Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars / Circle of Blood

Developer/Publisher:  Revolution

Walkthrough by Rosemary Young and Gordon Aplin (1996)
Start by following the walkthrough in the manual as follows: enter archway to right and check out the sewer cover -- you need something to open it. Back to scene of disaster and pick up newspaper. Check out cafe then talk to waitress. Leave and head north for cut scene. After talking with Inspector Rosso chat to reporter, Nicole (Nico), outside to learn about Plantard -- the victim. Get her phone number. North again, talk to workman and give him newspaper to get rid of him. Next get rod from toolbox then back to sewer.

Open cover with rod and enter. Take red nose. Go right to get tissue and scrap of material. Up ladder next to railing and talk to concierge in courtyard. Show him Inspector's card to get more useful information. Show him everything, especially piece of material to learn about green jacket and get tailor's phone number. Once outside use workman's phone to call Nico and get her address. (You can also call Todryk the tailor but you won't learn anything till you have more info). Go right to map and choose Nico's place (Rue Jarry). On arrival talk to flower seller to identify Nico's apartment and learn about stuck door. Inside talk to Nico. Show her red nose to get location of costume shop and material to get photo.

Costume shop (La risee du monde)
Look around then talk to owner. Show him tissue and photo to identify Kahn. He will give you Shake 'n Shock buzzer.

Police Station
Talk to Rosso to learn that the case is closed. Now that you have more info call Todryk the tailor to learn the whereabouts of Khan.

Hotel Ubu
Outside talk to thugs (Flap and Guido), they have no info but may give you trouble later. Check out alley to left before entering. In lobby chat to Nobel Prize winner and show him photo. He tells you only that Khan is an enemy of his unpronounceable country. Next talk to pianist, Lady Piermont. Show her photo of Khan to learn she knows him as Moerlin and, for reasons of her own, would be delighted to help you get into his room. She saw him deposit something interesting in the hotel safe. Upstairs and check out the rooms, they are locked, (note No 22 where the killer is staying).
Down stairs to reception and try to take key. You can't. Talk to clerk about key and safe. You can't get into the safe without identification, the key will open the door next to No 22 -- it might be useful.
Back to Lady Piermont and enlist her help to get key. Upstairs and use key to enter room 21. Nothing to take here, so out the window and make your way to 22. Search room (nothing again) but note the wardrobe is large enough to hide in. Open door to corridor and watch cut scene as Khan returns and you scuttle into hiding place. Khan gets changed and leaves, leaving his pants on the bed. Search pants to find matchbook and pass card. Exit through door.
Downstairs and show pass card to clerk to get goodies from safe. Doesn't work. Show matchbook and pass card to Lady Piermont and she will help you get the contents of the safe (manuscript). If you try to leave by the front entrance with the manuscript you are dead. So back to room 21, open window and drop it into alley. Leave hotel and retrieve it.

Nico's apartment
Learn about manuscript and Knights Templar and their treasure. Talk to Nico and ask about manuscript to learn address of Museum. You can now examine manuscript in more detail.

Crune Museum
Look around especially at tripod in case. Talk to custodian to learn all your can -- not much. Back to Nico and tell her about tripod and learn about Lochmarne in Ireland and Professor Peagram. Off to airport.

Look at pub and talk to boy, Liam, about Peagram and dig. Learn about Fitzgerald and also about castle and ghost. In pub talk to everyone about castle, Peagram, gem., etc. Get towel from under Patrick's arm when he takes a drink. Fitzgerald denies working at dig.
Outside talk to Liam again and learn Peagram gave Fitzgerald a package. Right to farmer, and chat, he won't let you near the hay cart. You can't get through the castle door but maybe you can climb the hay bales sometime.
Pub again, talk to sneezer once more, take rabbit snare when he sneezes. You have to be quick. Talk to Patrick Doyle about Fitz and buy him a drink to jog his memory. Talk to Fitz about dig and package, he tells you about Marquet. After he disappears with the gem and Liam reports the accident go outside and talk to Liam to learn what happened to Fitz. Where is the gem? Maybe nearby?
The red sports car has done you a favour. The plastic box on the wall is now broken. Look at switch. Use it and it will break off. Inside pub again and talk to O'Brien about car and Doyle about leprechauns. Buy a drink. (If you bought a drink earlier you will need to drain your glass first). The pump doesn't work -- some idiot broke it. Fortunately there's an electrician in the house -- you. So show the publican Moerlin's electronics card and he will ask you to fix the glass washer before tackling the pumps. Examine washer then operate plug. It seems OK but use the wire on it just in case. Now the washer works and you have access to the pumps.
Downstairs, it's dark so push lever then back outside to open trapdoor and let in light. Khan will appear for a chat. Back in cellar and get gem. You will automatically take the flashlight. Note faucet and sink, you might need water later.

