Zork Grand Inquisitor

Developer/Publisher:  Activision

Walkthrough by Bonnie Collins (1998)
This walkthrough assumes you will explore the different areas of the game as you discover them. It also assumes you are familiar with the game interface and the other different facets of the game such as the teleportation devices, the magic viewer in inventory, casting spells etc. The way I have chosen to play this game is not necessarily the most direct route nor do you have to play it in the order I have set out in this walkthrough.

After the game introduction you will find yourself in front of a sign post. Check your are starting out with a perma suck vacuum cleaner. Go left into Port Foozle.

Port Foozle, Frobozz Electric, Elsewhere
Find the loudspeaker in front of the fish market and press the green button to increase the volume. This will drown out the alarm when you pick up the mead-lite can from the display case in front of the fish market (be sure to pick up the can while the voice is speaking). You will also get a plastic six pack ring. After exploring the town you will soon discover no one is" at home" to you. Note the posters, in particular the ones which mention Jack as the local firefighter and the "save often" ones. This last one is a good one to remember as you can die in this game.

Travel down to the docks and place the six pack ring on the fish hook. Use the lever to lower the hook into the water. The six pack ring takes care of the fish. You will then retrieve a crate. Inside you will find a lantern. Use it to knock on the door of the lantern repair shop. Jack will take your lantern and leave the room for a moment. While he is gone, pick up the self lighting cigar. If you are not quick enough, you can come back later to get it. Back out in the street use the cigar on the Talk to Me Grand Inquisitor doll on the vendor's stand. Quickly hide in the barrel to the left of the vendor's stand. Watch the cut scene. Return to Jack's shop and pick up the lantern. For a bit of fun, check out the adventure game on the computer.

Leave Port Foozle the same way you came in and travel the unlisted path by the sign post to Frobozz Electric. Get the rope from the billboard. Return to the sign post and go down the path marked Elsewhere. Tie the rope to the well and climb down (if you try to go down without the lantern, the Grues will get you). You will discover your lantern is possessed by the Dungeon Master, Dalboz. He becomes your valuable side kick throughout the game. When he speaks, listen. Quite often he will give you valuable hints. You will also meet Y'Gael who will give you a spell book containing Voxam, Rezrov and Igram spells. Look in the bucket at the bottom of the well to find a subway token. To open the GUE Underground entrance door, cast Rezrov on it. Walk forward and the stair guardian will deposit you in the Great Underground Empire.

The Great Underground Empire
Near the entrance to the stairs you will see a glass case. Use the handle attached to the right side of the case to open it. Take the hammer, close the case and use the hammer to break the glass. Pick up the sword and the map. Turn around and pick up the totem (Griff) lying on the path. Watch the cut scene. Continue down the path. At the Crossroads turn left and use your sword to cut away the vegetation blocking the door. Enter the Dungeon Master's Lair. Open the garden shed and get the shovel and the Throck spell. Return to the Crossroads, turn left and use Rezrov to open "In Magic We Trust" door. You will come to the first of three pillar puzzles (beware of bottomless pits and heed the warning sign about the grass). The first two are easy. Arrange each so there is a complete picture. The third pillar is a bit more difficult. The arrangement is:
Top: top part of arched window
Middle: middle part of window, waves and forest visible
Bottom: bottom part of window with waves crashing against it.

GUE Tech
Enter through the newly formed window. You will find yourself in the lobby. Look around until you spot a set of double doors. Exit through these doors, turn around and climb the steps to the fountain. Turn to the right and use the shovel on the dirt pile to dig up the Kendall spell. To leave the area place the map in the teleportation device located left of the fountain. Select the Crossroads, then move back from the screen and you will be transported to that location.

Walk across the bridge to the turnstile. Insert the subway token. Once inside, look at the map on the wall. Cast Kendall on it to make it understandable. Select Hades and move to the loading platform and wait. On arrival at Hades examine the skeleton and remove the lottery ticket from its hand. Place the ticket on the magic viewer in inventory. The objective is to uncover squares to create a continuous path to the prize (500 zorkmids) located in the centre of the ticket. The puzzle is quite simple and you have three tries before you lose your soul and have to redo the ticket. If you are unable to solve it on your own, the complete solution follows:

The ticket has 81 squares. Reproduce it on a piece of paper. Number the squares from 1 to 81, counting left to right. Circle the following numbers noting the order in which you circle them (ie: 63 is the first number you will click the cursor on, 54 is the second, 53 is the third and so on):

63, 54, 53, 44, 35, 34, 25, 24, 23, 32, 31, 30, 39,
38, 47, 56, 57, 66, 75, 76, 71, 68, 69, 60, 51, 50, 41.

