Wanted: A Wild Western Adventure

Developer:  Revistronic
Publisher:  The Adventure Company

Walkthrough by Rosemary & Gordon (October, 2004)
WANTED is a humorous graphic adventure so sit back and prepare for a few laughs. Don't be shy, take everything that isn't nailed down. Right from the start it's a very open game so this walkthrough is just one possible pathway.

Arcade Sequences
There are three sequences/puzzles in WANTED that require some dexterity. If your cursor doesn't respond accurately or quickly enough at these times try going to Settings in the Options Menu and turn down the 'Detail'. This will make the graphics more angular but mouse control is much improved. When you get through the ordeal/s you can crank up the detail again.

You need plenty as they are the 'fuel' for Fenimore's transport (his horse). When at Bannister Farm or the Jones Farm you can grow your own fuel. These locations have a crop of carrots. Watering the crop either from the pump or the well causes the crop gauge to turn from grey to blue as the ground is saturated. The carrot gauges then turn from grey to red as the carrots ripen. Pick carrots when the gauge is fully red. You can also buy carrots from Jackson's Store.

Fenimore's Horse (Rayo) has a similar gauge that measures his fuel (carrot) level. Watch this gauge to be sure you don't get stranded with no carrots.

You need a moderate supply in WANTED to pay your way and buy various goodies. There are plenty of dollars for the taking if you search the drawers and cabinets in each location and collect them up. This walkthrough doesn't acknowledge every single dollar ... it's more fun to find them for yourself. You can also get your money supply topped up by sending telegrams, by getting a couple of small bank loans or by practicing at the shooting gallery and quitting when you're ahead but prior to winning the tournament.

Bannister Farm
After the showdown with Starek's stooges who attempt to take possession of Bannister Farm, Fenimore gets an unpleasant surprise at dinner and wakes up in bed. This is where you take control.

Drag yourself out of bed and look around the room. Take the rope hanging at the end of the bed and the holsters on the hook nearby. The trunk is locked so open the drawer in the small table. Oh dear! toy revolvers, the kid must have taken your guns. Take the toys then exit.

In the kitchen Stella tells you that Joe is at the Jones Farm and they are planning to stand up to Starek. Talk to Stella and exhaust all conversation. You learn that Billy (the kid) is in school.

Take the apple from the cupboard. Near the fireplace note the stand and the bellows. Leave them for the time being, you'll be back to use them later. Grab any dollars you can find then get your hat and exit.

Outside walk past the stump to the gate (door) and open it to find Rayo, your horse. You need a saddle before you're going anywhere so find the shed behind the stump. Get the saddle and take the rope and saw from the wall as well.

Back to Rayo and saddle up. Now what? Rayo is hungry, so give him the apple. Wrong! He doesn't like apples so let's find something else.

Go back to the yard to the carrot crop. You need water so look around. Pick up the bucket near the outhouse and the log might come in handy so take that too. Fill the bucket at the pump and water the crop three times to get 5 carrots. You can repeat the process as often as necessary as it never hurts to have a supply of carrots.

Might as well grab that sock in the washing basket at the end of the house then back to Rayo and feed him. Time to leave.

Jones Farm
You meet Joe and Alvin here and learn they could do with your help. They reel off lots of chores. Talk to Joe again for clarification. Your three main objectives are:
Task 1: Find another man to defend the farm
Task 2: Get some money to strengthen the defences (i.e. buy some weapons and ammunition)
Task 3: Stop Starek's gunmen from arriving on the Abilene train.

Now look around and take the lever from the fireplace and grab all the dollars you can find.

Go upstairs and take the basket and move the step ladder to the window. You can't exit here without your hat so search the bedroom and add to your dollar collection. Downstairs to get your hat then return and use the ladder. Below you see a rope that passes over the pigsty where there is a pig and a wheel ... could be useful later. You can't do anything with that rope yet so back downstairs.

