Q. There's a pine door with a Venture File lock on it in Chasm, at Bridge. What lies beyond that door?
A. The Venture File lock can be opened quite easily using the same technique we employed to open the Deck Suite cabinet, which had an Aithery File lock. You just take the Venture File mold from the High Tower and melt some lead into it using the kiln. Then you can make your way to Chasm, at Bridge, and:

> touch lock with venture file seal
> e
(first opening the pine door)

Deep Stacks
The tomes in these stacks are little-regarded treasures, or so the librarians tell you. For certain,
though, a marcher never discards a book. The shelves are overstuffed.

The room is unfurnished; you see books and nothing beside. The only door is west. However,
the south wall is split by a bulging yellow intrusion.

You can see a crackly sheet and a moldering sheet here.

> x intrusion
A bulbous yellow outcrop bulges in through a crevice in the south wall. The growth looks more
like undersea coral than anything else. But it must have originated in some other world, perhaps
a Thalassan land.

You notice something poking out from underneath the outcrop - the corner of a bit of paper,
trapped between the coral and the floor.

> take bit of paper
You try to dig your fingers into the yellow coral. A small chunk comes away in your hand.

Hmm. We can't seem to get at that bit of paper with the 'coral' intrusion in the way. Maybe we can get rid of it. Any useful ideas come to mind? How about substituting the coral for something else in one of our rituals. Well, if you're stumped... we could make the fungicide, substituting in the chunk of coral for the mushroom. Then when you pour this 'coralicide' over the coral, it frees the bit of paper, and you can then pick it up:

> take stained paper
"THE SYNTHESIS of GAIAN PRECIPITATE: This reagent is of great value in
rituals pertaining to the Earth. Prepare your retort with a measure of vitriolic
acid; place orichalcum therein. Invoke the sealing and raise the heat. When the
metal dissolves, recite a symmetric sequence (the symmetry induces a positive
connection to the Earth). Measure in alum until the solution turns violet; then
add pure elemental earth and reduce to a powder."

Sounds like that might come in handy.

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