can convince the Gamorreans that they shouldn't bother attacking you, otherwise you'll just have to teach them a lesson.

  • 9.  Star Map: Tatooine - 2000 XP.
    You find the Tatooine Star Map in the cave formerly occupied by the krayt dragon.

  • 10.  Bastila's mother - 250 XP.
    If you have spoken to Bastila about her family, the next time you approach the Ebon Hawk a Twi'lek woman will emerge to tell you that Bastila's mother is not well. She is waiting in the Anchorhead cantina... so go there and talk to Helena. She has heard that Bastila's father was killed by a krayt dragon somewhere on the Dune Sea and wants you to find his holocron so that she has something to remember him by. In the cave where the krayt dragon dwelled, near the Tatooine Star Map, you find a Tattered Equipment Pack that contains the holocron of Bastila's father. Return to the cantina. In the end, Bastila gets to keep the holocron.

You can get Janos, the Czerka representative, to waive the 100 credit landing fee using Force Persuade, but Bastila will pick you up on this for inappropriate use of the Force. You might as well have Zaalbar in tow while you are on Kashyyyk, because you can imagine that you might meet some influential Wookies. Follow Janos to his office. Along the way you get Quest 1... talking to Janos reveals that Czerka Corporation is trading arms for Wookie slaves. Zaalbar is not a happy camper when he hears this. And it appears he knows the Wookie puppet leader, Chuundar. Could that be his brother? Exit the office and head out onto the Great Walkway. You immediately encounter a Czerka patrol that have carelessly killed a Wookie:

(Light Side) Try diplomacy, then take them out for some Light Side points.

(Dark Side) Sic Zaalbar on them immediately for Dark Side points.

Eventually, on the north part of the Great Walkway, you will come to Zaalbar's village. You are escorted inside to meet the chieftain Chuundar, who is indeed Zaalbar's scheming brother. Zaalbar must stay with Chuundar as you undertake Quest 2.

Once you have agreed to undertake Quest 2, the exit from the Wookie village is to the north. Then take the Great Walkway south until you come to the Wookie guard who is blocking the path to the Shadowlands (you may have been here before). He lets you pass. Follow the path to meet Gorwooken, who lowers you to the forest floor...

Not too far into the Shadowlands, you come upon an old man fighting some of the local fauna. Follow him to his residence, where you get Quest 4. After Jolee joins you, head back through the poacher's camp and continue east until you come to a Czerka force field. Jolee gets you through it. You are now in the Lower Shadowlands. Soon after that, you come upon a Wookie fighting some Mandalorians. Take out the Mandalorians and then...

(Light Side) Offer to heal Grrrwahrr to get Quest 5.

(Dark Side) Don't offer to heal him. You get some Dark side points, but it's probably a better option to take Quest 5 for the XP and gear you will gain. Though, you will get Light Side points for healing Grrrwahrr.

In the far SW of the Lower Shadowlands, you come upon a computer, most likely in the image of the Builders. See Quest 6.


  • 1.  Honest debt - 638 XP and 500 credits.
    The merchant Eli Gand is forcing the mechanic Matton Dasol to work as his servant until his buddies return to pay off an unsettled debt. In the Shadowlands, after you meet Jolee, you find a damaged droid just to the SW. Listen to the recording. Hmm. Seems Eli killed Matton's crewmates, and double-crossed him. Take the droid's head, and return to the surface to confront Eli:

    (Light Side) Let Eli escape to the Shadowlands, for all the good it will do him. You get some Light Side points.

    (Dark Side) Encourage Dasol to kill Eli, for Dark Side points.

    However you let this play out, Dasol gives you 500 credits to spend at what has now become his shop.

  • 2.  Chieftain in need - 3060 XP and Bacca's Ceremonial Blade.
    It seems there is an insane Wookie roaming the Shadowlands below, and Chuundar wants you to take him out. You get dumped rather unceremoniously in the centre of the village. Visit the House of Woorwill to the east, and you will get Quest 3.

    In the Lower Shadowlands, you find Freyyr, the 'mad' Wookie. You will have to fight him to get his attention, then you learn that Freyyr is Zaalbar's father!

    (Light Side) You agree to find Bacca's blade, which is allegedly buried in the hide of a great beast. Head all the way to the SE. In a circular area there, you will find a ritual marker. Examine it, then tie a Viper Kinrath Body to the dangling vine next to it. This summons the Ritual Beast, which is surprisingly easy to kill. Head back to Freyyr with Bacca's Sword Blade in hand. Freyyr takes it, and returns to the village to gather support... because you helped Freyyr, Gorwooken will be there with a welcoming party to fight you when you try to leave the Shadowlands. Once you return topside, the guard takes you straight to Chuundar. Get Zaalbar to side with his father for some more Light Side points, then take out Chuundar. Finally, take no reward, but have Zaalbar ask for Bacca's Ceremonial Blade. Great weapon!

    (Dark Side) Kill Freyyr for Dark Side points. Then you should still go obtain Bacca's blade as above. Head back to Gorwooken then, and he takes you straight to Chuundar. Surprisingly, Zaalbar doesn't seem too upset by the fact that you just offed his father. As you go to leave, don't take credits for a reward. Instead, allow Zaalbar to ask for Bacca's Ceremonial Blade. Chuundar says that he would give you Bacca's Sword as a reward, but he only has the hilt. Say that you have the blade, and the item is yours.