Visit farmer outside castle wall and talk about sports car. He will leave you alone to guard the hay cart. Climb stack, it's not quite tall enough. Examine wall to find crumbling stones. Use them to make a hole then use rod to make step to finish scaling wall. Inside talk to goat :-) look around to locate ladder and rusty plough then head for the ladder. You'll get skewered for your trouble, note the goats lead, you must tangle it by dashing quickly from ladder to plough. Down ladder and examine panel and five holes in wall. Sticking your fingers in the holes doesn't help so you need to find something to put in them. Look around, take plaster of paris and push over statue to make five indentations in sand.
Put plaster in holes -- now you need water so back to the cellar and soak the towel. Castle again and use towel on holes to make cast. Use cast on holes on wall then enter doorway to see tapestry of Montfaucon and hanged man. You will be whisked back to Nico.

Talk to Nico then go the Police Station and talk to sergeant to learn that Marquet is in hospital. Museum next and chat to Lobineau about Montfaucon, Peagram, Knights Templar, etc. Ask about manuscript and show him matchbook for info on Persia.

Talk to Receptionist. Show her your ID to find out where Marquet is. Down corridor to cleaner for chat then on to Ward J2 (opposite red box). Talk to nurse Grendel, it's not visiting hours. Return to cleaner and pull out plug near water cooler. When he leaves open red door to get white coat. Back to ward for your 'rounds'. Chat to Grendel again to get blood pressure gauge. Try, but you can't get to Marquet's room till you take Sopmarsh's blood pressure and you don't know how. Head for reception and talk to Benoir and Hagenmayer. Benoir will now follow you back to the ward where you should give him the pressure gauge and ask him to take blood pressure.
Now to Marquet's room, talk to gendarme on way. Inside follow conversation to learn that Flap and Guido are going to steal the tripod and that the gem was intended for the Grand Master. Watch sequence.

Talk to her then head for museum -- it's about to close. Talk to Lobineau about assassins and tripod. Open window and when the Custodian goes to close it hide in sarcophagus. When robbers arrive push the totem pole.

Nico's again to get tripod. She tells you that Lobineau has info on the crest on manuscript. Back to museum and talk to Lobineau to learn about Spanish connection.

Enter church. Look at statue of knight holding scroll and sceptre. Look through scroll to see portion of stained glass window. Leave, you'll come back later.
Try to open sewer, you can't. Talk to gendarme and juggler. Make a fool of yourself by juggling then talk to gendarme again and show him red nose. He'd be impressed if you were a clown so juggle again to upstage the juggler to get rid of him and the gendarme. Open cover with rod and down.
Ignore path to left and cross bridge. Examine first archway, it's hollow with cracked plaster, use rod on it to reveal cogs and lever (door mechanism). Pull lever then turn handle on boat to lower chain. Take hook and attach it to door mechanism. Turn handle again to destroy doorway. Inside and look at patch of light at top of stairs to witness meeting of 'neo Templars' and learn about broken sword of Baphomet. (Save your game here to discover what happens if you try to play the hero and arrest the 'baddies'). Restore, then look through gap again to see the meeting end and everyone leave. Down stairs to circle. Examine stump, it has three holes. Put tripod on it then attach gem to tripod. Note letters that are highlighted MARIB. Interlude at Nico's again then on to Marib.

Marib in Syria
Talk to boy (Nejo) at stand. Press bell on table to see door swing open. Show Nejo ball to learn about a possible trade. Talk to Pearl Henderson and then Duane to learn they want to buy antiquities and to get insight into image of Knight holding crystal -- it's a lens.
Up steps at right of screen. Talk to carpet seller and show him matchbook. When he pulls the carpet aside continue up to Club Alamut and talk to Ultar (taxi driver). Show him photo to learn about Bulls Head -- but you need $50.00 to get there. Try to enter toilet, it's locked. Read sign then talk to Ultar for a translation and to learn about missing toilet brush. Back to street and look at kebab seller (Arto), he has the brush. (Don't forget to 'look' at him by clicking the right mouse button or you will get stuck at this point!) Ask Nejo about Arto. He will help you out here if you give him the ball, so learn 'polite' Arab phrase. Use phrase on Arto and he will chase you. Back to Nejo to get toilet brush then up to Club Alamut. Talk to Ultar for translation of phrase then give brush to manager for key to toilet. In toilet take chain, unlock towel cabinet and take towel.