Outside and talk to Alma about the pig (it only eats fresh fish), the wheel (no, you can't just take it), and her daughter, Annie, who is a Jesse James fan. Take the bucket before you go and note the log holder at the side of the house. Use the log with the holder then cut it with the saw. Take the two cut logs.

There is a shed adjoining the pigsty with a bowl and a hatch that closes -- interesting!

You can grow more carrots at this farm if you want. Off to ...

You meet Rhiannon (lust at first sight) but your efforts to save her from Starek and a fate worse than death (marriage to Floyd) see you knocked out. Billy escapes.

When you come round take your hat and guns. Search the children's desks and take the folding ruler then get more dollars and a pen from the teacher's desk.

Outside walk around the back of the schoolhouse and take the lever. Annie is nearby playing on a swing, so make friends. She tells you Rhiannon is Starek's niece and she doesn't have a boyfriend ... good! She also knows that Billy is hiding from you in his secret hideout. She doesn't know where it is but Toby, her dog, is a good tracker. Of course you can't just borrow Toby, Annie wants a picture of Jesse James first. Talk some more and Annie gives you some hints for getting into the pigsty. Off to ...

Town ... some sightseeing ...
Get acquainted with Shorty, he's not very friendly and he'll follow you everywhere in town.

Jackson's Store
Tackle this place first to collect some useful hints.

Buy the newspapers and read them more than once. As well as hints they have useful addresses for sending telegrams later.

Particularly note the stories on:
A jail escape with the help of a bull (useful for Task 1)
A Bank robbery involving avoiding security cameras (useful for Task 2)
The destruction of a railway bridge with the help of explosives and a Winchester (useful for Task 3)

Talk to the Storekeeper. He has weapons for sale but you need a SISA Card from the Bank which is very expensive, you could never afford it! You can buy explosives (dynamite) here too but you need a permit from the Sheriff and an authorised check for $100.

Look around for now, you can buy later when you have more money. Pay the $5 to enter the clothing store and look around again. Go downstairs and note the photo developing machine.

Sheriff's Office
Talk to the Sheriff to get some background on Starek. His brother, Roderick (Rhiannon's father) was mysteriously murdered. His lone prisoner is accused of stealing Starek's cattle.

Maybe that prisoner (Tom Postom) is worth checking out so go around the back of the Sheriff's Office and talk to him through the bars. He's a farmer and a friend of Alvin and Joe. Another hand to help the farmers? (Task 1) And he's a forger too, which could come in handy.

What luck, the evidence of cattle stealing is here ... a raging bull! You also learn that the Sheriff is waiting for a commissioner for the hearing. Walk north to ...

Maintenance Area
There is a maintenance truck and a shed here. You can't lift the bar on the shed but that pulley above could help. Use a rope on it to raise the bar and open the door. Inside take the climbing belt and a replacement rope.

Next take a ride on the maintenance truck and take the uncharted track to the right which goes to the Bridge. Take a close look, demolishing it could stop the train! (Task 3).

You'll also see a fish in the water (remember the pig). Face the beach and take a swipe at it (click like crazy) and it beaches but wiggles back to safety. So put the basket on the beach take another swipe and catch yourself a fresh fish.

You can also use the maintenance truck to cross the bridge and pick up the axe and the rope near the shed. Before you head back to the Maintenance Area take note of the telegraph pole. Might be useful later.

Now take the other uncharted path to the Fair. Talk to the Fairman to learn about the shooting contest culminating in a shootout against his Robot to win a Winchester 73. More luck!! You only have toy guns so you can't play yet, but take particular note of the Robot Oil. Return to Town and find the ...

Talk to the Telegraphist to learn about the next train from Abilene.

You can send some telegrams, 5 of them in the hope of getting some cash, and 1 to get a rhyme for later use. Just enter the waiting room and return to get your reply/money as they arrive one at a time each time you enter this area. You should now have money to spare!

Whilst in the waiting room pick up the specs from the table and another door opens into the station yard where you find another log and a fold-up wheelbarrow.

Note the security camera!

