Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria

Developer/Publisher:  Prelusion

Walkthrough by Len Green (May, 2001)
Foreword & Acknowledgements:
For any comments or corrections regarding this walkthru, you may contact me at Please do not copy to any other website or alter the contents in any way, without first informing me &/or Prelusion Inc. &/or future Publishers of the game. For more efficient communication, please request my primary email address from the Webmaster.

Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria is due to be released in several languages. The original version (both speech and subtitles) was in English ... as were these walkthrus. However, translation into other languages would not be unwelcome. If anybody wishes to do so, I should be pleased if before expediting he/she would just inform me &/or the abovementioned official parties.

My grateful thanks to the Prelusion team for accepting me as one of their beta-testers and hence enabling me access to feedback and (later) their basic walkthru ... to which I subsequently contributed a couple of small additions.

Enjoy the game ................... Len Green.

Some General Notes:
These hints describe how to perform ALL absolutely essential tasks throughout the game. However they omit a lot of enjoyable 'secondary' activities. There are many variations which will not affect the final outcome. In particular, this format ignores many 'views' and dialogs. The latter are often extremely humorous and it's a pity to miss them. However, some folk may find them lengthy &/or tedious. They, and all cut-scenes, can be skipped over by pressing 'Esc' ( you can even keep your finger pressed on this key to skip large chunks of dialog ) ... BUT TAKE CARE; you may fail to notice an important clue or 'dialog-trigger'.

The hints recommend you to deal with some specific character(s) &/or object(s) at each location. However, there are generally other characters and objects at almost every one of these locations which you can speak to or act upon. In order to reduce complexity these have NOT been included below; but you can always try them out ... indeed, in many cases you may have to return to them at some later stage in the game. In such cases, if you have already previously completed all the essential objectives, you are not called upon to repeat any of them.

In general, this is not a 'standard walkthru' in that it is arranged by 'tasks' and not 'efficiency'. In order to fulfill some task, you may be told to go, say, to a certain location X in order to get object A. At that location (X) you may possibly see objects B & C but you are not told specifically to acquire them, even though you COULD and probably WILL (and no 'harm' will come of this ... on the contrary, it will shorten your subsequent gameplay somewhat). Later on, you may be told to return to the same location X and get object B, and quite likely even later to go to X and get object C. This is obviously not the shortest, quickest, or most efficient method. However, this type of longwinded description is hopefully the most logical, and should minimize the number of downright 'spoilers'.

You may possibly have some trouble if you do not follow the exact order as described here &/or mix it with your own order. Sometimes, locations cannot be accessed or actions performed until some previous predetermined (and sometimes obscure) action or dialog has taken place. If this is the case, it is always possible to find 'parallel' situations which you can tackle, until eventually your required path will be unblocked! On the other hand, it is quite likely that you may come across activities which are described but which you have already partially or fully completed. As far as I know, this should not affect your progress ... on the contrary, it should save you some time!

Double clicking your left mouse button frequently speeds up movement ... particularly accessing locations on the map.

Items which appear in your inventory for the first time are highlighted in CAPITALIZED ITALICS, whereas items used in or from your inventory later are highlighted in ordinary italics. Although the vast majority of inventory items picked up are actually used and are essential to completing the game, there are about a half dozen which take no part in the gameplay since they are never used at all. As in most Quest/Adventure computer games, a few actions, situations, &/or objects, may be redundant or even red-herrings!

There is a raucous newspaper boy, Olliver, who you can consult whilst roaming Phungoria and surroundings. He does not give you any actual hints as to what to do next or whatever; but he does indirectly and humorously confirm in retrospect that you have completedcertain essential tasks satisfactorily!

A :- Getting to the City of Phungoria
Open the cupboard inside the house. Look at the toiletries and pick up the travel case. Examine the contents ... DENTAL FLOSS, TOOTH BRUSH, and HAIR GREASE. Get the BISCUIT INGREDIENTS from the table. Open the door; and exit. Go to the garden at the back of the house. Look at the old washing machine with Grandpa's long underwear draped over it. Pick up the UNDERWEAR, revealing the washing machine CRANK which you pick up. Pick up the RESIN located on the window frame. Look at the tree opposite. Pick up the TREE SAP. Whenever, have fun looking and talking to the (spelling) bees.

