Q. How do I open the rusty hatch in the ceiling of the Mech Lab Crawlspace?
A. Let's take a good look at the hatch:

> x hatch
It's another service hatch, leading to another lab. But if the last hatch was rusty, this one is a
disaster - the bolts are indistinct lumps of corrosion.

If you have your bearings right, the Mechanica Lab is above you.

Hmm. The basic rust cleansing ritual that we've already learned probably isn't going to cut it here as the bolts are far too corroded. Let's explore a bit further. Assuming you are currently in the Mech Lab Crawlspace:

> w
> take paper
(the moldy sheet)
"REDOUBLED TARNISH CLEANSING: Deeply corroded metal may not yield to the basic tarnish
removal ritual. In such cases, one must locate a more potent resinous element. Rather than the
common rosemary or lavender twig, try a branch or cone from an evergreen tree. It may be
necessary to crush the element to release its full effect."

Well, that ought to do it. But we need to find that "more potent resinous element". You need to locate the Herbarium Nook, where you will discover a pinecone. Take it back to the Secondary Alchemy Lab, and repeat the basic rust cleansing ritual - only this time, instead of waving the sprig of rosemary, you crush the pinecone.

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