Discworld II: Missing Presumed ...!?

Developer:  Perfect Entertainment
Publisher:  Psygnosis

Walkthrough by Rosemary Young and Gordon Aplin (1997)
General hints ... needless to say talk to everyone and take note of what they say and explore to the extremities of every screen or you will surely miss something....

After you have been assigned your awesome task of finding 3 sticks, 4ccs mouse blood, 2 candles, some glitter and some stench you can begin exploring.

The Rite Stuff (Act I)
Back into Dining Hall and chat to Archchancellor about your quest. Note food, this may be useful later, but you'll need something to put it in.

Out to garden and talk to Bursar, then cross chasm to Dean and Librarian. Interesting mallets they have. The Bursar wants a better mallet -- you may need to be inventive to sort this one out.

Right to rooster and catch it. You can't. Maybe later, it's bound to be useful!

Right (behind maze), note compost heap and look at Imp. Now talk to learn it has steel shod boots (and they are smelly).

Head back to Bursar then continue left and talk to Beekeeper to learn you need suitable attire and smoke to work with bees. Also you can't get to the bees till you get rid of their keeper.

High Energy Facility -- talk to Skazz. Take test tube, bellows and magnet. Examine accelerator then talk to Ponder Stibbons and Mad Drongo to learn that the accelerator is good for mixing spirits and removing extraneous elements of the soul. Examine Hex -- the super computer -- it might need bugs sometime.

Fool's Guild -- talk to Fool's Ghost, he's very attached to the bricks and mortar of the place. Take hooter. Take brick and use it on ghost to catch him for future use.

Down hole to sewers, note grate and Milkmaid -- you'll see more of her later. Up ladder to Pork Futures Warehouse. Examine ice, it might be useful sometime, but you can't get it yet.

Wandering Shop -- talk to woman, take stuffed flamingo, stuffed fish and incense. Look at candles then ask about them, you need to get bees wax for her to make you some.

Cemetery -- talk to Suffrajester. Pick up pick. Head right and talk to Windle then through to crypt and look at coffin on top of slab. Hmmm. You're not tall enough.

Shades (from left to right)
Mrs Cake's -- look at genie bottle, skull and crystal ball. Talk to Mrs Cake until she stops reading your thoughts then ask about genie bottle. She wants ectoplasm in exchange. Go left and take scissors, and petticoat. Open closet to get ironing board. Note the dummy is made of wood, the arm might be useful.

Dead Society (across from Mrs Cake's) -- you may need to be dead to enter here. Come back later, if you're lucky!

Dead Collector -- talk to him to learn he's offering holidays in the sun for the dead. Are you getting the message here!!?

Mortuary -- look around, take knife from slops. Look at Witch (Granny Weatherwax), she's not dead but definitely out of reach -- and is there a Lion in the wardrobe? You may never know!!

Trolls Head -- talk to troll to get ale. Talk to Casanunda to learn he will give you his ladder if you find him a woman who's a challenge, so tell him about the Witch. (If you take the ladder straight to the crypt and use it on the coffin you will see a glass by the side -- wonder why?) Take matches from bar then talk to Vampire to learn he will go home at dawn and not a moment before. Now all you need do is wait till dawn -- or make it happen earlier. Especially as you'll probably need those teeth sometime.

Vile Stench -- look at everything and take pot and saw. Talk to Foul Ole Ron about his stench, boots and can. Learn that boots make good homes for his stench. Talk to Henry Coffin and Duckman. (You can now return any time to Mrs Cake's to use saw on dummy to get wooden arm, but you don't need it till Act II).

Gimlets -- talk to him to learn about candy rocks and trolls teeth. Take chilli and read menu. Whilst sitting talk again to get his attention and order mouseburger to get mouse.

Plaza --talk to Dibbler to get brochure and popcorn. He's talent scouting and looking for someone with a story to tell. Talk to Milkmaid for big hint re glitter. Remember the grate in the sewers. Back there and use bellows to get glitter.

Docks -- note eminently knock-downable wall of novelty store, but leave it for Act II. Note bird and rock-hard water. Examine net containing shark and fish. Use knife on net, take shark. Use stuffed fish on water to get stunned wading bird. Look closely at the shark -- it's hammer-headed , good for hitting things. So ...