When you have finished with the ticket puzzle, back away from the skeleton and look at the book on the seat. Make note of the reference about plugging the serpent's nostrils. Also read the book in the skeleton's hand.

Beyond the skeleton is the dock for the River Styx. There is a teleportation device in this area. Use it to travel to GUE Tech.

GUE Tech - 2nd visit
Enter the lobby through the pillar window (down the stairs then to your right). Locate the bulletin board and read the notices. In particular, the ones about combining Zork rocks and cola, and the relationship between the candy machine and the student lockers. Move to the vending machine area. Use the money machine to change your Zorkmid bill into coins. Leave this area and go to the long hallway. Before entering, look up and cast Igram on the word "Infinite" in the purple Infinite Corridor sign. This should reduce the hallway to a "smallway". On the left side of the hall, click on the picture of Belboz to learn you must find the three lost items (Skull of Yoruk, Coconut of Quendor, Cube of Foundation) in order to return magic to Zork. Further down the hall there are three halls leading off the main one. Down each of these halls can be found a picture of the lost items. Click on the pictures for a brief history of each.

At the junction of the three halls you will find the student lockers. Return to the vending machines. Insert a Zorkmid into the frozen treats machine. Press the dispensing door on the right. Quickly pick up the Obidil scroll from the dispenser. This spell cannot be added to your spell book until it has been spell checked to dry it out. Go to the candy machine. The numbered buttons represent the student lockers. If you insert a Zorkmid then press a button you can open a corresponding locker (except #6 as the button is missing). There are only two lockers you need to open in this manner, #8 and #11. Cast Kendall on the book found in locker #8 for some important information. Still having problems? Then cast kendall again. In #11, pick up the prozork pill and read all the books.

Now to open locker #6, it has to be important because the corresponding button is missing. Return to the candy machine and try to pick up the Zork rocks which comes from pressing #8. It's stuck. Attach the perma suck vacuum to the hole located at the bottom of the machine. Turn the vacuum on and it will suck out the candy. Open the lid of the vacuum to retrieve the candy. At this point I suggest you save your game.

Place the candy in the soda machine tray. Spend another Zorkmid to soak the candy with Blam Classic. You now have a homemade explosive device which will explode in 45 seconds. Pick up the bomb and quickly make your way to the student lockers. Insert it into the slot of locker #6 (middle row, second from left). Stand back and watch the bomb blow the door off. Pick up Dalboz's student ID card and use it in the card reader by the door near the lockers. Once inside the lab area immediately use the teleportation device to go to the Crossroads, then to the Subway. Select Flood Control Dam #3 on the map. Walk to the loading platform. Enter the tram and watch the cut scene.

Flood Control Dam #3
At the subway station put a Zorkmid in the souvenir machine to buy a letter opener. Cast Throck on the moss growing on the drainpipe. Pick up the moss. Move into the dam control room. Adjacent to the controls you will find a book. Open it to retrieve a Golgatem spell. Read the book for clues on how to destroy the dam. The objective is to close all four gates. Move in close to the control panel. Cast Rezrov on the closed gate (second gate from the right). Press the brown, blue, red and blue buttons in that order to destroy the dam. Your configuration may be different than the one described above if you have been fiddling with the gates beforehand. If so, cast Rezrov on any closed gate, keep pressing buttons (randomly works as the puzzle is now simplified) and a short time later you will destroy the dam. Watch the cut scene. Return to the Crossroads and teleport to the Lab.

At the lab you will discover the bridge is guarded by a six armed invisible bridge guy. Forget about using magic on this beast. Use the sword to cut the rope on the right side of the bridge. Cast Golgatem to create a bridge. Cross the bridge and pick up a blank scroll from the box on the right. Insert it into the Origination machine to give the scroll a border. Now insert the scroll into the following machines in the order given: Modification, Replication, Interpretation and Transmogrification. Lastly, run it through the spell checker to obtain the Beburtt spell. While here insert the Obidil spell into the spell checker. Cross over the bridge and use the teleportation device to go to the Crossroads.

The Crossroads
Walk across the bridge, turn left and walk to the Umbrella Tree. Cast Beburtt on the tree to cause the umbrellas to open and release the Zindor scroll. Pick up the scroll. You won't be able to put it in your spell book but you can use it as is. Retrace your steps up the path, turning left to enter the Dungeon Master's Lair.