  • 3.  A Wookie lost - 1800 XP plus 400 credits.
    You don't get much out of Woorwill or Jaakar, but you do discover that a popular Wookie named Rorworr has gone missing. Once you are in the Shadowlands, on the way to the poachers camp in the NE (see Quest 4), you find the body of the missing Wookie Rorworr, along with a datapad that indicates he was dealing with slavers. You find a distinctive Bowcaster Bolt Casing at the scene too... after defeating Chuundar, go to the Holder of the Laws home in the far eastern part of the village:

    (Light Side) Tell Worrroznor about the Bolt Casing. He summons Jaraak. Stick up for Jaraak, and you come out of this quite well, with some Light Side points to boot.

    (Dark Side) You cannot complete this quest. You get turfed out of the Wookie village after completing Quest 2, and the Czerka guard won't let you back in.

  • 4.  Jolee's request - 400 XP and Jolee joins party.
    Joolee Bindo wants you to get rid of some Czerka poachers that are camped out to the northeast, and he wants you to do it peacefully or else the Wookies fear reprisals from Czerka Corporation. If you do this for him, he will join you to help in your quest for the Kashyyyk Star Map. Head to the NE until you come to where the poachers are camping, then talk to one of the soldiers guarding the sonic emitters. You only need to persuade or bribe two of them into giving you the code to shut down the emitter they are guarding, and a fearsome beast then attacks the camp and scares them off. Mission accomplished. Jolee joins your party when you return to him.

  • 5.  Hidden hunters - 350 XP and Echani Vibroblade.
    Hmm. It would seem that cloaked Mandalorians are ambushing Wookies down here. Head to the SW, and look for Wookie bodies. Then have all party members disarm and the Mandalorians will appear. Take them out, and head further south. Under a bridge made by a large root, you find another group of dead Wookies. Same drill. On one of the bodies you should find a Swoop Bike Signal Device. Locate the Mandalorians' swoop bikes, and find the one you can put the Signal Device into. You can be armed this time, before you plant the Signal Device. Take the Mandalorian commander's helmet back to Grrrwahrr to get your reward.

  • 6.  Star Map: Kashyyyk - 2800 XP.
    Speak to the computer. Keep asking about the Star Map, and you will be given an... evaluation:

    (Light Side) This is a bit difficult. The computer is looking to match Revan's memory pattern, and he is most definitely Dark Side. If you go with Dark Side answers all the way, you get the Star Map, but drag your Light Side points way down. The best you can do for the first question is say you trust Zaalbar. The computer discounts your answer, but you get a few Light Side points as compensation. Then fight against the Dark Side answers for the next two questions, but acquiesce in the end. This is the best possible Light Side result without resorting to combat, but you do pick up some Dark Side points. However, if you stay on the Light Side all the way and fail the evaluation, you just have to fight two semi-tough droids to gain access to the Kashyyyk Star Map :-)

    (Dark Side) Easy one. Just take all the cunning or self-serving answers during the evaluation and the Star Map is yours, along with more Dark Side points for second-guessing Revan!

Bastila must remain aboard the Ebon Hawk here. Too many people might recognise her. Upon leaving the docking bay, you come upon a Sith cadet trying to discourage a few hopeless cases:

(Light Side) Go for humiliation. Light Side points.

(Dark Side) Let him kill them, for Dark Side points.

If Jolee Bindo is in your party, the next time you return to the Hawk he bumps into an old acquaintance named Davin. This Davin wants him to rescue a mutual friend named Sunry who is being held captive in Manaan.

Talk to one of the prospective Sith outside "The Drunk Side" cantina, and you will obtain Quest 2.

Well, it's off to Manaan next, I suppose.


  • 1.  Unfinished business - 500 XP and 4000 credits.
    At the bottom of the ramp leading into "The Drunk Side" cantina, you meet a smuggler named Lurze Kesh. You need to go back onto the Hawk and locate a container of spice. Lurze gives you the access code: 'Red-47'. Return to the Hawk, and go to the cargo hold. In the rear of the hold you will find a column that holds a hidden smuggling compartment. Open it using the code Lurze gave you, get the Spice, and return to Lurze. With Persuade you can get 1500 credits for the Spice. Lurze will also give you another job, which is to deliver a box to Motta the Hutt on Tatooine. If you agree to take on this task, Lurze has the box loaded into your cargo hold. But you are under strict instructions not to open the box... heck, what else are saved games for? Well now, seems you've got into a bit of a pickle. But you can get out by answering a few riddles correctly. The respective answers are: time, tomorrow, and a grave. Then ask him the riddle about Dantooine that involves numbers and you've made it. You don't get any XP or items for getting out of this predicament; merely a whimsical interlude, I suppose.

    Motta the Hutt is in the swoop registration office in Anchorhead on Tatooine. It doesn't matter if you opened the box, because he knows what's in it. You can get 2500 credits for delivery using Force Persuade.

  • 2.  Enter the Sith Academy - necessary to complete Quest 3.
    It seems that to enter the academy, you must impress a Twi'lek Sith master by the name of Yuthura Ban. She usually hangs out in the cantina... but she's not there yet. Take the "Exit from Dreshdae" door just outside the cantina, and head across to the Sith Academy entrance (note: if you killed Juhani, then Belaya is there to confront you. Easily dispatched). Speak to one of the prospectives there, and you learn that they have been standing here for days without food trying to gain entrance to the Academy. Then go talk to the cadet Mekel. He pops off for a bite to eat, leaving you with the prospective students:

    (Light Side) You can convince two of the students that Mekel has tricked them, for Light Side points.

    (Dark Side) Convince one of the students that their final test is to attack the guard for Dark Side points.

