Syberia II

Developer:  Benoît Sokal
Publisher:  Microids

Walkthrough by Steve Metzler (May, 2004)
If you haven't played the original Syberia, you should first use the 'Syberia Recap' button on the main menu. It will at least give you a clue as to what transpired in the previous game, though playing the first game is not essential to enjoying or comprehending this one... but it helps. The game begins as the train pulls into a station.

Head towards the front of the train and talk to Hans. He's going to Syberia no matter what, and it looks like you are too. As you may have learned from the original Syberia, this is an automaton train that needs to be wound up periodically. So the first order of business is to find a way to do that here. Exit the train onto the platform. You immediately bump into Colonel Emeliov, the... er... police presence here. Follow him into the station house, and go talk to him. You don't learn much. Then head back outside, and go south to where Oscar is camped out. Wind up the train by: turning the wheel to extend the winding device, then pulling the lever on the ground, then turning the wheel again to retract the device. But you aren't finished here yet. Not by a long shot. Talk to Oscar, and when you mention 'Train', you discover that you will need to load the train with some coal before you can depart...

Go all the way to the north on the platform, and examine the gate there. You notice that it is locked. Then head back into the station house. Examine the broken candy machine on the counter where Emeliov was standing the first time you spoke with him. Take the Small Key from the drawer to the left of the broken candy machine. Talk to Emiliov about the 'Coal', and he says you can use the device in the middle of the platform to load your train with coal. Then mention 'Gate', and you hear that the gate is apparently always locked to keep the people below from coming up here. Hmm. Examine the three candy machines on the table near the entrance. Use the Small Key on the keyhole in the right-most one, and you come up with some Coins. Select the Coins from inventory, and a rather large selection will appear at the top of your screen. Use the fifth coin from the left (with a reindeer on it) on the left-most machine, and you get some Sugar Candy. Using the second coin from the left (50 something-or-other) on the middle machine gets you some Fish Candy. It doesn't appear as if you can get any candy from the right-most machine. Then head outside, and try using the lever in the middle of the platform to load the coal. Surprise, surprise. No free coal today. While you're there, talk to the young girl named Malka who is standing right underneath you. You promise to get down to her somehow.

Go back to Emeliov, and mention 'Coal'. Looks like you're out of luck on that score. Then mention 'Key'. He lost it. But not to worry, that's actually good news! Go talk to Malka again (she's holding a balloon this time). Mention 'Key', and she will help you if you give her a "present". Mention 'Candy' next, and it's the Sugar Candy she wants. Use it on Malka, and she sends up the Gate Key by balloon. Open the locked gate at the top of the platform with it, then head down the stairs.

'Lower' Romansburg
Head southwest and speak to Malka on all topics. She mentions Cirkos, and the Bourgoff brothers, who Kate surmises may be able to help her with the coal machine. Go west from there. Take the red, Empty Can of petrol from the left-hand steel column. Aha, so that explains why our coal machine won't work! Head west, then northwest from where Malka is standing, then continue west along the wooden fence (even though the cursor does not light up, you can go there). You come to a door in the fence, with a small window set into it. Try to go in there. Kate rings the bell, and Ivan Bourgoff comes to the door. He's not very helpful, as expected. That's his idiot savant brother Igor who keeps repeating things in the background. After the conversation ends, keep heading west and you will see a Cirkos poster that you are allowed to examine. Use the rip in the top left corner of the poster to tear the poster off the wall, then head through the opening. Examine the box in the middle of the compound that contains an exotic captured animal (you will later discover the name of this animal). Use the latch on the box to release the animal, and Ivan goes after it, leaving Kate free to explore further. Head northwest, and take the Jerry Can can from the top of the barrel (Kate replaces it with the empty one she was carrying). Then go to the north and talk to Igor. Oops. Ivan returns shortly thereafter, and he is not a happy person. Kate exits...

Go back to the coal machine, and use the Jerry Can on the generator. Then hit the red button to start it up. Go back upstairs and pull the lever to load the train with coal... but then Oscar runs up to inform you that Hans has disappeared. Head back downstairs and enter the inn across from where Malka is standing. Hans is staring at the automaton horses on the stage there, and then he goes into delirium and collapses. Kate brings Hans back to the train and puts him to bed. Talk to him, but he's just spewing out gibberish.