Use the crank with the crankcase to get the elevator up. No good! The crank breaks and you're left with a BROKEN CRANK. Put the hair grease, resin, tree sapand biscuit ingredients (the order is unimportant) into the mixer located on the table. Switch on and mix if/when necessary. Eureka ... You just got yourself some super glue. Use the broken crank with the super glue. Voila ... Look at the crank; it's mended! Use the (repaired) SUPER-GLUED BROKEN CRANK on the crankcase to raise the elevator up to house level. Operate the elevator lever. Going D-O-W-N !! ... Have a nice tttttrrrrriiiiippppp!!!!!

Cross the bridge. Gilbert hurries (directly) to the Phungoria townsquare. N.B. In future, crossing this bridge will not take you there, but place you onto the map from which you can find your own way around.

B :- Map of Phungoria (& surroundings)
Take a look at the map of the village of Phungoria and its surroundings. There are around a dozen locations (and even more people) you can visit inside the City of Phungoria and about a half dozen locations etc. outside the actual city. Note the two (different) entrances to the City itself ... a horizontal pointing mushroom arrow, and a diagonal pointing mushroom arrow.

Many locations can be visited immediately. Some can only be accessed later in the game (as a result of completing various specific tasks). On the map itself, you can only access the locations which are earmarked with pointing mushrooms. Those designated by a white quadruple arrowhead are inaccessible at present but will become available later.

C :- Postponing the execution
When Gilbert arrives at the Town Square, princess Michelle tells him that the Sheriff plans on having his grandfather executed in the evening! She also tells Gilbert what he should do to help/save his grandfather. Gilbert has to masquerade as the King; and as such, later on that evening, postpone the execution. Michelle told you that to masquerade as the King you need a bigger nose, a robe (or cloak), a crown, and something to 'make you look bigger'. If you forget later, just get a reminder by looking at the COLLECTOR'S CARD (in your inventory ... Michelle handed it to you). Continue talking to Michelle as long as necessary ... You can try flirting with her if you like!

From the Town Square walk to the left and turn left a couple more times. You'll get to Arver (a hypochondriac!), the man standing outside the prison feeding some birds with cornflakes. Talk to Arver. He will tell you (at very great length) all about his almost infinite number of ailments. If you continue to talk to him sufficiently and then ask him, he'll give you his EMPTY BOX OF CORN FLAKES. Look at the empty box of corn flakes and you'll see a "paper crown cut out" on the back. Return to the Town Square and walk south to the docks. There's an old fisherman there carving pipes with his pocketknife. Talk with the old man and ask him to tell you a good fishing story.

Look at the shark's mouth (and teeth) hanging above him. Apparently that wasn't a shark but a giant puffer-fish! Keep asking him to tell you a story ... particularly the one about Bearded Bart the Blasphemer and his pirate treasure. Eventually the old man will fall asleep and the pocketknife will drop from his hand. If it doesn't, leave the scene and return immediately ... you'll probably find that he has dozed off in the meantime! Pick up the POCKETKNIFE. Use the pocketknife on the box of cornflakes to cut out the PAPER CROWN. Try to wear the paper crown ... but it won't stay on. Go to Sergio the phone operator, near the City Gate. Use the pocketknife to cut off a piece of his TELEPHONE CABLE. Use the telephone wire on the paper crown. Whoopee ... you now have a PAPER CROWN WITH WIRE ... it will stay on just fine!

Talk (as much as you can) with Tommy the sad boy standing next to the toy-machine on the Town Square. He won a big ugly fake nose from the toy-machine, but he wants a super-deluxe slingshot. Open the nearby door and go up to the tower. Conduct a very amusing dialog with ('Mad') Pete Fedurski. Go down and talk to Tommy until he tells you how to trick Crazy Pete into firing his cannon. Return to Pete and whenever you can, inform him "Look! There's a Viking ship!". You may have to repeat this a few times. With enough prompting he'll fire his cannon like mad and also drop his sword. Pick up the SWORD. Use the sword as a lever to push the loose stone over the edge. This crushes the toy machine! Go down and pick up the (crummy rubber) FALSE NOSE that Tommy left behind. You'll also (automatically) get a BOTTLE OF SOAP bubble liquid.