    Talk to the guard at the door to the Academy afterwards, and you learn that a special medallion is required in order to gain access to the Academy. When you next return to the cantina, Yuthura Ban is there. You must convince her that you are ready to become a Sith, without lying or resorting to Force Persuade. She then admits you to the Academy, where you get Quest 4.

  • 3.  Star Map: Korriban - 325 XP.
    Talk to the the bartender at "The Drunk Side". When you ask about a Star Map, you learn that the Sith are excavating ruins in a place called the Valley of the Dark Lords. The two pilots standing near the bar confirm this. The only way into this mysterious valley is via the Sith Academy...

  • 4.  The way of the Sith - 1125 XP and access to Korriban Star Map.
    The Sith Master Uthar Wynn adresses you and four other hopefuls. Only one of you can succeed, and you must do this by gaining sufficient prestige. Upon leaving your quarters for the first time, you bump into Yuthura Ban (see Quest 5).

    After speaking to Yuthura Ban, go to Wynn (near the exit to Dreshdae), and recite the Sith code: Peace ... Passion, Passion ... Strength, Strength ... Power, Power ... Victory, Victory ... Chains are broken. This is your first bit of prestige. You need four bits of prestige in total to win Uthra's favour and be declared the winner of this little contest. Then head to the north and enter the Valley of the Dark Lords. You must first defeat Darth Bandon, who was sent by Malak. Enter the shyrack caves next, and make your way through on the northern path until you come upon a bridge blocked by a fearsome tarentatek (remember, the Twi'lek on Dantooine cautioned you about these creatures). You can defeat the tarentatek without too much trouble, though your Force powers have no effect. There is a great bit of Jedi armour on a corpse to the north once you get past this creature, the Qel-Droma Robes, though they are only usable by the Light Side.

    Once you have gone to Uthar Wynn four times and gained prestige, you are declared the winner. You now have to pass a final test... the next morning, talk to Uthar and you travel to the tomb of Naga Sadow with himself and Yuthura Bin. You must seek out the Star Map and recover a ceremonial lightsaber from near there.

    Once inside the tomb, head to the east. Oh great, a Towers of Hanoi puzzle. My favourite! You must transfer the rings of light in the following order:

    1. Left to right.
    2. Left to middle.
    3. Right to middle.
    4. Left to right.
    5. Middle to left.
    6. Middle to right.
    7. Left to right.
    8. Left to middle.
    9. Right to left.
    10. Right to middle.
    11. Left to middle.
    12. Right to left.
    13. Middle to right.
    14. Middle to left.
    15. Right to left.
    16. Middle to right.
    17. Left to right.
    18. Left to middle.
    19. Right to middle.
    20. Left to right.
    21. Middle to left.
    22. Middle to right.
    23. Left to right.

    Whew! Head through the door, and recover Naga Sadow's Poison Blade from the monument to Naga Sadow. Not essential to completing this quest, but a handy weapon nonetheless.

    Next head to the west, and you have to get past two terentateks. Stealth is the best way here. If you're leaning towards the Light Side, you must take the Solari Crystal from the skeletal remains in this room (the body of Shaela Nuur). Most powerful lightsaber upgrade crystal in the game! Then head to the back of the room, and work your way forward in the shadows to sneak past the terentatek to the right to pull the lever behind him. Enter the next room and take the Special Fire Grenade from the pillar of fire, and the Special Cold Grenade from the pillar of ice. Now head back to the main corridor, and then south to the room that contains the acid pool. Use the Special Cold Grenade to freeze the acid pool. In the next room you find the Star Map, and the Sith Lightsaber in a sith statue located behind the Star Map. When you exit this room Uthar and Yuthura are waiting there for you... it is probably best to team up with Yuthura against Wynn as you earlier promised, then of course she turns on you. Defeat her then and:

    (Light Side) Let her go for Light Side points.

    (Dark Side) Kill her for Dark Side points... but beware! By doing this, you have resigned yourself to fighting every Sith between here and Dreshdae to make your escape from Korriban!

    Now that you have the Korriban Star Map, you may leave this wretched place.

  • 5.  The double-cross - 840 XP.
    Yuthura has a proposition for you: help her to take out her master, Uthar, once you get to a tomb during your initiation. Might as well accept for now. She recites the Sith code to you, and also tells you about some students that are hiding somewhere on the surface that Uthar wants taken care of (see Quest 6), and how your colleague Lashowe is probably vulnerable to being deceived (see Quest 7).

  • 6.  Renegade Sith - 110 XP and prestige.
    In the south part of the shyrack caves, you'll find the group of renegade Sith students that Uthar Wynn wants you to get rid of. They couldn't leave because they were trapped by the tarentatek:

    (Light Side) If you've already defeated the tarentatek (see Quest 4), then allow the students to escape for Light Side points. When you report back to Uthar, lie to him that you executed them.

    (Dark Side) Kill them, of course. You recover a rare Jenraux Crystal from Thalia May's body.

  • 7.  Aiding Lashowe - 1210 XP and prestige.
    Go to Lashowe (near your quarters), and make a pact with her to get the artefact she has located. Meet her all the way in the northern part of the Valley of the Dark Lords. You just have to take out the three beasts, then she proposes to take the holocron to Uthar. When you protest... Lashowe says over her dead body. So be it. No Dark Side points for this either! You get 1000 of the above XP when you eliminate Lashowe, and the rest when you report back to Uthar.