Exhaust all conversation with the Banker to learn:
To open an account you need an address at the Saloon.
Obtaining a SISA card is out of the question, that will require a more devious strategy ... a robbery?
To get an authorised check for $100 some property deeds would be useful.

Talk to the Barman then head upstairs, he'll stop you. So pay for a Bath and get the master key.

Head back upstairs to the bathroom and pick up the matches from the chair and the soap from the bath.

The Doc is up here too and he wants a tooth pulling. Note the portrait on his desk. Bargain with him, you'll pull his tooth for the picture of Jesse James. You'll need some pliers and a bottle of good whisky.

Back downstairs and buy the Triple X Whisky from the Barman then zap across to Jackson's Store to buy the pliers. Back to the Saloon and upstairs to the Doc again. Give him the whisky and remove his tooth with the pliers. Take the portrait of Jesse James and you also have an extra tooth.

Nip into the room next door and search to find a couple more dollars and take the doctor's bag/case. Take the key to room #4 from the table. Exit and cross the hall to room #4 for a few dollars more and pick up the cushion from the chair.

Back downstairs and talk to the Stranger, he won't say a thing. Ask the Barman about him and you learn he's a smuggler. For $5 you can get an introduction. So pay up then talk to the Stranger. He's got some Adulterated Robot Oil for sale. Expensive but buy it.

Bank (again)
Give the Banker room key #4 to get your Bank Book. You can now get a small loan and top up your supply of dollars.

Get back your guns
Now you have the Jesse James picture you can work on the important job of getting your guns!

So back to the School and give Jesse's portrait to Annie. You can now borrow Toby but you'll need that sock for him to track Billy.

Use the sock on the dog then follow it to the tree house. Use your rope to climb the tree and talk to the kids. Eventually you'll learn that your guns are in the school outhouse so back you go to collect them.

Oh No! As you leave the school yard you run smack into a cart accident. Livy (Rhiannon's maid) and the Doc are now in trouble. Of course you offer to help.

Talk to Livy and plan to get a doctor's disguise to visit Rhiannon. You'll need:
A bowler hat
A jacket
Some thick specs
An old case/bag ... and you have to be fatter.
Of course a new wheel for the cart will help too!

So many things to do ... get that disguise, rob the bank, blow up the bridge, win the shooting challenge, free Tom Postom, et. etc. One at a time ...

Free Tom Postom
Return to the Sheriff and say you are representing Tom Postom to learn that the Sheriff is waiting on a telegram to say that the commissioner is arriving. Maybe we could help things along. Drop in at the Station to send a fake telegram. Sadly the Telegraphist won't let you. You need another strategy.

Back to Jackson's Store and buy that mobile phone that's good for sending telegrams. You've got plenty of money so pick up the Hydraulic Jack too. It might help later with the cart. The Tyrolean Harness will come in handy as well. Then into the clothing section for the bowler hat before you leave.

Head off to the Bridge, remember that pole. Use the climbing belt to climb it and then use the mobile on the connection to send a telegram to the Sheriff telling him to meet the train.

Back to the Station and talk to the Telegraphist. Pick up the Sheriff's telegram and deliver it to him.

Outside to the street and watch the Sheriff leave ... alas he locks the office door.

Go around and talk to Tom. Give him the fold-up ruler to reach the key. Back to the front door with your newly acquired key and enter the Sheriff's Office. Search around and pick up some dollars and the red cloak. You may as well take the Sheriff's Appointment Certificate hanging on the wall, that signature might come in handy later to get the dynamite.

Walk around the back again and use the red cloak on the bull who will obligingly knock a great hole in the wall. Tom is free and Task 1 is complete!

Win the shooting challenge, get the Winchester
If you haven't done so already buy the Adulterated Oil from the Stranger in the Saloon then back to the Fair. Remember to swap the adulterated oil for the robot oil to give you an advantage against the robot in the final level. Then talk to the Fairman to start the show.

