Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within

Developer/Publisher:  Sierra

Walkthrough by Rosemary Young and Gordon Aplin (1996)
As a general rule remember to look at everything (especially in the museums in chapter 4) and talk to everyone until you exhaust all the conversations.

Chapter 1 -- Gabriel
After intro sequence open bag to get wallet, letters and knife. Check out all the items in your inventory in detail. Exit (to turn around), click on table to write letter to Grace, then again to read newspaper. Read note near door then take keys from beneath mirror.

Leave and go right to water trough. Examine mud to see paw print. Enter woods and take hair from grass. Now go to shed to mix "quick-drying" cement then back to paw print to make cast. After cut sequence take paw print then use keys on car to leave.

Go to zoo. Read sign. Look at the wolves. You can't get near them (the keeper won't let you). Talk to keeper (Thomas) to learn he always follows Klingmann's instructions. Go left and talk to Dr. Klingmann (note walkie-talkie on desk, it could be useful).

On to Marienplatz. Exit left of screen and visit your solicitor. Talk to him to learn that he will translate for you and to get contact for University Lab to analyse your samples. Once outside look at meat shop, you can't do anything yet, but maybe later. You can now to the University but first go to Dienerstrasse (far right of Marienplatz) to mail Grace's letter.

At Uni show paw print to learn size of wolf. Also show fur for analysis. Back to Huber Farm. Click on tapes. Load Dr. Klingmann's in A, load a blank tape in B, then click on "splice". Select the words "Thomas, Herr Doktor Klingmann here. Show our wolves to Mr. Knight". Then transfer.

Return to Klingmann's office -- he should now be gone. Search coat to get receipt. Examine it. Search desk, use spliced tape on walkie-talkie. Thomas will now show you the wolves. In close up of wolf click on tag then click on wolf to get fur. Take fur sample to University for analysis and get the report.

Back to solicitor and talk to him to learn that Klingmann's receipt is for a hunting permit. At Huber farm use receipt on mirror to get address.

Marienplatz again, visit Solicitor. Ask about address of Hunting Lodge. Head for Lodge at 54 Dienerstrasse. Enter and talk to desk clerk. Tell him you are a hunter. You then learn you need to provide proof of your ancestry. Back to solicitor for your family tree. Show this to clerk at Lodge -- watch sequence.

Chapter 2 -- Grace
After intro sequence check out your inventory then try to open library door, it's locked. Go downstairs to talk to Gerde then outside to look at car and exit left. In Rittersberg note flowers near church. Head right and enter Gastoff. Talk to Herr Huber to learn all you can. At Rathaus (town hall) talk to Mayor and ask about trial.

Return to Gabriel's room (the workman should now be gone) and check out the toolbox near the fireplace. Take screwdriver, use it in the hole in fireplace. Now open wardrobe to find secret passage. Go straight ahead to Gerde's bedroom. Look at photo of Wolfgang. Open her wardrobe and take library key. Exit. The other passage leads outside -- note roses for possible later use.

In Gabriel's room open library door. Take journal of Victor Ritter and book on Lycanthropes from bookshelf. Read them. You will find a letter, read it. Take Christian Ritter's journal and read it. Then sit at desk and use the card from your inventory on telephone to call Professor Barclay, the Historian at Yale.

Back to Rathaus and ask for records. Keep talking and you will get to see the dungeons. In dungeons look through window, note church. Examine bed. Go to Huber in Pub and ask about Ludwig. Rathaus again and ask Mayor about the church records. Do what he says. Take church files to Mayor.

Back to Library sit at desk and use typewriter. You will put together your research. Show envelope/research to Gerde to get Gabriel's address then into town to post it (use envelope on Postmistress, then use wallet). Watch sequence.

Chapter 3 -- Gabriel
Read newspaper for information on new wolf murder. Look at card the Baron gave you in the Hunt Club to reveal his address and to get location to appear on the map. Go to solicitor at Marienplatz to get package from Grace. Read her letter then talk to solicitor again.

On to Hunt Club and look around -- note locked door and back entrance. Talk to desk clerk and ask all the questions. Go outside and click on police car at bottom of the street. At the crime scene try to talk to police chief Leber, then try to show him the university report on the evidence you have gathered. He will tell you to go away so show your evidence to the news reporter to gain Leber's attention. You can now go to the police station.