Walk out of the City and onto the map; then go to the farm. Take the scarecrow's red cloak. But farmer Strawmusket won't let Gilbert touch it, so you'll have to get him out of the way. Return to the town and enter Elton's workshop. Note:- To enter Elton's workshop (for the first time only ... afterwards you simply knock and go in!), you have to go through quite a ritual. You have to answer 3 sets of triple choice questions. You will always get the 'answers' wrong ... but don't worry or try harder ! Then the 4th time you use the 'doorbell speakerphone intercom thing', you'll just enter automatically! Pick up some BLUEPRINTS lying next to the door. Examine the blueprints. Turn over the blueprints (in inventory) and you'll find a (pig) SLAUGHTER DESCRIPTION on the back. Return to the farm and show the slaughter descriptionto the pig. The pig will not look at it since it is very afraid of new people.

Keep talking to Strawmusket until the pig gets to know you. Some time during this conversation, whether you intend it or not, you'll automatically get a very large CORNCOB (if Gilbert hasn't already taken it!). Continue talking on and on to Strawmusket and showing the slaughter description to the pig until it gets so terrified that it dashes away from the farm with the farmer in hot pursuit. Pick up the red cloak ... it's an UNFINISHED KING DISGUISE.

Take a bunch of the scarecrow's STRAW. Return to the house and take the PILLOWfrom the bed. In inventory, use your straw to pad out the pillow and you get a well STUFFED PILLOW.

Attach, in any order, to the (red cloak) unfinished King disguise the 3 inventory objects, paper crown with wire, the fake nose, and the stuffed pillow. You now possess your full "King disguise"; and two fairly lengthy cut-scenes will automatically start playing :-

In the evening Gilbert dresses up like the King, confronts the Sheriff, and orders the execution to be postponed (for one week). Later that evening you view a somewhat romantic scene between Gilbert and Michelle. You learn that it was the Sheriff himself who stole the mushroom and that he smuggled it out to an island near the Phungorian coast. In order to go after him, you need a boat!

D :- Hunting down the Sheriff
Go to the docks. Enter the tavern. Talk with Mr. Harrison Davenport until he tells Gilbert why he wants a crystal ball and that he'll loan Gilbert a boat in exchange for one. (Almost) the whole remainder of this long section 'D' involves acquiring a crystal ball!

Walk to the fortuneteller (Madame Zyz ... in the city) and try to take her crystal ball. No go! Talk with Zyz and she'll tell you about Larry's Caveshop. To access Larry's Caveshop, Gilbert has to cross a bridge outside of town. Ever since the mushroom has been stolen the bridge is guarded, so you'll have to deal with the bridge guard.

Talk with the guard. He'll (eventually) tell Gilbert that he likes Sarah, the waitress working in the tavern. Go back to the tavern and pick up the NAPKIN WITH LIPSTICK ON IT from the floor. Walk to the prison/wagon/stage/Arver location, and pick up the BOOK OF POEMSlying on the steps of Dr. Fraud's wagon. Go to Elton's place, knock on the door (or use the 'doorbell speakerphone intercom thing') and enter. Pick up the FEATHER PEN. Fill the empty feather pen with ink from the ink well, and take the INK (well) ... now or later. Use the (inked) feather pen on the napkin with lipstick on it and copy one of the love-poems found in the book of poems, making a (bogus) LOVE-LETTERfrom Sarah. Give the love-letter to the bridge guard and he will very quickly abandon his post!

Raise the barrier gate at the bridge and cross! Go to Larry's Caveshop. (N.B. If Larry's is still inaccessible, it means that you haven't talked sufficiently to Madame Zyz or you haven't dealt with the bridge guard and raised the barrier!). Talk at length to Larry Lachrymose. You can try grabbing a crystal ball. Larry's quite verbose and it may take some talking until you get him to quote you a price. But you MUST continue the conversation until he does. What!!! Ten thousand!! Gilbert hasn't got that sort of cash!

Return to the tavern and talk with Snorri (the lonely Viking sitting at the table). He will tell you about the Vikings' secret hideout in the woods where they have a treasure. You need this treasure so that you can buy Larry's crystal ball. (Only) after Snorri tells you about the treasure (and you've completed the dialog with Larry), does the secret Viking hideout become accessible.

Go to the map and walk to the secret Viking hideout. Try opening the door to the Viking treasure chamber. But "Eric the Brave" won't allow you to go anywhere near there. Talk with Eric until he tells you that he needs a bungee cord.

