Q. How do I visit the interior of the alien wreck beyond the Strange Airlock?
A. You've no doubt discovered the aither-resistance ritual by now, which we need to perform to make that alien atmosphere inside the wreck breathable. However, it requires zafranum, and so does the metal attractor that we've been using to make glass permeability to venture outside. Well, once Pneuma is operational, we can obviously use the Airlock to get outside instead. So let's do that:

> recall aither-resistance (Nave Crawlway, search debris after learning third alien glyph)
"A POTION to RESIST FOREIGN AITHER: The most hostile lands are those where the very
processes of life alter. This potion allows your body to adapt to these conditions - for a time.
Like many life-sustaining concoctions, this begins with an exhilarant environment and a beaker
of saline. Use the Hermetic sealing. Add a measure of zafranum to the arc. Ensure that the
atmosphere is filled with an exhilarant aroma; tinct it by igniting the zafranum. Speak the
Anodyne Evocation; place a sample of salt on the gestalt shelf; close with the Chi Binding."

It may not be exactly clear from those instructions, but you need to start with the rotor card set to 'windy day' on the gestalt shelf, and also open the impet of kelp when prompted. So to make the aither-resistance potion: Click here to show/hide ritual steps

Remember to drop anything fragile before we go outside. You also need to make and drink vacuum-protection... and drink the aither-resistance we just made, because that vial might shatter in vacuum too. Then make your way to the marcher's Airlock and:

> close inner door
> pull lever
> open outer door
> go to strange airlock
> recite radix access
> n

Bent Chamber
This chamber has odd angles, but you're pretty sure they're not all intentional. The walls look
crumpled and the ceiling is bent downwards. Hallways may have once run in several directions,
but the only one that remains wide enough to pass is to the east.

The airlock door to the south is open.

> e

Ruined Hallway
This hall runs east and west, but to the east the walls are crushed together like a paper

A wide trapezoidal window is set into the north wall. It looks like ordinary glass, although you
suppose one never knows.

> look through window
You can see a chamber on the other side. There's a smudge on the far wall which just might be another knot of marks.

Oh noes! Another bloody window we need to get through. How the *heck* are we going to make glass permeability again to get through that window if we need the zafranum for the aither-resistance potion that we are now breathing? This is actually one of the toughest puzzles in the whole game. Well... suppose there is a way to get the bronze F-sharp chime from the slab hanging out over the chasm, without using the metal attractor (which consumes the zafranum)? Click here to show/hide spoilers concerning how to get the bronze F-sharp chime without using the metal attractor

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