Q. How do I open the locked cabinet in the High Tower (Captain Hart's quarters)?
A. If you examine the cabinet:

> x cabinet
The cabinet is a squarish compartment made of plate rutilum. (Fancy. Or perhaps practical;
rutilum is supposed to have spiritual qualities.)

The cabinet is closed. The alchemical symbol for attraction shines on its surface.

Well now... it looks like we need to find a way to neutralise that alchemical symbol. Hopefully, you remembered to look through the resonant oculus while in the Storage Nook:

> look through oculus
You peer through the oculus. Everything acquires a colorful, hazy fringe.

The oculus reveals a magenta spark floating in the air.

> x spark
You focus on the magenta spark through the oculus. A new memory comes into focus. The text
being read describes an alchemical tool. "DISPERSAL BRUSH: Conjured alchemical symbols
generally fade after use. However, it is sometimes necessary to erase such a symbol directly.
Touching the item with a dispersal brush accomplishes this. To create such a tool, place a feather
quill within a bound in a neutral environment. Begin with a simple sealing; sprinkle alcohol
spirits upon the quill; conclude with a word of culmination."

You consider these memories.

In case you didn't find the word of culmination, it's on a folded sheet in the Chymic Lab. And the feather quill required by the ritual is the white feather you find in the Opticks Annex. Making the dispersal brush is a trivial matter compared to some of the other stuff you've been doing recently, but just in case: Click here to show/hide ritual steps

Now you can: Click here to show/hide what's inside the cabinet in the High Tower

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