Go back to the place where you got into the Bourgoff brother's compound, and you see that it has been boarded up. Continue west, and you see a monastery on the hill. But when you cross the bridge there and try to go up the hill, Kate turns back saying that she needs some warm clothes. So... go talk to Colonel Emeliov in the station house, and ask for 'Help'. He lowers a ladder that leads to the attic. Head up the ladder and take the Winter Clothes. Kate comments that she needs to find someplace private to change into them. That would be the bathroom on the train. Once Kate is decked out in her winter gear, head back downstairs and talk to Malka. It seems that the monks at the monastery may be able to help Hans. Then head into the inn and talk to Cirkos. Mention 'Malka', and then 'Shroud'. Go to Malka again, mention 'Monastery' then 'Help', and she will give you a Token. Head back towards the monastery, and use the Token on the machine by the bridge. Pull the lever to get a Shroud. Then go use it on Hans to obtain Hans' Shroud.

Now cross the bridge and head up to the base of the monastery. Pull the chain at the bottom of the lift shaft, and you can see a monk way above shaking his head. Hmm. Take the path to the east, and you come upon a monk washing some robes. Talk to him at length, and twice during the conversation he pauses to listen to the call of the 'merula alba'. When the subject finallly comes around to 'Latin', Kate learns that the reason she can't get access to the monastery is that women are forbidden to enter. Hmph. Looks like we need to get hold of one of those robes then! So head back to the station house and talk to Emeliov yet again. Mention 'Help'. He gives you three birdcalls. Use the silver one on the monk, and he uses it to call his precious merula alba, then runs off. Take a Monk's Habit, and Kate goes behind a rock to put it on. Now when you pull the chain at the bottom of the lift shaft, the monk at the top sends down the lift.

Go to the central courtyard of the monastery, where the view changes to an overhead one. Then enter the chapel to the west. Walk towards the front of the chapel, and when you access the curtain there, the old patriarch comes out. At first, he appears to be very unhelpful. But finally the topic of 'Shroud' appears and when you tell him that you have brought Hans' Shroud along, he looks at it and then sends monks down to fetch Hans from the train...

After the cut scene where Hans is carried up to the monastery, you wind up talking to the old patriarch the next morning. He reluctantly agrees to let you visit Hans. North and east to get there. Hans is still delirious, but he bids you to go find a monk named Alexei who knows Youkol medicine. During the conversation, you see the monk that was washing the robes listening outside the door. Go outside and confront him. He's mumbling away in pigeon latin again, but if you keep asking him about 'Brother Alexei' he finally hands you a Scroll and heads off. Examine your Documents inventory and you will see that you have also received a Stained-Glass Mammoth. Also, the Stained Glass Mammoth is no longer obscuring the scroll so you can now read the text in full. It says "the key is in the light of the mammoth's eye". Hmm. Head back to the courtyard and pick up the Brush next to the bucket. Then go to the chapel and examine the painting on the wall to Kate's left. Use the Brush on the book in the painting, and Kate rubs off the paint there (desecrating a religious icon. Tsk tsk). Think of the pattern you see there as representing a clock, with the top of the cross at 12 o'clock. Then the numbers of significance are: 3, 4, 8, 9, and 12. Exit the chapel to the courtyard, then head south, and north into the library (if you were here earlier it was full of monks, but now it is empty).

Head east down the ramp, and at the east side of the circular room at the bottom, take the very long candle lighter from the holder on the wall. Relative to the top of the cross, light the candle at 12 o'clock first for reference (it's slightly to the left of the top of the cross), and then the candles at 3, 4, 8, and 9 o'clock... an aperture in a wall opens somewhere, emitting a bright light! Well, that somewhere is right here, but all the way at the top of the library. Examine the aperture with the light coming through it, and you get a magnificent view of Romansburg. Then Kate pulls back. Examine it once again, and use the Stained-Glass Mammoth on the aperture. It fits perfectly. The next puzzle is a bit of 'twiddleware', but rewarding nonetheless. The order in which you push the four phases of the moon surrounding the aperture control how much light comes through it, and only the right combination will cause a focussed image of the mammoth to appear on the far wall. You can play with it for a while if you like, but the correct order is: bottom, left, top, right. Then head over to the other side of the library and examine the circular plinth on the wall there. Touch the center of it, and a bookcase opens to reveal a hidden set of shelves. Take Brother Alexei's Book and the Youkol Relic from the middle shelf. Read the book. Fascinating. Especially the bit about scarlet brambles, which only grow on the graves of the peacefully deceased, having curative powers when mixed with walrus blubber or tallow then burnt...

