Q. How do I make a resonant oculus, and what can I use it for?
A. The ritual for making a resonant oculus can be found as you exit the Mechanica Lab, in Lab Hall Southwest:

> take sheet
(the discarded sheet)
Somebody has dropped yet another alchemical recipe. Oh, this is useful - you've used an oculus
before, but never learned to create one.

"TO CREATE A RESONANT OCULUS (an exceptional tool for observing unseen influences):
Prepare an environment with lunar influences. This will require a bound with a gestalt shelf;
place any lunar symbol on the shelf, but take care to exclude contaminating aromas. Then place
a glass loop within the bound and begin with a simple sealing. Vocalize a resonant tone to tune
the loop in the Celtic mode, followed by a syllable of counterbalance to fixate it."

You're not sure what tone and syllable the recipe is referring to. But the mention of the "gestalt
shelf" jogs loose a memory of another lecture.

> recall facts
> recall lecture on gestalt shelves
Aromas are one way to set the environmental influences for a ritual. For more precise control,
you can use a gestalt shelf - if the ritual bound has one. (Not all do.) By placing specific items
on the shelf before the ritual begins, you can apply precise symbolic markers to the

OK, so we need to find a glass loop, but also importantly, the resonant tone and syllable of counterbalance formulas. The glass loop is in the Mechanica Lab, and you will find both formulas in the Library:

> take neat sheet
The paper explains how to sing a resonant tone, which resonates with the structure of matter.

> take untidy sheet
It's another alchemical recipe. "A POTION to RESIST ALL INJURY BY HEAT OR FIRE: This
compound protects the drinker by balancing heat against cool - these symbolized by opposing
aromas. Place a measure of saline into a bound. Employ the simple sealing with no aroma
present. Release a fiery aroma; invoke counterbalance; change the atmosphere to chill; invoke
an elementary word of binding."

You recall, from an unusually digressive lecture, that one never uses the chymic retort for
potions intended to be drunk.

You memorize the instructions, including the syllable of counterbalance. You also add the sheet
to your bundle of paper.

Next, we need to find a bound with a gestalt shelf. There is one in the Pyrics Store, but be careful! It is made of bricks, which will provide an 'earthy' influence. Remember that the recipe for the oculus cautioned against this: "...but take care to exclude contaminating aromas". So the bound you want to use for this ritual is located in the Optics Annex. But first there is one more thing we need, something with "lunar influences":

> find silver coin
> x it
It's a worn silver coin. One side is stamped with a crude grinning moon-face. The other seems to
be a fish.

> take it
> go to opticks annex

Now we can make the resonant oculus: Click here to show/hide ritual steps

So... what can you do with this thing? It was so simple to make, and didn't consume any resources aside from the glass loop. Click here to show/hide spoilers concerning use of the resonant oculus

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