  • 8.  The Mandalorian weapons cache - 110 XP and prestige.
    In the NE part of the Academy there is an interrogation room. The interrogator allows you to take over. Warning: this is going to get you some Dark Side points, but also one of the four precious bits of prestige. You need to administer the drugs as follows:

    1. Moderate dosage of truth serum.
    2. Moderate dosage of truth serum.
    3. Small dosage of truth serum.
    4. Moderate dosage of anti-serum.
    5. Moderate dosage of truth serum.

    Then ask the prisoner where the cache is. Afterwards, you'll have to take out the interrogator too, because he isn't prepared to let you take the credit for breaking the prisoner. Report back to Uthar for your next bit of presige.

  • 9.  The hermit in the hills - 1320 XP and prestige.
    On the way to the Valley of the Dark Lords, talk to one of the teachers in the place where the Sith are practicing their duelling. She tells you of the hermit hiding in the hills, former master of the Academy, Jorak Uln. Getting rid of him would surely net you some prestige. Enter the Tomb of Tulak Hord, which is in the NE part of the Valley, where you possibly met Lashowe. Once you enter the tomb, head west at the T-junction and you will come to an ancient console. Access it to open the locked door ahead of you. Make sure you are at full health before you pass through the doorway, because once you do you are immediately gassed into unconsciousness and wake up as a prisoner of the deranged hermit, Jorak Uln. Mekel, the Sith cadet you met earlier, has also fallen victim. Jorak has a little test for you:

    (Light Side) Answer all the questions incorrectly, so that you take all the damage. You should be able to withstand 5 shocks. After that, you and Mekel get to gang up on the hermit, and any party members will join in shortly after.

    (Dark Side) Make sure to take the Ancient Sith Tablet from Jorak Uln's body. This is what will impress Uthar. Also, there is an ancient artefact called Tulak Hord's Mask in the tomb there. Only usable by the Dark Side though.

  • 10.  Rogue droid - 1000 XP and prestige.
    The Sith student outside the tomb of Marka Ragnos, on the west side of the Valley of the Dark Lords, tells you that an assassin droid has gone rogue and is holed up in this tomb with a small army of droids to protect it. On the way up the ramp, you'll find a corpse with a data recorder on it. Heed: you must approach this assassin droid with all members wearing Stealth Units. That means, no Wookies! You can disarm the droid once you get to the room at the top of the ramp. You have to take it apart in the following order:

    1. Combat
    2. Motor Function
    3. Sensory
    4. Memory
    5. Cognitive
    6. Emotional
    7. Creative

    Then you get a further choice:

    (Light Side) Deactivate assassination programming. Light Side points.

    (Dark Side) Activate self-destruct. Dark Side points.

    No matter which course of action you take, there are some great droid goodies to be recovered from the droid, or what's left of it. Also, the sarcophagus there contains a valuable artefact: Marka Ragnos' Gauntlets... thought they are only useable by the Dark Side.

  • 11.  The sword of Ajunta Pall - 1000 XP and prestige.
    Talk to Galon Lor, the Sith student outside the tomb to the east in the Valley of the Dark Lords. You learn that there is a powerful sword that may be recovered from this tomb. Once inside the tomb, advance until you find the Severed Arm. From the Datapad there, you learn that the element therangen is inherently unstable. So, access the Therangen Obelisk that is blocking the walkway, and feed it any kind of explosive device (like a Frag Grenade). After the obelisk explodes, the combat droids are activated. But all you need do then is have any one of your party members run to the end of the walkway and use the lever there. From the tomb you can recover three swords, quite easily... too easily. When you turn around, you are confronted by the spirit of Ajunta Pall. You must determine which of the three swords was his, and place it in the Sith statue on the other side of the room. He provides you with a clue: "I am that which grips the heart in fright, hearkens night, and silences the light". Big help. Go for the Notched Steel Sword. Talk to Ajunta afterwards:

    (Light Side) Just go.

    (Dark Side) Make the poor blighter feel worse than he already does by insulting him. Dark Side points, and you get to fight him for even more XP.

    On the way out of the tomb, you are accosted by one of the other hopefuls, Shaardan. Just give him one of the false swords. Then give the Notched Steel Sword to Uthar for some prestige.

Interlude: Prisoner of Saul
Oops. Upon leaving Korriban for Manaan (or whatever the last planet you must visit is), you are intercepted by Saul, Carth's old mentor that has turned to the Dark Side. Choose whichever party member you think has the best chance of breaking you out... once you gain control of the character you have chosen, you are able to convince the Sith guard to swap places with you. Then talk to the prisoner in the NE part of your cell block, who agrees to give you an ICE Breaker should you free him. Then head to the western part of the cell block, and access the container of Riot Equipment. Take and equip whatever your character can use, then use a weapon to bash open the Contraband container there. Now you can attack the guard in the corridor. You obtain a Starboard Cell Block Key. Go back to the prisoner and bash him out of his cell. He gives you the ICE Breaker in return, as promised.

Use the ICE Breaker on the brig terminal in the room next to the fallen guard. Personally, I'd upload the area schematics. From this you learn that the detention cells are to the SW. You can use the ICE Breaker (you now have the equivalent of 90-something Computer Spikes to play with) to open the detention cell doors. Alternatively, you can attack the Sith guards in the barracks to obtain a Sith Passcard. Either way, you can now free Bastila and co. Once you have all your gear again, head to the elevator on the east side of this level, and then to the bridge.

You find yourself on the command deck. The bridge itself (all the way to the east) is locked down, but you can enter a door near there and fight your way through three tough Dark Jedi to make your way to the bridge storage, and from there to an inner airlock... and then an outer airlock. Oops. You need space suits, of course. These (one seems to do for the three of you) can be found in an armory just to the SW of where you encountered the Dark Jedi. Once through the airlock outer door, make your way (slowly, for you're space truckin') to the airlock outer door near the bridge...