Go and talk to Louise (the lady on the balcony opposite Elton's workshop). Look at the ladies' underwear on the line. Louise is the town gossip ... chat with her as much as you like. Ask her about the bras on her washing line. Keep on talking about the bras. Eventually she will throw them down to Gilbert (a bit of embarrassment with princess Michelle ensues!). Tie the bras together to form a primitive BUNGEE CORD.

Give the bungee cord to Eric the Brave and watch what happens. Open the door to the Viking treasure chamber. Unfortunately it's locked; so you need the key. Snorri, the sad Viking, said he had the key. Go to the tavern again and try to get the key from him. No dice! The only thing Snorri seems interested in is hunting a fearsome beast. No ferocious beasts around ... but conversation with Snorri reveals some references to his feet, boots, an animal's hide, etc.

Go to Saul, the shoemaker at the townsquare. There's a pair of fuzzy bunny slippers on his counter. Talk to Saul ... and talk ... and talk! Don't stop talking to him until he has introduced "Sock" and mentioned that he is sad for lack of a female companion. Return to Gilbert's back garden and take the SOCK from the washing line (if you haven't already done so). Return to Saul's. As soon as you left him, a free sample of shoe polish materialized on his counter. Pick up the SHOE POLISH. In inventory, combine the shoe polish with the sockand obtain a SOCK PUPPET. Give the sock puppet ("Sockette") to Saul as a present for "Sock". In return, Saul gives you a present of a pair of FUZZY BUNNY SLIPPERS.

Return to the tavern and give the fuzzy bunny slippers to Snorri. (You'll quite likely notice something new on his table which you can take now or leave until later). Snorri moves to the bar ... now you can take his key to the secret Viking hideout. You can't ... it's attached to his belt!

Go to Elton's workshop and look at the mysterious invention with the hose ... it's a VACUUM CLEANER. Pick it up. Go to Gilbert's back garden. If you haven't already done so, have lots of fun looking and talking to the (spelling) bees. Try taking some bees wax &/or honey. The bees won't let you get close enough, so use the vacuum cleaner on them ... Gilbert stores his vacuum cleaner there?! :- ) Gilbert grabs a little malleable BEES WAX and Grade A golden HONEY from the beehive. Return to the tavern (you'll first release the trapped bees!). Use the bees wax with Snorri's key. You have now made a perfect KEY IMPRINT in the bees wax.

Go to Vandersteen, the blacksmith , near the City Gate. [ NOTE: You may have previously performed all of the actions which cause Vandersteen to leave his smithy. Do not panic; there are two ways to continue. (A) You can perform other actions, and eventually the blacksmith will return. (B) Return to the save before he leaves, and postpone his departure till later! ]. Talk to Vandersteen if you wish and give him the key imprint. Vandersteen will make a proper key ... but only if Gilbert can get him a dog. Take Vandersteen's blacksmith's GLOVE. Go to Sam, the blind man outside Elton's, and talk to him. Take his seeing eye dog. Naturally Sam panics and you return his dog. You'll have to fool poor Sam with a fake dog!

Go to the farm and get the SACK OF WHEAT. Use crazy Pete's sword and shear the sheep (and have a good laugh!). Pick up the WOOL. Go to the dock location ... there's a barrel of tar outside the tavern. Dip the glove into the tar ... you'll get a TARRED GLOVE. Transfer the tar from the tarred glove to the sack of wheat and you get a TARRED SACK OF WHEAT. Put the wool on the tarred sack of wheat and you have a FAKE DOG! Take the fake dog to Sam and exchange it for the seeing eye DOG. Give the dog to the blacksmith and he will happily make a KEYout of the imprint.

Go to the secret Viking hideout. Use the key on the door. Pick up the treasure:- a lot of gold! ... and also a strange vIKING TICKET (to an annual slave market). Leave behind other interesting items! Return to the Caveshop and give a lot of gold to Larry. Unfortunately Larry smashes all 3 of his precious crystal balls ... but he gives you a CROWBAR instead. You'll have to get your crystal ball somewhere else!