Exit the library and head back towards the lift. Examine the wheelbarrow in the scene before the lift, and take the Shears (they spelt it correctly this time :-) Then head for the graveyard, just to the west of the library. Go north and examine the grave there. It is Alexei's, and covered in scarlet bramble! Use the Shears to cut away the bramble, and then pick up the Herbs and Brambles. Now go back to the lift, and examine the apparatus to the west there. Take the Box of Matches. Put the Herbs and Brambles in the bucket. Open the cylindrical container underneath the funnel, click on what looks like a fly swatter to get a wick from it, and close the container. Pull the handle on the left to operate the bellows, which causes the liquid in the bucket to heat up. Use the tap, and some of the liquid flows into the container. Open the container and take the object there, to find that you have just made a Herbal Candle. Go to Hans now. Put the Youkol Relic on the table across from his bed. Then put the Herbal Candle into the Youkol Relic, and finally use the Box of Matches to light the Herbal Candle. Hans is cured. Talk to him, and Kate says she will find a way to get them out of the Monastery.

Go back to the lift, and there is the old patriarch. He has monks guarding the lift now, and is determined that Kate and Hans may not leave the monastery. In fact, he says that the only way Hans will leave is "in a box". How apropos. Now that the patriarch is no longer hanging around the chapel, you can go to the front room there (the one he always came out of when you approached). Take the Ornate Key, and use it to open the locked grating at the entrance to the chapel. Pull the rope there to ring the bell, calling all the monks to vespers... including the one who was digging a grave. Go to the graveyard, and examine the hole in the wall. Then use the Casket to position it in front of the hole. Go talk to Hans, and he agrees to leave with you. The patriarch and his heavies attempt to stop you, but Hans and Kate get away in the nick of time, tobogganing wildly down the hill in the Casket.

Romansburg again
Once back on the train, talk to Hans and mention 'Departure'. He says there's still more to do before you can leave Romansburg. He has repaired the heart of Cirkos' mechanical horses, but is too weak to install it himself. He hands you the Mechanical Heart. Go back to the inn. After Cirkos finishes his unsuccessful youki training session, examine the mechanical horses. Use the Mechanical Heart on the central post. OK, it's twiddleware time again. A bit of experimentation will show that each quandrant on the Mechanical Heart controls one of the horses. The bottom left quadrant controls the first horse, and it goes clockwise from there. By hooking up the pipes in each quadrant, you can figure out which pipe makes a particular horse operate. Here's the proper connections:

First horse: middle hole in bottom left quadrant
Second horse: top hole in top left quadrant
Third horse: top hole in top right quadrant
Fourth horse: right-most hole in bottom right quadrant

Once you make those connections correctly, each horse will buck slightly in turn when you press the central post. But, nothing else special happens. Well, we can soon fix that! Disconnect all the pipes, and touch the central post again. The Mechanical Heart rotates. Do this two more times, and the pointer at the top of the display should be at its right-most position (full speed, you surmise). Then connect all the pipes as above, touch the central post one more time, and... let the show begin. But just as Kate is really starting to enjoy the proceedings, the whole building shakes. She runs upstairs only to see the train departing without her. Go talk to your old friend Emeliov again. He mentions the Gangcar (that you have probably seen many times before). And now you finally know what that lever on the end of the platform is for. It couldn't possibly be used while a train was there. Pull the lever, and the Gangcar flips over to the topside. Now use it, and Kate thinks she is on to a winner... for all of 20 yards. Then it grinds to a halt. Hmm. Looks to me like that cage in the back of the Gangcar must be youki-powered.