After you defeat Saul, be sure to unlock the docking bay doors via the Computer Panel on the bridge. Then you have to make your way back to the elevator on the command deck by donning the space suits again. Once you get to the hangar, after going through a few blast doors, you meet... Darth Malak. But more than that, you finally discover your identity. You are Revan! Malak puts your two companions into stasis, but you can quite easily defeat him and he flees. Then you have to work your way through a small maze of blast doors until you bump into Malak again. Defeat him once more, and Bastila and Carth come to your aid. Bastila insists on holding off Malak, while you and Carth flee to the Hawk (in the hangar through a blast door to the east).

Soon after leaving the Hawk, you are approached by a Twi'lek named Ziagrom. If you care to travel back to Korriban and talk to the bartender in "The Drunk Side", you can get access to some special gear.

The Star Map on Manaan is the last one we require. Once you have it, travel to the Star Forge System. Once there though, your systems become damaged, and Carth has to put the Hawk down on a nameless world. See below.


  • 1.  Star Map: Manaan - 1500 XP.
    Talk to the Republic soldier just outside where the Hawk is docked. You learn quite a bit about the native Selkath, and the mining of kolto - a seaweed with fabulous curative properties. Anyway, this quest might take a while to solve. It's related to Ahto East Central Quest 1.

Manaan, Ahto West Central
Once past the port authority, head west into Ahto West.

Manaan, Ahto West
If Jolee Bindo is in your party, then immediately upon entering this sector of Ahto you meet Elora, the wife of Sunry, who is locked up pending trial for allegedly killing a Sith woman. You have just received Quest 1 below.


  • 1.  Sunry murder trial - 2900 XP.
    Go to the courtroom in the south part of this sector and speak to Judge Shelkar. Hmm. Next, you can visit Sunry, who is being held just to the south of where Elora is standing, in the Ahto City Prison. Looks like you need to find this hotel and speak to some of the guests. So... head east to the East Central area, then north to the Visitor's Hotel. Speak to Ignus at the desk, and he tells you of the two witnesses. Also, it seems that Sunry and this Elassa that he was alleged to have killed were having an affair. Pay Ignus 200 credits to agree to testify in Sunry's favour as regards to when he heard the shot fired. You get 500 XP for this.

    Speak to the Pazaak player Firith Me, in a room near the reception desk. He confirms that Sunry was seeing Elassa, but you now learn that she was a Dark Jedi. 500 XP for learning this. Then go across the hall and speak to Gluupor. Hmm. Seems he was paid by an unknown Sith to put a Sith medal into Elassa's hand. Another 500 XP for gleaning this bit of info. On the way out of the hotel, you meet a mysterious man who tells you that you must seek answers in both the Republic and Sith Embassies... the Republic Embassy is just across from the hotel. Talk to Roland Wann, but he just tells you it must be a Sith frame-up. The Sith Embassy is in Ahto East, on the north side. But you can't get in there yet. Go back and talk to Sunry's wife, Elora. She confirms that Sunry was having an affair with Elassa. Another 500 XP.

    Once you have access the the Republic Embassy as part of the 'Mission for the Republic' quest (see below), slice into the Embassy's large computer, and access the restricted data files. You view a recording that proves Sunry did murder Elassa after all. But why? Go talk to Sunry again, and you finally learn the truth about this whole situation. Sunry did murder Elassa in her sleep, and then got Republic spies to cover up for him, but the Sith found out. You get 500 more XP for learning this. If you are Light Side, break out of the conversation with Sunry before agreeing to go to trial or else you will get Dark Side points. And now you can go to trial. You don't get any Light Side or Dark Side points no matter whether Sunry is convicted or set free, so it is simply a matter of what you fancy here. Presenting the recording as evidence sees him immediately convicted. Going through the whole trial, being careful not to bring up the matter of the affair when Elora is questioned, may see him proved innocent. Either way you get 400 XP and this quest is finally wrapped up.

  • 2.  Missing Selkath - 1300 XP.
    In the NE part of this sector (mercenary enclave), talk to the Selkath, Shaelas. His daughter Shasa has gone missing, and he suspects it has something to do with the Sith. The disappearances began shortly after they arrived on Manaan. You eventually find Shasa in the Sith Embassy. See Ahto East Central Quest 1.

    (Light Side)You get 700 of the above XP when you convince Shasa to leave the Sith, and the remaining XP when you report back to Shaelas.

    (Dark Side) Having killed Shasa, rub Shaelas' nose in it. You get 500 cedits and Dark Side points.

  • 3.  Republic hiring mercenaries - 500 XP and 500 credits.
    Talk to Nilko Bwaas, a Selkath standing near the entrance of the mercenary enclave. He wants you to find out why the Republic has suddenly started hiring mercenaries. Hmm. Seems like you'd be selling out the Republic if you gave him this information... to complete this quest, you must first complete the 'Mission for the Republic' quest below. Then Roland Wann takes you into his confidence and tells you that the Republic was hiring the mercenaries to find out what happened at their secret Hrakert Rift kolto harvesting facility. Fortunately, Nilko is on the side of the Republic. When you give him this information he promises to keep quite and suggests you investigate matters further yourself.

Manaan, Ahto East Central
The Vistor's Hotel and the Republic Embassy are in this sector of Ahto.