Go to the fortuneteller's; but when Gilbert arrives there, Madame Zyz is out. Grab her crystal ball from the table. No way! ... the Genie will not allow you to take it. Talk to the Genie ... a lot of this dialog is not essential, but he is a most amusing character! You can leave him (and return) whenever you like, but you MUST persist until eventually he will promise "to make something appear by magic"! He will give you a GLOW-IN-THE-DARK PAL. He will also give you a lot of vital info concerning how long the crystal ball lasts, etc. Apparently Gilbert will have to travel into the future, to that particular day when the crystal ball will stop working and Madame Zyz won't be able to see into the future.

Go and visit Elton the inventor. Examine his various mysterious inventions, including his strange statue which is a robot. Ask Elton if you can use his time machine. He refuses! Nag him and poke around his apparatus ... Elton will eventually agree to demonstrate the time machine. There are some heavy boxes in front of the control panel so Elton commands his robot to lift/move them out of the way. But just as the robot starts to do this, the drive belt on its back snaps. You'll need a new drive belt for the robot.

Saul has a belt on his sewing machine. But he won't let you take it. You'll have to get Saul away from there. Go to the tavern and look at the table where Snorri sat. Pick up one of the table NAPKINS. [ NOTE: During the early parts of the game the napkin holder is empty. You may have to perform other actions before it's full of napkins! ]. The napkin has the tavern's ship-logo on it, and the logo looks just like a real Viking ship! Go back to Pete's and slip the napkin in front of his gun sight. Tell Pete that the Vikings are invading. Pete goes berserk ... watch the fun! Saul, a fellow member of the Phungorian Volunteer Army (PVA) will leave his shop and join his fellow comrade in arms. Go down and pick up that good strong (sewing/drive) BELT.

He says that only a certified clockmaker can repair such a fine spring. Unfortunately, there aren't any in Phungoria! However, because Gilbert insists on the blacksmith trying to mend it, he presumably smashes it, since it vanishes from your inventory. But Vandersteen has suggested that maybe an old clock spring might work? There's a cuckoo clock next to Gilbert's bed but you'll need a hammer to smash it. Ask the blacksmith for his big sledgehammer ... he won't part with it and you're going to have to get him out of the way (if indeed he's still there!).

To do this, you have to involve Lipton (if you haven't already done this!). On the map, go to the bridge, and click on the mushroom pointer just under it. Open the door and enter Lipton's house. Lipton won't let you have the VIP card from the table ... you need this to get Vandersteen to leave his smithy. Lipton talks and talks and talks ... about tea. Make sure he mentions his wonderful "unnamed" tea. Maybe you can drug him with it but you'll need 3 items ...a special fine drinking filter, some sweetener, and some sleeping powder.

Get Arver's very fine (germ, mask) filter. He'll only let you have it if you give him a bottle of Dr. Fraud's miracle medicine. Talk to Dr. Fraud (through his wagon door). He tells Gilbert that if he helps him start his next show, Dr. Fraud will give him a free bottle of his miracle medicine. Gilbert's got to make a fake weight bar to show how the miracle medicine makes a person strong!

Floating in the river outside Lipton's house are two of Pete's (balsa wood) 'cannonballs' ... maybe you've taken them already? If not, pick up the TWO CANNONBALLS. Go to the junk pile outside Elton's workshop and pick up the (light aluminum) METAL BAR. In your inventory combine the cannonballs and the aluminum bar to create a FAKE WEIGHT BAR.

Go back to Dr Fraud's wagon, talk to him again, and now he will begin his show. Watch the cut-scene of Dr. Fraud defrauding! After the show, Dr. Fraud will present Gilbert with a bottle of the MIRACLE-MEDICINE. He also gives Gilbert two bonus gifts; a bottle of STARCH and the WORLD'S SMALLEST JUICE PRESS. You can look at the starch ... and examine the juice press (Grrrrr!). Go to Arver and exchange the miracle medicine for his (ultra-fine) FILTER.

Give the filter to Lipton and he'll give Gilbert the key to the tea cabinet. But Lipton will only drink the bitter 'unnamed tea' if it's sweetened. You've probably got some sweetener by now in your inventory. If not, get some honey (refer back to how you made Snorri's key imprint). But the tea is still too bitter and Lipton spits it out. You're going to have to really tranquilize the old geezer! Go to the docks and talk to Armand Hammer. He says he's an undercover agent for the PBI (Phungorian Bureau of Investigation) impersonating a drug pusher?!? He'll persuade Gilbert to reluctantly accept some drugs ... only SLEEPING POWDER!

