Q. I found a ritual for making a 'dragon fulcrum'. How do I make one of these, and how do I use it?
A. This page is gonna be kinda long, because making a dragon fulcrum is one thing, but how you use it depends on which dragon you revived with the homunculus. So to kick off, let's review what we found in the Antechamber:

> recall facts
> recall emergency dragon subsumption
"If one of a marcher's dragons becomes disorganized, the vessel is in serious danger. As an emergency measure, the faulty dragon may be subsumed into an active one, transferring its functions. The composite will be unstable, but may suffice to rig the marcher to a safe berth. "Place a fulcrum in the active dragon's lair." (A footnote here: "Any lair will suffice, in fact; the fulcrum merely provides leverage.") "Prepare an orderly environment and use the Marcher's Invocation. Follow with a symmetric sequence to indicate a forward transition (active dragon consuming damaged one). Conclude with the Dracon Invocation. This will summon the active dragon; one can then translate it to the presence of the other. Warning: do not allow the dragon's presence to cross the fulcrum node!"

What this is telling us is that (once we make the fulcrum) we can place it in any dragon's lair *except* the one we are currently trying to subsume. Also, this is another ritual that you can alter by substituting the antisymmetric sequence for the symmetric one (like you did to make counter-Gaian precipitate instead of Gaian precipitate). If you do that, it reverses the effect of the ritual and the active dragon will be subsumed by the inactive one, which will then become the active dragon. It's of little practical use to 'swap the active dragon' (my, but does this game make for some weird esoteric discussions :-) unless you decided that your choice of which dragon to lead the homunculus to wasn't a 'good' one. That may be a valid concern, as we'll see below. Though you can get to the endgame with any of the active dragons, some choices make it more... complicated. Anyway, let's make the fulcrum first, a process which can have its own complications:

> recall dragon fulcrum
"THE DRAGON FULCRUM: This ritual requires a bound of metallic quicksilver, or a quicksilver
amalgam. Place a stone token within, and speak Grendel's Sealing. Pour vitriol onto the stone
(for sulphur and quicksilver are the polar principles of alchemy). Invoke the dragon's name, and
conclude with the Relative Anima." But the words "dragon's name" have been scratched out.
Below them is a smudged knot or tangle of lines - as if someone had tried to copy a
multidimensional structure onto the paper, without much success.

Since we don't know of any ritual bound around the place made of quicksilver (i.e. mercury), that means we have to make an amalgam out of the mercury we find at the alien wreck, and... something. That something has to be a metal, because we need to draw it into wire in order to use it in the adjustable bound. You can try to get the mercury to bind to all the different available metals on board the marcher, but I believe you will only have success with: orichalcum, gold, and lead. The orichalcum is too brittle to be drawn into wire, and we need the gold to make elemental fire with. So that leaves us with lead. And therein possibly lies the first complication: if you turned the lead rod into a File seal for the purpose of using it as an anchored (i.e. Saturnine) influence in any ritual that was used to get around the marcher after a reset - or to venture outside to get the mercury - then you're going to be out of luck. You will be able to get the mercury to bind to the lead, but it won't be possible to pull it through the wire-drawer because of its shape :-( So... if you are in that situation, as I was, what you need to do is figure out which ritual you did that in, and re-perform that ritual using the horn coin as the anchored influence instead of the lead File seal.

Once you have the lead rod available, you can go get the mercury, pour it onto the lead, and use the wire-drawer to turn it into 'white amalgam wire'. The dragon fulcrum ritual itself can be carried out in the Materials Store on the adjustable bound there, using any piece of stone to serve as the fulcrum (except, ahem, one you might need to get you through a door). But there's another complication: what to use for the "dragon's name" in the ritual? :-) Click here to show/hide ritual steps

Just one little glitch to observe: when you make the fulcrum the second and third time, 'perform dragon fulcrum' only gets you as far as fetching the mercury from outside the wreck. You need to head back inside and make the white amalgam wire yourself. Then you can continue with 'perform dragon fulcrum' to finish the ritual. Now here comes the fun part. Remember which dragon you revived by bringing the homunculus to it, and follow the instructions in the corresponding section below... but only if you're really stuck! Because this is one of the most challenging parts of the game, and you obviously get the most satisfaction by figuring out what to do yourself, based on all the neat alchemy tricks you've learned so far.

(Note: 7th June, 2015 - I had originally overcomplicated the solutions to the Pneuma and Baros sections below. But thanks to a hint I solicited from the game's creator, I have reworked those sections accordingly. Many thanks, Zarf! :-)

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