Go talk to Cirkos, and he says you are wlecome to the yokui... if you can find him, that is. Sure enough, the youki is in the Bourgoff brother's compound. You get a call from Oscar once you enter the compound. He gets interrupted by the Bourgoffs toward the end of the call, but has informed you that he is keeping the train speed to a minimum to give you a chance to catch up. Well, knowing that food is the main item on the agenda as far as youkis are concerned, the first order of business is to offer it the Fish Candy. Yo! Go all the way back up to the Gangcar, and the youki is following you. Once you get in, it's clear sailing until you catch up to the train. But Ivan Bourgoff spots you following, and goes too fast over a bridge, which collapses. You and the youki wind up on the wrong side of the tracks. Literally.

Collapsed bridge
Head east from there, and keep on going (you have little choice). Along the way you notice a Youkol altar, but it is frozen solid. Continue onwards until the youki spots a beaver. Well, that's going to keep the beast occupied for a while. Backtrack a bit from there, and you can head north into a clearing. Take the Branches, and head back to the youkol altar. Use the Branches on the base of the altar, then use the Box of Matches. Take the Offering from the defrosted altar. Give it to the youki. In its excitement, the youki knocks over a tree that had been partially chewed through by the beaver, and you can now cross over the river. Once over the river, continue roughly northeast until you see a pile of logs. Then go northwest, and you come to a collapsed footbridge. East then, and enter the large log cabin.

Log cabin
The youki promptly settles down. Examine the shelf above the fireplace, and take the Russian Doll, Hatchet, and Fisherman's Guide. Read the Fisherman's Guide, and note that we are looking for some orange salmon. They like green frogs, and they hang out in the shady part of the river. Head for the back door, but then southwest before you go outside. This place is abandoned, alright. Take the Fish Tank from the counter. Then go outside through the back door. Go onto the pier, and SAVE YOUR GAME. Use the fishing rod. Once Kate has the rod in hand, examine the tackle box at her feet. Select the green lure at the end of the first row (closest to a green frog). Then cast the rod into the area all the way to the right (the shadiest). Kate should catch an Orange Salmon. If you get a blue, green, or violet salmon instead, then read these instructions carefully and try again. Once you've got an Orange Salmon, try to exit the cabin through the front door, but a ferocious Siberian bear is blocking your way. Through the open window to the west of the door, use the Orange Salmon to distract the beast. The bear wanders off, satisfied. Exit the cabin, and head back to the collapsed footbridge. Use the Hatchet on the nearest post, and Kate pulls up a Rope and Plate. Use this on the large tree that is overhanging the chasm, and Kate makes it to the other side. The youki follows.

As you begin the trek up the next path, the youki breaks away to chase after a harfang bird. Follow along the cliff face and... it's those wretched Bourgoff brothers, throwing boulders down at you. The youki runs off, and just as Igor is about to finish off Kate, a plane crashes into the top of the cliff. When you then try to climb up the cliff, Kate says that the first foothold is too high to reach. So use the Hatchet on the cliff face, and Kate starts climbing. Go as high as you can until you can go no further. Then you may have to climb down a few steps to find another foothold to the left or right. Eventually, you will get Kate to the top.

From the top of the cliff, head south and then west. You see the plane wreck. Keep going north, and eventually you can see the pilot hanging from a tree in what's left of his parachute. He's apparently alive and well, but can't hear you because he still has his headset on. Go back and examine the cockpit of his plane. Hey, I thought he looked familiar. It's Boris Charov, the test pilot you sent into space in the first Syberia game! Anyway, turn on the cockpit power using the switch all the way to the top left. Looks like what we need to do is find a radio frequency we can receive on, so that we can talk to the pilot through his headset. By trying various settings of the available switches (bottom right panel, plus 'A' and 'B' at the top), we can get a solid '03' to light up in the left-hand side of the readout, and a '28' in the right-hand side. So remember the number '0328'. Then exit the cockpit, and head south towards the cliff, until you come to a place just before the top of the cliff where you can go south again. Whoa! Ivan and Igor almost run you over in their snowmobile as they are heading back to the train. Head back down the track made by the snowmobile, and examine the equipment shed next to the tower. Turn on power using the red button at the top right, then set the readout to '0328'. Use the button at the bottom of the microphone stand to talk to Boris, and he finally manages to extricate himself from the tree.

