Space Quest 5: The Next Mutation

Developer/Publisher:  Sierra

Walkthrough by Steve Metzler (2003)
Space Quest 5 is one of my all time favourite inventory-based cartoon style adventure games. The Space Quest series was maturing at this point, as was PC hardware, thus providing Sierra the necessary building blocks for this little masterpiece of a comical game. It constantly pokes fun at the TV and film science fiction culture, so be on the lookout for all kinds of silly references (there's even a Monty Python one in there).

All you have to remember as far as the controls are concerned is:
  • Right-click to cycle through the various general action icons that are available to you: walk (person), look at (eye), use (hand), talk to (bubble), and give order (bubble with exclamation mark).
  • Left-click on appropriate area of screen to execute the selected action.
  • You can access your inventory and saved games by moving your cursor to the top of the screen. You can also select any of the 5 action icons directly from there if you don't feel like right-clicking through them.
The conventions used throughout this walkthrough are:
  • Objects and certain important locations are capitalised (Like This).
  • I'll always provide a link back to where an object was originally found, in case you missed it!

We'll be keeping track of our points total as we go, but don't expect to get the 5000 point maximum score unless you're... leaning towards the anal-retentive. There's one spot where you're almost certain to drop a few points, unless you're determined to play a certain built-in arcade game several dozen times to get a perfect score. In any case, just remember to save often, because that stupid decision you just made could well be your last. Well, that's enough of the up-front stuff. Hold onto your... um... whatever, space cadets. We're in for a tough ride!

StarCon Space Academy
After getting chucked out of the simulator by your commanding officer, you (Roger Wilco) wind up in the central circular corridor of the StarCon Space Academy. You have one item in your inventory: Buckazoids. Walk north, and enter the Classroom (5 points, 5 total). Oops. Late again, Roger. Take the StarCon Aptitude Test. You get (5 points, 10 total) for peeking at least once at the paper of the guy to Roger's right (your left). Make sure the monitor droid doesn't catch you though! It doesn't matter how you answer the questions, but the 'correct' answer to one of the questions is a clue to solving a difficult puzzle later on in the game, so pay attention and see if you can spot it. After you finish the test, and because you were late, the teacher assigns you the task of polishing the huge StarCon Crest that adorns the ground floor of the Academy.

So... Roger exits the Classroom. Head south next. From the Janitorial Closet, get the Scrub-O-Matic and Orange Safety Cones (20 points, 30 total). Head south, east into the hallway there, and then east once again onto the Anti-Grav Lift. Once on the Crest, select the Cones in your inventory, then click on the Crest to place the 3 Cones on the floor. Select the Scrub-O-Matic next, and click on the Crest to place it on the floor. Then click the 'use' (hand) icon on it (twice) to start scrubbing the floor. You have to hold down the left-hand mouse button to guide the Scrub-O-Matic all over the Crest. Once you've finished polishing the Crest (50 points, 80 total), your commanding officer Captain Quirk comes along with Ambassador... er... um... Wankmeister in tow. After this episode, head back upstairs. Of course, that little interlude with the mouse hints that something special is about to happen with your test score. Meanwhile, you get to overhear an important meeting concerning the illegal dumping of toxic waste on planets in the jurisdiction of Amabassador Wankmeister. After that, access the Bulletin Board outside your Classroom. Indeed, it turns out that the computer malfunction caused by the mouse made it look like you maxed the test, thus landing you the captaincy of your very own ship (100 points, 180 total).

The garbage scow Eureka
As you arrive on the Bridge of the Eureka, you are greeted by your sub-commander and navigation officer, Droole. Also present is Flo, the communications officer. You'll also note that a new item has appeared in your inventory: a Personal Communications Device, or PCD for short. Right then. First order of business is to cast away from the Academy and head for your first destination. Sit down in the captain's chair so you can issue some orders. Then, using the 'give order' icon (exclamation point), get Flo to HAIL STARCON. Next, command Droole to LAY IN A COURSE. When prompted, enter the coordinates from your manual for Gangularis, then tell Droole to go for LITE SPEED. Droole will notify you when you are nearing Gangularis, so then the command is REGULAR SPEED. Flo then alerts you to an approaching piece of debris with an attached waste beacon. Tell Droole to ACTIVATE RRS (100 points, 280 total).