There are 4 progressively harder levels till you face the robot. Shoot only the targets with red shirts. You might have to put in some practice first to see where the targets appear but the sequence of appearance is random so you can't anticipate further. See the note above if you have cursor problems.

When you finally complete level 4 and the Robot juices up with the adulterated oil, it is no match for you or anyone for that matter. Take a bow and take the Winchester.

Sarsaparilla rhyme duel (Part 1 and 2)
Go back to the Saloon to celebrate. For this contest you must win three rounds with Whiskers, Fatty and, finally the Fairman to collect up enough rhyming insults to deal with Shorty. Whiskers is first, followed by Fatty and then the Fairman. As each one exhausts their repertoire of insults they make room for the next.

You already know one insult from the Poet's telegram so approach Whiskers at the bar and challenge him to a sarsaparilla duel. As you play you will collect more and more matching pairs of rhyming insults. Keep challenging till you have a correct response then fling back an insult that you don't know the answer to so you can learn it and add it to your own repertoire.

You can also challenge Shorty to add to your list. If you win a duel and your dueling partner sulks, just pop outside and return and he'll be ready for more. When Whiskers departs Fatty will take his place and you can repeat the process.

You can't finish the dueling at this point, you're waiting on the Fairman, but there's more to do to fill in the time.

Help Livy so you can visit Starek's Ranch
First you need that wagon wheel so return to the Jones Farm.

You can enter the house and go upstairs, up the ladder to the roof and use the Tyrolean Harness to slide down the rope for a surprise encounter with the pig. Or you can prepare first.

Go to the shed and lure the pig to the hatch by putting the fish in the bowl. When the pig is eating trap it by lowering the hatch door.

Then use the Tyrolean Harness to slide down the rope to get to the wheel. It's stuck so use the lever to free it. Chase it out into the yard ... alas it's too heavy to pick up. Use the fold-up wheelbarrow and Rayo will follow you back to the crash site.

Crash site: You'll first need to jack up the cart. Use the hydraulic jack then use the wheelbarrow to attach the wheel. Now for the Doctor's disguise!

Luckily moving the cart threw the Doc clear so you can borrow his jacket. Show it to Livy, it's too dirty and needs cleaning.

Back to Bannister Farm for some washing. Of course, it's not your job so go ask Stella. She'll tell you to put it in the basket and find some soap. Go outside and do as you're told, put the jacket in the basket and the soap in the sink.

Back to tell Stella you're ready then follow her outside and wait to get the wet jacket. It has to be dried and the fire inside will do the trick.

So first use the 2 cut logs with the tree stump and chop them with the axe to get 4 split logs. Back inside and put them on the fire. Light it with a match and the bellows will get it going strongly. Now you can put the jacket on the stand and wait till it dries. That's it, so back to ...

Crash Site: Give Livy the bowler hat, jacket, specs, cushion, doctor's bag/case, and you make a quick change and begin your trip to Starek's Ranch to meet Rhiannon, amongst others.

Starek Ranch
After you fall from Rhiannon's window you get control back again.

Get the lamp from the seat then walk north and find the kitchen door. Open it and talk to Livy. She will open Rhiannon's window again for you and she tells you about a secret passage to exit the mansion.

Search the room to get some dollars and take a carrot too. Look at the book and ask about it. Livy will swap it for a relic, so give her the doctor's tooth and take the Book on Rome.

Leave and return to the window and it's open, waiting for you to climb inside.

Upstairs: You can collect more cash in drawers and cupboards as you go.

Search Rhiannon's room take the Renaissance Book on the desk. Exit and walk down the passage to the end room, picking up the Book on Medieval History on the way. Enter that room and get the Book on Prehistory.

Downstairs: Enter the end room with double doors. Pick up the camera from the settee and the Book on Ancient Greece from the chair.

Move on to the library and find the bookcase with missing books. Put your little collection on the shelves and you can now follow the rainbow (ROYGBIV) to open the secret passage.

Use the lamp to escape and you emerge outside the mansion. (If you can't see Rayo use the cursor to find him). Back to town.