Uni again
Garden -- give shark to Bursar to get mallet. Continuing this theme give stuffed flamingo to Dean for second mallet and stunned wading bird to Librarian for the third. You now have the sticks.

Next use ale on corn then use corn on rooster to get it. Right to Imp and use magnet to get boots. Your rooster might convince the vampire that it's nearly dawn, but it's too drunk to crow.

Bees again, and have you noticed how the Beekeeper keeps going on and on about his favourite subject. Just the candidate for a clickie. Use brochure on him so he'll leave. Use petticoat on Rincewind then light your incense with matches and use it on the hive. Take beeswax and on to Shop. Give beeswax to woman to learn it isn't good enough for your arcane purposes. You need to make the bees sweat!

Back to bees and use chilli powder on flowers. Now go through usual procedure to get dribbly beeswax and return to shop to get dribbly candles. (Of course, if you use the chilli powder on the flowers first up, you will get dribbly wax straight away.)

Return to Vile Stench at the Shades and use rooster on coffee can to sober him up. Whilst here use Imp's boots on stench to learn that it approves of them, now you need something to catch it in.

Troll's Head again and use rooster on vampire. Watch sequence. Head to the Crypt and use ladders (if you haven't already done so) and take false teeth. Next use teeth on the mouse, watch sequence, then use test tube on teeth to get mouse's blood.

Now for the stench, the last item on the list.
Go to High Energy Facility (remember it mixes spirits etc). Use haunted brick on accelerator to get ectoplasm then take this to Mrs Cake to get genie bottle. Put boots in bottle then back to stench and use genie bottle on it.

You have all 5 items now so return to Archchancellor and hand them over. Watch ceremony to learn you have yet another quest. Now you have to track down Death and bring him back alive .... err dead .... err alive.

Come Die With Me (Act II)
First head back into dining ball for some helpful hints from the Librarian then check out the High Energy Facility and talk to Skazz again. You still need bugs (ants).

Garden -- get croquet hoops, they'll be useful. At Bird House note the Suffrajester has changed location. Go to shades and talk to Dead Collector, to travel with him you need a Death Certificate.

Mortuary -- talk to Mortician about how to be declared dead. If you get on the slab now and talk to him you will fail the mirror test. So use mirror on Bunsen burner first. Now you fail the pulse test. So get back on slab and use wooden arm on yourself. Now you fail the body temperature test -- where did you see that ice?

Back to Pork Futures Warehouse and use pick to get ice. Mortuary again use mirror on Bunsen burner, get on slab then use wooden arm and ice on Rincewind. You are now officially dead and have a certificate to prove it! (No, don't thank us!)

You can now enter the Dead Society (across from Mrs Cake's) so use your Certificate on the door. Have a good look around, especially at the closet to chat with the Black Sheep skeleton.

Now give your certificate to Dead Collector to take sea voyage to warmer climes. Watch sequence to learn you will need to make Death a 'star' (he wants to be wanted) and for that you will have to collect a 'babe', a jingle and a group to sing it and a novelty gimmick.

Holy Wood
Enter Castle and look at suits, especially the horse suit. Talk to Dwarf and ask about it. Obviously it's important, but you can't afford it. If only you could get hold of some costume jewellery to exchange.

Continue on to City, examine mail box and take the number 10. Be brave, play with the 1 ton weight and take it. You have already seen where it might be useful.

On further and look around, particularly at Imps, set, paint and impstamatic camera. Take camera then talk to Trainer and he will allow you to borrow an Imp who promptly disappears into the set. Take note here -- the paint is significant! You'll need to find a way to get that little blighter.

Enter make-up room (near ILM sign) to watch sequence. Talk to Make-Up Artist, she needs a picture of the Elven queen. You will leave automatically so go back immediately to enquire about elves to learn that only a witch can help you out here.

Further right and through security boom to talk to Dibbler who will remind you of the things you need. You must give the goodies you collect to him. Back south and examine door with star, it's locked. Talk to Troll to learn about trolls teeth (they are very hard and sparkling) and ask about key to get it (eventually). Unlock door and talk to Milkmaid. She wants a diamond before she'll appear in your clickie.