Engineer Cliffy informs you that there's something alive in the trash you've picked up. Exit the captain's chair, and open the door behind you to enter the Engineering Room. Press the blue button centre screen there to open the Trash Compartment. Hey, it's a cute little alien face-hugger that Roger nicknames 'Spike' (20 points, 300 total). Spike scutters away along the floor. Enter the Science Lab through the door to the left, and then come back out again. Unfortunately, Spike isn't as innocent as he seems, and soon starts putting holes in the floor as he leaks acid. Cliffy's Toolbox is immediately to your left. Dig out the Noevart Anti-Acid Tablets from the top right corner of the Toolbox (15 points, 315 total). There are some other useful tools in there, but you can leave them behind for the time being. Then enter the Science Lab once again, and advance a few steps. Spike hugs your face again, and winds up in your inventory this time. Put him in the 'Habitube' biological specimen container to the right of the screen (20 points, 335 total), and then put the Anti-Acid Tablets in the container (20 points, 355 total). On the way back out of the Lab, access Cliffy's Toolbox again and get the Laser Cutting Torch, High-Voltage Circuit Fuse, and Hole Punch (15 points, 370 total). Never know when these items might come in handy :-)

Return to the Bridge and have Droole LAY IN A COURSE for Peeyu. Same drill as last time, first LITE SPEED, then REGULAR SPEED when Droole notes that you're approaching your destination. As you arrive at Peeyu, Flo detects another waste beacon, but also intercepts a conversation between two of the toxic waste dumpers that Commander Quirk and Ambassador Wankmeister are after (100 points, 470 total). Next, have Droole LAY IN A COURSE for Kiz Urazgubi. En route, the female android bounty huntress who is after Roger (for that mail order delivery that you never paid for!) finally catches up with you. Better do as she says and beam down to the planet. Exit the bridge, go to the Science Lab, and walk onto the Transporter. Then 'order' it to energize (10 points, 480 total).

Kiz Urazgubi
Now you're on the surface of the planet, near a waterfall, and she's after you, so you have to act quickly. Go behind the waterfall, and enter the cave to the left of the waterfall by walking under the cliff as far as you can go. Then head east, and walk onto the large tree branch to the north of the Hollow Log. You slip and grab onto a smaller Branch that breaks under your weight, sending you and the Branch back down the waterfall into the pool. Once you're out of the pool, (quickly!) pick up the Branch (10 points, 490 total) and enter the cave behind the waterfall again. Go east again, but this time crawl through the Hollow Log by using the 'walk' icon on it (noting that you can hide in the middle). Once through the Log, you will see three clusters of fruit hanging from vines, just beyond your reach. Use the Branch on the middle cluster to start one swinging, then use the 'hand' icon to grab a piece of Banana-Like Fruit when it swings close to you (25 points, 515 total). Go west through the Hollow Log, then west again, and save your game! You have to do the next bit all in one shot.

Enter the cave to the west this time, and you come out at the bottom of another waterfall. Make your way quickly under the waterfall, and into the other cave. The android (model W-D40 by the way) follows you into this cave. AS SOON as you emerge from the cave at the top of the cliff, click with the 'walk' icon on the opposite cliff, and Roger will jump over the gap. Then IMMEDIATELY use the 'hand' icon on the Boulder right above the cave entrance there to climb up, and then use the Branch on the bottom part of the Boulder to dislodge it. If you were quick enough, Roger sends the Boulder across the gap between the two cliffs into the cave where the android is, and she comes flying out of this cave (100 points, 615 total).

Make your way back to the pool where you originally transported in, and you'll find the android there. Now you're nearly home free, because you've damaged her cloaking device and she is no longer able to make herself invisible! But she's really pissed off. Head back out, get the Banana-Like Fruit ready, and climb inside the Hollow Log. As soon as you can after the android lands on the Log, cram the Banana-Like Fruit up the exhaust pipe on her Jet-Pack (remember that particular question from the StarCon Aptitude Test now? :-) You have to do this REALLY QUICKLY before she takes off again. If you get the timing wrong, you'll get credited 200 points but will be stuck in the Log and will have to restore and try again. Anyway, if you got it right, when she takes off this time she explodes in mid-air (200 points, 815 total). Exit the Log to the west, and pick up her Head which is now lying there on the path (25 points, 840 total).

