Thanks to Friends of Quandary

By Rosemary Young (January, 1997)
Hello again to all our readers. In this first message for the year we wish you health and happiness for 1997 and, of course, lots of rewarding game playing.

Well, we are kind of pleased to be back after our holiday break even though it wasn't as long as we would have liked. And, we are definitely pleased to begin Issue 9 of Quandary because it is the start of our third year of publishing electronically.

Maybe it's not an auspicious beginning for the year but we'd like to share with you some of the woes of being a very small fish in that great sea out there of computer game related publishing. Now we don't want sympathy, we just want some understanding when we aren't the 'first with the latest' or when we miss out on reviewing some games.

We'd like to remind you that Quandary is a hobby, we do it in our spare time, and unlike other magazines we don't receive many review copies of games from the publishers. In other words we have to buy the games that we review, or borrow them from our friends, so there is practically no possibility that you will see a review from us before a game is on sale in your local shop. And since we are in the backwaters of Australia it takes even longer for games to arrive on our doorstep and some titles don't even make it here so we have no chance of looking at those. The one positive thing here is that you can be sure that we review 'the finished article' and not a beta copy. And just for your information, with a few exceptions, we play each game right through before reviewing it.

Since we get a lot of games from friends there are a lot of people to whom we are eternally grateful. Our personal friends who live nearby as well as the staff at Games R Us and the staff at Archie Martins in Fremantle who have just kindly offered to help us out this year. Also we now have a number of readers who share games with us to add to the list, from Canada and from the US and from the other side of Australia. So thank you to everyone who has helped us out.

And now that I've said that, I'd also like to thank everyone for reading Quandary and to ask you for your patience if a review isn't posted quickly enough or if we miss out on reviewing your favourite game. We are doing our absolute best.

Happy reading!

Copyright © Rosemary Young 1997. All rights reserved.