Blow up the Bridge
To get the dynamite you need a Special Permit (signed by the Sheriff) and an authorised check.

You have the Sheriff's signature on his Appointment Certificate so first go back to the Stranger in the Saloon and purchase a Permit. Tom is at the Jones Farm and he will forge the Sheriff's tricky signature for you. When you get there ask Joe and Alvin about his whereabouts ... he's hiding upstairs in the closet. Find him and give Tom the Permit, the Certificate and the pen, he'll deal with the signature.

Of course you don't have $100 so you need something as collateral. Go to Bannister Farm and use the master key to open the bedroom door and take the deeds from the small cupboard. You can now return to town and hand over the deeds at the Bank for the $100 check.

Back to Jackson's Store and hand over the Permit and check to get the dynamite. Before you leave buy the automatic launcher belt, you'll need it.

Off to the Bridge and use the launcher belt on it to climb up. Use the dynamite, back down then walk to the far right to use the Winchester behind a rock. You'll get a target on screen so aim carefully. You can just see a little bump on the beam that is the dynamite. Ammunition isn't a problem so shoot away till the bridge comes tumbling down. (Task 3 completed)

For future reference note that the Sheriff is on his way to investigate.

Weapons for the Farmers
You need the SISA Card so back to the Bank and note you can get the Banker to disappear momentarily by asking him to turn off the fans. As per the newspaper hint take a picture of the Banker and, remember the developing machine in the Store basement, head over there and develop it.

Alas Shorty is still hanging around so you can't do any more in the Bank till you get rid of him. You must finish the Sarsaparilla Duel.

Back to the Saloon. The Fairman is there waiting to challenge you. Deal with him as you did with Whiskers and Fatty and then it's Shorty's turn. He has some tricky new rhymes but if you have done your homework you'll eventually catch him out. Leave him to drown his sorrows.

Now back to the bank, alone at last, and ask for the fans to be switched off/on. Whilst the Banker is away put the photo on the camera to fool it. Then draw your guns and threaten the Banker. When he gives you the slip and hides in the vault you can open the door with the lever and search the desks for the SISA Card.

Back to the Store and give the card to the Storekeeper to collect the goodies. (Task 2 completed).

The gunfight at the ravine
After the long cut scene where you are ambushed, the shoot-out is next. You have 1 minute to shoot 4 baddies who are in different locations. Left click to move and right click to shoot. Once you target a bad guy rapid clicking should help. Good luck. Don't worry too much, if you fail you are automatically restored to the start of the 1 minute sequence to try again and the good news is that if you have shot out the barrels that the baddies are hiding behind they will stay moved on your subsequent attempts. This makes it progressively easier to shoot the baddies as their cover is already dislodged.

The Super Farmer
Next head for the bridge to see the Sheriff. Talk to him, he's looking for some evidence of the Super Farmer, some food left behind. So plant the apple that Rayo nibbled and the Sheriff will spot the big teeth marks and take it as evidence of a giant foe.

Head for the Jones farm and talk to Joe. Look in the ditch and pick up a big Toltec foot ... lucky! Take it back to town and find the Sheriff behind the jail. There's a mud patch just waiting for a big footprint! So drop the foot and the Sheriff will spot the print and scurry off to tell Starek about the Super Farmer.

The end
It's time now to head for Starek's ranch, get rid of the bad guys and get the girl.

Enter by the drain and go up to Rhiannon's room, out the window and around to meet up with Rhiannon and Starek et al and on to the final showdown.

Relax, this is a strategy shoot-out. As Fenimore your job is to keep Starek and Floyd pinned down. The baddies portraits at the top of the screen will turn brown when they are out of action. You can then switch to the good guys portraits at the bottom of the screen as they become highlighted to take care of their targets and send more of the baddies running.

Watch the ending and don't forget the out-takes.

Will Fenimore and Rhiannon live happily ever after?

See the Review of Wanted: A Wild Western Adventure.

Copyright © Rosemary & Gordon 2004. All rights reserved.