Return to the pool once again, and Cliffy is there to collect you. He beams you back onto the Eureka (175 points, 1015 total). Walk out of the Science Lab, and you hear Cliffy beam in behind you. Go back in, and Cliffy is putting the droid back together. Roger tosses him the Head, and he gives you a Left-Over Part in return. Step onto the Transporter again and order it to energize. Cliffy comes with you, and you wind up right next to the android's cloaked ship. Walk forward and you'll bump into the ship, and then Roger will feel his way under the hatch. Use the Left-Over Part on Roger, and a Platform will lower itself from the ship. Step onto the Platform, and you're aboard! (100 points, 1115 total)

Use the 'hand' icon to open the panel in the middle of the east wall. Open the top middle latch (oops, that started some kind of countdown sequence!), and then the bottom middle latch to expose the Cloaking Device. Turn each of the 4 dials once, then click on the little panel to the left of the top left dial to open it. Then open the bottom right panel. Turn the 2 remaining dials twice each, then open the top right panel, followed by the bottom left. Now you can grab the Cloaking Device and step on the circular Platform again to get out of there (200 points, 1315 total). Roger and Cliffy then transport back to the Eureka just in the nick of time as the android's ship explodes. Cliffy takes the Cloaking Device from you, and says he'll install it as soon as he finishes putting the android back together, the very idea of which sends chills down Roger's spine.

Return to the Bridge, sit down, and order Flo to give you a STATUS REPORT. You're informed that we've finished our mission, and should get some R n' R at the Space Bar. So tell Droole to LAY IN A COURSE for there, then LITE SPEED, REGULAR SPEED when Droole tells you you're approaching your destination, and finally STANDARD ORBIT. Follow your team onto the Transporter, order it to energize, and beam down to the Space Bar (10 points, 1325 total).

The Space Bar
If you look up at the platform to the right, you'll see Captain Quirk there having a drink with that alien whose transmission you intercepted off Peeyu. Hmm, the plot thickens. Sit down with Droole and Flo at the table to the left. A droid brings you drinks, and then a fast talking salesman named Nilo Jones comes over and gives his pitch, but when he realises you're not worth the bother, just gives you his Business Card and a free sample of Dehydrated Space Monkeys. Captain Quirk next approaches the table, and challenges you to a game of Battle Cruiser. Save your game, then you can take as many attempts as you like to defeat him. You get 25 points for each ship you have left over at the end of the game (25 points, 1350 total. I never managed to have all 4 of my ships intact at the end, so I'm just showing you a realistic score so that you can track the point total through the rest of the game. At the end of the game, we know we'll be 75 points short of a perfect score). Anyway, after you finish playing Battle Cruiser with Quirk, Cliffy is thrown in the brig for fighting. I suppose you'll have to get the poor bugger out.

If you walk over to the east, you'll wind up in a corridor that contains a row of cells. Unfortunately, access to the cells is prevented by a force field, and two guys are guarding the control panel. What's a fella to do? Well... if you look at the Dehydrated Space Monkeys, the package explicitly warns you not to expose them to alcohol, so... go back to the table, and put the Dehydrated Space Monkeys into your drink. Instant diversion! (50 points, 1400 total) Go back to the prison cells, and the guards will now abandon their post to look after the Space Monkey threat. The station is gonna blow, but you have lots of time. Use the 'hand' icon on the control panel to release the force field (25 points, 1425 total). The cell where Cliffy is locked up is the second one on the left. Looks like you'd be able to use the Laser Cutting Torch to melt the bars, but Cliffy is afraid that will fry him too in the process. Hmm... aha! Go back to the transporter platform and beam back onto the Eureka. Get Spike from the Habitube container, and use him to cut through the bars of Cliffy's cell (50 points, 1475 total). Roger and Cliffy then walk back to the transporter and beam out of the Space Bar just before it explodes (200 points, 1675 total). Once you're on the Bridge of the Eureka again, Flo gets an order from StarCon to proceed to Klorox II...