  • 1.  Mission for the Republic - 1500 XP.
    Right across from the Visitor's Hotel is the entrance to the Republic Embassy. Talk to Roland Wann, mention that you are on a mission from the Jedi Council, and you will get this quest. Roland wants you to break into the Sith Embassy to recover a valuable Republic droid that the Sith have captured. In return, he promises to give you information concerning the Manaan Star Map. He proposes three ways you could gain access to the Sith Embassy:

    1. Question a Sith prisoner to learn the passcode. This turns out to be quite simple if you have decent Persuade skill, which you should have by now. No need to inject him with any more serum, he's already softened up enough. All you need do is Persuade/Lie that you will hold onto his companion, and return him to the Sith. This prospect frightens him severely, and he gives you the passcode.

    2. Decrypt a passcard. You have to find the final number in six sequences:
      1. Additive Matrix: 1 2 4 7 11 16 ? ... this is +1, +2, +3, etc. So the answer is: 22
      2. Subtractive Matrix: 21 18 16 15 15 16 ? ... the progression here is -3, -2, -1, -0, --1 (+1), --2 (+2). Answer: 16 + 2 = 18
      3. Multiplicative Matrix: 1 2 4 8 16 32 ? ... this is successive powers of 2, so the answer is: 2 to the power of 6 = 64
      4. Divisive Matrix: 128 64 32 16 8 4 ? ... just keep dividing by 2. Answer: 2
      5. Exponential Matrix: 1 32 81 64 25 ? ... tricky one. This is: 1x1x1x1x1x1 = 1, 2x2x2x2x2 = 32, 3x3x3x3 = 81, 4x4x4 = 64, 5x5 = 25, and the answer is: 6 (by itself)
      6. Exponential Matrix: 1 0 - 8 3 - 32 5 - 128 ? ... this is simply 2 to the power of the number it is paired with. Answer: 7 (128 = 2 to the power of 7)

    3. Break into a Sith hangar, steal transport, and get into the Sith Embassy through an obscure rear entrance. The hangar you seek is Docking Bay 26-A, just two doors down from where the Ebon Hawk is docked. The passcard Roland Wann gave you gets you in, and there are only a handful of Sith to defeat in order to gain access to the transport.

    Once you've gained access to the Sith Embassy via one of the above methods... if you come in through the front door with the decrypted passcard, or by reciting the passcode to the Sith diplomat outside, you are immediately accosted by a security officer. I tried all the conversation paths, but wound up fighting her and the guards no matter what. No big deal, as it's not a particularly tough battle. After that, or if you came in via the Sith transport, head east and into the flow control room. There's a water pump analysis datapad that you can recover from one of the Sith you defeat here. It explains how to get through the pressure doors, but the instructions on it are quite complex. Fortunately, you can get through the set of pressure doors to the north by just fiddling with the controls in each room. Don't worry, the game will not let you drown :-) You wind up in an adjoining hallway that leads to the NE part of the base...

    In a medical room in the NE part of the base, you encounter some dying Selkath. One of them mentions Shasa, and gives you a token. Then locate the Selkath in the dormitory near here. Shasa is amongst them:

    (Light Side) You can use the token to convince her that the Sith are up to no good. She agrees to alert the authorities and return to her father.

    (Dark Side) Kill Shasa and her companions.

    Past the training room in this same area, you encounter a Dark Jedi Master. After you defeat him, get the datapad from the footlocker in his sleeping quarters and it confirms that he was turning Selkath to the Dark Side in an attempt to overthrow the government.

    In the west part of the base, you will find the disassembly area where the Republic droid is being taken apart. Recover the data module from the broken droid, and return it to Roland Wann to complete this quest. Note: as you are leaving the Sith base you are arrested for attacking the Sith in their embassy. But the datapad you recovered from the Dark Jedi's footlocker gets you off the hook nicely at your trial. Just plead guilty, say you were in the Sith Embassy looking for missing Selkath, then offer the datapad as proof that the Sith were attempting to overthrow the lawful government of Manaan.

    When you do return to Roland Wann with the data module you recovered from the captured droid, he gives you a passcard that grants access to a submarine that will take you to a secret Republic kolto harvesting facility on the ocean floor. Wann thinks that's where you might find your Star Map. Take the submersible down to Hrakert Rift Station...

    Upon arriving you encounter a crazed mercenary who confirms fears that the station has been severely compromised. All the Selkath and the bots have gone haywire for some reason. Work your way through the facility. Roughly in the middle of the place, in fact in the central storage room, you'll come upon a Sonic Emitter and a Scientist's Memo in a footlocker. The Memo explains how the Emitter can be used in conjunction with an environmental suit to keep the firaxan sharks (you can see them swimming around outside) at bay, so to speak. In the west part of the facility, you find an Environmental Suit.

    Head out the pressure door in the centre of the facility and head west. You come upon another survivor, one of the mercs. Follow him south to the ocean floor, where he is immediately set upon by firaxan sharks. Oops. But you won't have much trouble with them. Head east from here. Whenever a shark approaches you, just zap it with the Sonic Emitter. End of shark. When you come to a fork in the path, head to the SE and enter the kolto control facility. It won't be too long before you come across two paranoid researchers ensconced behind a force field. You must bash your way through before the air runs out. You finally learn that it was the mother of all firaxa sharks that caused the mayhem at the facility, and you now have two ways to proceed once you go through the airlock and reach the kolto harvesting machine:

    (Light Side) Carry out the following operations on the kolto control panel:

    1. Fill the container.
    2. Transfer to container to the injector.
    3. Empty the injector.
    4. Transfer the container to the injector.
    5. Fill the container.
    6. Transfer the container to the injector.

