SPY Fox: Operation Ozone

Developer:  Humongous Entertainment
Publisher:  Infogrames
Year Released:  2001

Review by Steve Ramsey with Special Operatives Clare, Freya, Roxy and Emily (2001)
Memo - Quandary (Q) to Steve
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to rendezvous with SPY Fox, and assist him in his latest animated assignment. He will provide further details. You are to report to Q on a regular basis as to your progress, as well as on the activities and methods of SPY Fox himself.

Memo - Steve to Q
Spy FoxMission accepted. I have assembled a crack team of operatives to carry out the mission (Clare and Freya age 8, Roxy age 11 and Emily age 12) and will meet SPY Fox this Saturday. Reports will be provided as requested.

Report to Q 20.00hrs Saturday
Operatives met with SPY Fox about 30 minutes ago, and have already heard his first corny joke. First impressions are good. Clare says he looks cool in his white tuxedo.

They have contacted the undercover informant and obtained the secret message. The origami rocket-powered skateboard in the inventory came in handy. It seems that SPY Fox needs their help to defeat Poodles Galore, a cosmetics manufacturer who has placed a giant aerosol can in the sky to destroy the ozone. Everyone will then have to buy her super sunscreen SPF 2001. The ozone will be depleted in a matter of hours unless SPY Fox can save the day.

Monkey Penny and Professor Quack must be contacted. Operatives are currently attempting to access the Mobile Command Centre. It's not clear why they have a tea bag.

Report to Q 21.00hrs Saturday
Operatives have been bowling and have rescued Plato Pushpin, creator of the orbiting aerosol can of doom. He can help destroy the station. The bowling alley contained a juke box, complete with 13 all-time favourites including Live and Let Fry and View to a Dill. Operatives have obtained various of Professor Quacks sneaky gadgets from the SPY gadget vending machine.

Operatives have also been interacting with countless objects they come across, for no apparent reason other than the objects do funny things. They have been reminded to keep their mind on the mission.

Plato has revealed he will need to make a Congeal Pill, which requires certain objects. Operatives need to sleep on it before heading off.

Report to Q 11.00hrs Sunday
Spy FoxItems for the Congeal Pill are the Aerosol Particle Diameter number, the Prickly Pear Pizza, Chicle and Bold Barium Beauty Clay. If there is ever a need to make another Congeal Pill, the list of items will change.

The mission has taken a toll on the operatives. Only Clare and Emily headed out today (the others had a separate mission with Grandma to attend to). They have so far been into space, to the jungle, and the desert. The Sticky Bun Gun has proved handy, but they are currently stymied at the entry to a pyramid by some spinning blades.

Time out has been declared. The SPY Watch has been used to check back with Monkey Penny to see if she has any advice. The SPY Watch has also been used to play a few games of Radioactive Trash Collector. The operatives assure me this helps them concentrate.

Report to Q 13.30hrs Sunday
Mission accomplished, but not without some forceful interrogations of numerous shady (and not so shady) characters. The aerosol can is destroyed and Poodles Galore has been captured. Operatives received a Really Big Award of Stupendous Merit for their efforts.

Summary Report
All operatives enjoyed the mission. Clare thought the puzzles were just right but Emily thought they were a bit easy. Both intend to go on another mission to see if they can find the other ingredients. Clare gave it 8.5 out of 10, and Emily thought it was worth 8. Freya and Roxy want to borrow it in order to finish it themselves.

This was their first SPY Fox encounter, but they have been on all three of Pajama Sam's adventures. They liked this as much, and think that anyone who likes Pajama Sam will like SPY Fox and vice versa.

The game played straight from the CD, which was a plus because they did not have to wait for someone to load it for them. Everything was done with mouse clicks, and a coloured cursor meant there was something to interact with, whilst a large arrow showed directions. SPY Fox's inventory, which like any good spy was the inside of his jacket, was accessed by moving the mouse to the bottom of the screen. rating:  

Copyright © Steve Ramsey with Special Operatives Clare, Freya, Roxy and Emily 2001. All rights reserved.

System Requirements:
Windows 95/98/ME, Pentium 133, 32 Mb RAM, 4x CD-ROM, SVGA (640 x 480) 256 colours

Macintosh, 132 MHz PowerPC, System 75.5, 32 MB RAM, 4x CD_ROM, 256 colours