Q. I've revived one of the dragons and my crewmates have moved again. Is that significant?
A. What's even more significant is the shadows they left behind. There's a bit of a paradox in the game here, in that you can figure out how to do something before you're meant to. And that is... if you happened to lead the homunculus to Aistheta to revive it, that makes the Confusing Cracks navigable. And then off to the east of there you find a previously inaccessible area:

Dead End Pit
You've come to a dead end, a shallow pit of basalt. The only way out is west.

A pale green bead is lying at the bottom of the pit. It looks like jade.

> look through oculus
> x spark
You focus on the hyacinth spark through the oculus. A new memory comes into focus. "...and when she looked into their shadows..." That's all you overheard.

That's the 'shadow comment' fact. But it's only available to you at this stage of the game if you happen to revive Aistheta with the homunculus. Ah, but well, you're always looking at stuff through the oculus anyway, so chances are good that you discover this by accident :-) Anyway, let's go to where Anderes was before she moved to the Mechanica Lab and try this out:

> go to lab wing hallway
> x shadow through oculus
Strangely, the oculus renders the shadow in words:

"I must bring to your attention certain discrepancies in the storage records. Significant quantities
of reagents have vanished - always those rare and most dearly sold on the black markets at
home. The records have been skillfully obscured, but the evidence implicates Lt Anderes."

How interesting. A bit of backstory! Now go to where Anderes currently is - in the Mechanica Lab - and something different to before happens when you examine her the 'normal' way:

> x anderes
Your perspective shifts.

Anderes looks toward the shelves. They are her responsibility, of course. She may have been
keeping an hand in towards her own needs; but then, haven't you been taking a free hand with
ship's supplies yourself, recently?

Then the same command again:

> x anderes
Your perspective shifts.

Anderes looks toward the shelves. They are her responsibility, of course. But you sense that she
has begun viewing them as her possessions, which is quite a different thing.

Try this out on your other crewmates to flesh out a bit more of the story. It's not essential that you do this to progress the game, but at least you begin to get a sense of what may have happened to the Retort.

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