At police station talk to Leber and ask all the questions. Look at map carefully. Click on note then use notebook on note. A torn page from notebook will appear in your inventory. Go to your solicitor to get research done on missing persons.

In Marienplatz, enter cuckoo clock shop and buy the clock on the counter (it is a woodpecker clock that makes a knocking sound). Vist Baron Von Glower in Perlach and talk to him, look at mask.

Return to Huber Farm and use note page on phone to learn that Von Aigner, one of the Hunt Club members, had business dealings with Grossberg, the latest victim. Write letter to Grace and don't forget to post it.

Hunt Club again and use clock on plant near locked door. Go to front desk and wait. When Xavier leaves to "answer door", open desk drawer and take keys. Unlock door with keys. Before you can enter you must return the keys by using the clock trick again. Enter room. Look at the notebook on altar, look at photos. You will then be escorted out. Talk to Von Zell (ask about trophies last).

Back to Perlach and talk to Von Glower again. Ask about basement and club philosophy. Return to Club and talk to Priess and everyone else. To overhear private conversation take magazine, put your tape-recorder in it then replace mag on table. Watch sequence.

Chapter 4 - Grace
Pop out and pick up your mail, read it. Go to pub and talk to Huber then talk to the guests. Go into Church crypt and watch Gerde. Return to library and get book on Ludwig II, read it. Exit the castle via the secret passage and pick some roses. Take them to Gerde in the crypt to get keys to car.

Go now to Herrenchiennsee Museum and buy ticket. Read everything, especially reference to Ludwig's diary in case beneath portrait of Wagner. Talk to woman about diary.

Now go to Neuschwanstein and look around, especially at the paintings. Play the guide tape at every opportunity. Do not miss anything!

Next on to Wagner Museum and look around, especially at desk and plans. Talk to Georg.

Back to Rittersberg and talk to Huber and ask about the Smith's. Talk to them about your dream. Return to castle --do not click through this scene -- Gerde will tell you that Barclay telephoned so ring him back and get contact number. Ring this new number and arrange to meet with Joseph Dallmier, then go to meet him and talk.

Back to Castle and talk to Gerde re special permit. On to library and write to Gabriel. Use Ludwig Book on phone to ring publishers. Get contact number for author's son, Thomas Chaphill. Ring him.

Now go and post your letter and check out flowers near the church. The priest will appear and give you a lily. Go to Starnberger See (where Ludwig drowned) and click on the water. Use flower on the water's edge to see vision.

Castle again and Gerde will tell you that there is a fax waiting for you at the Post Office. Get it and read it. Back to Wagner Museum and show it to Georg. Watch end sequence.

Chapter 5 -- Gabriel
Go to Marienplatz, pick up your tape recorder from Club and visit your solicitor to get note from Grace. Talk to him to get research on missing persons. Then use Von Zell's tape to get translation. Go to police station and talk to Leber and use Von Zell's tape on him. (When opportunity arises) Look at Grossberg's ledgers. After you leave, look at page you tore out.

Back to Marienplatz and you can now buy the Weiss Wurst from the meat shop near the solicitors. Go to Buchenau and talk to Dorn, he wants money and you don't have enough. Get it from your solicitor then give it to Dorn. Talk to him. Look at last cage on the right. Pick up straw and note wolf tags. Use meat on tiger to get tags. Return to Hunt Club, watch sequence.

At Hunting Lodge (bedroom) look out the window and down at the ledge, interesting! Exit to hall and check out the rooms. Talk to Von Aigner (he is in the bath). Enter room opposite yours (Priess' bedroom), open wardrobe and take rope. Open window and look down. Use rope on ledge then move along to Von Zell's window. Enter. Look at bath mat and muddy footprint. Examine diary near bed. Take blackmail letter. Exit the way you entered.

Go downstairs and talk to Hennemann. Open cupboard and take the lamp. Back upstairs and talk to Klingmann in his room. Show him the wolf tags. Once you have spoken to him, the fire downstairs will be lit so take the matches from the mantelpiece. Talk to Baron.