Dungeon Master's Lair
Feed the prozork pill to the snapdragon then use the sword on its stem. Continue on the path until you reach the birdbath. Pour the can of mead-lite into the bath, then use the Zindor scroll on the birdbath to increase the quantity. Turn left and place the cigar in the ashtray. You will now be able to enter the house.

Read all the books in the front room paying particular attention to the ones which mention the lost magic items, snapdragons (and spring plants), Hugh, Brog and Griff. Pick up the lard and jar of hotbugs from the shelf. Get the fudge from the tree stump. Listen to all the messages on the answering machine and make note of the ingredients needed for the cocoa blend: fudge, honey, lard, hotbugs and moss. Pluck the red mug from the mug vine.

Exit the house and make your way to the beehive. Use the lard on the hive then remove the lard and quickly strike the hive with your sword to get the honeycomb. While still outside, move to the back of the house and locate the mushroom. Cast Throck on it to get it to coil. Place the sleeping snapdragon head on the mushroom. Strike the cap with the hammer to obtain half a spell scroll.

Return indoors. Use the mug, fudge, honeycomb, lard, hotbugs and moss on the tree located just left of the mug vine to get the Yastard spell.

Enter the bedroom. Here you will find the other half of the spell scroll on the window ledge. Pass through the mirror and combine both halves of the scroll on the magic viewer. It's a Snavig spell but it needs to be spell checked. Return through the mirror (your cursor is reversed while you are on the "other side" of the mirror). Leave the bedroom and go to the front room.

Open the window shade and cast Obidil on Hugh the Walking Castle. Enter the castle, look up and retrieve the Narwile spell.

Go back to the bedroom. Open the closet door to reveal a collapsed time tunnel. Cast Narwile on the tunnel then cast Yastard on the totem in inventory. You will become Griff and find yourself in front of the White House. Open the mailbox and remove the envelope. Move to the side yard of the house and take the Glorf scroll. Using the magic viewer to insert the Glorf scroll into the envelope and return it to the mailbox. Close the mailbox and raise the red flag to indicate to the mail carrier there is a letter waiting to be collected.

Return to the Dungeon Master's Lair through the time tunnel. Teleport to the Lab. Run Snavig through the spell checker to mend it. Teleport to Hades.

Use the telephone located beside the dock of the River Styx. Listen to all the instructions then press #8 for a list of questions. Answer the questions by pressing the following numbers: 2, 8, 9, 5. Charon will appear. Pay him two Zorkmids and he will ferry you across the river. You will be greeted by a two headed monster who refuses to let you pass. To get by him you must make yourself look like an employee of Hades. To do this cast Snavig on Charon then quickly move past the two headed monster and pick up Charon's time card and use it on the time clock. The gates will open. Enter and pick up the totem (Brog). Watch the cut scene. Go back out through the gates, turn around and open the mail box. Use the letter opener in inventory on the envelope to retrieve the Glorf spell.

Coconut of Quendor
Enter through the gates of Hades and cast Narwile on the time tunnel. In inventory cast Yastard on the left totem (Griff). When you arrive at your location you will see clusters of rock formations jutting out of the water. These clusters form a rock dragon who is partially submerged under the water. Fly to the foot, pull the right toe and you will expose the dragon's belly. Fly there and pick up the inflatable dingy and sea captain from the crate. Fly to the dragon's right hand and take the air pump from the skeleton. Return to the dragon's belly and move to its head. Insert the dingy and sea captain into the nostrils. Inflate both of them with the air pump and the dragon will raise its head out of the water and open its mouth. Enter the mouth and pick up the Coconut of Quendor (at back of throat). Move away from the throat and the dragon's denizen will throw you a rope. Pick up the rope. Look at the dragon's teeth, take the gold one. Now look up and you will see the dingy. Place the coconut in the dingy. Leave the dragon's mouth, turn around and move in close to his nostrils. Tie one end of the rope to the dingy and the other end to the sea captain. Return to inside of the dragon's mouth. Look up and use the gold tooth on the sea captain. Quickly exit the mouth. Take the coconut from the dingy floating beside the dragon. Place it on one of the cushions inside the castle.

Use the time tunnel to return to Hades. Pass through the gates and cast Snavig on the two headed monster. Board the ferry before the spell wears off (or you will have to cast it again). Teleport to the Dungeon Master's Lair and enter the bedroom.

