Q. How can I get into the Chancel?
A. So you've made it to the Antechamber via the obsidian door in Burning Hall East, but you can't get past the security stricture on the gate that leads to the Chancel. Well, there's one aura-related ritual we haven't tried yet:

> recall aura imitation with quartz (found in Medical Wing Hallway, gunk-encrusted cabinet)
environment of spiritual peace. Begin with a quartz token in the bound; this
represents the ka soul. Invoke the Ka Sealing. Sprinkle copper percalcinate over the
token, representing the ba soul. Invoke an isomorphic structure. Pour elemental
water over the token; this represents the mutability of the soul's name. Close with
an elementary word of binding. Touch the token to the donor, then to the recipient.
NOTE: Imitating the aura of a superior officer is malfeasance under Naval law."

It makes sense that we'd have to pose as an officer to gain access to the Chancel. And now that we have performed The Great Marriage, we can touch our superiors (I know. There's no way I could think of to write that that doesn't sound creepy). Here's everything (except the FINDs) that you need to do to perform the aura imitation ritual: Click here to show/hide ritual steps

OK, now we just have to find a superior officer. This isn't difficult, as Anderes, Powes, and Hart all fit the bill. But might as well use Hart, as she's a dead cert being the most senior:

> find hart (she should be either in the Scaphe Arcade or Lab Hall Northeast)
> touch hart with prism
> go to antechamber
> touch self with prism

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