Nejo again who is bouncing his ball against door. Touch cat then ring bell. The cat will knock statue off shelf. Take statue and use tissue on it before selling it to Duane for $50. Back to Ultar and arrange ride.

Bull's Head
At taxi, alas the fan belt is broken. Give towel to Ultar (he'll return half). At Bulls Head get stick from tree and note hole. To get down it you must tie towel to stick and us it on crack. On ledge below find niche. Examine it and pull ring to open secret door. Inside search body to get lens. Examine statue first, then inscription. Trouble ... Khan turns up and you must follow him outside. Be good and be a man. When Khan gets friendly use buzzer to shake his hand. Jump off cliff to save yourself.

After interlude with Nico head for Spain. Talk to gardener (Lopez), he won't let you enter the villa, so around to side and use pressure gauge on hose. Inside head for backdoor to start dogs barking then hide behind armour. When Lopez leaves go upstairs. Talk to countess to learn about chess set. You will then visit the mausoleum. Look around, especially at altar. Move bible to reveal chessboard. Examine it. Talk to Countess, she will send Lopez for chess set. Talk and learn about Don Carlos. When chess puzzle pops up you can only move the white pieces on the middle row. Checkmate the red king by moving bishop to the top, knight to middle and white king between red knights.

Nico's again, you now have chalice. Return to church at Montfaucon, talk to priest and get him to polish chalice. Use lens on statue scroll to see image of burning knight and learn date 1314. Talk to priest to get chalice and learn about coat of arms and last resting place of Don Carlos. Examine tomb in far corner to left of windows to see biblical references.

Museum again. Talk to Lobineau to learn about Baphomet and excavation. Go to dig site, talk to painter, note paint then enter. Inside look around, you can't enter the left door so ask guard about toilet (to get key) and thermostat (to learn he wears gloves in the cold). Enter toilet, examine keys to learn that key ring also has key to other door. Take soap and make key imprint. Sprinkle plaster then water on imprint to copy key. It's the wrong colour -- remember the paint. Outside, the painter won't let you near the paint so call Nico and get her to make diversion. Dip key in paint. Inside, turn down thermostat, exchange keys in toilet. You can now return fake key to guard -- its the right colour and he won't notice it doesn't feel right with his gloves on -- but next you must get rid of him. Use the phone trick again then enter excavation. Inside use chalice on mosaic floor to see church image, you are transported back to Nico.

Return chalice to countess. Chat to her about biblical references, you need bible. Get the one from the mausoleum and whilst there check out the old candle, you need to light it so take pole and attach tissue then use it on left candle. (You might need to close the window). Watch sequence to get stone key. Back to house and take mirror from the utility room. Up to countess and use bible for talk of biblical references and lost well. Now ask Lopez about well for info on divining twig and hazel tree. No luck with that tree, find another (at side of villa) and get twig. Back to Lopez and show him stick -- happy hunting sequence.
In well examine lion's head. Use fang then step back quickly. (Phew). It's dark, just another brick wall. You need light so use mirror on shaft of light to find socket in wall. Use stone key on socket. Enter and watch sequence.

Nico's apartment, talk to her and Lobineau then on to Bannockburn.

Chat if you like then try to leave. Ticket inspector will appear -- he's somehow familiar. Now explore train, meet other passengers and Guido who won't let you pass. Back to your compartment, Nico and 'old lady' are missing. Go to compartment with two drinkers, open window and climb out to train roof. Head right and down ladder. In carriage quickly pull emergency cord to knock out Eklund. Talk to woman (Khan). Attempt to leave and you will untie Nico (eventually!)

Nico has Khan's handbag containing plastic explosive. Inside examine rubble to get pipe, coin, cog, pen top. Examine carving, use cog on it. Examine wheel, turn handle, it breaks, take second cog and use on carving. Now use handle on carving -- enter crypt. Talk to Nico then down passage to watch sequence. When you flee you'll be confronted by Guido. Use torch (just behind you) and watch end sequence as Nico finally saves the day.

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Copyright © Rosemary Young and Gordon Aplin 1996. All rights reserved.