Skull of Yoruk
Move in close to the time tunnel in the bedroom. Cast Yastard on the right totem (Brog). Take the path to the burning torches. Pick up the torch on the right, return to the White House and rip off the boards covering the door. Keep a board for yourself. Descend the stairs and pick up an egg from the nest. Go back up stairs and use the torch to light the cooking fire. Cook the egg until it turns golden. Take the egg back downstairs and click it on the stalactite (or is it stalagmite :-)?) located left of the stairs. Jump to the chess puzzle. You can spend a considerable amount of time trying to solve this puzzle. Or you can do it the quick and easy way.....clobber it with the board. Pick up the skull. At the castle, place it on one of the two remaining cushions. Return to the Dungeon Master's Lair via the time tunnel. Watch the cut scene.

Teleport to the Crossroads. Walk to the stair guardian and he will deposit you at the bottom of the well. Look up and use the Glorf spell on the rope. Now you have the means to enter the Monastery. Take the subway to the Monastery. In inventory tie the rope to the sword. Walk to the rock pile at the end of the subway station. Look up and use the sword/rope on the opening. Climb up and enter the Monastery. You will be standing near a large machine. Locate the destination selector and set it to the Hall of Inquisition by clicking on the button beside the destination. Move to the left until you are in front of three large "wheels". Turn the right wheel to turn off the machine, then turn the left one to activate the control panel. Go to the control panel (located at the left end of the machine). The light should be green. Pull the switch. You will find yourself in the Hall of Inquisition. Turn around and pick up the totem (Lucy) from the box near the door. Leave this room by the double doors at the other end (beside the exhibit sign). Turn left, press the red button to open the signal box. Note the symbols above the hammers. Examine the diagram on the fence. If you remove the middle hammer, a message will be sent dismissing the guards early that evening. Return to the signal box and remove the middle hammer and place it in inventory. Re-enter the building and go to the "Closing the Time Tunnel" exhibit. Pull the control lever all the way down then press the red button. The hammer head will fall off. Replace it with the one you took from the signal box. Press the red button again and another time tunnel will appear.

Cube of Foundation
Cast Narwile on the time tunnel. In inventory, cast Yastard on the totem furthest to the right (Lucy). It's Ladies Night at the casino. Enter and pick up the four playing cards on the slotted table in front of the bar. Walk to the dart board and use #4 card on the fly to change the card to a 5. Return to the slotted table. Insert the cards into the slots in such an order so as to complete the equation correctly:

5 divided by 1, minus 2 = 3 or
5 divided by 1, minus 3 = 2

If you change the number on any other card except the 4 you will not be able to solve the equation.

With your mathematical success comes an invitation to the back room to play Strip Grue/Fire/Water. The Zork version of scissors/paper/rock. You can't really lose at this game so have fun. You can play along and test your own telepathic powers or, as you are playing as Lucy (who is telepathic) you can cheat. Just click on Jack to read his mind. Either way Jack will eventually lose enough times and give you the Cube of Foundation. Place it on the remaining cushion at the castle. This will activate a time tunnel. Enter the tunnel. Watch the cut scene.

Look around your cell. Use the letter opener on the air vent. Bang the letter opener on the vent a few times and Jack will give you a scroll with the Lexdom spell. Remove the poster from the wall and slide it under the door. Cast Lexdom on the door then use the letter opener on the keyhole to jiggle the key free. Pull the poster back from beneath the door. Use the key to open the door. Once outside the cell turn left and proceed to the monitoring station. Move in on the TV monitor. When you see Jack waving at the camera, make a note of his cell number: 31-05. Save your game. Enter 31 on the keyboard and then enter the two letter combination. You have four possibilities: AA, AB, BA, BB. Press the white button. If you don't want to try all the letter combinations just enter AB and Jack will be freed. Watch the cut scene.

End Game Sequence
Y'Gael will give you the Booznik spell. Use this spell on your spell book to reverse all of the spells' properties. Enter the castle and pick up the Coconut of Quendor, Skull of Yoruk and the Cube of Foundation. Leave the castle and walk to the purple tent next to the radio tower. Cast Vorzer (Rezrov backwards) on it and the guards will be sealed inside. Cast Margi on the electrical sparks to reveal an electric fence. Back away from the fence, turn left and unplug the power cord. Use your sword to cut the fence. Go to the tower. Place the skull in the container at the base of the tower. Midway up the tower place the cube in the cube shaped hole. Climb further up, turn around place the coconut in the right "cup" and the lantern in the left one for counter balance. Cut the antenna with your sword. Quickly cast Maxov on the tower.

Watch the final scene.

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Copyright © Bonnie Collins 1998. All rights reserved.