Go back to the crash site and speak to Boris. It looks like you can use the co-pilot's cockpit ejector seat to get you back to the train, but only if you can find the correct coordinates. You can see a button on the right-hand side of the cockpit with a radar symbol on it, but Boris says the radar isn't functioning. Hmm. Go back to the equipment shed/radar tower. Turn on the radar display by pushing the button all the way to the bottom right on the screen. The way the dish is pointed now, you are not getting a blip. Climb the tower, then set the dish to point in the 'B' direction (you will get a blip in the 'C' direction too, but it's a smaller one, and I suspect it's the crashed plane rather than the train). Head back down and read the radar display. The blip is at: 80 degrees horizontal, 20 degrees vertical. Go back to the cockpit and use the buttons on the panel there to enter '80' on the left-hand side (horizontal), and '20' on the right-hand side (vertical). Don't worry. If you get it wrong, Boris will tell you. Once you get the coordinates right, Kate takes a wild ejection seat ride straight to the train!

Collapsed bridge again
Head to the northwest, towards the front of the train. You see an object sticking out of the snow. It's Oscar! Talk to him, and you learn that his clockworks are frozen. We need to find a way to loosen him up. Board the passenger car, and walk towords Hans' makeshift workshop. In the middle of the car you notice that the music box pedestal has been ripped from the floor, and there is a circular panel on the floor there. Continue into the next compartment, and pick up the Plan of the Train from the floor next to the bed. Then look at Hans' workshop area, and scan it until you locate the Oil Dispenser. Go use it on Oscar, and it frees him up again. He goes into the engine compartment, and says we're ready to depart as soon as Kate boards the passenger car. But, when Oscar tries to move the train forward, it won't budge due to the passenger car being stuck on the collapsed bridge. Go talk to Oscar again. He tells you that we must decouple the passenger car from the engine, and says to go find the decoupling panel and call him when you are in position. So go back to the circular panel and then call Oscar on your cell phone. He retracts the panel. Now examine the decoupling mechanism. You can look at the Plan of the Train, but this didn't seem to help much. Just move the sliders in the following order: top, bottom, middle. That does the trick. Kate jumps off the passenger car just before it falls into the ravine. The train departs and goes all the way to the end of the line...

Mammoth monument
Head northeast, and then northeast again across the tracks. You bump into Igor, who is wandering around in a daze. Talk to him, and you find out that Hans has disappeared... again. Igor is afraid to go anywhere because of the "evil spirits". Leave him, and then find the snowmobile. You can try to go up the path, but it's too slippery. Examine the saddle bag at the rear of the snowmobile, and take the Gauze Blanket. Use it on the mouth of the harfang statue, and it stops the howling sound that Igor assumed to be spirits. Talk to Igor again, and he agrees to leave. After the snowmobile has left, you conveniently find a pair of ice shoes that were left behind. Use them to head up the path to the mammoth monument. As you step out onto the ice at the top of the path, that nasty piece of work Ivan sneaks up behind and starts waving a mammoth tusk in Kate's face. She backs up, and is cornered. You see a sled to Kate's right, but if you try to examine it, Ivan stops you. Keep talking to him until all the conversation is exhausted, then call Oscar on your cell phone. He reluctantly agrees to help, and does this by sounding the train's horn, which causes Ivan to turn around. Examine the sled now, and take the Ivory Knife. Use it to cut through the rope holding the sled. This accomplishes little more than making Ivan even angrier, and he comes after Kate again. She then backs up and drops through a hole in the ice!

Youkol village
Kate awakes from a strange dream and dresses. Exit the room, and talk to the youkol chief who is standing right outside the door. Hans has taken ill again. The chief says to follow the drums if you want to find him. Examine the basket outside the door, and take the Reindeer Antlers. Head east then, over a small bridge, and you see the large drums to the north. Go southeast here though, then examine the area to the very west of your screen, in front of where the hides are strung up. Take the Leather Strap. It is automatically combined with the Reindeer Antlers, and you wind up with a Slingshot in your inventory. Now go back from where you just came, but head up to the large drumsticks. You can't get by them, but if you look up on the top left of the screen, you see some large icicles. Use the Slingshot on the icicles (Kate picks up a rock from the ground to use), and one of them breaks off, jamming the water wheel. Nice one. You can now head north to the shaman's place.