In inventory mix the sleeping powder with the honey and give the DRUGGED HONEYto Lipton. [ NOTE: It's preferable not to perform the following steps earlier than necessary. Although this is not absolutely essential, it may save you unnecessary hassle later on. There are additional notes on this in the appropriate places ]. Take the VIP card and phone Vandersteen. Leave and go to the blacksmith's (... he's no longer there), borrow his hammer, and promise to return it later. Return to Gilbert's house, smash the cuckoo clock and pick up its SPRING.

Go to Elton's. Put the spring into the time machine. Use the control panel. You're now at Madame Zyz's, but 10 years into the future. (You can always return to the present via the time portal ... near the right edge of the screen. Her front door is now locked, but you can use the time machine as often as you like!). Talk to her and try taking her (broken) crystal ball. You'll need some generosity potion to get her to let you have that!

Talk with Barry who has a stall at the Town Square. Try to get him to demonstrate his generosity potion. He'll only agree if you are prepared to sign a contract with him (in case he gets TOO generous!). You almost certainly got a (full ... i.e. inked) pen from Elton's workshop. If you didn't pick it up earlier, take the INK (well) also. Enter the Sheriff's house (alongside Madame Zyz's ... originally, his door was locked!). Open the chest there. But it's locked ... so use your crowbar on it. Look inside the chest and read the BOOK ... a paper flutters to the floor. Pick up the PAPER. Return to Barry and now he will sign the contract. However, after drinking a little potion he generously tears up the contract and gives you a free sample ... the GENEROSITY POTION.

Use the time machine again and go to Madame Zyz 'in the future'. Pour the generosity potioninto her perfume bottle. She'll give you her CRYSTAL BALL and also a FEATHER DUSTER. Walk out through the time portal. Go to the tavern and give the crystal ball to Mr. Davenport.

Watch the cut-scene .......... Davenport (reluctantly) allows Gilbert to borrow a small rowboat at the docks ... he uses it to follow the Sheriff from Phungoria to the island.

E :- Getting the mushroom
Before you do anything else, it's worth while talking to Elton until you find out what items you need to complete his raft. (This may seem premature since you are nowhere near ready to leave the island yet ... nor can you. But you may not get an opportunity to do this later!).

You'll have to enter a cave blocked by thick iron bars ... too strong to bend or cut with tools. Talk to the pirate captain. If you talk long enough and rile him sufficiently, the pirates will throw their glasses (spectacles) onto the ground. Now they can hardly see anything. You can now pick up their SHOVEL. Use the shovel on the sand to dig a hole under the bars. You find a TREASURE CHEST which you pick up (automatically). Inside the cave it's dark and you can't do a thing.

Exit the cave via the hole you just dug and return to the beach. Place the glow-in-the-dark pal on the (hot) white rock and you get a FULLY CHARGED GLOW-IN-THE-DARK PAL. Unfortunately it will only stay charged for 3 minutes (REAL time) ... after that you'll have to keep on recharging it. Use the fully charged glow-in-the-dark pal to light up the cave. Solve the (fairly easy) slider-puzzle which forms an upright mushroom ... it doesn't 'rearrange' itself when recharging or even Saving!

One optimum solution is given below ... there are quite probably better solutions, with (maybe considerably less) less moves than the 34 outlined below?! Labeling the rows from top to bottom A, B & C; and the columns from left to right 1, 2 & 3; ... Click on the following TILES in this particular order ....... C2; C3; B3; A3; A2; B2; B1; A1; A2; B2; C2; C1; B1; B2; C2; C3; B3; A3; A2; B2; C2; C1; B1; B2; C2; C1; B1; B2; C2; C3; B3; B2; B1; C1.

The wall rumbles and opens. Enter the second (middle) cave room. Pick up the BAMBOO POLE. You have to place 4 liters of water onto the scale. Pick up the 3-LITER BUCKET and the BROKEN 5-LITER BUCKET (there's a hole in it). Return to the pirate chef and get him to make you a big glob of lime green JELLY. You can try patching the hole in the 5-liter bucket with that. Possibly? ... you can see if it will hold water. If not you'll have to manufacture a stronger patch. Put the starch on the shelf with the ingredients (in exchange for the sugar ... remember the chef can't see anything!). Ask the chef to make you some more jelly. This time you'll get a big glob of INCREDIBLY FIRM JELLY. Apply the incredibly firm jelly to the hole in the broken 5-liter bucket ... "Gilbert Goodmate's shameless plug"! ... a (repaired) 5-LITER BUCKET WITH A FIRM JELLY PATCH.

