Q. How do I open the fire door in the Lab Wing Hallway?
A. You've no doubt seen the always-on kiln in the Pyrics Lab. Well there's a 'thick key' inside it that we need. But if we can't turn off the kiln, how are we ever going to retrieve this key? Well, there was a ritual recipe in the Library that you should have come across by now:

> recall fire-resistance
"A POTION to RESIST ALL INJURY BY HEAT OR FIRE: This compound protects the drinker by
balancing heat against cool - these symbolized by opposing aromas. Place a measure of saline
into a bound. Employ the simple sealing with no aroma present. Release a fiery aroma; invoke
counterbalance; change the atmosphere to chill; invoke an elementary word of binding."

We'll need the flask of saline, and the impet of ginger for the fiery aroma. But what about "chill"? You might want to:

> recall facts
> recall lecture on aromas

Right then. Once you have all the items you need to make the fire-resistance potion: Click here to show/hide ritual steps

Now you can get the thick key (and the porcelain paten while you're at it) from the kiln:

> find kiln
> drink fire-resistance
You swallow the cloudy potion. The liquid leaves your mouth feeling slightly numb. Within
moments, you feel a prickle in your skin; your hands go cold and stiff, like a long walk on a
chilly autumn day.

> take thick key
> take paten

And finally, we can open that pesky ol' fire door:

> go to lab wing hallway
> open fire door with thick key

You've a good bit of free rein now, ensign. Have at it! :-)

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