Shaman's place
Hans is there alright, suspended from the ceiling by an intricate set of ropes. He is neither dead nor alive, but rather in some kind of dream state. Examine the masks to the east, and take the Youkol Mask. Then go to the west, and take the Prayer Wheel from the altar. Talk to the shaman. You learn that Hans is indeed in the dream world, and you must enter this world to bring him back. The key to entering the dream world is to find some "fruit of the spirit door", which grows on a very rare plant known as a "laughing tree". OK. We can do this. Go back to where you picked up the Leather Strap, then head to the southwest from there. Examine the apparatus between the large pots. Take the Cork Bung from the ground on the bottom left. Then take the Empty Flask from the middle of the apparatus. Use the Empty Flask on the holder at the top of the apparatus, then turn the crank on the right to lower the Empty Flask into the water. Turn the crank once more to retrieve the flask, and now you can take the Flask Full of Water.

Go south from there, and examine the gate on the youki pen. Take the Fishbone from the ground. Then go east, north, north across a small bridge, then north twice more and you are at the entrance of a cave lit by torches. Take the northwest path into the cave. Then advance to the ice wall, and examine it. You see a lemming, and his tunnels in the ice. Embedded in the wall you see a plant with red berries. SAVE YOUR GAME. Easy to make a mistake here. First thing to do is put the Cork Bung in the right-most hole at ground level. Now the lemming only has one way back into his tunnels. Then exit from the wall, and locate the harfang perch. Hang the Prayer Wheel from it, then use it to call the harfang. Examine the ice wall again, and the lemming flees inside the tunnel to the left to escape the harfang (lemmings being its favourite prey). Now move the Cork Bung into the hole just below and to the left of the lemming. It moves forward, to the bottom of the vertical shaft. Then move the Cork Bung once more to the hole just behind the lemming, trapping it. Sorry, but it's now 'Be Cruel to Lemmings Week' (all for a good cause, you understand). Then use the Flask Full of Water on the hole at the top left, filling the vertical shaft with water. The lemming swims to the top of the shaft, then runs over and picks up some red berries. But it can go no further... unless we give it a ladder. So now drop the Fishbone into the hole at the top middle, and the lemming runs up it. On the way back down, it drops the berries, which conveniently roll onto the ground for us. Pick up the Dream Fruit. Exit the cave and head back to the shaman's place. Talk to her, and Kate says she has found the Dream Fruit. The shaman then takes Kate into the dream world...

Dream world
Players of the original Syberia will instantly recognise the following scenes, though they are redone in sepia tones. I will furnish complete directions though, in case you didn't play the first game, or perhaps your memory of scenes and events has faded somewhat.

Go into the mammoth cave straight in front of you, and get the Mammoth Doll from the floor at the back of the cave. Then exit and follow the path all the way until you come to a paved courtyard. Speak to a young Anna Voralberg. The important thing to note here is that her father should be at home right now, until he goes to the factory. Then exit the courtyard to the west, head onto the street, and go up it until you can head through the door in the wall to the east. This is the Voralberg factory complex. Once on the factory grounds, head east at the central fountain, and enter the large house at the end of the path. Then head west into the sitting room and talk to Father Voralberg, the old swine. Looks like he's going to the factory shortly, but who knows when that will be? You can try heading up the stairs to see Hans next, but the door at the top is locked. Head back down and examine the clock in the hallway. The bottom part says it's 7 o'clock, but the clock face above reads 2:45. Go talk to young Anna Voralberg again, and you learn that her father always goes to work at 7:15. Obviously, we need to make the clock strike 7:15. It's the only way to get to Hans.

