Adventures in Quandaryland

By Rosemary Young and Gordon Aplin (July, 2000)
Welcome once more to Quandary! The astute among you may have already noticed something different about us, but for those of you who are just waking up and maybe contemplating nothing more than your first cup of coffee for the day, we will explain the changes.

The first thing you've probably noted is that we've brightened the place up a bit. Don't worry, you'll soon get used to the new colour scheme once your head stops spinning. It's designed to give us a more cheerful and welcoming look (though we are really still our grumpy old selves behind the colourful facade). And just in case you are wondering our commitment to adventure games for everyone continues unabated.

The next thing you may have spotted is that we have broken out of our frames. We found frames to be useful for navigation, but they acted like shutters whenever someone wanted to link to a specific page on our site. Our new navigation system is just as easy to use (we hope) but if you do get stuck just e-mail us and we'll send you the complete walkthrough.

Finally, those of you who are really, really paying attention will be aware that not only have we tidied the place up a bit, but we've also moved homes and settled into a new address. We had completely filled up the allotted web space at our old site so we couldn't even add an off-the-cuff remark let alone a new review. Here at our new home we have room to move, room to add more graphics, to try out more things and to bring you more information. (Now if only we can find someone else to do all the work ...!) Although you've been redirected to this much more salubrious and spacious address we'll leave the old Quandary at our old home for the time being. It won't be updated, however, so don't rely on it for too long.

So, if you thought Quandary had been a bit quiet of late you now know what we were up to. It really has been quite exhausting and time consuming and we are just so pleased it is finally over. We are now looking forward to having more time to play our favourite games and, of course to read more on Harry Potter's escapades (why should kids have all the fun has always been our motto?) Your task is to add our new address to your favourites, or bookmark us or simply commit our fun, new URL to memory and enjoy your adventures in Quandaryland!

Copyright © Rosemary Young and Gordon Aplin 2000. All rights reserved.