Q. How can I navigate the Paper Maze?
A. This one is pretty easy to figure out - if you've already opened the gunk-encrusted cabinet in the Medical Wing Hallway, that is:

> recall lodestone of centrality
"TO CREATE MISUBA'S LODESTONE (to locate the center of a labyrinth): Prepare
an environment of earthy influences. Place a silk thread within the bound, and a
labyrinth symbol upon the gestalt shelf. Begin with the Mithraic Sealing. Pour a
sample of viridigris over the silk, and then lay a shard of elemental earth onto it.
Strike a chime in the mode of recension. Now lay elemental fire upon the labyrinth
symbol (not into the bound!) Finally, the Minor Animus will bind the lodestone to
potential motion."

But it's difficult to execute because there are a lot of steps involved. I'll leave the gathering steps out in the open this time, as they're not not much of a spoiler. The 'labyrinth symbol' you are looking for is the clay tile you should have already found in the Junior Quarters. For 'earthy influences', you need two stone chips placed on the gestalt shelf to make the environment earthy enough :-\ (Note: I tried using the brick bound in the Pyrics Store to obtain some earthy influence, but it doesn't seem to help at all. Neither the bound itself nor the bound with a stone chip on the gestalt shelf is sufficient to be able to execute the ritual successfully. You need two stone chips, so any bound will do. Odd that. Seems to be a small flaw in the game, because I never found another use for this particular bound, and 'earthy influences' would appear to be the obvious use). Then we also need viridigris, the recipe for which can be found in the Observatory Alcove, South:

> recall viridigris synthesis
"THE SYNTHESIS of VIRIDIGRIS (the lower oxide of orichalcum): This process is quite simple.
Place orichalcum and vinegar into a retort; apply the Hermetic sealing. Heat until the vinegar
just begins to boil, and then invoke the Phlogistical Catalysis."

That was simple enough to make. Next, we need to find a chime that makes a sound 'in the mode of recension'. Hmm. If you remembered to look through the oculus in the East Side Hallway:

> recall facts
> recall musical theory
"...and H - yes, there's an H - is the mode of recension..."

> find h chime
> take it
> find elemental earth
> take it
> perform gold ignition

I trust you can find the other items. Then head for the Nave to perform the lodestone of centrality ritual: Click here to show/hide ritual steps

Now we should be able to make our way through the Paper Maze:

> go to paper garden
> e
> swing lodestone
You hold the silk cord by one end, and set the stone swinging.

The stone circles oddly for a moment, then leaps to one side. You turn down the path it
indicates. Soon the pendulum tugs the other way, and you follow it further. After just a few
moments, the maze opens up into a wide clearing.

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