    Now the container has 4 million units and it blows. The great shark retreats, allowing you access to the Star Map.

    (Dark Side) Vent the toxin using the kolto control panel. You kill the giant firaxan. Now you can access the Star Map.

    Either way you have just solved Manaan Quest 1 for 1500 XP. Now make your way back to the Ebon Hawk and leave this godforsaken place! But upon leaving the Republic Embassy, The Selkath arrest you for causing the explosions in the Rift.

    (Light Side) No problem here once you explain how you saved their great ancestor.

    (Dark Side) You are banned forever from Manaan for killing their ancestor and poisoning the kolto. Fortunately, no need to return as you should be finished here...

  • 2.  Genoharadan: Lorgal - 660 XP and Genoharadan Poison Blade.
    (Dark Side) This is where Tatooine Quest 7 finally kicks in. Beware that taking this and any further Genoharadan quests will result in you collecting Dark Side points! If you still wish to proceed, then... the Genoharadan want you to speak to someone named Hulas on Manaan, and they want you to go alone. So leave all your companions on the Ebon Hawk, then talk to Hulas, who is standing in the very south of this sector of Ahto. It turns out that the Genoharadan are a secret sect of assassins. They have been altering the course of history for millenia via carefully targeted assassinations of key figures. They are aligned with the Republic in so far as it is in their best interests that the Republic continues to flourish. The task they wish you to perform to be initiated into their order is to kill a prisoner named Lorgal who is being held in the Republic Embassy. You must kill him without using an obvious weapon. You then get three further quests, which are Quests 3, 4, and 5 below.

  • 3.  Genoharadan: Ithorak - 1000 XP and Genoharadan Power Gloves.
    You are to kill a Selkath name Ithorak Guldar. Speak to the Twi'lek named Vek at the swoop track, which is in the very south part of Ahto East (through some doors). If you pose as the representative of a Coruscant merchant, Vek will set up a meeting in Docking Bay 26-B. Make sure you take some party members with you! Vek is standing there at the entrance to the hangar when you arrive, and insists on following you in with an assault droid to protect Ithorak. But with Persuade and 500 credits, you can get him to walk away and leave you to go in alone. Quite easy to take out Ithorak then. Report back to Hulas (alone) to collect your reward.

  • 4.  Genoharadan: Rulan - 1000 XP and Genoharadan Visor.
    Hulas wants you to assassinate a shapeshifting alien named Rulan. You must travel to Kashyyyk. Go down to the Shadowlands, then head for the area to the SW of Jolee's hut. You find a dead wookie with a Datapad on him. Hmm. Just to the south of there you find what looks to be a wookie name Grarwwaar standing by a fire. Speak to him, and tell him that you know he can't be Grarwwaar, because you have just learned that Grarwwaar is dead. It's Rulan alright, and he shapeshifts into Jolee's form next (or, someone in your party). Attack him then. Towards the end of the battle, he shapeshifts into a beast, and when you're about to kill him, he disappears altogether! If you return to Hulas after Rulan has disappeared, you'll have to travel all the way back to Kashyyyk again to finish the job. And we don't want that to happen, do we? So... look in the area to the NE of Jolee's hut. There are a group of tachs moving around here, and a solitary one that is stationary. This one is Rulan. Attack him to finish the job, then you can finally report back to Hulas.

  • 5.  Genoharadan: Vorn - 1000 XP and Genoharadan Stealth Unit.
    Your last Genoharadan target is a Gammorean named Vorn Daasraad. He's on Tatooine hunting krayt dragons. You'll find Vorn's assault droid in the norther part of the Sand People's Territory. Once you disable the droid, access the swoop bike there and plant a mine. Vorn returns. Take out both him and the droid, then return to Manaan and seek out Hulas. Oh dear. It seems that Hulas has duped you into taking out the last remaining Genoharadan overseers. He is the only one left. You must meet with him alone on the Dune Sea on Tatooine to settle this once and for all! Just outside the gate to the Dune Sea, Hulas has prepared a welcoming party. But you are well able for them, aren't you? And that is the end of the Genoharadan :-)

Nameless World
Once you have acquired all the Star Maps that you needed to locate the Star Forge, your ship is damaged on the way there and Carth brings the Hawk down on a nearby planet. After a chat with your companions, Mission draws your attention to a strong power source in the east, and you immediately get Quest 1 below.


  • 1.  Trapped on a nameless world - get out of here, with lots more XP!
    Exit the Hawk and you wind up on a beach. Leave this beach to the north, then continue along the path till it forks. Take the north path, and continue to the North Beach. You are greeted here by a party of Rakatan warriors. Agree to meet The One. Hmm. Apparently Revan visited this world three years ago and made some promises which he did not keep. Namely, he promised to kill off another tribe known as The Elders and recover a tome from them. This tome allegedly contains information about how to gain access to an Ancient Temple. Might as well go along with this for the moment. You appear to have no other choice.