The switch on the right-hand side of the clock moves the time in 30 minute increments. The one on the left in 15 minute increments. Using whatever combination of switches you like, get the time to 2:45 on the bottom of the clock (just before 'III' for those of us who are not Roman-numerically inclined). Now we are in synch with the face of the clock. Next, click on each of the figures next to the bell, and the counterweights are raised up. Now use the switches to advance the time to 7:15 (i.e., a little bit past 'VII'). Then touch the circular pendulum at the base of the clock. The hands on the clock face begin moving, albeit slowly. Then use one of the counterweights, and the hands on the face of the clock are now spinning frantically! Finally, touch the bell between the two figures, and the clock will stike 7:15. Father Voralberg departs for the factory, leaving a key behind on the sitting room table. Take the Attic Key, and head upstairs to use it on the locked door. Then move into the room, give Hans the Mammoth Doll and you engage in a surrealistic converstaion, with Hans switching between young and old forms. The key thing Hans mentions is about Oscar. He tells you that you must "open his heart". When the conversation finally ends, use the strange object on the desk to return from the dream world.

Youkol village again
You can talk to the shaman again, but you will not glean much. Go back to the youki pen, then head north. Go up a ladder made of mammoth tusks, then head south (don't go up the stairs there). Keep following the tracks, and you will come upon two youkis that you can speak to. Hmm. You get the feeling that they are afraid of Oscar. If you head outside, you can try to pick up the huge hook just in front of the train, but Kate is unable to lift it without help. Sure enough, you can head back inside and ask for 'Help', but the youkols will not help you because of "nanook metal. Tooktoot naa". Right. Go talk to Oscar. When the conversation finally comes around to 'Youkol Mask', Oscar reluctantly agrees to wear it. When you talk to the youkols again, mentioning 'Oscar', then 'Help', the youkols head outside and hook the cable up to the train. Head back to the train, examine the hook, and then use the yoke there to take up the cable slack. Head back into the tunnel, up the stairs to the west, then southeast, and use the lever on the right to pull the train into the tunnel. Go talk to Oscar (I trust you can find your way to the train by now), and he heads off back to the shaman's place...

Back at the shaman's place, Oscar is now lying on the bed in the place of Hans. Start pushing the dreamcatcher by the shaman's front door. Eventually, Anna will mention "7:15 exactly". Right. Push the buttons at 7 o'clock and then 3 o'clock on Oscar's heart. It opens up a bit. Then push the buttons at 12, 3, 6, and 9. A strange but wonderful thing happens. Oscar 'opens up' to accept the body of Hans! Take the Voralberg Key from the heart of the combined Oscar/Hans automaton. Talk to the shaman, and she says Kate must "prepare the voyage now. Tooktoot". OK... so head back to the train. Now... the next bit is a really, really good example of bad puzzle design. You have this Voralberg Key, and you know you have to use it to activate the controls of the train, but can you find the keyhole for the the key? Noooohhhh! Well, it's that miniscule, slightly different coloured spot between the two gauges at the center of the screen. Thank you very much Mr. Sokal for wasting two precious hours of my life spent wandering all over the youkol village trying completely useless things! But I eventually got over it... anyway, after activating the controls, use the lever at the top right, and then the one at the top left. A snake-like automaton extends towards the back of the train. Then use the right-most switch (next to the centre wheel). The snake gets some coal, and then retracts. Next, hit the top right lever and then the top left lever again. The snake goes beneath the train. Then hit the switch just to the right of the centre wheel, and the snake takes on water. Turn the largish wheel all the way at the left of the screen, and you can hear/see the fire being stoked up. Throw the switch all the way to the left. A device extends from the nose of the train. Finally, use the small wheel above the switch you just threw... and the ice surrounding the mammoth ark is melted.

Just before you board the ark, talk to the youkol chief standing by the gangway. He agrees to open the doors once you are ready to leave. Then board the ark, and talk to the Hans/Oscar thingy. Well, let's just call him Hans from now on to avoid confusion. He bids you to get the youki before you can depart. So head back to the youki pen, examine the gate, and you can open it now. The youki bolts back to the ark. Board it once again, and you set sail. Fantastic cut scene!