Klorox II
When you arrive at Klorox II, Flo says there's no waste beacon there, and Droole suggests you go into orbit to take a closer look. Order STANDARD ORBIT to make it so (10 points, 1685 total). Next, you should get Flo to HAIL PLANET (no response), then HAIL STARCON (you get put on hold), and finally HAIL SHIP (10 points, 1695 total). You have a very unsatisfactory conversation with Captain Quirk, who suggests you beam down and check things out. When you get up from your chair, Droole decides to go along with you. Go to the Science Lab and transport both of you to the planet's surface (5 points, 1700 total). Droole thinks you should split up once you get there, and he heads off north. Head east, and you will spot a strange Canister lodged in the rocks, but you can't reach it yet. Head west again, and then down towards the large pyramid-shaped building in the centre of your screen. Enter through the hole that you notice is ripped in the wall. Once inside, save your game! As you walk over to use the computer terminal in the centre of what turns out to be a greenhouse, you are attacked by a mutant being. You must dodge 5 of his loogies (50 points, 1750 total), which gives Droole enough time to find you and he blasts the guy away (hint: you can save the game immediately after each successful dodge, so you don't have to do all 5 in a row :-) Before the mutant dies, he tells you a bit about what happened here: "Bad soup... secret path... over the ridge". Sounds like he's talking about that Canister you found lodged in the rocks! Before you head out, pick up the Scrap of Paper the colonist left behind, to your left (5 points, 1755 total). Note that it has the number '80869' written on it. Access the computer terminal in the centre of the greenhouse using this code, and read the Activity Log (20 points, 1775 total). Uh oh, looks like all the remaining colonists have mutated and now they've gotten off the planet. Exit the greenhouse, and walk back up the ridge. This time, you know about the 'secret' path, which you access by walking off the screen all the way to the west. From there you can clearly view the Canister of what turns out to be Primordial Soup, made by the Genetix corporation (50 points, 1825 total). Looks like this has been what's causing the mutations! Read through the whole description of the Canister, noting especially the coordinates of the Genetix Corporation (41666), on the odd chance that you ever need to go there :-) Exit this screen, then use the PCD from your inventory on Roger to beam up to the Eureka. When you return to the Bridge and are seated, Flo puts an emergency transmission from the Goliath on screen. Quirk informs you that the Goliath is under attack by mutants. Uh oh. The transmission is abruptly cut off, but Flo says it came from near Thrakus, so head there, and go into STANDARD ORBIT when Flo detects an escape pod beacon on the surface (20 points, 1845 total).

Now, if you try to beam down to the surface, you'll quickly discover that the atmosphere is toxic, so we'll need to find some protection... head into the Engineering Room, and press the red button in the middle of the right-hand wall to activate the Pod Bay Elevator. Step onto the now lit Elevator and it takes you down to the Pod Bay. On the wall to your right, next to Cliffy's suit, there's a cabinet. Use the 'hand' icon there, and Roger will take a Rebreather Mask from the compartment inside (5 points, 1850 total). Use the Control Pedestal next to the Elevator to open the Elevator door again, and head back upstairs. Enter the Science Lab, walk onto the Transporter, and use the Rebreather Mask on Roger to beam down (20 points, 1870 total). Once on the planet's surface, you can see the escape pod. Walk to the west, and then to the right through the middle of the tree trunk to get to the pod. Look inside, and take the Frock (10 points, 1880 total). This reveals a flashing red button, which looks like it controls the pod's homing beacon. Press the red button to deactivate the beacon (35 points, 1915 total). Now walk back through the tree trunk, and keep heading west. Ambassador Wankmeister attacks you, and sends you both over the edge. Hand her the Frock, and she uses it to climb up over you (35 points, 1950 total). Then quickly use the PCD on Roger to instruct the Eureka to beam you both up (25 points, 1975 total). You are informed that you must reach the clearing near there first. The Ambassador throws you down a vine, so grab it and climb up (5 points, 1980 total). The mutants try to slime you there, but you both get beamed up in the nick of time. Unfortunately, they hit Bea (as you now call her), and you are worried about both her, and the fact that the mutants are now headed for StarCon in the Goliath. However, clever Bea hands you the Goliath's Warp Distibutor Cap, so they won't get far. Now you have to get Bea into cryogenic suspension to slow the effects of the mutagenic substance she's been infected with. Hit the red button on the panel right next to Spike's Habitube, and the cryogenic compartment opens. Next, open the Cryogenic Pod that emerged from the compartment (20 points, 2000 total), then pick up Bea and place her in the Pod (20 points, 2020 total). Next, look at the Pod, then look at the Panel at the lower left of the Pod. Finally, read the instructions in blue writing on the lower right of the Panel. You note that the FREEZE AMBASSADOR programme takes 10 seconds. So enter 10 using the keypad, press START, and she's safe for the time being (75 points, 2095 total).