This easy puzzle can be solved in several ways ... the quickest solution is probably as follows:- Fill the 5-liter bucket from the pump ... Pour the 5-liter bucket into the 3-liter bucket ... Empty the 3-liter bucket ... Pour the 5-liter bucket (now containing only 2 liters of water) into the 3-liter bucket ... Fill the 5-liter bucket ... Pour the 5-liter bucket into the 3 liter bucket (which already holds 2 liters of water) ... Finally, place the 5-liter bucket holding 4 liters of water onto the scale.

The bridge descends and Gilbert can cross the river and into the third cave. As Gilbert enters the inner cave room, the Sheriff is making a magic brew to wake up the "Not-quite-dead-enough evil wizard Karn". He notices Gilbert and throws the mushroom (the final ingredient) into the boiling cauldron. Grab the Sheriff's magic book. In order to seize the book, tickle him with your feather pen. The Sheriff retreats and blows up the exit. He leaves behind his BOOK OF MAGIC ... you can read it (once) if you wish. Use the glove to pick up the (hot) *MUSHROOM of Phungoria*!

Go to the beach ... the Sheriff's explosion has smashed your rowboat. You'll have to use the raft to leave the island. In case Elton didn't tell you earlier ... you need some pedals, a rudder, and some rope. Walk back to the pirates and take the PEDALS from the bike on the pile of sand. The flotation device floating in the water is too far away, so use the bamboo pole to fish it out. You get a FLOTATION DEVICE WITH ROPE and a BROKEN RUDDER. Untie the flotation device with rope to obtain the ROPE. Pick up the APRONnear to the chef. Look in the pockets of the apron, and find a HAMMER AND NAILS. Use the hammer and nails on the broken rudder to repair it into a usable RUDDER. Now use the pedals, the repaired rudder and the rope on the raft (in any order). Operate the finished raft.

Watch the cut-scene .......... Gilbert and Elton head back to Phungoria. Unfortunately the raft springs a leak and sinks. They both have to swim for it. Gilbert is spotted by a Viking ship; he's kidnapped and transported to the Viking village.

F :- Escape from the Vikings
Gilbert is in the Viking slave pit. Talk to Arver and (automatically) get a SLAVE GUIDEleaflet. Talk to the Indian chief. Climb the ladder and go out. Walk to the tourist information and pick up the (plastic) Viking helmet. One of its horns will drop off. Pick up the hollow plastic HORN. Go to the seashore and talk to the guy painting the ship red. Dip the horn into the red paint. An orchestral horn sounds.

Gilbert is transported to the dressing room with Arver and chief 'Stepping On Toes' to prepare for the slave auction. In order not to be sold as a slave, Gilbert has to 'manufacture' bad teeth, body and posture. Teeth:- Use the toothbrush with the ink. Body:- Pick up the small hand MIRROR lying on the wooden counter. Smash the mirror against the counter and you have a BROKEN MIRROR. Pick up the shard of very sharpBROKEN GLASS from the floor. Use the crowbar on the treasure chest (which you got previously on the island ... if you haven't already done this!). Continue using the crowbar on the inner chest...and the next one. The crowbar breaks and you are left with an INSIGNIFICANT CHEST.

Open the insignificant chest by hand. Find a POTATO and an ancient (descriptive) NOTE. Use the broken glass on the potato. You get a POTATO STAMP. Dip the potato stamp into the plastic horn full of paint. Gilbert covers himself with red blotches (rashes). A cut-scene shows the auction where all three are in swimming trunks, and rejected. Posture:- Use the pillow with the apron (making an excellent hunchback). Another cut-scene shows the auction where all three are in evening gowns, and rejected ... instead of slavery all three are going to be sacrificed to the Vikings' ancient gods by being thrown over the cliff of death. Gilbert is given a SLAVE MARKET CERTIFICATE (of participation).