    The exit from the Rakatan settlement is all the way to the SE. Then go to Central Beach, and take the south path this time. Enter the Temple Exterior, then just skirt around to the SE and enter another section of South Beach. You find the Ship Parts that you will eventually need to repair the Ebon Hawk in the next area. Beware that this area is heavily mined. Continue on to the South Beach, and step between the two centre columns that are not electrically charged. An apparition appears. Tell him that you are Revan, and you will be permitted inside to see the Elders:

    (Light Side) Use Persuade to convince the Elder Councillor that Revan has changed his evil ways. But you still need to run an errand to gain their trust once more. A scout of theirs has been captured by The One and is being held in his chambers. You must free the scout. Travel back to the Rakatan settlement. Oops. The One has learned that you are in league with the Elders, and now you must fight your way back into the settlement, then through the whole settlement to the arena, and then defeat The One and a brace of rancor beasts. Whew! After you win this battle, locate the Elder Warrior and he goes back to the Elders to tell them of your good deed (there are also some Ship Parts in a room next to the arena, in case you didn't find them near the Elder's place). Then return to the Elders yourself, and after some deliberations the Elders are prepared to let you enter the temple, but you must go alone... so drop your party members off at the Hawk and go to the temple, where the Elders are waiting. They begin the ritual, but... any party members that have Force powers like Jolee and Juhani approach then and demand to go inside with you. Surprisingly, you can quite easily convince the Elders to allow this. Once you are inside the temple, see below.

    (Dark Side) It is quite easy to bump off the three elder councillors. Head directly south, and you will be able to recover the Ancient Tome that you need off one of the fallen Elders. Then bring it back to The One. He finally agrees to meet you at the temple, provided you come alone. See above. Jolee and Juhani, provided she is still alive, will join you.

    The first thing you encounter in the temple is a massive door, which you cannot open yet. Work your way south, then east, and north again to enter the temple catacombs. In a footlocker there, you find a datapad indicating that you must walk a certain pattern of floor tiles in the shape of an 'H'. Well, you encounter this room with a massive door at the other end of it shortly thereafter. Beware though that the 'H' is not a standing up one, but rather one lying on its side :-) Once through this massive door you encounter a Rakatan computer, which recognises you as Revan and thankfully opens the massive door where you first entered the temple, thereby granting access to the upper levels...

    You shortly thereafter find yourself at the temple summit. Bastila is there. After you begin to get the best of her in battle, it's time for some interesting conversation:

    (Light Side) Bastila tries to lure you over to the Dark Side, with promises of you and her ruling together after you help her to defeat Malak. Resist!

    (Dark Side) Well, this was a big surprise for me. If you embrace the Dark Side here, you must kill Jolee and (possibly) Juhani. Access the Rakatan computer there to shut down both the planetary disruptor field and the temple shield. Then Bastila joins you as you return to the Ebon Hawk, and you also will have to kill any detractors there.

    In either case, once you're back aboard, go to the rear of the ship and access the hyperdrive. The Ship Parts you found will be automatically used to repair it. Then go to the bridge and set a course for the Star Forge!

Star Forge
Note: if you don't have Cure or peferably Heal in your Force Power arsenal, you must obtain one of these on your next level up or you will find it nigh on impossible to complete the game. You should get enough XP while on the Star Forge to go up at least one more level. You have been warned!

(Light Side) Best to take two companions with Force Powers if you can, as there are some tough battles ahead.

(Dark Side) You have no choice but to take Bastila along, and whoever is the best fighter remaining in your now severely depleted party.

From here on in you are fighting nearly continuous battles as enemies pour in from all sides, so remember that you can have your party members disengage and retreat back to an area you have already cleared in case you need a breather. And remember to save often! Anyway... head south on Deck 1, and then continue south on Deck 2 until you come to the central shaft. Once in the central shaft, head west and take out all the turrets there. Then you can take the elevator to the Command Center (alternatively, you can go to a control room to the east and after defeating a few apprentices, use one of the computer terminals there to disable the turrets. Also, if you have at least 25 Computer Spikes handy, you can use the computer to generate powerful Jedi robes that are tailored to your Jedi class and either the Light or Dark Side). Once at the Command Center, fight your way up a few more flights and then...

(Light Side) You encounter Bastila again. If you're playing a male character, you can pour as much 'lurv' into this conversation as you want to aid in turning her back to the Light Side. You have to be a little more careful in choosing your answers if playing a female character.

(Dark Side) You must defeat three of Malak's toughest apprentices, each of whom is vying to be his next right-hand man.

In any case, Bastila now stays behind to use her battle meditation, either for or against the Republic depending on whether or not she has been turned from the Dark Side. Now you have to find Malak. Head through the door to the SE of where Bastila is meditating, go through an empty droid factory, and as you approach the door to the south it opens to reveal Malak. He starts manufacturing droids then. Each time you defeat a droid of a certain type, a Computer Spike appears in the corresponding bin next to a terminal... but a new droid of that type is then manufactured. Use these generated Spikes to bolster your supply. You need to use 8 Computer Spikes per terminal to halt the manufacture of droids of that type. Once you've halted the manufacture of all the droids, it's quite a simple matter to wipe out the remaining ones. Then return to the door in the south and take the elevator up to the viewing platform to confront Malak again...

This final battle with Malak is quite difficult. He has enslaved eight Jedi from his victory at Dantooine and is feeding off their energy. When you get Malak down to about half his health, he will begin healing himself using these Jedi. If you have an offensive Force Power, like Force Push, you can release each Jedi before Malak uses him. As he uses each one though, that Jedi is... depleted. So even if you have no offensive Force Powers in your arsenal, if you can weather the prospect of Malak healing himself eight times, then you can get through this. Now listen carefully... you must treat the lower and upper levels of the factory as an indoor track. Literally. Just keep running around this track over and over again to heal yourself and regain Force points! Remember to save every time you gain even the slightest advantage. If you don't have Cure/Heal in your reportoire, I hope you brought along quite a few Medpacs or you're going to be out of luck! Once you defeat Malak, the game is effectively over, but there are different endings for Light Side and Dark Side :-)

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