Now return to the Bridge and sit down. Droole informs you that the Goliath is about to attack you, so order him to RAISE SHIELDS. The Goliath fires a torpedo in your direction shortly after that. Next, order Droole to take EVASIVE ACTION. You'll get a dialogue with 4 choices, the correct one for this situation being: OK, LET'S RISK ALMOST CERTAIN DEATH IN THE ASTEROID FIELD! (35 points, 2130 total). Once you arrive in the asteroid field, Cliffy goes EVA to fix the damage from the torpedo... but he slips off the ship. Hit the orange (middle) button on the small panel to your right, and have a word with your science officer. W-D40 recommends that you stock up on supplies for the EVA Pod, and use it to rescue Cliffy. So head down to the Pod Bay again. First, you need to get a spare Oxygen Tank for the EVA Pod. The cabinet containing this item is located to the left of the cabinet that you got the Rebreather Mask from. Open it and get the Oxygen Tank (25 points, 2155 total). Then, access the Control Pedestal near the Elevator, and choose 'pod rotation'. Now climb into the EVA Pod. OK... save the game! You have both limited oxygen and VERY limited fuel with which to accomplish what comes next. Cliffy is the red blip on the radar unit in front of you, and the Eureka is the green blip. Using the right arrow control on your left hand, rotate (using very short bursts, with the 'hand' icon to stop each burst!) until Cliffy's red blip is directly in front of you. Then use the up arrow, again with very short bursts, to get as close to Cliffy as possible. Use the up arrow control on your right hand to extend the Pod's arm, then click on your right thumb (when 'CLAW' appears) to open the claw. Save the game again (making sure you have about half your fuel left. If not, you'll have to start over from your initial save). Now, if you're as close to Cliffy as you can get, either rotate left or right to get the claw positioned at Cliffy's chest. Once you've got the position just right, a green box will appear, and you can grab Cliffy (100 points, 2255 total). Now that you have Cliffy, very carefully rotate again until the green blip of the ship is straight ahead of you, being careful with your fuel. Once the Eureka is dead ahead, you can pretty much gun it, and you'll wind up back on the ship (50 points, 2305 total). Head back to the Bridge, and LAY IN A COURSE for the Genetix Corporation. I hope you were paying strict attention on Klorox II earlier, because the coordinates were on the Canister of Primordial Soup! Once you arrive there, go into STANDARD ORBIT (10 points, 2315 total).

Genetix Corporation
Beam down, and... a nasty transporter accident causes part of you to swap places with a fly that gets caught in the beam (wonder where they got that idea? :-) So, now you take on the role of the fly, but you have Roger's brain, or lack thereof. You can fly onto your PCD there on the ground, but you're not heavy enough to activate the Transmit button in your present condition. So fly on over to the west, and there's a Hidden Doorway there on the left side of the screen. Just to the right of the Doorway, there's an Electronic Card Key Lock that you can fly into (20 points, 2335 total). Walk through the beams, and now you're in the Genetix lab. Fly onto the Computer Screen to the bottom right (10 points, 2345 total). Hey, it's a touch-sensitive screen! Walk onto the RESTART button, then onto PROJECTS. Keep reading about the Primordial Soup project (by stepping on and off the NEXT button) until you get to the screen where you learn that the only way to stop this stuff is by freezing it to 200 degrees below zero (20 points, 2365 total). Go back to the MAIN MENU, and then to ACCOUNTING (15 points, 2380 total). Here you find out that Captain Quirk was being bribed by Genetix. Hmm. You can also read the ACTIVITY LOG. Looks like they were trying to jettison the domes and blow them up, but they weren't successful. Finally, you can walk onto the SYSTEMS button, and then onto each of the domes. Domes 1 and 2 aren't operational, but Dome 3 still is, and a SECURITY button appears to the left of the screen when you walk onto Dome 3. If you next step on the SECURITY button, you'll see your other half (Roger's body with the fly head) on camera, and he's climbing into a Dumpster. Switching to the view from Camera 3 shows that Cliffy and W-D40 have beamed down. OK, fly away from the Computer Screen, and exit the lab via the Key Slot (red light left of the door where you came in.) This time, walk under all the beams, noting which ones operate parts of the locking mechanism (shape of a diamond). Now, if you just try to land on Cliffy once you're back outside, you'll get swatted. Have to find some way of alerting him to the fact that you're now a fly! So... fly over to the east again, and fly over the pond directly at your PCD. A frog will leap out of the water after you, and inadvertently switch on the PCD (100 points, 2480 total). Land on the PCD, and speak with Flo (40 points, 2520 total). Great, now Cliffy is expecting you! Fly back over and land on Cliffy (5 points, 2525 total), and after you finish speaking with him, click on the rock at the back of the screen (next to the small waterfall) to take him to the Dumpster. Cliffy dumps your other half out. Land on your body (10 points, 2535 total), then Cliffy reverses the polarity of the Transporter beam and you wind up back to normal (50 points, 2585 total).