Now go outside and enter the stables. Take shears. Go to woods and search carefully to find the two paw prints and ravine (remember where it is). Near dry paw print, there are some briars -- use shears to get to cave. Enter small opening then use matches on lamp. Watch sequence. Go back to Baron's room for another sequence. When you get control again, head for the ravine avoiding the dead ends You can use your talisman to fend off the wolf along the way. At the ravine, when the Baron throws the rifle to you, shoot the wolf.

Chapter 6 -- Grace
Watch sequence. When you get control click on the bed in the dungeon. Take note of the pigeon at window.

Head for Neuschwanstein Castle. Remember dream from opening movie sequence to get scroll in grotto. You can safely do this when the child stands on chair and distracts the guard. To get the remaining scrolls, you need a couple of items to distract the guards some more so back to Rittersberg to get what you need.

In Gabriel's room take pillow case. In pub talk to Mrs Smith then take a dinner roll. In dungeon use roll on pigeon to entice it inside then catch it with pillow case. Go to Church at Altotting and note silver offerings. Inside priest's office, try to talk to him - he will give you a card. Look at box on table and use your wallet on it to get "holy" water.

Back at Singer's Hall at Neuschwanstein use pigeon in doorway to left of screen. Take scroll from panel behind where the guard usually stands. In living room use holy water on chair to attract guard's attention, then exit to get scroll from panel near entrance to chapel.

Return to Rittersberg and look at silver heart in church crypt. Go to Gerde and talk to her. Back to crypt to get heart. Go to Post Office and get the Baron's letter to Gabriel. Read it then on to pub and talk to Mrs Smith again.

Return to Church at Altotting. The service will now be over so use silver heart on priest. In chapel put heart in offering basket. Look at heart urns to right of screen, note chair. Exit to right of screen and click on door. This will cause the wind to extinguish the candles so you can use the chair and get the urn. Watch sequence. You now have the plans of the theatre. Watch sequence.

Two months have passed
At the Opera get programme from table and read it. Go upstairs and check out the rooms, especially the "spotlight" room at the end of the right hand corridor. Back downstairs, turn right then through first door on the left to basement. Look at the furnace, go left as far as you can then north to prop room and take "private" sign. Explore basement to find key in grey box on wall. Return to prop room and lock it. The backstage of the theatre can be reached from the basement or side hallway. There, take the rope.

Enter theatre auditorium through main door and talk to Georg. Exit. Go to right hand hallway and enter theatre office at end of hall. Talk to Gabriel to learn he's cold. Take opera glasses and list from table and theatre seating plan from the notice board.

Look at Wagner's "chandelier diagram" and click on the X, then look at the seating plan and click on the middle box. Go to this room which is entered from the main doors upstairs. Now return to spotlight and switch it on. Look through window and see where the light is shining. To move it you use the spotlight handle -- turn it to the middle box. Downstairs and give seating plan to Paul, the head usher. Enter auditorium and talk to workers fixing the chandeliers to learn about adjustments to measurements.

Go to furnace in basement open it and put coal in it. Turn on pilot light then move lever all the way up. Return to Gabriel and move him to the prop room and lock him in. Back upstairs and get changed. Leber will then come and talk to you.

Go to spotlight room and use opera glasses on Von Glower then return to his box door and use rope on the handle. Now use "private" sign to hide the rope. The scene should now switch to Gabriel.

Gabriel again
Move the trunk to reveal grate. Use dagger on it to exit. From basement go to the backstage area and get black tape to the right of the rope, then go right to the change rooms. Get costume and wear it. Try to use make-up. When you stand up, use powder on mirror. Hide behind screen. Use tape on actor. Watch opera sequence.

When you have control of Gabriel as a wolf in the basement use your "sense of smell" to chase the Baron (on the map, he is a red square and you are a blue triangle). You will need to close the doors along the way so that the Baron cannot slip past you. It's best if you close off one line of doors so that the Baron can't get to the grate. You must trap the Baron in the furnace room and then follow him in. Grace and Leber will appear. Click on Grace, then on the furnace. She will open the door. Click on grey wolf (yourself) and when black wolf jumps, click on it to knock it into the furnace. Watch end sequence.

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Copyright © Rosemary Young and Gordon Aplin 1996. All rights reserved.