Simon the Sorcerer II

Developer/Publisher:  Adventure Soft

Walkthrough by Rosemary Young and Gordon Aplin (1996)
Starting out
Enter Calypso's store and take the bat and green dye. Chat to Calypso, he tells you that you must get into the castle to get some Mucusade. Outside read poster re magic tournament -- winning this tournament could be your ticket into the castle.

Visit Purple Tent and survey your competition. Think about how you can be rid of them. Next off to the Castle where your learn how much it will cost to enter. Take note of money conversions because you'll need this info later.

On to Street of Traders and meet the Ironmonger. Help him with his tax problems to get crowbar. Leave Fat Bloke and Pet Shop for now but visit Joke Seller to learn he makes costumes and that he's working on a stink bomb formula. Take Joke Book when he's blinded by the gorilla mask.

At Docks chat to Goldilocks and offer help. Open crate with crowbar. Pick up wig and rubber dinghy. Continue right and talk to Um Bongo, the rain dancer. He needs dancers.

On to Town Square, talk to accordion player. When stick breaks give dancers your bat. Back to Street of Traders and get dance instructor poster and take it to Um Bongo. Follow him to Town Square. He now needs a pig's bladder.

Head for Tattooist's -- he's closed so lower ladder and enter Insane Society. Talk to inmates to learn you need porridge.

Next visit House of 3 Bears to collect envelope from letterbox then on to Loan Office. Outside talk to Jester then give him joke book for bladder. Use crowbar on grate, down to meet spider blocking your way -- it needs flushing out.

In Loan Office choose any loan to see the Boss. Talk to Boss then put envelop in in-tray. Watch sequence then return to 3 Bears House. In kitchen take gloves then turn off tap to initiate another sequence as Bears return and you are blown to fountain. Return to Bears and in conversation ask about Goldilocks. Say you have her wig, then ask for porridge.

Insane Society again and wear porridge to get junk bag. Open it to reveal money, bungee rope and wedge.

At MucSwampling's talk to balloon man to get balloon and voucher. Inside talk to anorak man. He needs something to make him tougher -- a tattoo maybe. So talk to tattooist, but he won't leave till 2 o'clock and, alas, the clock has stopped. Now use voucher to buy kiddie pack and swamp shake. Open pack to get gum, maggot and swampling model. Only employees are allowed upstairs so you need a disguise. Exit and go left to pick up fishing rod from dustbin.

Return to Joke Seller, ask him to make swampling costume -- you need some green cloth. Outside talk to Fat Bloke to buy cloth, but first you must do him a favour -- agree and watch sequence. In cave find lamp then call out to be rescued. He gives you the cloth but it isn't green!

Head for fountain and put dye in it. Put cloth near basket and wait till it is dyed. Back to Joke Seller to get your costume.

MucSwampling's again and wear costume to get upstairs. Note clock mechanism then up again and talk to swampling. Ask for his (extra smelly) stew -- he will give you a bucket to collect swamp mud.

Time for Pet Shop now. Chat about experiments then get glow worms and use gloves to pick up electric turtle. Put turtle in single cage then use machine to separate it from electric eels. Replace turtle with worms, move lever, use machine again to get supercharged glow worms.

Now it's time to flush out that spider. A good storm should do it so take pig's bladder to Um Bongo. After deluge return to sewer and the way is clear. Use glow worms in dark then continue to ladder and up to swamp. Go right and use bungee rope on railing to get bucket of mud. Next go left to lake and talk to woman. Learn you need royal seal. While you are here do a spot of fishing and take fish.

Take mud back to swampling for jar of stew. Take stew to Joke Seller for stink bomb.

Now you can deal with the wizards -- all except for one who has a cold and can't smell. After using bomb take spell book then use swamp shake on remaining wizard. After sequence you will get wizard's ID.

Head for castle, pay the guards and enter. Talk to the pea-shooting prince, he wants a sword. Inside take cymbals then continue left to King who will command you to look after the baby and tell you that the princess might help. On leaving use fish to get royal seal. Enter door on right and you'll find screaming baby. Use wedge on cradle then cuddle the little darling. Take klaxon, rattle and cog and head next door to princess. Try in vain to awaken her. (Remember the fairy tale about the princess and the pea?) Yes, you need a pea but first you must get a sword for the prince.

Return to Lady of the Lake and chat -- you will show her the royal seal. Take air tanks and wet suit. Use air tanks to inflate dinghy then cross to island. Read sign and try to take the sword. You need evidence of royal blood to remove it -- an impressive tattoo may help! So you need to work on the Tattooist.

Back to MucSwampling's and use cog on clock mechanism. While you are here pop upstairs to swampling and play with the kids. They have some milk, but you'll need something to swap for it. Now on to Tattooist's to get flyer. Give it to anorak man then follow him back to shop. You will now be the 1000th customer and entitled to a free tattoo. Choose the royal sounding one then return to island for sword.

Back to Prince and get the pea. Then proceed to wake princess who will give you a lollipop. Give it to screaming baby who hurls it through the window. Outside to retrieve it then on to swamplings to exchange it for the milk which does the trick and puts the baby to sleep.

Now you can look around the castle so return to King and up the stairs and talk to the demons. The only way to hold them is to put swamp shake on pentagram so they get stuck. You can't get past them, you need to approach the tower by way of a window. So it's time for the balloons.