The Goliath
When you slow down to REGULAR SPEED there, W-D40 informs you that she's spotted the Goliath. Use the green button to your right to call Cliffy, then order him to CLOAK SHIP (50 points, 3290 total). After that, you see the Goliath pull up in front of you, but it can't see the Eureka. Cliffy than asks you to come to the Science Lab. He's identified the area of the Goliath where there's the least amount of mutant activity. If you use your 'eye' icon on the hologram of the Goliath he's put up, you'll note that this area is a small one, at the very centre of the ship... so head down to the Pod Bay again, grab a spare Oxygen Tank (I trust you know how to do that by now), rotate the EVA Pod, and climb into it (300 points, 3590 total). Select the section of the ship directly ahead of you, the one you identified on Cliffy's hologram. Once the EVA Pod docks, press the red button on the right to open the hatch, then use the Laser Cutting Torch to make a hole in the hull of the Goliath (100 points, 3690 total). Roger heads inside (70 points, 3760 total). Wait until the guard comes and leaves, and then (quickly!) head up the stairs to the console in the middle of the room (he won't see you once you get close enough to the console). Use the 'hand' icon on the console to zoom in, then place the Warp Distributor Cap into its receptacle (100 points, 3860 total). Wait for the guard to come and leave again, then head for the same door he comes through. As soon as you get into the corridor, lift up the grating there and climb into the ventilation system (100 points, 3960 total). Hey, a maze, my favourite thing in an adventure game :-( You can work it out for yourself, but if you don't want to bother... head north, then east, north (note the sign behind you that tells you you're on Level 8), and north once more to enter a circular elevator shaft of the Goliath. Use the 'walk' icon to move up the ladder. If the shaft above you is clear, use the 'hand' icon on the very top door to enter Level 6. If the actual elevator is right above you, then click the 'hand' icon on the next door up (Level 7), and wait there a short while until the elevator goes down. Then go back into the shaft and try for Level 6 again. Once on Level 6, go: south, west, north, north, east, north (save here!), and north once again to enter a different part of the elevator shaft. Here again, your goal is to climb up 2 more levels to Level 4. On Level 4, go: south, west, north, north, west, west, north (save!), and north to enter another elevator shaft. You know the drill. This time, don't go all the way to the top (Level 1, nothing there). Go to Level 2 instead. Finally, on Level 2, go: south, south, west, south, east, and south (350 points, 4310 total). Then use the panel on the left-hand wall to turn off the shields (20 points, 4330 total)...

The mutated Quirk's henchmen grab you, but W-D40 arrives to save the day, freezing them all. You progress to the area where Cliffy tells you to wait for all the Pukoids to get on the Transporter. When they're all there, just talk to Cliffy next, and they're cured (20 points, 4350 total). Next, you return to the bridge of the Goliath only to discover that Quirk has escaped and... formed an even bigger Pukoid menace :-( The correct dialogue choice here when talking to Flo is: CALL CLIFFY AND TELL HIM TO BEAM ME OVER TO THE EUREKA! (20 points, 4370 total). OK, almost there now. Head back to the Bridge, and order Droole to FIRE on the blob (50 points , 4420 total). Then tell him to ACTIVATE RRS (200 points, 4620 total). Next, order Flo to ABANDON SHIP (10 points, 4630 total). Then sit back down in your chair, press the red button on the console next to you, and engage the Eureka's self-destruct mechanism (100 points, 4730 total). Now go to the Science Lab, and get Bea out of the Cryo Chamber (10 points, 4740 total). Then, walk onto the Transporter with Bea and try to energise it. Oops, you blew a fuse. Go back into the Engineering Room, and crawl into Cliffy's tunnel. Take out the blown fuse in the middle row nearest you, and replace it with the good Fuse from your inventory (175 points, 4915 total). Finally, return to the lab by clicking with the 'hand' icon on the door, and you manage to jump over the Quirk blob. Get Spike from the Habitube (10 points, 4925 total), walk onto the Tansporter, order it to energise... and Roger has saved the universe once again. If you had survived the Battle Cruiser game with Quirk with more than one ship intact, you might possibly be closer to the perfect score of 5000 points, but... I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you :-)

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