Remember that knock-downable wall? Go to Docks and put the weight on hook. It's not heavy enough, well increase its weight by using the '10' sticker and push it to get the Snow storm ... the gimmick.

Look at camels and purchase one. It will be parked outside for later use. Continue left to meet stoning mob. Enter shop and look around. Take poster (plans). Talk to Architect for hint about pyramids and time. A pyramid might be useful.

Left again and look around then talk to D'blah. Next talk to Rock Seller and ask about candy rock to see it disappear before your eyes. Whoops! Your precious rock is now reserved for a stoning!

Now chat to Uri Djeller, ask about Jingle (Cartwheel location will appear in desert). Ask about fountain of youth. He'll mention an adventurer, but you won't meet him until Act IV. Look at your hoops, you can't straighten them but Uri Djeller might, so give them to him to get 8 pieces of wire ... perfect for a pyramid so make one by using wire on plans.

Continue upper left to wall and take stake -- now, how could you orchestrate a stoning to retrieve the candy rock?

Camels and desert
Hill -- here you find just the group to sing your jingle, if only you can prise them down. Talk to skeletons then use knife on Bone Idle. You now have the group.

Oasis -- examine vultures and rotten arm (note ring) -- the vultures won't let you take their dinner. Remember you have a spare arm, so swap it for the rotten one -- almost worked, didn't it?

Pyramid -- take pot of glue then stare at hieroglyphics. Look at mummy and bandage, it could be useful. Use scissors to get bandage then wrap your wooden arm. You can now fool the vultures so go get the rotten arm with its ring.

Cartwheel -- talk to S.T. Ungulant and ask about jingle. He will happily write you one, but you must answer the big question -- WHY!!?

Bonedie Beach (across water)
Look around, note sticks and baskets. Talk to Dibbjla to get bent stick (boomerang). Watch demo. Get basket.

Continue right and note tree and anthill. Those ants might be useful for the Hex, but how to get them. Ants love picnics so use the basket. Hmm, now where was that food?

Back to Unseen Uni -- use basket to get food from dining hall. Return to compost heap and plant stake in compost to get Suffrajester -- a candidate for a stoning, if ever these was one, so head back to Djelibeybi and plant Suffrajester near the wall. Watch sequence to get the candy rock and before you leave pick up the rope.

Holy Wood -- enter castle, take ring off arm and give it to Dwarf for horse costume. Now for the Imp. Paint your boomerang and throw it at the Imp to catch it. Pop it in the camera.

Now head back to Troll security guard, his sparkling tooth might be useful. Give him the candy rock then come to his rescue in his hour of need. Use the rope on him to remove his tooth -- a diamond!! Inside and give it to Milkmaid. You now have the 'babe'.

Bonedie Beach -- use basket to capture ants. Now, if you haven't already done so cut your ironing board with the saw to make surf board. Try to go surfing, but you need to find a way to stick to the board ... use the glue. Now all you need to do is catch a wave. In cave look at paintings of sheep, a copy will be handy. Use camera to get film.

Ankh-Morpork now and go see Granny Weatherwax. Observe her 'closeness' to the vulture. Talk to Casanunda to get rid of him. Then talk to Granny to learn about mind projection. Ask about elves and a new 'Forest' location will appear on the map. But you'll need a disguise (something magical) to visit the elves -- if you go as you are you'll be booted out.

Be prepared, so use your horse costume and glue the hooter to it to make a unicorn. All you need now is someone silly enough to be your assistant so back to Unseen Uni and enlist the help of the Librarian.

Off to Forest, but your luggage can't enter the stone circle so put the Librarian in the unicorn costume and pop it in your pocket. Don't forget the camera.

In Hall of Elven Queen watch her mesmerising display of absolute power then get a snap as soon as you can. Leave before you get thrown out and head back to Make-Up-Artist and give her the film.

High Energy Facility -- use basket on Hex, now all you need to do is get the ants out of the basket, and what attracts ants? Maybe the bees can help again so go back to the hive and this time use the pot to get honey. Skazz again and use honey on Hex. Talk to Skazz and you will ask Hex the 'big' question .. . WHY? The answer may take some time so speed things up by using the pyramid on Hex. Talk to Skazz to get answer.