Tie the one you have to the railings in Street of Traders then return to MucSwampling's for another and then another. When attaching the third you'll be whisked away and up to the window. In tower step on the rug to fall through to the treasury and get the Mucusade. Open the door and chat to the demons but you must leave the way you came in so up the tube and retrieve the balloons and a friendly bird will help you back to land. Head for Calypso's and watch sequence as you get kidnapped ....

Pirate Ship
Talk to Long John Silver and when he leaves say hello to your fellow prisoner. Use your magic book to free yourself then take the eye patch from the skull. Try to leave and in cut sequence you'll be deposited in the Captains Cabin.

You have lost your Mucusade so you must find it again. Read the diary to get the postcard then take the parrot and leave.

On deck chat to the pirates then return to the brig and ask tough guy about welding torch to get it. In crew's quarters take knife and cut hammock, then take tinder box.

Exit, use torch on chain -- you need something to protect your eyes so swap your eye patch for the pirate's shades. Now try to use the torch again, not that easy is it? Go to pirate with hammer and give him a shove to get planks and hammer and nails. Use plank on door to crew's quarters so you can use the welding torch without interruption. Open hatch and get your Mucusade.

Now you need to turn the ship around so find the bosun at the stern. Talk to him and swap stuffed parrot for his homing parrot. Use swamp gum to hold it in place. Back on deck and watch sequence. Aargh! It didn't work. The lookout was too sharp. So climb rigging and put postcard on telescope then return to bosun and turn parrot around. Now you can rest.

Take shovel and towel then talk to beachcomber. Follow path to jungle and take wooden pole and give balloon to kid. He will give you a shell.

Back to beach, use wooden pole on shovel then dig hole. Cover it with towel and put shell on it. Tell beachcomber about shell then get your Mucusade back.

Find cave, try to take whisky bottle, then talk to genie and wish to go back to Calypso's. He's drunk -- you need to sober him up.

Exit and follow path and take dog. In cafe drink de-caf and watch sequence -- you need real coffee! Exit and talk to dealer who is selling caffeine tablets, but you haven't any currency. Take whistle then wander around to limbo competition -- you can win the money here.

Next visit guy on torture machine, continue to generator. Put dog on rollers and blow whistle to see what happens. Back to man on rock and test out the torture machine by moving leaver and blowing whistle -- that should create a distraction.

Limbo contest again and blow whistle. When heads are turned you cheat, so claim your prize and buy caffeine tablets. Cafe again and get cup of de-caf. Put tablets in it and pour coffee into whisky bottle in cave. Make your wish to return to Calypso's -- watch sequence.

Valley of Doom
In prison talk to Alix and try to open door to get hairgrip. Watch sequence with second Simon. Outside camp talk to guards and note their goblets.

Up to Volcano Rim and get book and sprayer. Read book to learn the plants have a taste for cats and can supply you with a sleeping draught.

On to Dark Woods where you meet the kid again. He wants food and you are bound to need that magnifying glass. Continue to Woodworm, they want some quality wood before they will make you a carving. On to cave where you scare the cat.

Talk to witches who are each impaired in some way and will need your help before they can make a potion.

Go now to Secluded Hut and after conversation close the door so you can catch the cat. Get handkerchief and three bottles of soda -- you will automatically get a straw. Talk to roleplayers to learn that you can only join in if someone drops out.

Volcano Rim again and tempt plant with cat to get saliva with empty bottle. You can drink soda with straw to empty a bottle.

Goblin's Camp again, use soporific plant dribble on goblets then wake guards up. Take conch horn. In camp talk to Elf, he wants perfume and will swap piece of wood for it. He will give you a perfume bottle. In tent take food rations and pepper then on to gambling goblins and use soda on fire to temporarily blind them. Take 'some stuff'. During fight take dice as well.

Continue to skull gate and talk to pigs, say you are here on important business to learn they are expecting an interior decorator and you need a catalogue of samples. Back to Elf and use soda in perfume bottle and give it to him. He's not convinced it's perfume so use pepper on him and give him the grotty hanky so he catches the cold germs. Try the perfume again and he will give you wood.

Back to Dark Woods and give kid food and soda (you can restock on soda any time) then take magnifying glass. On to Woodworms and give them wood for teeth carving. You now have all you need for the witches so into the cave once more. Give magnifying glass to visually impaired witch, conch horn to hearing impaired one and teeth to dentally impaired one and take your potion in empty soda bottle.

Back to Secluded Hut and give potion to players, you will take the dog. Now you can join in the fun. Be sure to use your own dice to win wallpaper catalogue.

Return to Skull Gate, inside take the tapestry. Down eerie passage and talk to hideous beast -- it won't let you pass.

Back to stairway/treadmill and turn off lights. If you try to sneak by the beast now it can hear you so wear the dog!! You will turn it into a pair of furry shoes, but the beast can still smell you so back to treadmill and use tapestry on pool of sweat then use it on chemical sprayer. Back to beast, use spray and wear shoes to proceed.

Cross river of lava to Sordid's chamber. At far right get screwdriver and use it on robot hand. Use hand on palm print to get time stick. Try to leave and you will be chased -- Watch long end sequence to set up Simon III.

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Copyright © Rosemary Young and Gordon Aplin 1996. All rights reserved.