Ice floe
The ark eventually comes to a halt. You see a lot of penguins here. Have we finally arrived at the legendary island of Syberia? Talk to Hans at the rear of the ark and... hmm. No. We've just run aground on an ice floe. Leave the ark and head northeast, then north. Pick up the Narwhal Tusk. Head south, and then continue going west. When you come to the ark's anchor, use the Narwhal Tusk to free it from the ice, and it falls back into the water. Head west, then try to go to the southwest but... oh no! Kate turns around to see that that creep Ivan has got aboard the ark, and he's retracted the lift so you can't get back on board that way. Head southwest, then south till you can go no further. There's a crowd of penguins blocking the way to the east. Go northwest then, and you see a nest of penguin eggs. Use the Russian Doll (knew you'd eventually find a use for this, didn't you?) on the nest, and Kate calls the penguins over to have a look at their new egg. Then you can access the end of the ice floe where the penguins were standing. Oops. A crack opens up behind Kate. But that's a good thing in this instance. Use the Narwhal Tusk on the crack, Kate drifts over to the ark, and is able to climb into the hold.

Move the barrel, and go through the door. Use the ladder next to Hans to enter the anchor room. Take the Ivory Hook from the floor. Then go back to the hold, and examine the mast where it goes through the deck. Kate climbs onto the barrel for a closer look. Use the Ivory Hook on the other ivory piece, then use the rope to attach it to the Ivory Hook. Then back out, pull the lever next to the barrel, and watch the show. As the sail flies up, the boom smacks into an unsuspecting Ivan and flings him off the boat. The ark sets sail, leaving Ivan to the penguins. Not a pretty sight.

You arrive at an almost tropical-looking place, and Hans wanders off the ark. Surely this must be the legendary island of Syberia! Leave the boat and head to the east. Go up a ladder, and talk to the guard that was watching you on the way in and... uh oh! The guard is long dead. Take the Youkol Medallion from the corpse. Go back towards the boat, and go west. You go down some stairs. Then examine the chest at the south end of the pier there, and pick up the three Stone Plates. Head north from there, and just as you enter the archway of tusks, examine the grass to the right. You find a Syberia Flower, and a fourth Stone Plate. Keep heading north, and you come to an intricate ivory door. Hans is sitting there on a bench. Use the lever on the ground (difficult to see. It's in the middle of the screen) to lower the cage. Hmm. From my limited knowledge, this looks just the job for a youki! Go back to the hold of the boat and use the Syberia Flower on the hibernating youki to bring him out of it. Before you head back to the ivory gate, do yourself a favour. Go through the door into the next room, and study the Drawings on Canvas on either side of the mammoth spine at the back wall. In particular, take note of the pattern to the right of the youkol riding a mammoth. Then return to the ivory gate (the youki follows you, presumably in the hope that you will give it some food). As you approach the gate, the youki heads into the cage and runs like mad till the door raises... then promptly falls asleep again. Follow Hans through the gate.

Mammoth grounds
Head up the stairs, and across the walkway. At the end of the walkway is a strange device. Examine the ground under the device and pick up a fifth Stone Plate. Now... the patterns on the plates correspond to those on the inner circle of the Youkol Medallion, but that's way overkill. To solve this puzzle, you can instead just go by the shape of the pieces alone. In case you get stuck, here is where the pieces fit into the stone circle:

First Stone Plate from inventory - in southwest part of circle
Second - east
Third - northwest
Fourth - north
Fifth - southeast

Then when you turn the wheel on the device, an Ivory Key pops out of the ground and you can take it. Notice the piece that the sand pours out of as the Ivory Key raises up. Also notice that when you take the Ivory key, this piece moves! Talk to Hans next. He wants you to use "flutes" to call the mammoths. Go down the steps to the west and examine the panel on the 'mammoth phone' that is just to the left of the wheel. Use the Ivory Key on the keyhole at the bottom, and a set of glyphs is revealed. Now you have to point the mammoth phone in the right direction. To do this, put the Ivory Key in the hole that corresponds to the glyph on the outer circle of the Youkol Medallion (looks like a bar above a backwards 9) that is beneath the glyph on the inner circle that moved when you took the Ivory Key. In other words, put the Ivory Key in the second hole from the left on the bottom row. Now you can turn the wheel, and the mammoth phone is presumably pointing in the right direction. Finally, examine the large 'flute' on the left-hand side of the mammoth phone. Remember the Drawings on Canvas from the ark? Accordingly, you need to set the top row of the flute to: open, partially open, open. Set the bottom row to: partially open, closed, open. Then hit one of the horizontal levers and... a magical thing happens!

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