Cartwheel -- give answer to S.T. Ungulant. Get Jingle and go to the set and give your items to Dibbler. Watch Death Scene. Oh dear, Death wants a double, where did you see that skeleton?

Back to Dead Society and talk to Black Sheep in closet. Use sheep film on it and you'll be transported back to Clickie set to watch sequence.

Disc 2
Watch sequence of your film premiere. In projection room, use reel on device and splice in film remnant of Elven Queen. Return reel to projector. Watch sequence. You must now become Death.

The Grim Rincewind (Act III)
Examine stable, take rope. Try to ride Binky ... you need to gain his trust.

Right to garden. Note hives, where have we seen these before? Examine gnomes, pond and cart, take fishing rod. If you use anything in the pond you will be told you might stain it .. a clue if ever there was one! Talk to Susan, she will exchange the cart for your autobiography. Continue right, examine soul pool with dots (ants).

Now to Death's house, take key from beneath mat then enter. Inside go through left door (kitchen) and talk to Albert about becoming Death. You need to be able to ride Binky, you also need a black robe, a scythe and an appropriate voice. Take oily rag. You can't get the sugar yet, but note the bells behind Albert.

Corridor and take curtains and scythe (from umbrella stand). Through door on right to library. Take your book. Continue right to alcove and unlock it with key. It's dark, you will need some illumination.

Upstairs and left to Susan's room. Take bunny and open it to get lacy pyjamas. Take string from cupboard.

Exit and go right to Death's Office. Take ink and read ledger. Pull cord to summon Albert then head to kitchen and take sugar cubes while the coast is clear.

Garden again and give your book to Susan. She wants another book from the dark alcove. You need a candle so return to hives and wear pyjamas then use matches on oily rag then use it on hives. Get black bees wax and use it with string to make candle

Library -- light candle before entering alcove and hold on to it. Inside take loose tablet then return to Susan and exchange it for cart.

Next use ink in pond to make it blacker, now dunk curtains in pond to get blacker than black robe.

Stable -- give sugar to Binky. Use saddle to ride him and watch as Albert spoils your fun. The glue is useful here so use it on the saddle and repeat the performance. This time you stay glued to your seat and prove you horsemanship.

Outside house, look at chimney. Rincewind tells you he will need a grappling hook so use rope on boomerang to make one and use it on chimney. Up rope and click on chimney to speak into it. Doesn't fool Albert one bit. Return to Kitchen and open pot-bellied stove and repeat performance with chimney to prove you can talk like Death.

Now visit Albert and show him robe and scythe and he will want a demonstration of your prowess. Head to cornfield below house and cut corn with scythe. Rincewind is unused to such work so attach scythe to cart and make reaper. After reaping corn return to Albert for another quest ... you must reap 100 souls ... watch cut sequence with assassin.

Hives again and use empty sugar pot to get honey this time. Use rod with honey to catch ant souls in pit then return to Albert and hand them over. Watch sequence.

Till Death Us Do Part (Act IV)
Now you have to save Death from himself

Bonestock -- take cork from hat and chat to Death.

Djelibeybi -- to see Casanunda in his element. When he leaves with his entourage watch cut sequence of adventurer arriving -- go to his camel and check out the saddle bags to get canteen. After he leaves try to follow him ... but he seems to have disappeared.

Return to Djelibeybi marketplace to see adventurer return again. How could you follow his trail? Hmm have you noticed the vultures are always following you? Go back to his camel and put rotten arm in saddle bag. Watch cut sequence to see him leave, the vultures follow and you can track him to the Fountain of Youth.

Fountain -- examine it to note the sand. That's what you want although you can fill your canteen with water. Use cork on fountain to stop water flow and get sand in hourglass. Watch cut sequence

Queen Kong (Epilogue)
At crowd scene look at tower. Talk to Dibbler to get bladders. Look at Granny Weatherwax and broom. Talk to her about broom, but she won't part with it. Look at Raven then talk to her again to get her to mind-meld with the bird. Grab the broom whilst she's preoccupied. It's time to fly but first fill your bladders with water and pop them in your pocket. You can now use the broom and watch end sequence.

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Copyright © Rosemary Young and Gordon Aplin 1997. All rights reserved.