Q. How can I open the lead hatch in the Storage Nook?
A. First, let's try to open the hatch to get some info about it:

> open hatch
You try to lift the panel, but it's too heavy to move.

So it's not locked or anything. It's just too heavy for us to lift. Well, let's see what we have in our repertoire... we have:

> recall lead weight increase (Deck Suite, locked cabinet)
derives from the Subcontinent, but we translate it into European terms.) Create an anchored
(Saturnine) environment. Place any common bit of stone into the bound, and invoke a simple
sealing. Add a resinous note to the atmosphere; speak a word of essential nature; add a measure
of Gaian precipitate. Conclude with the Binding of the Celestial Sphere, to align the alchemical
axis (Earth-Saturn, low-high) with the mundane axis of gravitation."

Hmm. Is there a way to alter that ritual to have the opposite effect? Yes, there is. But it's not that easy to figure out. At first I thought of changing the token, from a stone to a feather. But that doesn't work. How about if we changed something in the Gaian precipitate:

> recall gaian precipitate (Deep Stacks, trapped under alien coral)
"THE SYNTHESIS of GAIAN PRECIPITATE: This reagent is of great value in
rituals pertaining to the Earth. Prepare your retort with a measure of vitriolic
acid; place orichalcum therein. Invoke the sealing and raise the heat. When the
metal dissolves, recite a symmetric sequence (the symmetry induces a positive
connection to the Earth). Measure in alum until the solution turns violet; then
add pure elemental earth and reduce to a powder."

Well, there's the clue: "...(the symmetry induces a positive connection to the Earth)...". Because we also found an 'antisymmetric sequence' on the same sheet of paper we found the symmetric sequence. So if we sub that into the ritual instead of reciting the symmetric sequence, then it ought to have the opposite effect (to induce a negative connection with the Earth, i.e. make something lighter). So sure enough. First you can make some 'counter-Gaian precipitate', then use it in the lead weight increase ritual instead of the Gaian precipitate, and you wind up with a 'gossamerity symbol' on your stone token of choice :-) Click here to show/hide what you find under the lead hatch

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