The only way for a slave to escape from the village would be for him to fly over the mountains like a bird. For this Gilbert will need wings and for this some feathers! Return to the Viking slave pit. The Indian chief is out of tobacco. Give him your bottle of soap and he can blow bubbles instead of smoke ... 'magic bubbles'! He'll give Gilbert his (feather) HEADDRESSand a (now superfluous) box of waterproof MATCHES.

Go to the boxing ring and try to take the feathers on the floor there. The two demonstrating roosters won't let you take them. Go to the tourist information and pick up the FIRECRACKERSthere. If you have both the firecrackers and the matches in your inventory, use the firecrackerson either one of the roosters. BOOM!! Pick up the rooster FEATHERS.

Walk to the stage and the big Viking executioner will tell Gilbert about his giant torture feather. He will only give it to Gilbert if he can endure the terrible feather torture! Try it. Ha ha ha! "No one can endure the feather torture"! Walk to the tourist information ... Helga (the masculine/feminine Viking) has some face cream which she will give to you if you can make his/her hairy legs smooth.

Go to the seashore and pick up the STICKY ADVERTISEMENT on the bulletin board ... its back is very sticky. Use the sticky advertisement on Helga. (If you talk too much, the glue on the back dries out and you'll have to get another sticky backed advertisement!). You've smoothed one leg but you need more paper for the other ... this paper is covered in hair. Sorry ... no more sticky advertisements available. You'll need something else!

Try to enter the Viking banquet hall ... the Viking ticket collector won't let you in. Your ticket for the "9th Annual Viking Slave Market" is invalid ... it's the "11th Annual Viking Slave Market". Use your broken glass on Gilbert'sslave market certificate to cut out the CERTIFICATE CLIPPING. (11th ... etc.). Use the certificate clippingon the Viking ticket and you get a MANIPULATED TICKET. Give the manipulated ticket to the ticket taker and enter the banquet hall. The Viking chef won't allow you to take the sticky flypaper there. Go back to Helga ... near to her is a barrel. Open the barrel and take the ROTTEN SALMON. (Try taking the red herring as well if you like!). Return to the banquet hall. The chef will take the rotten salmon and Gilbert gets a very sticky FLYPAPER.

Back to Helga! Use the sticky flypaper on his/her other leg. The hair is removed and Helga presents Gilbert with the bottle of FACE CREAM. Gilbert applies the face creamto his feet (not his face!) where it hardens. Try the feather torture again and this time, win! The executioner is forced to give Gilbert his BIG FEATHER.

You've got enough feathers now, but you need some sort of frame on which to attach them. Go to the banquet hall. Both the Viking chief and chef won't let you get that wooden frame which is being used as a spit for a roasted pig (Oh no! Remember poor Lulabelle?). Pour the sleeping powder into the Viking chief's mug and he'll fall asleep, but not for too long. When the chef turns to baste the roast pig, QUICKLY tip the bowl of marinade onto the floor. Whilst the chef is down on his hands and knees cleaning up the mess, Gilbert takes the WOODEN FRAME.

Put all the feathers onto the wooden frame (in any order). You need:- {A} the feather duster; {B} the feather pen; {C} the big feather; {D} the (rooster) feathers; {E} the headdress. Use the dental floss to tie them in place. ... and give you WINGS.

Watch the cut-scenes .......... The following morning Gilbert and the other two slaves are brought up to the highest mountain to get pushed over the edge. Gilbert uses his wings to fly away, but his wings fall to pieces as he cruises past the tall mountains and he crash-lands right outside the Sheriff's cabin.

The Sheriff has kidnapped the princess and locked her up in the cabin. Gilbert overhears all his nefarious plans!

G :- Rescuing the Princess and saving the world!
Gilbert can't enter the cabin so he'll have to scare the Sheriff out of there. Throw the big corncob down the chimney. The corncob pops inside the fireplace. The Sheriff panics thinking he's being shot at, and runs out of the house.

You have now completed the game ... at least the interactive part of it.

Sit back and watch the confrontation between Gilbert and the Sheriff, and the conclusion of the story with its hint of a possible sequel. It's worth while watching the credits (walkthru author's name included) since the short "video" film clips, blurbs, etc., are original and highly amusing.

Hope you enjoyed the game!

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Copyright © Len Green 2001. All rights reserved.